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  1. wpcoe

    Water spout off Jomtien

    @ThaiBob: Thanks. *Great* pics! I struggled to get any sort of image with my iPhone's camera. How far off shore would you say it was?
  2. wpcoe

    Water spout off Jomtien

    Right after I posted (about a half hour ago) distant thunder started rumbling, and now that dark cloud mass has moved north, looks like maybe bypassing Pattaya and heading to Wong Amat area? As @johng posted, dark clouds are approaching NaJomtien and Jomtien, but they are a different system. The weather here can turn on a dime. I forgot to mention in the first post that when that water spout started descending, there were *two* beginning but only the one in the photo continued to make it. The second one never got even half way to the surface.
  3. wpcoe

    pattaya grab bike taxi ?

    How do you book a GrabBike? On my app I can only find GrabCar and GrabTaxi.
  4. wpcoe

    Water spout off Jomtien

    Just watched a waterspout visible from the Jomtien Complex area for about 20 minutes. Quite hard to get it to show up in a mobile phone photo, but I managed this: Weather on-shore is pretty calm and nice, but looks like maybe behind the line of white fluffy clouds there might be something a bit more severe?
  5. If the extension for having a Thai child is denied, could he still at that point apply for another extension based on retirement (without leaving Thailand)?
  6. Just did a Google search and came up with this image from a 14-March-2017 post by @theoldgit : Click on the image above and just below "Buddhist Monks" it lists "Senior Citizens Over 70". (Wonder if someone 70 can use it?) I can't vouch that this hasn't changed in the last year, but at least as of last March, seniors over 70 could use the Priority Lines.
  7. I thought you had to be 70 to use the Priority immigrations/security lanes at Suvarnabhumi?
  8. The thread seems to be Bangkok-centric so far. Let's introduce the Pattaya situation where "meter taxis" refuse to use the meter, and negotiated fares are multiples of what a proper metered fare would be. i.e. In Pattaya, there basically is no taxi service as known in the rest of the civilized world. In the Pattaya market, Grab is a godsend for those who don't want to own a car.
  9. Wow. Took me a long time to see why #9 isn't the answer.
  10. wpcoe

    Are these seed edible?

    You're not sure they're edible, but you tasted them? You're braver than I!
  11. wpcoe

    Where To Buy Deck Shoes.

    I gave up trying to find Sperry Topsiders in Pattaya. I bought my last pair at Central Childom in Bangkok.
  12. As a point of (possibly relevant) trivia : some men have hair on their penis shafts.
  13. Get rid of the cat? (Sorry. I'll get me coat...)
  14. wpcoe

    Pattaya (Utapao) Flights to Ubon..No more ?

    FlightRadar24 shows an Air Asia flight (FD1140) operating from Utapao to Ubon Ratchatani at 240pm both today and tomorrow.
  15. wpcoe

    Taxi tipping to/from airport

    +1 I've been using Mr.T for a while now. For Songkran Exodus he was booked up, so I used Cherry's taxi. All drivers have seemed satisfied/happy with a B100 tip.