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  1. Probably what will happen is more of the insurance companies will continue pulling out of the Obamacare subsidized insurance markets. The result is less choice and more costly plans for those heretofore without insurance. Anthem-Blue Cross has already announced they will pull out of Covered California markets in all but 28 Northern California counties, basically pulling out of all populous counties in California where the big losses occur. Anthem cited the instability of the markets as the cause. The subsidies were nothing but a payoff to insurance companies to market insurance coverage in a markets that were not profitable. Obamacare was flawed from the get-go because there was no national debate on the matter BEFORE it was passed into law and no one in Congress had a clue what was in the law they passed. Obviously the concept of how it would be paid for came from a false presumption to begin with. Although insurance companies are said to be making profits from their business overall one must remember that it's not sustainable to have premiums be insufficient to pay claims expenses in any particular market. Basically the Obamacare markets are not profitable, thus the need for government subsidies. As with most things the government does, and Obamacare was no exception, it's all pie in the sky stuff with fancy projections until put into practice. While I don't consider health care a right of birth, if we are going to try and provide coverage for all Americans we need a whole new plan, not a continually patched old one. It needs to be a phased in program where certain catastrophic coverage is provided as a base line, then over time it needs to be built on little by little to see what works and what doesn't work and what is sustainable and what is not.
  2. Trump's decision does NOT cancel the deal. What it does is throw it to Congress for a complete review of the deal. Most reports indicated that Trump's goal was not to scrap the deal, but to have Congress enact legislation defining what would incite the USA to reimpose sanctions. Trump listed three things - the deployment of an intercontinental ballistic missile by Iran, Iran's refusal to negotiate an extension of the deal's existing constraint on its nuclear activities and evidence that Iran could manufacture a bomb in less that 12 months. Any of those things could cause the US to walk away from the deal. The Obama Administration made a bad deal they could wave around as some kind of victory, much like Kissinger's and Nixon's Paris Peace Accords agreement. The Europeans made a deal which allowed business as usual (money talks), and Iran got 1.5 billion dollars up front and are going about their business as usual developing missiles and nukes. With Iran prohibiting access to full inspections without the AIEA jumping through hoops, anyone doubting that Iran is methodically moving forward slowly and carefully must be a fool.
  3. This timeline matter is all about the bottom feeder lawyers bringing lawsuits. The goal of the lawyers is to find any kind of issue to sue somebody. With lawyers looking for fault in hotel security, we all will surely in the future, be facing metal detectors and scanners going to hotels. Then it will be all concerts, movie theaters, supermarkets and shopping malls. This will be the future, not for security but for fear of lawsuits.
  4. Seems to me that politicians in the US and Europe made a deal they knew the Iranians would not adhere to. The verification procedures are weak and Iranians have outright banned inspectors from some installations. That being said the deal was more a political tool for leaders to wave to their constituents than something that would prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. It also allowed the monied interests of various countries to do business with Iran. That is the real worry if Trump tosses the matter to Congress. In the end it's all about the money to most people.
  5. After having seen both videos and NOT knowing the exact cause of their two vehicles coming together which seems to be the beginning of the incident. Seems like the Aussie just went berserk at the scene of the fender bender, if indeed that is where the accident occurred. He got out of his car and immediately went for the knife. Then runs the guy down and leaves. If I had been threatened with a knife, hit with a car where the driver had left the scene, I would likely have wanted to see the guy dead. Then I would have calmed down I would just have hired some guys to beat the guy to a pulp and break his legs. Sorry but from the two videos, the Aussie lost it and got what he deserved. Hope he also ends up being sued for running the guy down. Let's see if there is additional reporting to see if the actual facts come out in this bizarre incident.
  6. There is no reason for the PM to worry that it might be too soon since he has plenty of time to insure everyone running for election will have been vetted by the Army and of course figure out some new faces to be appointed by the government (Army). He will either run for PM or run things from behind the scenes anyway. Nothing will change, there will be no freedom of the press to criticize for fear of being shut down. He can show to the world elections were held but like Burma the Army will still control everything to keep the foundation of the pyramid in tact and pacified and silent. It is all kind of a joke, isn't it?
  7. It seems the more information coming out would lead one to believe that Weinstein has indeed used his position and power to take advantage of the "casting" couch. He has seemingly admitted to his "problems" and is seeking help. Of all people coming to his legal defense is Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred's daughter. What hypocrisy on her part listening to her spout off in his defense. Shows you who is following the big bucks on this case.
