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  1. About the depth of 10,000 baht in a pile.
  2. tompelli

    Domestic violence in Thailand advice

    I can appreciate the concern about getting the police involved, generally fallangs take authority figures seriously. I was told by a former cop that they keep 2 report registers at the station. One is the official one, other is for what they consider trivial/revenge/fictitious complaints (which go nowhere). Mrs Somchai after being dumped for a new Mia, goes to the cop shop. She has her rant, signs her name in the book & job done. So the tourist police suggestion is probably a good choice Main thing is bail out & quickly before we read about you on here.
  3. tompelli

    Internet Romance Scam

    Don't play games with these people. They know her & where she lives. She only knows what they've told her. Had a friend with identical setup. Supposed to be a white fallang in the oil business who was going to move to Thailand, buy a house yada yada in Nigerian English with profile pics from linked in & facebook.
  4. If the governments stated intention is to discourage gambling, why do they allow this stupidity to be publicised. Shark A (name withheld) transferred to inactive post.
  5. It's the Thai way. Much as it goes against the moral grain. In total it's also much cheaper than moving. PM me if you like, always too much time on my hands.
  6. I know the local plod is useless, but that would be the Thai way to sort it. Get the local Bobby around for a chat, explain your fears, bung him a couple of thousand baht & get his number on speed dial. Every time he turns up, another 1000. There is also the red police box service where they come around every day? They (plod) know the bad guys in the village & only act when they get out of hand or the dreaded clampdown. All the best.
  7. No drama, along with free houses they'll be entitled to free electric.
  8. At what age is your frontal lobe fully developed...asking for a friend.
  9. Never knew that kratom was addictive. Learn something new every day.
  10. tompelli

    ‘No plan to buy military satellites’

    All good suggestions Klaus, but the militaries priorities are stopping sales of alcohol on Buddhist holidays, cigarette butts on beaches & the number of twerks at a temple fair. Worgeordie also has some good suggestions that definitely won't be taken care of with their 20% proposed increase in military budget.
  11. Maybe it's just Me, but I have difficulty in believing anyone who can't work out 50% of 8.
  12. tompelli

    ‘No plan to buy military satellites’

    There's a shop on khao San road sells that kind of guarantee.
  13. Snagged on underwater obstacle?
  14. tompelli

    Driving Chiang Mai to Hua Hin

    I recently drove HH to Nakhon Sawan (using Here app). Straight to Ratchaburi, miss Bangkok all together 3238, 3526, 321 all quieter roads mostly running alongside a canal beware of unobserved crossroads. Heading towards Chai Nat, joins on to AH1 the main highway north. That would be enough for one days driving, many motels/resorts on the way so overnight & take it from there....around 6.5 hours to Nakhon Sawan, good luck.
  15. tompelli

    Neverending Peugeot-woes

    Surely some of the generic software will handle a Peugeot? Download to laptop or phone, buy a lead to connect up to car Then trawl the internet for the meaning of the error codes.