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  1. I tend to feel that cancelling the the joint exercises is a small price to pay for getting the ball rolling. Arguing that Trump gave away something and got nothing is a hollow argument since it did not cancel the exercises permanently. The South Korean and American military cooperation is on target and they have been that way since the end of the war. If one wants to assume Kim now has a lot of prestige in the world now, it really is a false assumption. He's a ruthless dictator and everyone knows it. China and Russia play Kim for their own advantage and have to worry that at some future date Kim will shift his thinking if he feels safe to do so. Who would ever have thought the USA and Vietnam would cooperate like they do these days. So if putting a temporary halt to the exercises and giving Kim some international attention gets things rolling and ultimately brings about a peace and denuclearization, I say it is a small price if one considers it that.
  2. Agreed. Since she (Ford) is the only person with knowledge of the alleged event what will the FBI do but take a statement from Ford. Ford is being afforded the opportunity to tell her story to the body responsible for the processing Kavanaugh's confirmation. Apparently she can't even recall the place or date of the event. Since she hasn't really made a credible complaint, it's going to be pretty difficult for the FBI to investigate the matter. It would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately we are in a place now where any accusation made by a women against a man must be seen as true, even it it isn't. Seems like in the workplace, school, etc. any man who conducts an interview/conversation or is with a woman alone can have his career ruined by some lunatic woman with a grudge.
  3. What the West and Israel don't seem to understand is that in the end neither Russia or Iran will stop supporting Syria. Assad will regain total control of Syria. The venture in Syria by the West in supporting rebels has been a total disaster, led to mass migration and many more casualties that would have occurred had the West kept out. However the possibility of toppling Assad was just too much temptation even though one would have thought that lessons learned from Iraq and Libya would told the West otherwise.
  4. "Pompeo is in way over his head." First in his class at West Point, U.S. Army Officer, law degree from Harvard Law School, business man, Congressman, Director of CIA, Secretary of State. I would hardly call either Trump or Pompeo illiterate. You may not like the politics but calling people you don't agree with illiterate is rather condescending. Your contribution to anything has been what? You call for open dialogue. Trump has offered to talk directly with the powers that be in Iran. Many question the Iran deal and the ability to verify Iran's nuclear research/production work. That's a real concern to many. Not with standing the fact that certain side deals were made and the fact that the White House considered the deal an executive agreement and not a treaty they were able to get around certain Congressional proceedings. Hardly the way to make a deal through open discussion for the American public to witness. Kerry should NOT be conducting diplomacy as a former government official, particularly with regard to Iran. Specifically he should not be trying to counter the current elected Administrations policies with regard to foreign diplomacy. Kerry served in Congress, as Secretary of State, is married to a wealthy women and should just gracefully bow out of politics. Problem is that some of these people who have been basically rejected in their bids for higher office, can't just give up the limelight. They just continue to want to be in front of the camera to suit their own egos, not because they have anything to offer. Kerry's legacy as Secretary of State will be his picture on a State Department wall as a former Secretary of State.
  5. Tax evasion might be a legitimate issue in any country but the attempt to direct social policies through video games, movies, TV, rock bands, etc. shows the true nature of the Chinese government and to what ends they will go to control the masses. This is the true nature of Communist/Socialist regimes.
  6. A few of things: Why wait so many years and how does she know putting her foot in the fish tank was the cause of infection? Why would anyone think the fish tank is clean, obviously the fish do their business in the water? Why would anyone think this industry (if you call it that) is highly regulated? Seems like nothing is regulated in Thailand except of course public descent. Why does anyone need fish to remove dead skin from feet?
  7. Last ditch effort to smear the man. The girl was locked in a room but got out? How is that sexual misconduct? Sounds like a prank to me, if it happened. If every adult was smeared for something they did as a teenager, no one would could be a judge, politician, CEO or postal worker. This whole thing with Kavanaugh is showing the complete lack of civility in Congress. I say shoot the whole lot of Congressmen and Senators and start over, put term limits on and bring citizen representatives to Congress. We don't need these people.
  8. I think before being negative on the tariff threats, one needs to ask whether or not China has been a fair trading partner. Many would say they have not. They steal intellectual property and force companies to divulge trade secrets in order to do business or to manufacture in China. Some companies in the USA are taking the short view on trade and are doing well, others will find themselves out of luck when the Chinese are producing their products under another name and undercutting them on the world market. The companies complaining now are making great profits but at what future expense to the USA. That is the question that must be taken into consideration. Hugh trade deficits, unfair trade practices obviously cannot be solved through friendly negotiations and thus the Administrations tough stance. Let's hope that somewhere down the line the threats of tariffs pay off and there are better trade deals that work better for the USA.
