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  1. metisdead

    Root Canal Surgery

    Moving to the Health forum for knowledgeable answers.
  2. Posts containing links to a site with no particular link to a specific article have been removed as well as the off topic replies.
  3. A rather incoherent troll post advocating violence has been removed as well as the replies
  4. A post containing oversize font has been removed, please learn to control your font size when posting. A nonsense post has been removed.
  5. A post containing a disallowed reference to the PM has been removed.
  6. metisdead

    What is the meaning of thai word "thulet" ?

    Moving to the Thai language forum for translation.
  7. Moving to the Mobile devices forum.
  8. metisdead

    Import musical keyboard from UK. Customs?

    Your original topic is running here:
  9. A nasty troll post has been removed.
  10. Off topic posts and the replies have been removed.
  11. Despite a previous public requesting members get back on topic, a number of posts that were wobbling way off topic have been removed as well as the replies.
  12. metisdead

    Doctor that will do home visits?

    An off topic trolling post has been removed.
  13. metisdead

    Your Windows license will expire soon.

    As this topic is about how to restore a copy of Windows using illegal fixes, this topic is closed as per the following forum rule: 3) You will not post about activities or links to websites containing such material that are illegal in Thailand. This includes but is not limited to: gambling, betting, pornography, illegal drugs, fake goods/clothing, file sharing of pirated material, pyramid schemes, etc. Discussion of the above is permitted only as news items, but never as a "how to" topic.
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