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  1. I shall say no more.
  2. Wait for it.......The Guv't will back-peddle on this one most likely.
  3. If all the idiots that feed soi dogs would haul them down for both services offered, it might be the beginning of putting a dent in the overall issue.
  4. If gambling were legal in Thailand, I'd bet anybody 20 baht that we'll see this same headline this time next year, and for several years to come.
  5. "Transport Company Fined 20,000 Baht. Driver Fined 5,000 Baht for Violating The Law""
  6. I'll tell you what I want you to hear. If you don't like it, we'll beat it into you.
  7. Did he get fined 20K baht or 5K baht? Edit - Hang on. It was a 25K baht total fine. LOH....Land of Headlines.
  8. OOOH yummy! Getting blasted with elephant snot! The should have been warned, that way they could have had Ritz crackers & cocktail sauce to eat with their snot.
  9. Give me refund! "So solly. CANNOT". TIT... Bend over & grab ye' olde ankles... and you might get 500 baht for doing so.
  10. Clearly a case of where "The Brakes Failed".
  11. "And when the fat lady has sung in Bangkok...." Are you that fat lady I saw singing on the last day of Songkran a few years back? Just joking! I went thru the Pattaya mayhem ONCE & it was a novelty. I've despised it every since then.
  12. No fine, just no tip.