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  1. wpcoe

    The Hit And Run Restaurant "review" Thread

    Not sure this is technically in Jomtien, but on Thepprasit Road, there's one just before the Sukhumvit traffic lights, on the south side (right-hand side if you're heading toward Sukhumvit). The Thepprasit baht buses usually terminate right at the location.
  2. From what I've heard the Immigrations at Bluport seems more relaxed and friendly. I'd give them a try. I used to live in Hua Hin and the folks that I know who've switched to using the Bluport office have not had a single complaint. With the other office, a different story.
  3. Not sure this is what you meant, but no, you cannot apply for a visa now which you plan to used 2-5 years from now. AFAIK, the maximum validity period is one-year, meaning you must enter Thailand within one year after the visa is issued.
  4. *That,* my friends is a true angled-flat seat!
  5. Ohhhh, yes it is. I have also "enjoyed" cradle seats.
  6. Here's a picture that shows better than my attempt to describe above:
  7. I think you might not understand what "angle flat" seats are? It does not refer to flat seats, parallel to the floor, that are askew from the aisle (i.e. not parallel to the aisle.) Rather they are flat, but angled from a higher head height to a lower foot height, in some cases the feet being basically on the floor. Consider it like lying in bed with the head of the bed about three or four feet higher than the foot of the bed.
  8. Angle-flat seats??? They had to chance to make a world-class interior configuration, and they went with angle-flat?
  9. wpcoe

    Wife ,42 had 1. GOUT attack

    Word of caution to anybody who self medicates for gout: Monitor your kidney and liver functions. The first medication my doctor had me on was Allopurinol and my liver function test results went through the roof. She worried that if I continued with Allopurinol I might face liver failure. Ditto for the second med she put me on, whose name I currently can't remember. I'm currently taking Sulfin which brought my uric acid and liver function test to the lower end of normal. I'm also on Colchicine/Colcine. Once I've maintained the good blood test results for six months straight, she said I could stop Colchicine. And, I still had a gout attack four months into my good test results (including low uric acid) period. Nothing out of the ordinary in diet that I could think of. I didn't understand my doctor's explanation, but she was quite confident that such random attacks can occur even WITH normal test results AND on Cochicine and Sulfin. To help with this latest attack she added on an anti-inflammatory (Prednisilone) but cautioned to only do it for a short period of time due to concern for the liver again. I'd heard that before when I was taking another anti-inflammatory (Voltaren) for lower back pain. Each body can react differently, I'm just cautioning to watch for the side effects.
  10. wpcoe

    Microsoft’s Surface Go tablet

    I think reliability should be fine. Speed? Now, that's another issue.
  11. wpcoe

    Sushi buffet

    I've never enjoyed making sushi an entire meal, either. To me, it's okay as an appetizer, but enough is enough. Even when I lived in Tokyo and friends would take me to (expensive) sushi restaurants, I never really felt like I had a meal.
  12. wpcoe

    3BB suspension

    I need to rethink my 3BB plan if I go ahead with tentative plans to split my time between Thailand and another country. Would save more money by suspending for even one month than take the 8% discount for prepayment. The suspension must begin/end on a billing month begin/start date?
  13. Do *you* have a smoke detector in your bathroom? The article said he sealed the door gaps with tape.
  14. wpcoe

    3BB suspension

    When you suspend service with 3BB, does that mean you pay nothing for those three (or however many) months? Or, is there some maintenance fee that must be paid while the account is suspended?