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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll try baking soda first, since I have some. If it doesn't do the trick, I'll look into Gaviscon. I assume Gaviscon is common at pharmacies in Thailand?
  2. PAYG Sim with 3 or 4 G

    You can get those SIMs at the airport, too, as you're leaving the Customs area. There are kiosks on your left-hand side.
  3. Upgrade from MS 3 pro.

    I have a Surface Pro (2017) and in general am pleased with it. There were some speed bumps with the docking station and external monitors after the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, but other than that pretty smooth sailing. I have the i7/256GB/8GB model and it replaced my i3-6320/512GB/16GB desktop without breaking a sweat. It runs two external LCD screens via the Microsoft Dock. I wanted the 512GB model, but couldn't justify the leap in price, so I compromised and have an external USB3 drive attached to the docking station for lesser-used files. I had purchased a Surface 3 (non-Pro) before and it was *way* too anemic (Atom processor) but I liked the form factor so much I took a gamble on the Surface Pro (2017). You can use your Surface Pro 3 keyboard with the Surface Pro (2017). In fact, I'm using a SP3 keyboard with a fingerprint sensor because there isn't a SP2017 keyboard with a sensor.
  4. This. Could you clearly see a small single welt from a mosquito bite? Spider bites will be in pairs, but some small spiders' fangs are so close together it might also look like a single welt, I guess. I was bitten by a spider at an outdoor cafe in Bangkok once, and though my symptoms were milder than yours and didn't last as long, they sound similar.
  5. What can be taken after a particularly painful episode of acid reflux to kill the throat pain? I have occasional reflux while I sleep and sometimes the pain (burning) is really intense, while usually it's rather mild. Water does nothing. I thought milk or yogurt would help, but no. Any quick "band-aid" fixes for those sudden middle-of-the-night flashes of pain?
  6. BUPA Thailand - Warning

    It will be interesting to see what, if anything, changes with BUPA. BUPA Thailand was recently acquired by Aetna. And now a deal is pending for CVS to purchase Aetna.
  7. SHFT key issues on laptop Asus x550c

    Can you roll back to the previous driver for your keyboard via Device Manager? [edited to add:] Or, even more hard-core, roll back the entire system to before the update a week ago via System Restore? (If that doesn't help, you can also un-do the system roll-back via System Restore.)
  8. The Intel list of manufacturers with a fix now includes Vaio (which are made by Sony) on it. It links to this page in Japanese and Google Translate surprisingly does a good job at translating the page. It appears, though, that the Sony fix is only for about a dozen specific models.
  9. If you download the form to print at home be sure to NOT print two-sided on a single sheet of paper. They tear off the bottom of page one to return to you, and if it's printed on a single sheet of paper, that will rip off what they need to keep on the back.
  10. Pattaya Baht Bus

    If you take the B120 bus to the airport, do you pay B600 to feel good about yourself? Or is there some sliding scale of over-payment vs self-worth?
  11. Online Computer parts suppliers

    Admittedly I haven't bought any hardware in the last six months or so, but I've had consistently good luck with InvadeIT. If you don't see what you're looking for on their web site, send them an e-mail and they may be able to get it.
  12. Which brings up one of my favorite Windows Update bits of shenanigans -- it keeps turning System Restore "off" with no notice. It probably happened with the Fall Creators Update, but I forgot to be vigilant and check at that time. The other day I went to set a manual restore point (which I often do when updating software manually) and found Windows Restore was not turned on. This has happened with several of the major Windows updates.
  13. I remember talking to a JBC owner while the Jomtien Second Road construction dragged on, and he said that management was literally waiting for the dust to settle before painting the back three (A1, A2 & A3). They acknowledged that they were overdue but figured painting them before/during the construction would be pointless.
  14. This, 100%. I'm cautiously optimistic that my computer, as a recent Microsoft Surface flagship model, will see the BIOS patch. And, hopefully sooner than later.