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  1. No idea. Just try to enter details of one of the funds and see wehre it ends....
  2. Did you try the Morningstar website ?
  3. Countryside northern Switzerland....
  4. Southern Germany - Schloss Hohenschwangau (near Fuessen).
  5. Countryside South Germany ....
  6. Schloss Neuschwanstein in Fussen South Germany.
  7. Houses in south Germany....
  8. Countryside south Germany...
  9. A few more .....
  10. Swiss cuckoo clock.
  11. Thanks for the announcement. If I am around (I am currently in Europe) I will surely visit. Good luck !
  12. Halfaboy

    Windows 10 1803 Spring Update.....Marvelous!

    Same here. Started up and download began. Took something like 40 minutes (probably slower connection). To be honest, I did not notice any difference so far.
  13. Halfaboy

    Windows 10 1803 Spring Update.....Marvelous!

    That's positive news. How long did the upgrade take to upload? Thanks....
  14. Keukenhof - the Netherlands. Went for a visit two days ago. Amazingly beautiful...
  15. Do you know what the dirt consists of i.e. soap rests, chalk etc ?