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  1. Halfaboy

    Rent a car in Chayiaphum city

    See: https://www.fastcarhire.co.uk/ Works well. According to their website there are cars available in Chaipum (slightly different spelling).
  2. Halfaboy

    Rent a car in Chayiaphum city

    One google seach and I found this one: http://www.maplandia.com/thailand/northeastern/chaiyaphum/chaiyaphum/car-rental/ Can also try 'fast car' rentals. Have fun....
  3. Halfaboy

    Heading back home after 5 years

    Keep in mind that when you store goods for an extended period the quality may deteriorate because of humidity etc.
  4. Or to Pattaya. Jomtien immigration does an excellent job.
  5. Halfaboy

    Need to hire a van or pickup truck in Pattaya

    Did you check if all your belongings are still there ?
  6. I would expect Germans to have this very well organised (gründlich und ordentlich organisiert)….
  7. Halfaboy

    FB groups, Craigslist, or other communal expat marketplace?

    Or have a look at www.bahtsold.com
  8. Halfaboy

    Family drama in Thailand

    Probably the OP did not tell the whole story....
  9. Emancipated Dutch lady....
  10. After showing me some papers and maps, the answer was: 'as for now no activities planned'. And in the next ten years I lived there nothing happened.
  11. I got a correct answer without hesitation. I was even surprised about the ease of getting a anser.
  12. A couple of years ago I had the same question. Contacted City Hall and with some patience and time I got the answer on the spot.
  13. Halfaboy

    Holland Inheritance

    There seem to be serious problems within the Dutch tax department. Handling of the final tax assessments takes a long time and in is some cases not done at all ! Last year an amount of 450 million Euro's could not be collected by this department. I have attached a link to an article from the local newspaper 'het Algemeen Dagblad', but if you google on this subject you can find numerous articles about is. Not much can be done by the heirs. Please use google translate to read the article in the language you wish. One of the things that can be done is contacting the notary for more information. Hope this helps. Link: https://www.ad.nl/politiek/fiscus-blijft-blunderen-met-erfbelasting~a97c7889/
  14. There is a helicopter and a small plane. I did not make pictures. There are also two or three hoover-craft type of vessels. Not sure if the latter classifies as aircraft.