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  1. In one of the other threads there was a weather map showing the flow of the winds in SE Asia and it clearly showed how Mangkhut was drawing the monsoonal flow across the southern parts of Thailand. Kind of like a huge vacuum cleaner or black hole sucking the air over the area toward the eye of Mangkhut.
  2. wpcoe

    More rain between Sept 17 and 19

    This morning, the 17th, is the first blue skies & sunshine I've seen in Jomtien in what seems like weeks.
  3. I had long heard about drinking enough water until your urine was clear and I asked my doctor once about it, since no matter how much plain water I drank, my urine was always some shade of yellow. My doctor laughed and said it should be clear -- as in not cloudy -- not clear as in colorless. English can be funny like that some times.
  4. Do taxi drivers no longer need to wear a shirt with a collar? I had a roommate years ago who drove a taxi for a while and he said it was law then.
  5. Using anon370's coordinates in Google Earth, and then moving back in time using the "historical imagery" tool, the plane doesn't appear to be there on the 12/2014 and 12/2015 images.
  6. wpcoe

    JJ Green Market To Close Forever In 2 Weeks

    I don't know what the JJ "Green Market" is. Is everything at Chatuchak closing? i.e. Will the massive "weekend market" still be there?
  7. wpcoe

    Lasik v. replacement lens?

    Oh, that's interesting. I need to check into that since as I've aged, the floaters seem to be more plentiful. The surgery I'm eventually going to have does require the temporary removal of the vitreous fluid in the eye. I need to see if they can "filter it" before they put it back in. I hear you about the "no fun" part. I'm squeamish about my eyes. I hope to be heavily sedated when they do this!
  8. wpcoe

    Lasik v. replacement lens?

    Thanks, Sheryl. That's good to know. I'm going to stretch the bounds a bit a see if they cover corrective surgery to remove an epiretinal membrane. The doctor said we should discuss doing a cataract (lens replacement) surgery at the same time, since my cornea might be weakened from RK surgery and we could avoid disturbing (stressing?) the cornea twice, (or something like that.) Since these are both outpatient procedures it never occurred to me that BUPA would cover either/both of them.
  9. wpcoe

    Lasik v. replacement lens?

    That caught my eye. Does BUPA cover traditional cataract surgery as well? (I'm overseas now on an extended visit, and my BUPA policy is back in a drawer in Thailand, so thought I'd ask now while I remembered.)
  10. wpcoe

    Laminate flooring or tiles

    I don't know. That sounds like a reasonable idea, but maybe someone else here knows?
  11. wpcoe

    Laminate flooring or tiles

    I dunno. When I reno'd a house (in the US) and put down wood laminate flooring it still didn't feel "firm" when walking on it. Different strokes, I guess. (I'm assuming you are saying you don' t mind walking on laminate in bare feet?)
  12. wpcoe

    Laminate flooring or tiles

    My experiences with laminate flooring (in two places) was meh. It "floats" and it sounds like walking on a high school dance floor in the gymnasium.
  13. That's the key: how many IO's will actually staff those 18 dedicated lines.
  14. I got so annoyed by the timing of the sub-titles that I aborted watching after several minutes. Flashing a two-line subtitle for less than a second really isn't workable. </rant off>
  15. wpcoe

    Deportees set to arrive from US

    I'm not sure if that's relevant anymore since the US eliminated the TWOV (Transit WithOut Visa) program quite a while ago. Now, anybody changing planes in the USA from one international flight to another needs to clear Immigrations and enter the country.