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  1. Rules are all stipulated out in the Condominium Act.
  2. Bkk Bank Visa debit card worked well in Macao and Hongkong. Have fun....
  3. Frightening indeed ....
  4. Any weather radar where we can monitor this low pressure system / tropical cyclone ?
  5. 300.000 baht is 30 times a monthly allowance of 10.000 baht. In the end she (and you) will be better off. Have fun....
  6. There is no need for a template. Just collect as much a possible info, make assumptions and use your brains to make a kind of plan. Not too difficult.
  7. Start wit a detailed business plan which should include all the parameters. Once finished ask your self weather this is all viable. All costs should be included. Not only the purchase costs but also all the 'tail end'costs'. Don't forget to look around and have a talk to other entrepreneurs.
  8. Left the place and now I am spending some time in Farangland.
  9. I would send a copy to Mr. Prayut Chan Ocha ! He always takes straight action. He really cares for the people. Have fun....
  10. Plus 10 inside ....
  11. Oke, you won ....now...
  12. Went to Maxxis (Sukhumvith Road Pattaya - close to the Bangkok Hospital Pattaya) for replacement of the two front tyres. After having arrived there they discovered a nail sticking out of one of my back tyres. Even before mentioning this to me they started repairing the leak at no costs ! Extremely good service !
  13. Yes, but it generally takes time to make them operational and these instruments will not stop the ship in one go. Just reducing the speed (slightly).
  14. For me it is oke. I am always looking forward to the next issue. There could be less news from outside Thailand (in my case I skip these items) but in general I am content.
  15. Thank you Samuijimmy for your friendly words and the ''present''. I am going to Farangland for a while to manage some of my business. Not really an exiting thing to do and also not an interesting area to show, but thanks for the tip. Wish you all the best with your medical problems...