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  1. The US has roughly 5 times Thailand's population though, so until the US hits 300 or so road deaths per day, then it's way behind Thailand in per capita road deaths.
  2. Siamese Fighter Flagged For National Fish

    That fish cannot be Thai. It fights alone instead of in packs. They should make the piranha the national fish.
  3. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    Elderly bridge players.
  4. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    Sounds like the cops' job in the future will have them doing exactly what they do now, which is NOTHING.
  5. Thank You Sir-May I Have Another!
  6. Uighur escape pressures Thai cops

    I'd imagine the officers looked like this guy at 3:00 AM.
  7. That's what I thought "Let Me In, Thailand" meant. BTW, it's a Thai version, of a Korean show, yet the photo shows the title...in English!
  8. I recall back in 1999 on my first visit, an older US gent that was associated with my company had me over for dinner & drinks. He'd been in Thailand 20+ years by then. He lived in an area WAAAY off Phonyothin, somewhat near the Ari BTS = no taxis around. I mentioned maybe he wouldn't mind getting me back to my hotel before we got too far down the Jack Daniels bottle were working on. He said "Pfff! Over here, it HELPS to drink and drive!" His wife got me home.
  9. I beg to differ. Also, she's certainly better looking than what many in the press like to call a Thai "Pretty".
  10. Ukrainian deported for overstay

    Spent all his money on hookers and booze! The rest he just wasted.
  11. Fully-loaded moving truck destroyed by fire

    A small fire extinguisher could have stopped it, but, no hab, mai pen lai.
  12. Errr...How to NOT do things? ----------------- Painting roads red indeed! That one takes the cake! They're already red with blood. Also would help if their speed limit signs were 10 times bigger than an apple pie pan, and not hidden behind the ubiquitous mango tree....And enforced fairly. I got pulled over near Khorat once...Just an ID/driver's license check. Of course the Kamikaze cop walked out in front of me. He checked my licence and said "Khap khun kap". My wife was aghast he didn't clip me for 200 baht, even though I'd done nothing wrong. She said, "He's a nice policeman". She'd never seen an honest cop before.