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  1. So why do they bother going to check?
  2. Does the Royal Thai Navy own it? If so, they'll be pleased at the taxpayers investment.
  3. tompelli

    FB page editors face arrest over Tao rape story

    If Thailand can take a look at Sarawak Report vs Najib Razak & the Malaysian government, they might just have second thoughts about skating on very thin ice. They were harassed, threatened & gagged. Ends up they contributed massively to the overthrow of the government & were welcomed back as heroes of democracy. Hope prayut reads this 555.
  4. tompelli

    German expat hosts free boxing classes

    AFAIK female spouses of Thai's can work without a work permit.....stick that in the gender blender
  5. tompelli

    Phuket: Phoenix fails to rise

    There's a lot more damage they can do ...it could come up like a jigsaw puzzle.
  6. Not bad it's only 10:23 now!
  7. How many of the 60 pay the fine? What's the consequence of not paying it? Who in authority really gives a toss?
  8. tompelli

    Mustang to arrive in October

    Won't be long until you see them up trees in the central reservation. I may screenshot my comment for future "the car lost control overtaking " news.
  9. You cut that sentence short...think movie titles
  10. Don't think Thailand is ready for the leap to join western countries (& rules) just yet. This situation has been allowed to happen by successive governments, who really didnt care if their citizens are slaughtered. Oh there's a law for that, job done. No enforcement or education, took a long time to demonise drink driving in the West. Motorcycles are the only source of transport for the poorest families - choose between starving & breaking an un-enforced law.
  11. Confiscate the vehicle until they produce a licence. It gets the 10 million into the database & then start thinking about fines....that very few people think about paying anyway...baby steps.
  12. tompelli

    EPL - Which Team to Support

    Start playing fantasy football, it consumes a fair amount of time, can be quite interesting & you watch players/games in a whole different light. After 3 games played already you'll be a couple of hundred points behind.
  13. Now that's a novel solution to flooding....would the department also say by how much do they elevate their property, the sky's the limit.
  14. tompelli

    Retiring Army chief still fit and firm

    Luckily Prayut has his weekly aerobics class at government house......haven't seen that lately?
  15. OK, somebody please explain to me why this is a good idea?