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  1. The site 'moordatlas.nl' can be helpful if you are interested. Note that this site is in Dutch (but google is your friend).....
  2. Let's call it 'circles'....
  3. Some names: Cornelis Houtman, Sam Klepper, John Mieremet, Cor van Hout, Thomas van der Bijl, Willem Endstra, Willem Holleeder, Peter la Serpe, Jesse Remmers, Fred Ros and so on….
  4. As mr. Pieter Hoovers was a Dutchman you could expect him to speak Dutch, be it that it would most probably be with an Amsterdam accent.
  5. The correct name of 'the other' Dutchman was John Mieremet. More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Mieremet
  6. You are a filthy rich person ! But I am happy for you. In many countries a big part of the oil income is spent on useless things, not keeping in mind that there might come an end to this income stream.
  7. Now things become clear. The same thing happened to me some time ago (and I reacted in almost the same way as you). Thanks for posting....
  8. Any info on the filters themselves ? How low (in time or liters) can they be used and what are the costs of replacing (i.e. can you do it your self ) ?
  9. Best option is going to Samsung's Service point on Pattaya Nua. This shop is in an area called the Office, on the same side and not too far from the bus station. All prices are listed and staff is very professional in handling problems are repairs. This all assuming that you are living in Pattaya. Have fun !
  10. Any evidence as links etc ?
  11. Near railway crossing express way - Soi Kao Noi (Pattaya).
  12. Parallel Road Soi 27 (off Naklua Road)
  13. Are you being asked for evidence. I.e. copies of bankbooks etc, or is just mentioning the amount enough ?