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  1. Yo NR, don't see you in Bedlam these days, we miss you!!!

    Hope all's well.

  2. Please come back to Bedders NR, we all miss you.

  3. Hi NR, it's good to see you back, I was wondering about you, but wasn't going over there to find out. Are you going to make an appearance in Bedders? X

  4. *gives a little wave* Hello :)

  5. Thanx for the "comment" to add to the grand tally!


  6. Adding comment, as hinted at on the thread in General.

    That takes you to three! Yay!

  7. Boo......................!

  8. Thanks for the stars NG. Here have some from me.

  9. Bud, sweetie, you're not a tool & I've upped your stars to prove it!

    Tried for 5 but only got 1 extra - sorry!

  10. Have a wonderful birthday, Dumppy. Now start posting already - we want to hear from you!

  11. Thanks for the happy birthday wishes NR. I'll let you know a secret though. I'm not really 21 !!

  12. Happy Birfday, mr bo j!! Wishing you a wonderful time! Tried to give you a star for a pressie, but it wouldn't load. :)

  13. Nope, can't raise you by a single star. Did try! You've obviously been stilleto-ing too many groins! ;)

  14. You're right - you're stuck on 3. I clicked 5, hoping you'd get 4, but no-go :(

  15. Cheers NR. I am also honored that you have made me a friend.

    Hope things are going better at the HHRC.

    Will be donating some money late July early August..Being a 1970 dog and all, it's the least i can do.