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  1. As @ravip had indicated, the folks at callcenter@ais.co.th are very quick and knowledgeable via e-mail. When I told them international roaming wasn't working for me in the US, they e-mailed specific instructions for iOS, which of course I had already done. HOWEVER, ever since then I've been able to connect with AT&T. I suspect they did something behind the scenes, as I tried for five days at different times in different parts of the city and couldn't connect. Now, I can make a connection each time. One hurdle crossed. (It still won't connect if the Carrier is set to "Automatic,". I have to manually select AT&T, but I can live with that.) Then they said to put in my credit card info via the app. I kept getting declined using two VISA cards, both on the app and via their web site. They replied that they only accept Thailand-issued VISA cards, so that was that problem. Next, since I now had access to OTP SMS's sent to my AIS number, I set up online bill payment with Bangkok Bank, and the transaction succeeded, though the AIS folks said it might take up to three days to reach AIS. I set them a screenshot of the BBL screen that showed the info I input, and also showed that the transaction was successful, and they said everything looked correct. I'll check with them via e-mail on Thursday to see if the payment was received and my AIS account is no longer suspended. BTW, they also have some elaborate procedure as a last resort where you can receive via an e-mail the OTP to access the app rather than via SMS.
  2. @RichCor Thanks. I don't do Facebook, so didn't know those were options. If this e-mail exchange fails, it'll be my next thing I try. I got an initial e-mail reply from the callcenter saying my account had been suspended for non-payment but they temporarily re-instated it for three days so I could get an OTP SMS to make payment via the app or their web site. Problem is, the global roaming with T-Mobile/AT&T doesn't work so I can't get the SMS. I relayed that to them and am currently waiting for a reply. When I first started this thread I wasn't sure I had enabled international roaming, but then I remembered that in April while I was transiting Seoul, I accessed WiFi with the AIS SIM in the phone and mobile data still enabled, and charges for roaming appeared on my bill, so I *do* have international roaming enabled. I don't know why I cannot connect with T-Mobile in the USA with the AIS SIM inserted, since as mentioned above my phone is definitely able to connect with T-Mobile using the RoamMobility SIM.
  3. Thank you! I just sent them an e-mail. Here's hoping I can take care of things with them. I didn't really want to join LINE just to correspond them, I don't fancy posting my personal drama on a public Facebook page, and can't call Thailand with my temporary mobile phone plan in the USA, so this will be wonderful if it works. <fingers crossed>
  4. On the rear of my iPhone it says I have Model A1723. According the Apple web page with specs: https://www.apple.com/iphone-se/specs/ the following bands are supported: Model A1723* LTE (Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 28) TD‑LTE (Bands 38, 39, 40, 41) TD‑SCDMA 1900 (F), 2000 (A) CDMA EV‑DO Rev. A (800, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz) UMTS/HSPA+/DC‑HSDPA (850, 900, 1700/2100, 1900, 2100 MHz) GSM/EDGE (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz) Shouldn't I be able to connect with AT&T LTE on bands 17, 5, 2 and/or 4? Or, with T-Mobile on bands 12, 4 and/or 2? [Edited to add:] Just noticed that with my RoamMobility SIM in the phone, under Settings > General, it shows I'm connected to "T-Mobile 28.3" and the phone indicates an LTE connection. So my phone *can* connect with T-Mobile. Wonder why it doesn't with the AIS SIM in it... And, to come back to my original query, does anybody have an e-mail address or web page URL that I can use to contact AIS from overseas?
  5. It's a movie DiCaprio would star in, a la "Catch Me if You Can."
  6. With carrier set to Automatic = No Service. I carried my phone around Albuquerque, a reasonably large city, and no place I went could I get service. No SMS from AIS. (Turn Automatic off = AT&T and T-Mobile are listed, but selecting either one = No Service.) If it matters, this is an unlocked (purchased in Thailand) iPhone SE.
  7. Without international roaming? How does that work? [edited to add:] Although I don't recall setting up international roaming with AIS, I put in the AIS SIM (*after* turning off Cellular Data) and the phone says "No Service." I'm in a somewhat remote area in the SW USA where even my regular carrier is usually only one bar, and sometimes "No Service." Does the "No Service" indicate that perhaps I have roaming but the carrier AIS uses has no Signal? Or is that what an iPhone would display if overseas roaming were not activated? Also, if I *can* get a signal, will an SMS come through if Cellular Data is turned off? I got burned once (with either DTAC or True, can't remember now which) with Cellular Data turned on with global roaming activated. It was quite expensive until I noticed, since all the normal app background activity was happily eating up gobs of megabytes without any outward indication.
  8. Thought I found a workaround by using Bangkok Bank's online banking site. But to set up a new payee they send an OTP to my Thai mobile phone number. I guess nobody in the history of time at AIS or Bangkok Bank has ever considered the remote possibility of someone legitimately paying a bill while outside of Thailand? Yes, I'm just a wee, tiny bit aggravated.
  9. I was unexpectedly called upon to go the USA due to a family emergency the end of May. I was expecting to only be here for two weeks, but it is extending to be much longer. I would like to ensure that my AIS bill is paid so that when I return I have continuous mobile phone service upon landing. I submitted the paperwork for direct debit from my Bangkok Bank savings account in May and was told it would be in effect for my next bill, but would like to be certain. Both the AIS app and AIS web site require a OTP sent via SMS, and I have no way to access that here. Is there an e-mail address or web page to submit customer service inquiries online? The mobile provider I'm using in the USA doesn't include overseas calls, either.
  10. Last I checked TMN Cable will install fibre internet in View Talay 2A. But, my own experience with TMN fibre was that its 20/7 and 30/10 plans were slower than my 3BB 18/1.8 ADSL plan for overseas sites.
  11. A two-bedroom condo in 48 sq.m?
  12. If he has some savings, and depending on the location where he lives/applies, he could apply for a retirement extension based on income + savings = B800k. Some locations still require three-month seasoning of savings with the combo method, but some (most?) do not.
  13. Looks like a Golden Tree Snake. Non-poisonous and not usually aggressive. That doesn't look like the golden tree snakes I've seen. Maybe another variety of tree snake? Also, the golden tree snakes I've encountered (in my house...) are extremely fast. I can't imagine coaxing one into a dust pan. (Golden tree snake pic from Google) (Golden tree snake from my kitchen)
  14. Holy smokes, the "before" and "after" photos look like two totally different couples!
  15. Adolescent cobras can be deadlier than adults. Adults can meter the amount of venom they inject and sometimes will even do "dry" bites. They don't always feel the need to waste their venom, apparently, if not in dire peril. The adolescents which haven't yet acquired that technique always deliver a full dose of venom with *every* bite.