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  1. I thought that HSR systems had no grade-level crossings? If so, then the changs, pick-ups and moto-sais wouldn't be a factor, as mentioned above.
  2. I think it might vary from province to province, so I'm curious what would happen in Pattaya, too. When I lived in Hua Hin, a neighbor had his meter removed after about two months of non-payment while he was away. It was quite pricey to have it reconnected, and they did not come out promptly after he paid up. ISTR it was three days he waited for them to come re-install the meter. One time (also in Hua Hin) I never got my bill, so didn't pay, and a week after the due date they disconnected the live wire from the meter. It was easy to just slide the wire back in after I paid the overdue bill and late fee. The PEA truck showed up the next day to reconnect, but I had already done it the day before. Another neighbor said I could have slid the wire back in and had power even before paying the late fee.
  3. Tramadol is available without a prescription, but there are some controls such as a licensed pharmacist must be on duty in the pharmacy and they are supposed to be registering the details (name & address?) of all purchasers. Apparently some pharmacies are law abiding and don't sell it without the licensed pharmacist and/or don't want to be hassled with the record keeping. However, in my experience, most pharmacies I walk into will sell me Tramadol.
  4. ??? Isn't the Atlantis on Jomtien Second Road near Soi Watboon? Why would residents in Pratumnak be complaining about that?
  5. Water filter

    I don't think calcium can be filtered out, can it? I thought you'd need a "water softener" to remove such minerals.
  6. Surface PRO 3 - cannot detect wifi

    Screen brightness can be adjusted. Does the battery quickly discharge from 100% or is it just the screen brightness that's an issue?
  7. I've heard of a few sales where the weak link in the chain was, in fact, the debt-free letter from the condo management. In one case the ONLY person authorized to sign the letter was on a two-week vacation and totally unavailable. This was a fairly large, rather well known property, too. Assuming you are in contact with the seller, have them get that process started as early as you can.
  8. Can't update MS OS.

    My thought as well, especially since he "had [it] put on" the computer. Sounds like it was a Lenovo without an O/S and the shop put on a bootleg copy of Windows. Elsewise Windows Update will check regularly (daily?) for updates, and if nothing else, will install the monthly Patch Tuesday updates.
  9. *Is* there a functioning sewage treatment plant in Pattaya? I thought the one in Jomtien on Soi Watboon is non-functioning. Is there another one?
  10. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Had lunch yesterday at Hawker Chan, and my jury's still out. I always give a place a second try just in case I hit them on a rare "off" day. I had the signature chicken with noodles. I think the chicken was slightly undercooked. It was not hot like the noodles were, the meat was slightly pink in the middle (not bloody, just a hint of pink) and had to be gnawed off the bones. The noodles were rather clumpy, too. Flavor-wise, though, both the chicken and noodles were top notch. I guess compared to food court pricing it may be high, but I didn't think it was unreasonable for a decent size dish of chicken and noodles. I also appreciated that they had Coke Zero -- so many places only have sugared soft drinks -- at B30. I think next time I'll try the sliced pork and maybe ho fun noodles?
  11. I did direct debit on a rented townhouse a few years ago. Bill was in landlady's name, payment came out of account in my name.
  12. Hot Towels Stress and Pain Relief

    This is probably the place: http://www.botanicessence.com/essential-oil/eng/index.jsp (For anybody else looking for them.)
  13. Usually when they make such predictions for Pattaya, I can count on there being little, if any, rain for the next 24 hours.
  14. thai flag over google

    Thanks! Those URLs are exactly what I was wanting. I can't even remember the last time I logged on to Google, and will try to keep that practice if at all possible.