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  1. Huh? Wake up boys! We got's to go lay the groundwork for a PROBE! -------------- That bunch would have me shaking in my boots for sure! --------------- I'd imagine shaking in her high heels with her brother in Dubai. Hope they like stinky folks that never bathe. Dubai is literally the armpit of the world.
  2. Yingluck is kinda hot. About the same age as my wife. Pretty sure I found her on Youtube trying to ply her wares as best she can. Colombo is checking it out...
  3. Agreed. I've worked on many an air brake. I started from the ground up & what you say is correct. Damned air brakes are DANGEROUS to work on. Those springs that keep the brakes locked are deadly if one has no idea what they are dealing with. --------------- As usual though, we'll probably never hear anything else about this from our trusted news source(s)...Might actually shame & name a company that keeps its drivers yak'ed up up on yaba.
  4. Take it easy. The OP makes some valid points for consideration. The driver was high/drunk & it could never be his fault. That's all that matters to the press. I was in the heavy duty truck business for 30+ years myself. Brake fade I agree, could have/probably may have contributed. In my 40+ years I have yet to encounter a 2 km "accident" that could be blamed on anything other than a stone cold drunk driver. Here is an accident.
  5. Nice restaurant in Surin once. No hand soap in the Men's room...But "We have over here"...Why not put some in the Men's room...But we have over her. No need over there. BEAUTIFUL soap dispenser, bone dry/never been filled in the Men's room. I asked WHY again. But...we have over here. Mamasan's dishwashing liquid & a tub of water...The sinks had running water? ------------------- Why ask why I guess? My wife told me to just shut up, so I did.
  6. Do a Google search for Corrupt Thai Cop & click the Images tab... Pretty hilarious & pretty much all of them. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbm=isch&q=corrupt+thai+cop&spell=1&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwidvsH70LzWAhWK2SYKHfdDAWcQvwUIJCgA&biw=1163&bih=559&dpr=1.65
  7. Nope. Rape & pillage is the word of the day when one enters "civil service" in Thailand. If such were not true, we would not hear about it for decades on end. You! You! You no unnastand!!!
  8. I wonder how many committees it took to set up this CMSD task force? Probably been in the works since 1985 or so I would guess?
  9. Metal against metal (no brake pads left) will not stop anything. They will, however heat the drums to cherry red temperatures, further exacerbating the problem as the metal against metal turns into a grinder & metal is shaved away as well as heated and expanded. I think that was the OP's point? PROBABLY, (my guess) is that the driver was on some kind of speed/drugs/drunk & hadn't slept for a very long time, hence the runner and the 2 km long "accident".
  10. Somehow this seems to be an appropriate reply to pretty much a lot of "news" in Thailand.
  11. Navy receives 4 new patrol boats

    The Yamato...
  12. Here's what the Pataya "authorities" seem to think of when it comes to pollution.
  13. They were students in South Florida, which is flat as a pancake. I'm from Central Florida, and just driving around anything with hills makes me as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. Sorry to hear about those ladies poor fate, but flat-landers do not cope well in mountainous terrain. At least I don't.
  14. Road closures announced for Pattaya Marathon

    It was probably supposed to be 6 KM, but was actually 12 KM, due to a "misunderstanding".
  15. Yes. If the cops weren't sitting around with their thumbs up where the sun don't shine, well, they would not need to be "updated".