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  1. Hi All Happy New Year!! Im not sure if we have this here already, but can someone tell me the requirements for converting my 2 daughters tourist visa to NON o visa, their Non O visa expired last January ,we were not able to complete documents before the date so they had to go out of Poipet and back in with a 30 day stamp to avoid overstay. Can anyone please give me a list of requirements. I am working here and we are from the Philippines. Thank you all in advance!
  2. Taxi Mafia wants you to take their taxi with faster meters and they decide if they want to take you or not... while with uber and the like,,, you already know how much and get the drivers details....
  3. "He said the Lao smugglers – brothers Suebanh Tiasili, 30, and Khumborn Tiasyly, 24 – had agreed to pay a Bt40,000 fine and let Thailand keep Bt94 million, thus avoiding further prosecution" That was easy giving up 94M THB...
  4. Which hotel did that driver work for??? I want IN!!! 50k baht chain an Iphone 7+ and 10K in cash!!! big salary and benefits!!
  5. Bodybuilder who threatened police pleads guilty

    and he paid a fine of 500 and apologized for his behavior and will not do it again... and left.... and everyone lived happily ever after.....
  6. Something his father can be proud of,,,, he leads the Ball family in steals LOL
  7. Yes sir 24/7 on both Swampy and DM
  8. Hi Any possibility that a NON O visa can be converted to NON B visa?? Agent says NO and need to go out and get at least a tourist visa for conversion to NON B. anybody experienced this? Thanks in advance!
  9. Call the real police!! damn it that a$$hole shld hve been arrested for assault already!!
  10. Don muang airport car parking charges

    we will be traveling to Vietnam tomorrow , I plan to drive to the airport and park for 4 days. If we take the taxi it may be more expensive than the parking ticket at 250 THB for 24 hours...by the way is there a specific long term parking area at DM?
  11. Will they be that tough fighting one on one?? I don't think so!!
  12. Any changes in service hours of Re-Entry permit?