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  1. Nah that would be in USD. In EU the hospital fees are included with the tax.
  2. Jdietz

    Non B

    Yeah Chaeng Wattana seems to do this a lot, it'll be ready on the date specified, no worries.
  3. As usual units and levels all over the place. MilliSievert and MicroSievert per hour or per year. 85.83 microSieverts per hour is quite a bit higher than background, but not dangerous in the short run (weeks) unless ingesting (which will be uncomfortable being needles and all) or sleeping on top of a bunch of them for a prolonged period. Natural radiation in milliSieverts/year (1 mSv = 1,000 microSieverts): Radiation source World[2] US[3] Japan[4] Remark Inhalation of air 1.26 2.28 0.40 mainly from radon, depends on indoor accumulation Ingestion of food & water 0.29 0.28 0.40 (K-40, C-14, etc.) Terrestrial radiation from ground 0.48 0.21 0.40 depends on soil and building material Cosmic radiation from space 0.39 0.33 0.30 depends on altitude sub total (natural) 2.40 3.10 1.50 sizeable population groups receive 10–20 mSv https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Background_radiation
  4. Jdietz

    New Battery

    Look for any ramshackle shop with tires hanging outside on a pole, they'll fix you up. They may or may not charge you 20 THB.
  5. Jdietz

    Dots under a poster's user name?

    Probability you're on a NSA watch list.
  6. Jdietz

    Flight sim

    XPlane 11 is mostly CPU bound. It doesn't multi-thread very well (but we wait for v12 to start fixing that). So multi-core at this point doesn't help as much as pure unadulterated clock speed. I would recommend a Windows machine with at least an Nvidia 1060, 16GB RAM (32 if you can), and the fastest clocked processor you can find (i7-7820X or something) (oh and if you like your scenery make sure to get a seriously big SSD drive)
  7. Jdietz

    Home Theater Projector Recommendations

    Just looked at a couple and they're all lies. Support 1080p (native 800x480) means it'll scale back your HD transmission to something you may recognize somewhat from a large distance. What you're looking for is probably more in the 50K range.
  8. They have negative mass and for them it's impossible to go slower than the speed of light, same barrier.
  9. Yep clearly contacting his UFO to get him out of there. If you look closely you may spot the GSM mast he's using in the background. #Ohwait.
  10. Jdietz

    Advances in printing ink

    That one will do nicely
  11. Jdietz

    Advances in printing ink

    Well at least the yellow won't dry out, it's used to embed identifying information in everything you print. (now you know why it refuses to print black only if the color is out) To prevent drying out, leave the printer switched on (standby) and it'll take care of the drying out by itself. Printing a color test print once a month or so will be good.
  12. Jdietz

    Utah toddler put $1,000 through shredder, parents say

    Shredders are pretty well protected and won't allow humans to be eaten alive. Banks will be happy to exchange them for shiny new bills provided most parts are still there. There's actually a whole department to fix these kinds of 'issues'. Happens more often than you think. https://bep.gov/services/currencyredemption.html
  13. Netflix app, on computer, on TV? Router hijacked? Malware scan?
  14. Of course it will be enough, it just has to be promoted! Bring on the Ad Campaigns SMOKE! Rescind the non-smoking rules everywhere, have TV Soap stars smoke at every possible and impossible occasion Ashtrays everywhere, no more non-smoking flights Just be creative.
  15. Jdietz

    What do you hate most about driving in LOS?

    I mainly dislike the steering. So nowadays I just point my car in the general direction I want to go and drive. Seems to blend in well with the rest.