  9. One pays a premium for Apple products. I switched to Apple computers years ago and they work flawlessly. Apple iPhones etc and other products also great. All updates free and automatic. Since people pay a premium for the products most would not hesitate in paying another 10%. Apple certainly could bring some of the manufacture back to the USA still buying certain components in China. After all a 10% tariff on cheaply produced components is not that significant and Apple products produced for world consumption could still be made in China. Revenues from the Americas account for less than half of Apple revenues. The iPhone alone counts for about 1/2 of Apple total revenues. So tariffs would only affect less than 1/2 of Apple revenues. The whole point in manufacturing in American is to create jobs and income for Americans. I certainly don't mind paying a little additional if it is producing jobs, income, and in the end payroll taxes for America. Maybe Apple should see how it can create such manufacturing jobs that complete the assembly in the USA. Certainly one has to realize that tariffs on components are not the same as a completed product.
  10. It seems to be surveys of this type mix a lot of apples and oranges. It would be best to find out the respondents particular circumstances, i.e. working, retired, married, single, reason for living as expat, etc. and then classify things within those categories. As the report said: "Moving for a new job is also among the most important motivations for the Expat Insider respondents." So a working person would have a whole different list of factors than an expat on a pension. As stated Thaivisa survey earlier this year revealed that many expats in Thailand are able to live on less than 45,000 baht per month." I think many retired people live in various places because of their particular income levels and obviously for many older single male expats, Thailand is also a playground. So these surveys seems somewhat meaningless when they say Thailand ranks #4 for cost of living as each place might not offer the same "quality of life" for the same cost of living, it may just be cheap to live there. I often wonder what the quality of life is on about $1400 per month. Some expats I know seem to exist on their pensions, they do not live a very lavish lifestyle in Bangkok , but they make the best of it. It's all a matter of what one can afford and how one chooses to live if your a retired expat. Much different that a working expat.
  11. The unfortunate part of this process is that the Democrats are so dead set to negate anything Trump tries to do or the people he nominates they can't see straight. How many of the people that we saw protesting and being ejected from the hearings have read any of Kavanaugh's decisions? This is what the nightly news does for the country. It just enrages the ignorant, screaming women over 40 who think abortion is the end all cause. For that matter how many of the Senators asking questions have read his decisions. The Democrats look for 15 year old emails that might show some crack in his character. The staffers sift through thousands of pages of documents not looking for the positive in the man but only the negative. It's pathetic. If we are looking for God on earth to judge things, forget it. There isn't a man or woman on earth so qualified. The Democrats are so afraid Kavanaugh will be a vote on the court for unraveling prior rulings the will stop at nothing, including making a spectacle of the hearings. The also are posturing for more time on the nightly news. Just listening to Kavanaugh's answers lead me to believe he is smarter than the whole bunch of the senators put together when it comes to Constitutional law.
  12. Please do outline his crimes for us. Seems that so far as I can tell he has committed no crime. You may not like his politics but where are the crimes?
  13. While the title of the article claims he dodged questions, what he did was actually avoid answering stupid hypothetical questions put to him by stupid Senators. For him to try and give answers to rather rudimentary questions would in no way do justice to any legal issue raised. Seems to me he is rather a sharp guy and appears to be quite reasoned in his thought processes and knowledge of the constitution and legal precedents. How could anyone answer the question of whether a president can pardon himself without digging into the the constitution and relevant laws. It would be as stupid of him to try and answer the question as it was stupid to ask the question.
  14. Seems evident to me that not all the people in Germany or the United States, England, France, etc. find it desirable to have their national identity and reasonably homogeneous societies turned into multicultural societies. Many people find it disconcerting to be forced to change their way of life to accommodate an influx of mostly poor, in many cases uneducated migrants who have no desire to accept the ways or become part of the larger indigenous society. Naturally it is going to lead to friction. It only gets worse when the immigrants come in such numbers that there is no integration and they become a separate society living within a larger society, remain poor and in need of public assistance over taxing the schools, hospitals, housing facilities, etc. It's just a formula made for conflict. I was in a shopping mall last week in Los Angeles eating in the food court. Almost every restaurant was an ethnic specialty restaurant and at the tables around me it seems like the common theme was that no one was speaking English. It does seem at times this multicultural thing has gone a bit far. Basically being a native born American in Los Angeles I am now a minority. Not always a great feeling in your own country. I'm stuck with it but I don't necessarily like not having common ideals, background, and thought processes with the people around me.
  15. Problem is that many of the people on the inside who Woodward has quoted have already denied having said the things Woodward is claiming. Can't see Mattis or Kelly saying those things and needless to say Woodwards sources are probably mostly unnamed. Just another attempt to sell a book.