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  1. Where can I find MTP mode ?
  2. Amex Card in Thailand

    Can I ask you, what do you mean with ' through membership of a club here' ?
  3. I do not know the details and I may be wrong but somewhere (and some time ago) I read that the Chinese seem to have a considerable interest in this bank. They therefore can set rules....
  4. Internet Options for 2-3 months

    I am using a ZTE 933DCA. The device is unlocked and can therefore be used with any simcard. Note that it was bought appr. 6 months ago in Manilla (tax free for appr. 1.000 baht) and are not for sale in shops in Thailand. They can however be bought via Lazada /Alibaba etc.
  5. Internet Options for 2-3 months

    The device is used by 3 - 6 people during the whole day. One 'serious' user with a laptop and the other people with telephones for facebook, games and youtube (songs, soaps and mor lam). There may be a limit but so far never had a problem. Note that I do not use Netflix or the likes.
  6. Internet Options for 2-3 months

    When I am out in the sticks I am usually using a pocket wife. Currently I am having a one-two-call simcard. This is 4-G and unlimited for 100 baht per week. The speed of data transmission is for me acceptable (keeping in mind the location where I reside).The provider to choose is depending on the location (not all providers have the same coverage everywhere).
  7. Part of the loss would currently be possibly compensated by the increase of the price of land.
  8. Was expecting a lot of answers ....
  9. This is unbelievable .... Thanks for posting.