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  1. wpcoe

    Thai docs treatment of gout

    That's possible, but in my case Allopurinol did mess with my kidney and liver function tests. My doctor monitored a bunch of blood level statistics while we searched for the best treatment for my chronic gout. While my kidney function numbers only slightly elevated with Allopurinol, the liver function numbers went up quite quickly and quite high. My AST went from 17 (normal is 0-40) to 56, and my ALT went from 28 (normal is 0-40) to 132 (!). She immediately took me off Allopurinol, and put me on another treatment drug which also elevated my liver/kidney numbers, but not quite so bad. We ended up on Sulfin which I've been taking for over a year now with reasonable kidney/liver function test results. It's all a matter of YMMV, I think.
  2. And, what's that got to do with the price of fish? (a) Even if I wanted to go to Chiang Mai, their latest appointment date is 27-Dec, which is too late for me (b) Bangkok Embassy is only accepting online appointments right now until 30-Nov
  3. +1 While I do have investment income which I've never used on the letter, my income from (a) Social Security (a US federal organization) and (b) Pension Guaranty Benefit Corporation (a US federal organization) is way more than required for the B65,000/mo. But will the Embassy in Bangkok vouch for either of these two? Of course not. Grrrrr.
  4. I'm out of the country until the night of 12/27, so I hope the US Embassy will offer appointments for 12/28 and/or 12/31 . The Embassy web site hasn't opened up appointments for December yet, so I'll just have to wait & see. Appropriately, I'm in Mexico house-hunting. If I'm able to unload my Jomtien condo during the upcoming High Season, I think it's finally "curtains" on Thailand for me. I don't really want to tie up B800,000 in a Thai bank each year for three months, so I guess it's time to get out.
  5. Lovely. My retirement extension is up for renewal mid-January, so it's now too late to have the B800,000 on deposit in a Thai bank for 90 days. What the heck am I supposed to do?
  6. I think the little fella needs a bigger (or, at least thicker) watch.
  7. It sounds like you are quoting the procedure for THAI passengers. Passengers of other airlines do get a card and proceed to a separate Fast Track area between the two main immigrations halls.
  8. wpcoe

    Taxi to bangkok from pattaya

    Agreed, for a single traveler without a lot of luggage. Add additional passenger(s) and the economy of scale tips more toward a taxi. Also, taxis are available 24 hours/day whereas buses aren't, and even if you use Bell Travel with mini-van shuttles within Pattaya/Jomtien, the convenience of a non-stop taxi ride has a value component.
  9. wpcoe

    Taxi tipping to/from airport

    Several years ago I used a local guy whose number I received from a friend to book an B800 taxi to Suvarnabhumi. The driver was a fellow from Bangkok and he paid the booking agent right in front of me: B600!
  10. I see a doctor at Bangkok Hospital-Pattaya on a regular basis to monitor and treat my chronic gout. She requires a blood test before each consultation to monitor not only the gout, but liver and kidney functions. On a recent visit, I decided to ask the nurse at the intake desk to throw in an STI panel and HIV test since it has been several years since I've been tested, and I've had asymptomatic syphilis before. You would have thought I was the first person in the history of civilization to request such tests. I was asked by several nurses, both individually and as a group, why on earth I would want such tests. They just couldn't seem to wrap their mind around it. The nurse who finally agreed to the addition of the tests scowled and sneered that "Farang t'ink too mutt" (!). I had to specify which tests I wanted, and all I could think of off the top of my head was syphilis, gonorrhea and HIV. She declined to test for gonorrhea since I showed no outward symptoms. For a revenue-motivated institution, I was quite taken aback at their attitude. I mean, don't they make money on those tests?
  11. wpcoe

    Anyone tried Zoloft for depression / anxiety

    Did you inquire about taking a lesser dose? I have a friend who is on medications for a psychological disorder and he required a bit of tweaking of the meds to find what worked best.
  12. I remember using the equivalent to Chloraseptic (which I used to buy in the USA) here a few years ago. It's a pump spray which is pretty quick to deaden the throat lining. Is that no longer available here, or did it require a doctor's prescription?
  13. For a few years now, I've had on-again and off-again headaches that seem to be centered behind my right eye. In June I was diagnosed with an epiretinal membrane (basically a piece of tissue that grows in front of the focal point of the retina) in my right eye by Dr. Roy at Rutnin Hospital. I asked him if that could be the cause of my headaches and he said it was unlikely and advised me to see a neurologist. He recommended waiting on surgery for a few months to monitor it. I quietly persisted with the notion that my headaches were linked to the epiretinal membrane, wondering if the headaches were caused by eyestrain from the eyes trying to focus together. (A symptom of an epiretinal membrane is a "bulge" in your eyesight, in my case in the right eye only. If I look at a straight line with just my right eye, it bulges but with my left eye it is straight.) I spend way too much time on the computer and thought that that could be the headache cause. I've recently been editing family photos in Photoshop (removing scratches, balancing color and contrast, etc) to digitize them and trying to focus on tiny items has occasionally been a struggle. The past couple of day or two the headache has been pretty constant, even though I have been using the computer (and reading in general) much less, and taking the usual aspirin/acetominaphen/caffeine pills. If they persist I want to consult a neurologist as Dr. Roy recommended. The headaches are not debilitating: more like "annoying." I live in Jomtien so would prefer a doctor in Pattaya, but if the recommendation is somebody in Bangkok, that's definitely do-able. Sorry for the long post, but in past posts asking for neurologist recommendations, Sheryl indicated they are rather specialized and the type of neurologist depended on the problem. One other possibly related symptom: Yesterday for an hour or so, I had vivid/brightly-lit "floaters" in my eyes. Usually they are clear/grey and merely distractions but these were like a brightly lit fractal screen saver. Initially it was a single bright floater centered in my field of vision, so I gave up trying to read. That floater was akin to some cluster of letters like a product logo, and was bright. Then it expanded to several bright (when I closed my eyes they were like multi-colored LEDs) floaters in fairly geometric shapes. After an hour or so, they disappeared. Related to my headaches? Not sure, but thought I'd mention it.
  14. May I ask what the "down side" to doing a retirement visa or retirement extension would be? I'm wondering why you don't want to avail yourself of that option.
  15. In one of the other threads there was a weather map showing the flow of the winds in SE Asia and it clearly showed how Mangkhut was drawing the monsoonal flow across the southern parts of Thailand. Kind of like a huge vacuum cleaner or black hole sucking the air over the area toward the eye of Mangkhut.