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  1. I had a similar situation with a Sony mobile phone. The phone was in a case and I started having problems using the buttons on the case. Then I realized it was because the back of the phone was bulging and the buttons on the case no longer lined up with the buttons on the phone. Sony replaced not only the battery but all the internal components of the phone under warranty.
  2. Despite the ringing endorsements usually seen here for Numchai air con service folks, I was not all that impressed when they installed two Daikin air con units I bought from Numchai this year. They didn't use the rubber bushings between the condenser and the metal wall bracket until I asked them to. They had the rubber bushings and the longer bolts, but arbitrarily decided not to use them. Also, I had the area for the air cons pre-wired by a competent electrician including a green earth/ground wire. I brushed up against the metal of the exposed bolts on one of the condensers and could feel current leakage. Obviously they didn't connect my green wire to the air con green wire.
  3. I hadn't realized that Grab used "surge pricing," but today (Sunday @330pm) from Central Festival to central Jomtien, the fare was quoted as B230 highlighted in red with the comment "High fare due to demand." I switched to UberX and got the ride for B112.78, actual final fare.
  4. Thanks! and the TM.7 looks so much better in a new font.
  5. In a more real-world test, when torrent downloading using 3BB, it maxes out at ~14 Mbps with a well-seeded torrent usually staying between 11 to 12.5 Mbps. Downloading using TMN rarely reaches 8 Mbps except when a Thailand seed starts uploading, then the download can soar to over 24 Mbps.
  6. Slightly amused at Emirates calling their program "Skywards." The term "wards" brings to mind the definition "one legally incapable of managing his own affairs." Sky wards? Sure, I'll mingle with them in some swanky airline lounge.
  7. Ohhhh~! Talk about irrelevant replies. I'll pay closer attention next time. I promise.
  8. They appeared in December (2016) at the same time the new routes were announced, however the new routes never were started as far as I know. At least, they are not operating now. What operates now is the same as what operated pre-December announcements. So, to answer your question "What...are [they] good for?" Absolutely nothing. Unless/until those routes announced in December are actually implemented. And, I won't hold my breath on that.
  9. @TallGuyJohninBKK: I originally got into discovering VPNs when I had True and it made a big difference in overseas speeds to use a Singapore server. However, I found it hasn't made much of a difference with my current 3BB ADSL. Hey, the wonky VPN behavior continues from my opening post. I had intended to show that using PureVPN's Singapore server basically had no effect on my 3BB ADSL, which in the past was shown, but these results (using testmy.net just now) are somewhat erratic: I'm reaching the conclusion there there is no way to reliably test the throughput of a given connection. Is 3BB wonky? Is testmy.net not reliable? Is PureVPN a whack job? None of the above? All of the above?
  10. I was wondering how they could pre-size the pipes when each installation is unique. I thought I must be missing something obvious, but it seems you felt the same. digbeth: Can you clarify what you meant? I suspect that what you meant and what Naam and I are understanding might not be the same?
  11. If this is an interior door, you can find fairly inexpensive, but nice looking, foam-core doors just about everyplace. I bought a couple at HomePro for bedroom doors for under B2,000 each few years ago. You just put a coat of paint on them and they look pretty nice. Good enough for a rental anyway: I think this might be the door, currently on sale for B1,710. This is a catalog page of HomePro doors. PS: I wonder that this door actually looks like. It's only B559???
  12. Use them while you can. I unearthed a package of some old, like probably 15+ years old, Bic disposables and when I used them the plastic cracked and broke where the handle meets the blade head. Guess they didn't engineer the plastic to be used as antiques.
  13. Go to YouTube and put "soundproof wall" in the search box and you'll find dozens of ideas for reducing the noise from next door. There are so many strategies and I don't know which is best, but I suspect each of them works to some degree. I knew someone who did a version of adding a gypsum/drywall layer with an air gap and some sort of foam glued to the initial wall and he seemed happy with the result. I think all these methods will result in some loss of floor space.
  14. Okay, that eliminates the idea of using a truly local VPN -- there aren't any! I think I'll stick to the K.I.S.S. principle and just keep using PureVPN's Singapore location when I want encrypted surfing, like when using public hot spots. Although, I guess it should be identical to using their Thailand "location," no? Didn't really know what digitalocean was, but just Googled it. I'll put that on a future project to research further. Thanks!
  15. Thanks. I'm by no means a communications tech person, but I've never heard of "compression in vpn." Interesting. Do I want to know why it wouldn't help in real internet usage? Okay, then that brings up my original concern which led me to the speed test. Is there a reliable VPN who actually has a server in Thailand? I'm thinking mainly in terms of end-to-end encryption without sending my data out of the country and back, which is what PureVPN apparently does. Or, should I just stick with PureVPN and choose the Singapore or Thailand server?