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  1. So just as it seems like there might be some kind of agreement to lessen hostilities, the Israelis make some botched incursion. Brilliant!
  2. Keep one's mouth shut and don't say anything. Stay out of jail. The best phrase in the world: "I don't recall."
  3. I am not saying we are being overrun with refugees but a couple of facts may be enlightening. More and more people are using the asylum requests than in the past. It is a known fact that people are being educated on how to use the asylum request as a way of getting in vs just hopping the fence as there is no way in most cases to verify their claims. The latest I read, there were some 311,000 pending asylum cases as of January of this year. Decisions on these cases can take years. According to the Huffington Post only 65,000 decisions were made in the US in 2017. The backlog has grown by more than 1,750% over the last five years and the rate of new asylum applications has more than tripled. This means that those waiting and who might not warrant asylum status sit in the US for years before their cases are adjudicated. They end up establishing a life while waiting. There is now an attempt to deal with more recent asylum seekers and let the older cases linger. The entire system is a mess and seems like many on the political left seem to think there is nothing wrong with breaking the rules. Half of Central America would be in the US if given the chance, that would probably go for Africa and much of the Middle East too. So the question is how many is acceptable to enter the USA per year. The people doing the process legally waiting 7 or 8 years get screwed while the rule breakers seem to get a free ticket. The political will to deal with the issues is not there because politicians on both sides want nothing more than to stay in their congressional seats. Politicians do not serve the citizens of the country by not stepping up to the plate and figuring out compromises and fixing the problem. I would ask one question of you and that's if the border has been so quiet why do we have 15 to 20 million (numbers widely thrown around) more illegals in the country now than after Reagan's Amnesty in 1986? There are currently about 37 million legal immigrants in the country. If one adds the illegal immigrant population, it's over 50 million foreign born, the highest percentage level going back to 1860. If one understands that about 15% of the total population is now foreign born and where the majority of these immigrants settle, it does not take much to understand why there are so many pressures on the big cities and how it is far to rapidly changing the demographics of society and leading to self segregation. My only interest is to point out that if one looks at the situation, I don't foresee some kumbaya moment in the future where everything is hunky-dory. Just my humble opinion, but this is all leading to overpopulation, cheap labor, loss of the middle class and problems for cities that will make things today seem mild. Just my take. Let me make clear I am NOT anti-immigrant. I just think it needs to be slowed down and controlled. We need politicians on both sides that use common sense to solve problems and not emotion to get votes. Sorry about being so long winded.
  4. One can certainly feel sympathy for people fleeing bad situations in their home country but let's face a few facts. No country whether it be the wealthy counties like the USA, Germany or others can possibly absorb everyone who would like to come for a better life. If there is no order then there is chaos. If 4,000 people in a caravan enter and are accepted for asylum hearings then there will be another 4,000, and then 10,000, and so on. It seems that some would say that it is okay for anyone who manages to enter the country from anywhere in the world, should be accepted. How can this possibly be of benefit to the citizens of the country. It's like opening your home for a homeless person and then finding 100's at the front door demanding to have a place to stay. In Los Angeles it is getting more and more difficult to find people whose first language is English. Just a fact of life that I have to accept but also what is happening is that older people like me who can afford to leave are seeking places elsewhere to live because of the general deterioration of places like LA or San Francisco which are becoming overcrowded. It's a fact of life and it is happening here now. The poor and helpless that manage to get in then require medical and social services for years to come and we pay to educate their children in schools ill equipped to do so. Their are real pressures put on services and the cities as a whole. Less tax money is used to keep up the cities and more goes to social services. It puts a real strain on local budgets. Cost of housing rises and local governments try to compensate by passing rent control laws telling an apartment owner what he can charge. Might as well also be telling supermarkets what they can charge for food. Everyone says they are not racist and every wants diversity but what happens is that they don't want the diversity on their street or in their neighborhood. Immigration must be at a pace that the local, state, and federal government can accommodate and integrate the immigrants into the social structure. Public schools in Los Angeles are mostly minority children these days. Depending on ethnicity some students (asians) do well and others fail miserably. Whites send their kids to private schools. Charter schools have seen a lot of re-segregation. That's a fact of life when immigration occurs too quickly and overloads the resources available. So people can advocate for open borders or for letting the caravans in, but when it comes to living in a diverse culture many vote with their feet and move their families to neighborhoods that are not so diverse and people re-segregate themselves. Los Angeles is full of pockets of immigrant communities. There seems to be less and less commonality of culture and mores. Will it become blended in the future or will continuing influx of new people constantly be a force for separating people in the future. It's going to be an interesting 21st century for sure. A interesting article for reference: https://www.vox.com/2017/1/18/14296126/white-segregated-suburb-neighborhood-cartoon
  5. It's nice that many of you posters come up with the same old responses and whether one is or is not for gun control, it is not the guns that are at the crux of the matter. It seems we have a serious problem in the USA with mental health issues. The young man who committed this horrible act was a 28 year old ex Marine who had served in Afghanistan. He had gone through a divorce and might have had PTSD. He had been living with his mother since his divorce. It seems that in every case these people have mental health issues. This man seemed to have functioned outwardly as somewhat normal if also reclusive. One witness had mentioned playing pool with the guy at some point in the past at the Borderline Bar and Grill. He was described by the witness at quiet but seemed to enjoy playing pool with the witness. Certainly the Thousand Oaks community, where I lived for 10 years, is not a hotbed for problems formerly being one of the safest communities in the nation. For some reason he snapped. It was not an AR-15 type weapon but a simple 45 caliber handgun with an illegal clip. The mental health problem can be seen in the rising numbers of homeless around the nation, etc. The other issue is the unhappiness of people across the USA with their political leaders. Neither side of the political spectrum likes each other. You can see that clearly on this forum. Thugs in Portland, Oregon, or at Tucker Carlson's house are not just peaceful protesters anymore, they threaten and intimidate. The nation is divided as never before and it did not just start with Trump. This has been coming to a boil for some time over various issues that the cable news media use nightly on both sides to fan the flames. So we have two social problems in the US that if not brought under control will eventually boil over. Sad to say but I have little confidence that there will be any reconciliation between the extremes of the political spectrum because they are so far divided that they can't reach agreement on anything. We will see what happens in the coming session of Congress. My take is that mental health issues and the frustration of people in general will continue to grow and there will be continued violence which no one can stop. There are too many guns out there to stop it by gun control. All guns would have to be confiscated to stop shootings and then someone would figure out another way.
  6. Trouble

