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  1. Call Yinluck Back

    You mad? ONE judge out of 9 voted 'not guilty' So convicted guilty 8 to 1. Please read. Pison Pirun, a judge in the nine-member Supreme Court panel that ruled in the case over the rice-pledging scheme against ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra case, was the only judge to rule her not guilty on the grounds that “she lacked the intention to cause loss or seek advantage she was not entitled to”.
  2. Advice re Samsumg Models

    Samsung J7 Prime. Just got the OTA update to Android 7.0 (Nougat), which will be good for a 'while' yet. Phone is under 8K THB, has a huge battery (as it uses the same battery as the top-end models, but screen uses less power) http://www.samsung.com/th/smartphones/galaxy-j7-prime-2016-g610f/SM-G610FWDGTHL/ If you want to get the Oreo OS update however, it's not certain if it will get it. https://www.sammobile.com/samsung-galaxy-android-8-o-update
  3. Correct meter

    Markings on the meter, here's a 15/45 version:
  4. Funny how defensive everyone becomes once proof of spending of millions of Baht donations comes into question.
  5. Ethernet LAN and Electric wires

    If it's just a signaling (low voltage) doorbell button, you can even be stingy and use the blue or brown pair in the CAT5 cable...
  6. DC voltage LED bulbs

    BTW if you are going to visit, know what you need and go look for yourself, ignore all staff, they are useless and only interested in selling items with highest commission%
  7. DC voltage LED bulbs

    The ones I got from Mega Home myself were all 240VAC tube replacement and are the only ones I can attest to for quality. They also have plenty of other types with separate power supply, but I don't know which voltages they stock as I had no use for them.
  8. DC voltage LED bulbs

    Bought plenty at mega home, in different form factor (replacement for tubes), they have plenty of branded and off-brand types (Sylvana, Philips), all of them are still working.
  9. DC voltage LED bulbs

    Or order online: http://www.lazada.co.th/catalog/?q=led e27
  10. DC voltage LED bulbs

    Megahome stocks lots of variants.
  11. Buying Ethereum in Thailand Safely

    bx.in.th looks like an identity theft scam to me, sending them a picture of me holding my passport? yeah right.
  12. Sounds like an issue at the switching or generating station, if they switch to a different generating facility that is not quite in phase. Instead of a nice fluid switch-in new supply and then detach the old one, it's a complete disconnect and reconnect. Good luck finding anyone that gives a ****. Only solution is to buy a UPS, and connect your internet boxes, PCs and monitors to it (and another one maybe for TV and cable / iptv box), so it won't inconvenience you too much. As the cut-outs are very short any cheap UPS will do. (Aim for ~1000THB)
  13. Low Water Pressure

    As long as the water pressure on your feed line is high enough to reach the top of the tank, it'll work fine.
  14. Correct meter

    As long as the meter doesn't smoke there is no reason to replace it. If you have a 5/15 now it will happily run at a 100% overload forever However with 3 ACs on and maybe some other household equipment it will run way over its calibration point (5A) so will most likely read high If you are still in the install phase, opt for the 15/45. If the thing is there already, let 'er burn :)
  15. Low Water Pressure

    Yes, a bit of extra pipe won't hurt.