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  1. It would seem that since prostitution is technically illegal in Thailand, a person could be an offender of the laws since he/she is seeking sex through payment and therefore might be considered a sex offender. Just saying.
  2. I think we are seeing the tip of the iceberg. This will be an interesting story to follow if the press follows it. Goes to show the greed and level of corruption of politicians and government ministers. Unfortunately it happens to some degree or another just about everywhere.
  3. "They did nothing to improve working conditions." Just curious, but is the infusion of more cash to better the working conditions of the staff or provide better equipment, more facilities, and more personnel (if needed) to provide better and faster health care?
  4. I'm no expert on this case but I would not assume for a minute that the activities of Clark (money laundering, computer hacking, narcotics trafficking) did not take place in the USA. Thus the extradition of him to the USA to face trial. Sounds like a nasty character to me.
  5. Even Schumer is in agreement on this. Got to be a first.
  6. It was said in jest. Actually it was humorous. I guess many in the media just don't want to get it as it gives them a chance to make an issue out of nothing.
  7. What would anyone expect from the North Korean media but showing Kim as successful? Unlike the US media who freely bash Trump the North Korean media is controlled. Hell, even in the US, MSNBC spent hours with it pundits criticizing Trump for giving away the farm and not getting definitive concessions and a timeline. I certainly don't like everything Trump says but he was willing to go to Singapore and meet with Kim. Rather that the usual diplomatic meetings taking a year with some follow on treaty that might work over the long term, Trump went to see if he felt Kim was serious on this. He is attempting to form a relationship with the man in North Korea who counts. Nothing lost in doing this. There is a long way to go and denuclearization was the number one issue. Let's see where it goes. At least Trump will keep the pressure on in the meantime. As far as stopping the military exercises, it really is not much of a concession. It's not very difficult to reinstate them if things take a turn for the worse. Military cooperation still goes on, just not with a massive show every year. Having traveled to North Korea and seen what things are like there, I feel Kim's future would be bleak if the sanctions continue. He may know that and just maybe he would like to be the guy (having been educated in Switzerland and lived in the West) who changes North Korea. He will still want to be in control but he is a young guy and can be pivotal in producing change. Let's give this a chance rather than being so negative. Nothing was lost by Trumps trip and maybe we will see a great change it things. I'm glad Trump works like a businessman and not a politician as a politician would have listened to the State Department and played it safe and done nothing. Trump took a chance. Let's hope if pays off.
  8. Nice that they give the name of the Facebook account. While it's in Thai there are some funny pics of some of the jokers running the country. Big Joke and his antics only seem to widen the network of people view such things. That's the joke.
  9. No one, not even Trump, expects to necessarily close a deal with Kim in a few hours of meetings. What is hopeful is that some form of commitment can be made by both sides to continue to pursue an agreement which just might result in denuclearization and peace on the peninsula. At least the old cadre of idiots in the State Department did not dissuade Trump from at least meeting with Kim face to face. Like it or not dictators of communist regimes have never abided by agreements. Trump is not going sit around in meetings playing the game diplomats play. He a "sh*t or get of the pot" kind of guy. Maybe that's what is needed. There will be nothing lost if the meeting doesn't work so why all the negativity from the anti-Trump brigade. It's quite obvious that too many of the anti-Trump brigade want this to fail.
  10. If American fast food was so bad there would be no franchises in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. Someone is eating it and it isn't just the American tourist.
  11. While many foreign auto makers have plants in the USA, one only needs to see the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach to see the number of foreign imports sitting on the lots in the harbor. Still a large number of imports made elsewhere.
  12. I was a history major so I well know the sins of the past. Those sins unfortunately go back to the beginning of time. Whether it's the Romans and their treatment of the Christians, Attila the Hun, or Genghis Khan, slaughter and cruelty has occurred throughout history. Unfortunately no one today cares about the past. It's about instagram, twitter, and facebook these days. To young people WW II is ancient history. What happened during WWII in the Third Reich has not stopped subsequent genocides. It did not stopped the purges of the Communists in the Soviet Union, the genocide in Cambodia, and it certainly did not stop the purges in China during Mao's time. Although some of the Stalinist and Chinese purges occurred in the 1930's, they continued well after WWII. It's estimated that 70 million Chinese perished under Mao but no one seems to find pictures of him offensive and his prominence in China is evident everywhere. Knowledge of past genocides certainly has not stopped the more recent occurrences in Africa or the Middle East. So while the Nazi stuff being sold at a stall in Pattaya maybe offensive to some, it is not to the vast majority there. So get over it and stop with the righteous indignation. Don't like it, don't buy it and move along. As long a man inhabits the earth there will be death and destruction somewhere so might as well get used to it. It's like everything else, one group of people find something offensive whether its the Nazi flag or the Confederate flag and they force their indignation on everyone else to be politically correct. It's like never ending sensitivity training.
  13. Trouble

    Hezbollah leader says to stay in Syria

    Seems to me that the USA needs to let Putin and Iran get rid of the threat to Assad by rebels while the USA wipes out what's left of ISIS. The USA can then withdraw and leave Assad, Putin, and Iran to figure out what's next. Surely Putin will want Iran out so Assad can reassert himself and bring peace to Syria and give Russia influence and the military bases it would like. All these Middle East countries need strong men ruling otherwise there is just chaos as there are too many factions in these places that want to fight each other to the death. As an American, I really don't mind Putin having the upper hand in Syria if there is peace there. I would rather have Assad running Syria than some militant cleric spewing hatred against anything and everything.
  14. Seems to me I have read that most oligarchs in Russian have some kind of ties to the former KGB. It was after all a small clique of people from the KGB that seemed to become the movers and shakers of the new Russia. The question is, does everyone who does business with these people become a suspect in some kind of collusion with Russian intelligence services because they are trying to make a buck of of some Russian with connections? Don't know where this Manafort thing will end but using connections is part of life. It will be interesting to see what the actual connection is with Kilimnik. Sounds to me he is more of a facilitator than and operative.
  15. The press made an issue of her seeming absence. Well she wasn't really absent from anything. She evidently had some health issue and prefers to remain a more private First Lady, so what? This whole thread predictably turned into bashing of one person or another. It's evident that many TV posters must be some of the most miserable people on the planet. Get a life people.