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  1. Isn't sundown when you wake up for a good drinking session?
  2. Minerals: yes definitely, Sodium.. Vitamins: None. Dehydration: Drink more Drinking too much: Drink less
  3. Lease endings?

    Mad Dog, Beer Stube and the Spotlight Agogo can, most likely.
  4. The cold is so bad, that the news had to do a fluff piece about the Great Barrier Reef (dying out because of global warming of course, since then quite recovered thank you very much) before reporting on it.
  5. Bitcoin => eco-disaster

    Bitcoin, the only currency keeping the ice age at bay! Support bitcoin!
  6. Aww someone found opencv. So cute. Hard to sell stuff that is available for free.
  7. Pennsylvania woman gets $284bn electricity bill

    Well she could've hooked the Christmas lights to 2 phases, and gotten away with 12' cables at 230V..
  8. Best way to cook Thai beef

    Cook the heck out of it, then use the water for stock. Dispose of the sediment.
  9. Also available at the airport, as a rental service: http://pocketwifithai.com/pocket-wifi-rental-steps/
  10. B visa woes

    So just take your salary slips and tax declararion and you should be all good.
  11. CD/DVD Copies Where?

    In Fortune Town 4th floor is a shop specialized in CD / DVD duplication. For smaller runs, ask any internet cafe.
  12. The Thai police force, not very good at solving murders, but fraud? now you've hit their area of expertise!
  13. Weller Solder Station in BKK?

    For all the other stuff (cable, connectors, copy soldering stations for about nothing, etc.) Yes, a walk around Ban Mo is the best option. Also see Electronic Source http://www.es.co.th they have an outlet at Ban Mo as well.
  14. Weller Solder Station in BKK?

    Specs are 220 +/- 10% so nothing to worry about. Most countries are switching to 240V which also doesn't matter much for existing '220V' equipment, it should handle it fine.
  15. There are still large tracts of Deutsche Autobahn with no speed limits. Completely legal and infrastructure is in place to quickly sweep up the wrecks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_limits_in_Germany