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  1. Brown envelopes of cash paid to the BiB.
  2. They should install sound activated clotheslines.
  3. Rasputin, Jim Jones, David Koresh. etc... I think that this lady "Tink too mutt".
  4. The guy in the red jumpsuit with the helmet looks like he'd loaded for bear...err lizards.
  5. For sure I'm terrified of any and all drug laws, and they do dissuade me, I guess, but I have no desire to take them in the first place.
  6. I used to smoke a J with my coffee for breakfast when I was 18 - 20. I've smoked crack, snorted coke, took LSD. I was over it all by the time I was 22 or 23. Didn't touch any of it till about 3 years ago & my grown nephew (18 year old) whipped out a joint. Two puffs and I was ready for bed! Weed was hardly a gateway drug for me, but I had to experiment a bit. Another nephew got on crystal meth when he was young. He's almost 40 now, but stayed wacked out till he was 30. I can't speak for crystal meth or heroin, but simply making something illegal certainly isn't going to cure the problem, which was demonstrated by the USA's Prohibition in the 1920's. It just created more drunks and a WHOLE LOT more criminals.
  7. Didn't General Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy say that "If a woman is beautiful, she should not wear a bikini" on the Koh Tao tragedy? Besides, Lumyai is wearing shorts and a sports bra. Hardly a "bikini".
  8. Yes, this large crowd are gathered to hear the "talking dog" and hoping they get some winning lottery numbers from the pooch.
  9. Why don't they stick undercover officers in the maniacal mini-vans?
  10. I mis-read the headline at first and saw "Woman bites dog" LOL. Aah...The endless soidog problem. Bitten on the way into a hospital...
  11. More like short of interest in fiddling w/ the aggravating things. I've stabbed a few water bottles to get at the contents. I usually hand it to the female & let her do it. I don't carry bags nor backpacks (unless you count that night I carried one home from the Thermae at 0400 hrs, 18 years ago.