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  1. Probably have the wife find the guy that would actually do the work & pay him 500 baht (for doing his job). I Once had to pay 300 baht to get my internet connected. Otherwise it was going to take 3 weeks...maybe. This was AIS!
  2. Metal in our wall? Reinforced concrete? No need. Mai pen rai. You no understand Thai cement.
  3. I have mixed dreams about it. Have not been there in years. ------------- A couple Limey buddy's were in town & we went out. One started complaining about jet-lag...said he was was going back to his hotel. Fair enough. The other guy and I started a bar trawl, when I came up with the bright idea of stopping into a Katoey bar. Hell, I was just curious, figured it was good for a beer. We went in, & there was our "jet-lagged" buddy with two katoeya on his lap! Neither of us cared, but the look on his face when he saw us was beyond hilarious!!! We were "On the piss" but he was getting down & dirty with them!
  4. They sure do make the headlines though.
  5. We have Rachel Maddow on this commenting thread I think?
  6. Son, you need me to take you for a trip around Nana Plaza to show you the ropes.
  7. I could care less how somebody else lives their life. Now please tell them to stop harassing/groping and stealing? If they want to be treated normally then act like a human should act. Sorry they have a bad rap, but it's been self inflicted over the years.
  8. She laughs about it now, but was quite shocked at the women. If I had done it at 17, woe would have been my fate. I joined the Army at 17 though mainly to get away from all the Bible-thumping.
  9. Yes. Leave your car at home, risk life and limb on a moto-taxi to get to the broken down pier. Next, risk life and limb, and pray that the ferry doesn't sink/catch fire. THEN risk life and limb on Koh Larn to get from the pier to the beach on another moto taxi. Repeat the same going home. Moto-dops are normally great folks & good drivers though. ---------------- I recall parking somewhere for free, near Mike shopping mall, spending 10 (well 20) baht to get to the old wooden pier w/ my wife. 2002, prior to the Chinese and Russian invasion. We caught a ferry one day that could have seated 150 people safely. It was me, my wife and a monk for passengers.
  10. The Chinese have already invaded Pattaya. Not sure what they are waiting for to take over the whole country.
  11. Great point. The kid f---ed up. Daddy paid. Hope Pappy makes him go get a job and pay him him back. That's what I would do.
  12. Yeah, I figured the award would go to the doctor that found a cure for ebola a while back.
  13. There's still a few in the USA that serve and protect, though not many. One just helped my 84 year old Aunt up after she fell down. She dialed 911 & there he was.