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  1. Nescafe Red Mountain coffee

    Calling any version of that powdered stuff "coffee" should be illegal. Maybe a warning: May contain traces of actual coffee should suffice.
  2. Your dashcam looks a bit out of focus, maybe if you want to experiment a bit you can adjust it yourself, probably similar procedure to this: https://dashcamtalk.com/forum/threads/teardown-and-focus-adjust.9734/
  3. Strange line on my TV

    Yeah loose cable or driver board. It's a whole column so display probably fine. Amorn or alike can probably fix it for a nominal fee.
  4. aborted landing at DMK

    For some more information about the latter option: From Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeoff/Go-around_switch Go-around The go-around setting is used during approach. If a pilot finds that he or she is unable to land safely, activating this switch (usually positioned on the back of the throttle levers) will increase the power to go-around thrust. Most importantly, the TO/GA switch modifies the autopilot mode, so it does not follow the ILS glide slope anymore and it overrides any autothrottle mode which would keep the aircraft in landing configuration. On Airbus aircraft it does not disengage the autopilot, but causes it to stop following the Instrument landing system (ILS) and perform go-around manoeuvre automatically. In an emergency situation, using a TO/GA switch is often the quickest way of increasing thrust to abort a landing. On Airbus planes pushing throttles to TO/GA detent does all regarding flight path and speed. Some aircraft make the TO/GA switch to command the autopilot to fly a missed approach pattern, if the autopilot is programmed to do so.
  5. aborted landing at DMK

    Yeah it looked like he didn't get landing approval when he expected it, so plane would have been in landing configuration already (wheels down, flaps full, speed low). So when either no approval received at all, or waved off, he would have had to add some extra power to stay at the same altitude instead of continuing descent, raise wheels and flaps, and turn. Can be a bit bumpy. Or he just hit the TOGA button and let the plane handle it all.. not very gracefully, but you'll live :)
  6. aborted landing at DMK

    And here you go: FD-3521 July 8th, Flightradar 24. Included the KML file. Imported it in Google Earth. Looks like a standard holding pattern, initiated quite a way from the landing strip at about 3,000 feet, not an aborted landing. FD3521-e01c10b.kml Flight_FD3521_(e01c10b).csv
  7. aborted landing at DMK

    Not how it works. Not every plane has the type of tracking equipment installed needed to be tracked by private sites as flightaware.
  8. > Can it not crawl up the hill in low gear? And lose face? Nevah
  9. 9000BTU too weak?

    What's left out is the controller that activates the transistors, causing them to do what it says on the package. Bases of the transistors will be connected to the microcontroller through some drivers. Also left out is all the feedback. This is just the motor driver board.
  10. Online Multiplayer Lag on PS4... Why?

    Speedtest is well known and proxied at the provider usually, so the results are mostly lies. 13ms to India would be quite optimistic I'd think.
  11. 9000BTU too weak?

    Yeah I think the term DC is a bit inappropriate, and used for the controller part only. The motor is a brushless motor but still needs AC to drive it.. Crossy may be able to add some more details, I usually deal with way lower voltages and currents :)
  12. 9000BTU too weak?

    Edited above post to add some more details.
  13. 9000BTU too weak?

    It looks to me like the electronics do a 2-phase AC -> DC -> 3-phase AC conversion. The 3 Phase AC then can be run at most any frequency (speed) controlled by the microcontroller simplified schematic: The part labeled Power Factor Correction actually looks more like a buck converter to me (Step-down converter) So AC 240 -> DC [Motor voltage] -> 3 phase. In this configuration both the motor voltage and frequency are freely controllable.
  14. 9000BTU too weak?

    You're right. I looked it up, looks more like a stepper motor controller :) So yeah probably an issue with the 'tronics..