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  1. Low Ridership on Bell Bus to Pattaya

    The reason the Bell bus stopped (legally) taking walk-up passengers at the airport has something to do with bus service licensing/regulation. I may not have the technical terms right -- I tried to find where this was posted before on this forum and failed -- but it's something about a special permission needed for "bus" or "transport" services to be able to pick up passengers at the airport, and Bell is not categorized properly to obtain one. ISTR that Bell is in a category of "charter" (or "limousine" transfer?) operators and hence cannot legally pick up walk-up passengers. TiT, so for a number of years they got away with it, but somebody somewhere cracked down, and they had to stop.
  2. Some younger friends once asked me about how to get Viagra in Thailand and when I asked why they would need it, they told me that when they take certain drugs, and I think ketamine was one of them, they need Viagra to perform. So, maybe that photo *is* Viagra, although it wasn't mentioned in the article?
  3. So, for those of us on a one-year extension, we put a time period corresponding to the end of our extension? i.e. If we return five months before our extension returns, should we write "five months" on the form?
  4. The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Not sure if all the sandwiches do, but the ones I've had also included a side dish, which was a choice of onion rings, fries, and a couple others (cole slaw, maybe?). Also, have had a nice big pickle with each sandwich.
  5. TMN Internet

    Slow is right. Compared to my 18/1.8Mbps 3BB ADSL, the TMN 30/10Mbps TMN FTTH provided less (and often way less) than 50% of the speed in tests to Singapore and Los Angeles.
  6. 3BB prices (not fiber)

    That's definitely the mantra from the 3BB shops in Pattaya.
  7. 3BB prices (not fiber)

    3BB doesn't offer new ADSL accounts any more. If you don't want (and/or can't have) fibre, then the only 3BB option seems to be VDSL 30/10Mbps for B590/month.
  8. A commercial airline flight, MU7097, a China Eastern A320 scheduled from Jinan to Utapao circled the city eight times now and just broke out of the pattern to head north. Any ideas why it couldn't/wouldn't land at UTP? If the FlightRadar info is accurate, it circled at 4,000 feet, but has climbed to 9,000 feet as it heads north. PS: The plane landed at Suvarnabhumi at around 130pm.
  9. Nova Group

    I would be reluctant to malign anybody via PM as well. What if you were a Nova representative? You'd still have concrete proof of defamation.
  10. Nova Group

    Publicly discussing a reputation, whether of a business or a person -- can be tricky in Thailand, especially online where there is a obvious paper trail. Only folks who have positive experiences/opinions can legally express themselves without risking a defamation suit. Defamation laws allow prosecution of an individual for posting negative things about someone/something even if the negative things are true.
  11. TMN/SOPHON TV and Internet

    I have a condo with a 3BB 18/1.8 Mbps ADSL package. The building also offers TMN Fibre internet access -- bona fide FTTH with a fibre cable terminating at the living room wall in my living room. Last year I tested the two available TMN Fibre internet packages -- 20/7 Mbps and 30/10 Mbps -- and was not impressed. 3BB ADSL consistently was faster for overseas web sites than TMN Fibre. Within Thailand, speed tests showed close to advertised speed, but they dropped drastically for overseas access. Here's part of the data from my tests. I attempted to get different days of the week and different times of day. Across the board, TMN Fibre came up short. Their 20/7 Mbps results were, of course, even worse. On the plus side for TMN is that you can opt on a month-by-month basis to subscribe for FTTH service, no contract involved. You do need to pay for the modem, which was B2,000, but other than that you can try the service to see for yourself for just a single month's fee. One of these days, I might try another month of TMN FTTH to see if it has improved. Since I already have the modem, all I'd pay is the monthly fee, which I think was B999 (?) for the 30/10 plan. I know the 20/7 plan was B599, as I have the flyer for that.
  12. US Medicare eligibility

    The penalty adds up, too: source: Medicare web page The standard Part B premium amount in 2018 is $134 (or higher depending on your income). So, if you became eligible today but waited five years to enroll, you'd pay $201 monthly ... for the rest of your life.
  13. Looking for a gout specialist

    tl;dr: Whatever gout meds you are prescribed, be sure to follow up with blood work in 30 or 60 days. Long version: I was initially on Allopurinol but after 60 days my AST and ALT (Aspartate Transaminase and Alanine Transaminase) numbers went through the roof. Those tests indicate liver damage and my doctor was concerned so took me off of Allopurinol and put me on a different med (which off the top of my head I can't recall.) The AST/ALT numbers came down to a less alarming level but still not far enough so that I'm now on a combination of Colchicine and Sulfin. When I was put on Allopurinol: My AST went from 17 U/L to 56 U/L (normal range is 0-40) My ALT went from 28 U/L to 132 U/L (normal range 0-40) Without the follow-up blood work, I would have blindly continued with Allopurinol since it got rid of the gout pain with no symptoms which would have hinted at the damage being done to my liver.
  14. US Medicare eligibility

    I believe that's more of a PPO-related restriction than a Medicare-related restricted. i.e. Anybody enrolled in that PPO, whether on a Medicare plan or pre-retirement age, must live in their service area to receive treatment. To set limits on it, they drop you from the plan if you don't live in the service area full-time at a six month limit. Very similar with HMOs, if you are more familiar with them.
  15. Did the husband die?