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  1. Which is exactly what you want. These doors are pretty fire resistant and should provide enough time to descent safely. Open they are no use. Open the door on your floor, if you don't choke in a thick cloud, the fire hasn't burned through the doors yet. Make your escape smartly. Take a wet woolen blanket if you can.
  2. Well he can build it on the smoking remains of the last one..
  3. Encrypt then factory reset is good advise. After the reset the encryption key will be permanently lost and the encryption is good enough for mere mortals. Don't forget to encrypt the SD card as well if you plan to leave it in.
  4. Seriously a 12 y/o doesn't need 3 iPhones and a laptop. Some good coloring books and a plushie toy maybe?
  5. Film her while she's drawing.
  6. https://www.tesco.com/groceries/product/details/?id=252988018
  7. I probably used it once and threw off the calibration. Doubt it habitually sees anything over 55
  8. I must be out of touch, but looks to me like a couple wheel bearings in a useless configuration.. I assume it has some point though, or it is part of the younger generation on Thai Visa these days? Anyway Lazada surely has them and will deliver them to your door, paid on delivery.
  9. Smart little things those electrons, so you're saying they have memories?
  10. The static method you mentioned also works provided: 1. The router also has a netmask of (/16) and not /24 (If not, 192.168.168.x will be routed to the default route..) 2. The DHCP range doesn't include
  11. Competitive but also mostly fake
  12. So, when will the next batch of Lager be ready?
  13. Here's something online: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/100Hight-Bar-Barrel-Red-Wine-Barrel-Liquor-Storing-Wine-Bladder-Chrismas-gift-Wooden-barrel-Props-barrels/32503119376.html
  14. Got a NETIS WF-2880 from Lazada which so far serves me well. I needed something with Gigabit Ethernet as finally the internet speed has caught up with normal Ethernet.. http://www.netis-systems.com/Home/detail/id/53.html
  15. Or so much grime on the fan blades they are now almost straight..