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  1. The exact words were,, No need to cancel Visa just work permit you can stay til December! LOL
  2. yup and i am one of the guilty party!! Thanks again Ubon Joe!!!
  3. Sorry for the confusion he has a 1 year extended NON B visa til December together with dependants under NON O
  4. Thanks Ubon Jo, reliable as always,,, he stopped working May 1 and cancelled work permit just today. I assume he will be facing a fine for the visa if he does change it next week?
  5. Hi my friends (filipino) work permit was already cancelled today May 5 2017, and according to their HR the visa is not cancelled , his Visa is valid until December 2017. 1.Should he apply for another visa under his wife's visa? 2. just exit at the border together with dependent (children)? 3. Just keep the visa til December? 4. should they do 1 and 2 by next week, will there be a fine for over stay? 5. Should the HR give a Visa cancellation letter? Thanks in advance for your help!
  6. Thank you ubon Joe as always!! very reliable!! cheers!!
  7. Not yet over 50 and Philippine nationality Thank you
  8. Hi all! My wife is leaving work at the end of April, she has to surrender WP and Cancel visa by then, I want to know if she and the kids could change their visa to type "O' without leaving the country? -My company will provide necessary documents (which I have no idea), does anyone have a list please? - our children are under her visa 18,16 and 11 Thank you in advance
  9. Nothing new with the notorious bus # 71
  10. Yah right i was just stuck in ramkamheng road this morning
  11. "Thank goodness some people spoke up." she said, "if they hadn't stopped this woman her and others like her would take the whole beach home with them - sand, stones, coral and all - within a year". and build an Island in the west PH sea!LOL
  12. Damn Chinese even identities are fake
  13. And It the Van driver's fault he has to pay up!
  14. " Vietnam used to be part of China 14 centuries ago before gaining independence, and is still dependent on China" they jusy claim whatever they see. damn filthy arrogant Chinese
  15. He'll be doing it again next year , he sees to it that he makes the news yearly for a new motorbike LOL