    HIV+ soldier accused of raping 75 boys

    There is no doubt this creature is a despicable person. He seems to have preyed on young guys he met on social media which brings up another fact of life parents must now face. It goes to show the dangers of social media for youth. There is not going to be anything done about it but social media has definitely changed society. When I was growing up you were not allowed to purchase a Playboy or Penthouse magazine until you were 18. Now the internet allows youth of all ages to view the most graphic porn. As much as I am pretty liberal on things like this I don't necessarily consider it is in the best interests of society at large to allow children to view just anything. That's why they have ratings for movies. The world certainly has changed and I am not sure it's always been for the better. In my mind, it's a bit unfortunate that children have unlimited access to social media in ways that lead to risky behavior with adults. There is little that can be done at this point but you got to wonder what things will be like 20 years from now as it is not going to get any better.
  7. Am I missing something? 2017 2.2 million through airport but 2.5 million Chinese to Pattaya last year (2017). The article does not denote that the 2.5 million thru the airport in 2017 were strictly Chinese. Seems like someone is playing a bit loose with the numbers.
  8. Amazing how so many of the former Khmer Rouge ended up running the country. They should have all been hung by the Vietnamese when they invaded and put a stop to the insanity.
  9. The trend for this kind of thing is obvious. The decent folks move out and leave the inner cities to the thugs and the poor and then everything gets worse. Then instead of kicking in a few heads now and then the city officials, unable to tackle the problem, blame tax cuts on the wealthy. It's all the fault of the wealthy, you see, because they did not pay for more services. Same the world over. On a slightly different note, I was having my car worked on yesterday and was in the waiting area and the TV had the MauryShow on. If anyone ever wanted to know where America is headed just watch some daytime TV and get a good look at some of the morons that inhabit the country.
  10. She violated the law. There was an ongoing investigation. She made a decision to violate the law based on her beliefs. That was her decision. Now she is in court. What bothers me the most is every time a government employee does something that in private industry would be a firing offense, they are put on PAID administrative leave. Whether she is found guilty or not, she should have had her employment terminated for the violation of policy. Just goes to show everyone how cushy and lucrative working for the government can be. Can't hardly be fired, regular raises and promotions (step increases), and a nice pension/401k benefit. Did I forget to mention how non productive a government employee can be and get away with it?
  11. While people may have a concern about global warming, and many here can cite statistics and studies to support their reasoning on either side of the issue, this lawsuit on behalf of children (21 Activists) is ridiculous. In the end what is it going to solve. Everyone already knows that the emerging economies in China, India and elsewhere are going to negate any positive moves made by the West. If these activists and others are so concerned I suggest they stop using electricity, cars, and transportation of all kinds to show they are first in line to stop the global warming. Nothing anyone does is going to stop global warming if indeed it is caused by human activity because in order to do that we would have to decrease the world's population (something I am in favor of). However that is not going to happen. So my attitude is to enjoy my big SUV and travel on airplanes that they say add to carbon emissions and enjoy life. I will leave it to these brilliant lawyers to solve the problems through court actions. These things are all about money somewhere along the line. These lawyers don't work for free.
  12. Amazing to me that countries who are generally in debt fund the IMF so they can loan money to countries in worse debt. Even the USA contributes about $54 billion a year when each year the government runs a deficit. It's like me going into debt to loan my neighbor money to get out of debt or worse increase his debt. Lot's of lunacy in the international community these days.
  13. Where is the damn recording they are supposed to have?
  14. Trouble

    Family questioned over -fake ?- sex doc

    While it is entirely possible that they were paid for the interviews and were not truthful, it is also possible that they told the truth. It is also possible that the police/government put pressure on them to change their story. Doubtful the truth will ever be know but I sure would never take sides on who is telling the truth and who is lying in a country where corruption in government and politics is endemic.
  15. Seems like slow and steady progress. Maybe there is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.