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  1. You are right this was an editorial but I also remember the days when editorial pages printed opposing editorials and were not so blatantly unbalanced in their editorial opinion. Editorial pages used to be a forum for opposing opinions.
  2. So giving away some cows, pouring money into a water management project, etc. is somehow different from a rice subsidy and is not buying local support? Seems like everywhere politicians buy public support by throwing chicken feed at the local populace for votes. Nothing new here because this guy has the power of government funds behind him and no opposition party to criticize his actions.
  3. "And honestly, it does not affect our ex-pat lives, does it. No, it doesn't. One of reasons a good number of expats like the PM. No chaos in the streets means they can get to lunch, dinner, bars, etc without those pesky demonstrations. Whether the Thai people are satisfied with their government or not is irrelevant.
  4. If the world was really serious that man is the cause of climate change, then the logical conclusion is to start reducing earth's population. Unsustainable population growth is the real danger but there isn't any government that will address this issue.
  5. Where was Human Rights Watch when ISIS was executing people? Groups like Human Rights Watch get funding from where? All these so called groups become nothing but big business with lots of high paid employees with vested interests in keeping things going.
  6. Actually it might be nice to here another side to this story whether you want to believe it or not. Way too much on all these investigations is being kept secret.
  7. Why is it that the left sees anyone who is wanting to protect their culture and way of life from hoards of immigrants as racist. Germany has been open to immigration in the past as have other western countries but when some of the citizens start saying enough is enough because their way of life and culture is changing it is called racism. What's wrong with a relatively homogeneous society where people share common values? Mass immigration does not promote integration into the society but as is readily apparent creates cultural ghettos of different immigrant groups.
  8. Back in business

    That's called capitalism.
  9. It is not necessarily unlawful. All transition teams have made contact with representative of foreign governments prior to the new President taking office. That is the way business has been done. Trump seems correct when he says Flynn's discussions were not illegal. Many have referenced the Logan Act as being the underlying law making Flynn's actions possibly illegal but no one has ever been prosecuted under the act passed in 1799. Mueller did not take Flynn to task for his discussions, only with lying to the FBI. To date nothing has been said regarding those discussions and "collusion" with the Russians regarding the campaign since the discussions apparently happened after the election. That being said, one has to wonder, since Flynn was Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, why he used the telephone to have conversations with the Russian Ambassador when he surely should have known those calls would be monitored. One can assume did not think he was doing anything illegal or untoward but only getting conversations started that might improve relations with the Russians once Trump took office. Further, one would have thought it better to say nothing than lie about the conversations when he should have known the intelligence agencies were probably monitoring everything the Ambassador was doing. Seems like the FBI and Mueller investigations have trapped some people for lying to them rather than actually finding that illegal campaign activity took place. First off, collusion is not actually a Federal crime except in anti-trust law. So whether the Trump campaign got help from the Russians would only be illegal if Election Laws were violated. This idea of collusion and the way the press markets this topic is off course to begin with when specific election, computer, wire fraud laws, and making false statements would be the real crimes. That is where they got Flynn and others. To date and after almost a year of multiple investigations by the Senate, House, FBI, and Mueller, no one has been brought up on violation of any of the real crimes that would have to be proven to show real involvement in election fraud. Law enforcement is good on bringing people up on charges of lying but when looking at the underlying possible crimes it all falls apart. My prediction is that when all is said and done there will be a couple more people fall for things like lying but there will unlikely ever be any prosecutions from actual violation of election laws, etc. For Trump supporters, this investigative effort is a waste of time and money and for his opponents it represents an opportunity to show Trump and his campaign as illegitimate. In the end the effort will have been a disappointment for everyone because it will probably be inconclusive.
  10. It will be the wrong move. Only going to stoke the fires burning in the Middle East.
  11. This whole case would make a great movie. Full of intrigue and numerous sub-plots.
  12. Harry's finances will not become open or subject to IRS. At the least they will file under the married filing separately category wherein each partner's income is taxed separately. Doubt that she will get a job once in England and any residuals from her career will be taxed separately. How do you people come up with such nonsense?
  13. Saudi Arabia works much like Thailand and many other corrupt countries in that those in government who are responsible for awarding major government contracts receive the customary 10% commission. Nothing wrong here. A billion here, a billion there.
  14. This agency is just another example of how Congress passes legislation to "protect the consumer" and it grows into a 1600 person bureaucracy. The sad part of all this is that the consumers the government are trying to protect are just too stupid to read the contracts they sign when they get loans, credit cards, etc. To be sure there are problems with some, not all, financial institutions, but if people weren't so stupid there would be a lot fewer problems. The biggest problem consumers have is borrowing from bank,s money they can't repay, per the contract. But it seems the blame is placed on the "predatory" lender.
  15. 51% of the voters rejected his proposal to change the constitution so he gets his cronies in the court to do it for him. Democracy at it best.