  8. This is not about being pro-abortion or anti-abortion/birth control. It is about forcing an anti-abortion/birth control religious institution such as the Catholic Church to pay and provide coverage for something that their faith is adamantly opposed to. This change in rules does NOT affect most people in the USA. It's not about poor people not getting those services. It is about not forcing someone to provide something to which their belief system is opposed. Once again this is an issue that is made into something of a political issue which is really not that significant to the majority of Americans with health coverage. In most cases, individuals who work for organizations who oppose paying for abortions/birth control have the option of paying that portion of the insurance which might cover such services themselves. It was one of many rules that were thrown in to Obamacare without thinking the process through and having adequate debate on the subject before it was passed into law. Obamacare to be sure was a social engineering project to redistribute wealth and support a voting base. Yes, it brought many uninsured people into the health care system, a good portion of those getting subsidies to their premiums. It was another attempt to provide services to one group at the expense of another group. Although many will argue that Obamacare is a success it has in reality completely **uck** up the health insurance industry. Anthem Blue Cross announced that the market for the plans under Covered California has become unstable and is in 2018 only going to offer three plans under the AFA in 28 Northern California counties, so it's basically pulling out of all more populous counties of California reducing the product available to consumers under the Covered California plans of the AFA. So in the end Obamacare, while bringing coverage to some that heretofore had no coverage, has completely screwed up plans and premiums for a larger majority who now find themselves with increasing premiums, higher deductible, and less coverage. It's collapsing under its own weight. This issue of abortion/birth control coverage was just one more thing thrown into the AFA without giving proper debate to the subject at hand irritating a whole group of people in the process that got no input into the process. Regardless of one's personal view on birth control/abortion it's the failure to take into consideration the views of others at the time the AFA was passed that have resulted in this tempest in a teapot.
  9. If you are going to make a statement then get the facts correct. I believe she was found guilty of negligence NOT corruption. Unless someone can prove me wrong, I have seen no evidence presented by the government, nor have I seen where the government tried to present evidence to indicate that she gained financially from her time in government. We all know that if every politician was convicted of negligence they would all be in jail.
  10. While I do wish them success in their relationship, it also seems pie in the sky to meet someone and 10 days later decide to get married. For those who have posted the few success stories with their relationships/marriage after a relatively short "engagement" period, good on you, but the majority of negative comments seems to come from people with experience or know others who have experienced a more negative path. 24 years difference, two different cultures, short engagement period, etc. is not a recipe for success. The one thing I have learned about Thais and farangs is that the thought processes are completely different and that can lead to problems. Let's wish them the best. However, remember the negative comments here are not without justification in most cases.
  11. "On Wednesday, the Senate panel's chairman Richard Burr told reporters that the issue of whether Trump's campaign colluded with Russia remains an open question." News conference was a big nothing. They were only blowing their own horns. Possibly they were preparing the public for the fact that they haven't found much. They were basically begging for people to contact them with information. It was laughable. Parts of the Steele dossier was pure fiction from the start. Neither Muller nor Congress will get anything from Steele as he would never reveal any sources because it would come to light that it was partly fiction. The only part of the dossier that is believable is that the Kremlin might have targeted Trump, as they have most likely targeted every president, congressional member, and other prominent people over the years with the hope of finding something advantageous for them to use. Were there any possible contacts between anyone in the campaign and Russians, seems likely. Were those contacts collusion about trying to influence the election, most probably not. The FBI and Congress have been playing with this for over 9 months and not one hint of actual collusion has been leaked. With everything in government leaking like a sieve, it's kind of obvious they have nothing. When one thinks of the tens of thousands of man-hours (probably hundreds of thousands) by investigators of the Justice Department, both houses of Congress, the intelligence agencies, and now Mueller's team, it is mind-boggling and as yet nothing of consequence has been leaked that points to anything nefarious by Trump, his family, or the Trump campaign, despite issues with Flynn and Manafort. Lastly, it seems the likely result of these massive investigations will be the fact that people with Russian backing bought ads on social media trying to influence the electorate one way or another. Politicians, political parties, lobbyists and interests groups have done this kind of thing for years. Ironically most of the hostile ads in newsprint, radio, television and now on social media are mostly malicious and maligning hype and no one should believe them anyway. Ignorance of the American public is mostly to blame. Did the Russians directly influence the election, probably not. Any hacking of elections machines and tallies has been debunked although it looks like attempts may have been made. Should oversight of elections, particularly with computers so increasingly involved, be increased, most assuredly. In the end, the year of investigations will yield relatively nothing of value. We will probably learn nothing more than that the Russians have been and will continue to target people and try to influence elections not unlike what the USA has done in the past in various countries. Nothing new here. I surely hope that it is correct that there is a chance that the investigations will be concluded by the end of the year. Time to move on.
  12. Seems to me what Putin is really worried about is the fact that if countries bordering Russia become more democratic and open to the West it will weaken his own status in Russia. Even with US troops on the North Korean border, an unlikely scenario, just like having them in the Baltic, etc. poses no direct threat to Russia. Putin, while allowing interaction and travel with the West by Russians, retains iron fisted rule of Russia. Having a buffer like the DPRK, Belarus, some of the former Yugoslav republics, Ukraine, et al, the culture and politics of the West remains an arms length away. Putin isn't worried about outright military action against Russia, he is worried about the influence of open societies against his rather closed regime. Last thing he wants is for his people to fall under the influence of more open societies. That's why he is willing to support dictators like Kim who rule with a heavy hand. Every country run by a heavy handed dictator is more than willing to support other dictators. It helps keep the status quo.
  13. Ultimate cold case: Who betrayed Anne Frank?

    This guy and his team won't solve anything conclusively. They will go through all the gyrations, get the 5 million and from a list of suspects, produce a likely suspect. They will have no conclusive evidence. Very much like all these types of programs that get people watching the whole thing and then have a very weak conclusion.
  14. Seems like the European Union is all about a bureaucracy and collecting tax revenue from one country to be spent elsewhere. EU Commission like Government's everywhere at it's finest collecting taxes taken from one entity/person to be used for something/someone elsewhere.