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  1. Agreed. However, this happened prior to the age of dash cameras....which was not that long ago. 5 years or so? She called me in BKK crying her eyes out, saying she needed 10,000 baht.
  2. Gotta be the hub of something. Unfortunately brake failures & balcony falls top the list.
  3. Many apologized... after 7 corrections by me and KerryD that the article was changed.
  4. Somebody already said this, but I shall repeat it. Dress up like Thai cops.
  5. Watching paint dry or ice melt. The way they ran in, you'd think they'd be screaming "Show me your hands!" Looks like they all folded though as the cards were face down on the table. One cop grabbed a hand of cards & said "She almost had Gin Dummy!" She replied with, "Why do I need that sonny with all you dummies around? Shake your booty for us. Crank up the music gals!"
  6. Dogs, their owners, and suicidal people have no money to confiscate and extort.
  7. I was living near the St Johns river at the time.
  8. You know that whole movie is on youtube. It TERRIFIED me as a little kid. My older brother heard it was filmed in the St Johns river in Florida, about 5 miles from where we grew up. TO THIS DAY, I think of that movie when I get near the St Johns River.
  9. Wake up with it snoring on top of your arm, and consider chewing it off rather than wake her. Been there. Done that.
  10. Yes. The Pattaya SWAT team is anyhow. Did you watch the video? HILARIOUS! You'd think they were raiding Pablo Escobar.
  11. The cops will confiscate the 6,500 baht and clip all the "rich" women with farang husbands for 2,000 baht each.