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  1. Man Murdered Over Parking Spot

    Yes. Knife control laws would certainly have prevented this.
  2. Dogs that bark only when useful are cool (snakes & such). Mutts are cool....if they make the team & have a wee bit of brains.
  3. Of course not! Dog does you damage..."not my dog".
  4. My neighbor tried to poison a mutt once in Pattaya...yapping poodle across the street. The owner fed soidogs right outside her front gate so the strays slept there & the poodle on the other side yapped ALL NIGHT long at the strays. I politely BEGGED her to put her dog inside repeatedly. I was ignored, The farang next door mixed rat poison with hamburger meat yet I got blamed because I had complained about the annoying vermin. The mutt shunned the poison meat, much to our chagrin. I never thought of it at the time, but I once saw some smallish, pistol-sized cross bows for sale on Beach Rd. for about 500 baht. Metal darts about 8 inches long (quite deadly at close range to humans or dogs) & I could have tossed it after the fact....Just a thought. BTW, I absolutely love a good dog that behaves and does not annoy other people, but have zero tolerance for a dog that is annoying to me or anybody else. It would have been SOOOOO simple for that woman to - 1 - NOT feed soidogs outside her front gate. or 2 - Put her poodle inside at night. Nah, just told me to bleep off is all she could do. Bitch.
  5. Of course! It was a purebred Heinz 57 & the owner had it imported and paid 100,000 baht for it!
  6. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    My wife failed the hell out of her driving test. 600 baht later she had a license. It may be different now, but that's how it was in Surin, in 2001.
  7. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    I feel cheated. My wife paid 600 for hers! (TRUE!) She was knocking down obstacles left & right. My fault though. I had her take it in a stick shift vehicle. ================= A friend in Kuwait took his wife to get her license there. The evaluator was reaching for the door handle to get in for her driving test, and she drove off and left him standing there, so it's not just Thailand. BTW, she eventually passed that day.
  8. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    I had my wife take driving lessons for 6 flippin' WEEKS in a manual shift car. 17 years later she still can't work a clutch.
  9. Lesson number One - this is the brake...

    Women drivers....
  10. I still gotta give the the headline 4 out of 5 stars... Drunks & chicken essence for the cops.
  11. Yeah they should embed some of those folks asking the questions/taking the surveys at all the branches of Lolita's. Or install deep undercover operatives at Nana & Cowboy.
  12. I was just looking at my Florida vehicle records online a couple days ago. There's a 1972 Chevy pickup I bought in 1986 or so, that my brother totaled in 1988, and a 1996 Ford F150 that I sold in 2001 that the state of Florida says I still own???? I suppose this could just as easily happen in Thailand.
  13. Find Yingluck and bring her to justice, PM orders

    Something the current lot are still doing more or less the same Yep. Corruption in Thailand might, just maybe end in a century or two.