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  1. A lot depends on how well you know and like your neighbors. How well do they maintain their own house/yard? But, as @trogers said above, renovations often run beyond estimated date of completion. I did a not-so-extensive renovation, other than gutting the bathroom, on my one-bedroom condo with a promise from the (farang) construction firm that it would absolutely not go beyond seven weeks, and it took *thirteen* weeks before I could move back in. They are still not done with fixing/repairing things that weren't done properly, but at least I was able to move in. Think through how you think your situation would go if something like that happened with your neighbors living in your house.
  2. Should we change to AIS?

    I wonder if the reason AIS usually gets good marks for its fibre service is that the entire infrastructure is new. They only joined the market in the past couple years so there are no, or at least far fewer, weak links in the distribution chain with no (few?) copper lines involved. I just they would break ranks with 3BB and True and be willing to install service in condos.
  3. Interesting. I'll approach this with more optimism, but whatever happens at the airport happens. One reason I didn't pay in full on Friday (18-Aug) is that I'm planning to depart Thailand on 19-Oct and the VAT refund form is only valid for 60 days. If the red cover isn't available where you bought the blue cover when you get back form Myanmar, check with IT City. I'm pretty sure they had all colors available, it's just that for anything in the Pattaya store they had to get it from Bangkok. If you went to a bigger IT City store in Bangkok they might have them? Also, IT City has online ordering with free delivery so you might be able to get it without visiting Bangkok. PS: The mods can delete the above post. The quotes got hopelessly mangled and I couldn't get them straightened out.
  4. I ordered the i7 model at IT City in Pattaya (Tukcom) on Friday, and they called today to say it was here for pickup. I plan to get it tomorrow. I also got an SP4 cover -- the one with the fingerprint reader. Never used one on a computer, but I really like using it on my phone, so thought I'd give it a try. The new keyboard/covers don't have a fingerprint reader, which I thought was an odd step back. I doubt this will work, but they said that when I make final payment (I put 20% down) to ask for the VAT refund form to get the 7% VAT refunded at the airport. I have a one-year retirement extension and am pretty sure the refund is only for folks on Tourist Visa or visa-exempt entry, but I'll see how it goes. That would be a nice little bonus, if it works.
  5. Sophon Cable Fox News Program

    I've tried to make sense of Sophon's various channel numberings, but it still seems a mystery. Earlier this year while my condo unit was being renovated I rented a room three doors down (i.e. same building, same floor) and the Sophon channels were entirely different. Someone has even commented that different TVs in his own home had different channels. Someone posted a link to a Sophon chart of digital channel numbers and it was way different that the digital channels I get. Go figure.
  6. Sophon Cable Fox News Program

    Sky News showed up a week or so ago to replace Fox News. On my digital-ready TV (i.e. no converter box): Channel 700 = Bloomberg Channel 701 = BBC Channel 702 = Sky News (previously Fox)
  7. Sophon Cable Fox News Program

    That's odd. I still have BBC and Sky (which replaced Fox recently) on Sophon.
  8. Motorbikes Pattaya Tai

    I wonder if this somehow ties in with the again-functional pedestrian crossing signal by Wat Chai. When I was there around 100pm here were a half dozen police officers along the side walk where the baht bus queue is and they were talking to (lecturing?) folks. Seems like maybe some mini-clean up of the area of some sort? Wouldn't this be wonderful if it were the beginning of a project to spread throughout the city to enforce laws of all sorts? (Wake up, Dorothy! You're not in Kansas any more! <sigh...>)
  9. This may be old news as I haven't been into town for a while, but walking on Pattaya Tai from Second Road to Tukcom today I noticed that the pedestrian crosswalk traffic light by Wat Chai is operational again. On my return to Second Road I saw someone actually use it and they weren't mowed down by traffic . Folks stopped/slowed down enough for the man and his school age daughter to cross and then continued through even though the signal was still red. Are there other lights that have been resurrected? This crosswalk light used to work (a few years ago?) when it was first installed, but it didn't last long.
  10. How would it work if I bought from IT City online (free delivery)? If I opened the box and it were DOA, would IT City exchange it for a new one or would they subject me to the Microsoft repair process? With the new and improved Amazon "Import Fee Deposit," it's actually cheaper to buy it here now: Price at IT City = B49,900 With the new, higher import fee, Amazon = $1521, or ~B50,560 If I get the time today, I'm going to go to the local IT City store (Pattaya Tukcom Center) to see if they can order it (assuming they don't have it in stock) and pick it up there. Presumably I can unbox it in the store and at least make sure it boots up and if it doesn't, can persuade them to exchange it?
  11. Microsoft one-year warranty is worldwide and item can be serviced in any country that the model is sold.
  12. Hoo boy. The Thailand seller raised their price slightly and Amazon lowered their price slightly, so I went to order on Amazon. The "Import Fee Deposit" went from $99.15 (on the old US$1300.55 price) to $242.92 (on the new US$1278.54 price). What the heck??? From 7.6% to 19%?
  13. Another thought about running down (under) the middle of the road: Are they also running the TV and telephone cables with it? If so, it might not be so easy to get a new ADSL or fibre optic cable run to an address on that street -- will they need to dig up the road to do so?
  14. TMN Cable TV channel changes?

    What channel number? I still have Sky News on channel 702 (digital) where it used to be.