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  1. I don't think streaming is such a bad idea, so it can be established quickly and reliably it was really a suicide and not an 'assisted fall off the 24th floor balcony'
  2. You can only cross the Mae Sot border if you have a valid re-entry permit or multi-entry visa already. No onward travel into Myanmar either.
  3. Now you tell me there are multiple forums?? I find it easy enough to keep up with the slow trickle of https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/discover/24/
  4. I wouldn't point any closer than that, preferably much further away...
  5. Unless you have prior experience in the hospitality business the best advise I can give is: Don't do it.
  6. Here is an alternative way to hook up power to the pool: http://www.linuxno.de/_data/gallery/nwl7/_medium_DSCN7823.JPG Disclaimer: Only valid if signed off by a certified inspector.
  7. Because they *report* the weather, not make it.
  8. As your issues as described definitely have to do with latency I would say they are related to your connection indeed. Can you try a couple of pings and traceroutes to some US hosts, and see what happens, try for instance ping -n 20 www.amazon.com tracert www.amazon.com and see what happens. Other than having your connection checked out, I don't have any obvious solutions though.
  9. You can start by doing this test: https://sourceforge.net/speedtest/?source=slashdotannouncement which should give you a bit more geeky info about your connection, see what that comes up with.
  10. You cannae change the laws of physics... Problem is you are in Thailand and most of the server you are playing on are not.. download and upload has nothing to do with it, it's all to do with ping time, which if you are lucky will be around 200 to the US, instead of the 10..20 or so you're used to. Solution: Find a more local server to play on, or move.. can't go faster than the speed of light, and of course your packets will go a bit slower than that even in optimal conditions.
  11. http://www.es.co.th (also has a physical shop in Ban Mo)
  12. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/10/24/world/asia/left-to-languish-costly-fire-trucks-present-a-reminder-of-thai-dysfunction.html
  13. 1. It's not a currency. 2. Treat anything you see / read / get proposed to do with Bitcoin or Altcoin as a scam, and you won't be far off.
  14. Be glad it's soap and not an illegal slaughterhouse.. different smells..
  15. There's a machine in Ekkamai bus station you can try, but indeed don't worry. Every missing document including photos can be substituted by a crispy dollar bill.