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  1. Thai Monk blessing attendants during a ceremony....
  2. Halfaboy

    What’s the story with the new motorway?

    Interesting observation !
  3. I also activated, but cannot see what my spending limit is. Any suggestions ?
  4. Halfaboy

    Firefox Browser

    Did you check the address from the sender ?
  5. More lost dreams .... Located along road 1008 - around 2 km from Wat Yan Sang Wararam (which is around 5 km east of Cartoon Network Amazone / Waterpark).
  6. Halfaboy

    Hotmail GRRRRRRR!

    X-fer from hotmail to gmail is easy (I even managed to do this). Just do a google search for instructions....
  7. Halfaboy

    Hotmail GRRRRRRR!

    How did you recover the first time ? I would recommend, recover and transfer all relevant data (addresses and mails) to i.e. gmail.
  8. Long time ago I set up auto payment for my electricity bill. Works perfectly and no headaches about paying in time or electricity cut off....
  9. Has anybody an idea about the weight of an air / oxygen cylinder ? Thanks ....
  10. Thank you for your detailed reply. To be honest this is way beyond my capabilities. Only since a few months I am into the various modes of my camera. To familiarise myself I am looking at a lot of video's and do some exercises. The settings of the camera I do understand, but the area of 'photo shopping' (forgive me the word) still needs to be explored in more detail. Looking forward to next contributions.
  11. Always wondering what the background of the story is.... Thanks for posting....
  12. Great picture ! Interested how you came to this result. Can you give me any info on shutter speed, Iso and Aperture (also lens info would be great). Did you do any post processing ? Thanks.....
  13. For sure, wouldn't mind living there....
  14. Silver Beach Condominium, Park Beach Condominium, Markland Condo, Center Condo....