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  1. New parties must tackle the great income divide

    As long a mankind keeps producing more children and there are more people than jobs then there will be an imbalance in the economic structure. Labor is a commodity and, like it or not, too much of a particular commodity lowers the value of that commodity. Sorry folks, it's only going to get worse.
  2. McCabe retired trying to get out and keep his pension. He would have never retired if he wasn't worried about being fired and he simply was trying to beat the clock. Trump did not fire McCabe. His termination was recommended by the FBI Office of Professional Responsibility, a panel of career, non-politically appointed FBI officials. Seemingly this was based on the IG Report which is due out this month. This is not a Trump vendetta but results from an investigation from within the FBI of unethical and bias political conduct in the nation's top law enforcement agency. Rather than jumping to conclusions and trying to blame Trump let's wait and see what is revealed from the IG report. Your obvious hatred for Trump should not blind you to the possibility that people in high positions in the FBI may have acted inappropriately, unethically, and possibly criminally in effecting outcomes of investigations or elections. Try to look at the bigger picture here. McCabe was not fired on a whim of Trump (although he is obviously delighted about it). This all goes deeper and has seriously tarnished the credibility of the FBI. McCabe will certainly sue in court in an attempt to get his pension and his statements about a Trump vendetta are an attempt to deflect from what will come out as to why Office of Professional Responsibility recommended his employment be terminated. Let's just wait and see what is revealed next.
  3. Maybe the larger problem is that the government has its fingers in too many pies. Local governments can't even run without big brother being in the mix with federal funding. Might be much better if state and local governments collected taxes for their own needs instead of depending on the federal government for handouts always with strings attached.
  4. Seems like fiction abounds here on TV when it comes to Trump. Lots of stories with little to back them up. Good work guys.
  5. Don't recall the US stopping warfare in any of its intense battles over the last 50 years because the UN asked them too. Assad and Russia just don't suit the US narrative as they want Assad out and keep hoping their US funded and supplied rebel groups will gain ground. US should just insure ISIS is annihilated and leave the Syrian rebels to Assad and the Russians. It's unfortunate that civilians get killed but I think the US can blame itself for making matters worse.
  6. FBI tried to contact 'sex coaches' in Thai jail

    Don't tell anyone but I too met with the Russians in Moscow in 2016 and gave them advice as to how best get the person they wanted elected in 2017. Then flew off and had a week on the Eclipse, Roman Abramovich's super yacht. What a week it was. Wined and dined but finally had to head home with a fatter bank account. Of course mine is well hidden where the FBI can't find it. Keep this a secret, please.
  7. Did we really need all these investigations to begin with? House, Senate, FBI and now Mueller. Just let Mueller sort it out and save the taxpayers millions of dollars.
  8. No telling what bugs he has picked up visiting those hell holes.
  9. I disagree with you on Trump meeting Kim only to sign the "deal" at the end. The rest of your post is exactly the reason Trump should not wait. Who needs a bunch of useless diplomats and negotiators taking years to get a deal and giving away the farm to do so. Part of the problem with the Iran negotiations was that so many Europeans were so anxious to get in bed with the Iranians to make money they exerted pressure on their governments. Money does talk. Obama's team wanted something to hold in the air as some kind of successful achievement. That billions of dollars sent to Iran are now funding Iran's surrogates in Yeman and Syria. Seems like missile development also continues. I don't feel any safer with that deal and a lot of people don't. That's another issue. Trump and his team know what they want. Kim knows what he wants and has a good idea of what Trump wants. We don't know what exactly what Kim wants. That we need to find out. Kim has already brought up denuclearization of the peninsula and acknowledged that joint military exercises in the south will continue. Maybe it's all a ploy on Kim's part to make such an invitation but the only way to find out is to meet. It does not degrade the USA or Trump to do so. They can either agree on something or they can't. This is not the same as dealing with Iran as Kim's economy is on the brink of bankruptcy according to many reports. The sanctions just might be putting the squeeze on the DPRK. Trump may have a big ego, but is not going to pay a bribe to make a deal to look good.
  10. Stocks, oil rally on U.S. jobs data, Korea news

    No negative comments yet?
  11. Even when there is a little bright spot in the news, the TV Trump bashers can't leave it alone. Instead of having a bit of optimism that maybe something good may come out of this, it's all just negative drivel against Trump. Must be pathetic to live like that day in and day out.
  12. Kim Jong Un invited Trum to meet. Trump accepted and will do before May. There's hope yet.
  13. He wasn't so dumb. Didn't have time to get the paperwork started on a Green Card. That's tells me a bit more about this so called marriage.
  14. Good news, indeed. The US dumped Taiwan for China back in the 70's. Another example of why countries can't trust the USA over the long term. It's about time everyone recognized that the one China policy is blackmail by PRC. There are two Chinas and the world should recognize that fact.
  15. While I doubt she has anything of value, you're right she may end up disappearing, for good.