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  1. Tens of thousands with outstanding warrants purged from background check database for gun purchases Tens of thousands of people wanted by law enforcement officials have been removed this year from the FBI criminal background check database that prohibits fugitives from justice from buying guns. The names were taken out after the FBI in February changed its legal interpretation of “fugitive from justice” to say it pertains only to wanted people who have crossed state lines. What that means is that those fugitives who were previously prohibited under federal law from purchasing firearms can now buy them, unless barred for other reasons. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/national-security/tens-of-thousands-with-outstanding-warrants-purged-from-background-check-database-for-gun-purchases/2017/11/22/b890643c-ced1-11e7-9d3a-bcbe2af58c3a_story.html?utm_term=.fd5b9e21c813
  2. Oxy manufacturer, Purdue, knew about "Pill Mills", specifically did not comp salespeople who had pill mills in their region. Full Coverage: Oxycontin Investigation http://www.latimes.com/projects/la-me-oxycontin-full-coverage/ Settlement from 2007... In Guilty Plea, OxyContin Maker to Pay $600 Million http://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/10/business/11drug-web.html
  3. The Family That Built an Empire of Pain https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/10/30/the-family-that-built-an-empire-of-pain THE SECRETIVE FAMILY MAKING BILLIONS FROM THE OPIOID CRISIS http://www.esquire.com/news-politics/a12775932/sackler-family-oxycontin/
  4. Election Commissioner to a gathering of "potential" candidates... "OK, all election candidates take one step forward." "Not so fast you red-shirts."
  5. 3BB fibre v Ais Mobile Data

    Yeah, definitely need a lot more details. Service, app, devices, problem, issue, how is it manifested? Could be a gazllion things.
  6. Timezone Spoofing when Using a VPN

    I'm not sure which financial institutions are involved, nor how "strict" they can be, but surely customers are allowed to travel, and utilize on-line banking when traveling? I assume you are maintaining some sort of residential address in the U.S.? And paying appropriate state and federal taxes? I've never been challenged and even had new credit cards mailed to me here in Thailand. I use their VISA ATM cards and credit cards here all the time. I think financial institutions probably have the most robust fraud detection utilities - save for Netflix - and I'm not certain it's possible to guarantee spoofing save remote access/controlling a device physically located within the U.S.? Now, I did run into an issue freezing one of the credit reporting companies (Experian) based on my perceived location - have yet to sort that out as they require a ton of documentation including a utility bill.
  7. AIS number / away for 1 year +

    How long, exactly, will you be outside of Thailand? Why keep the number if you're going to be gone for so long? Personally, I would ask a friend to top-up my number for me in my absence. I top-up ~ 12 numbers for friends/colleagues at a BoonTerm top-up machine for 10 baht (12 baht with the 2 baht fee) every 30 days. Each top-up adds 30 days expiration, essentially maintaining a 365 day expiration. This activity also satisfies any usage requirements the provider may have - some providers have a 90-day usage requirement (top-up, outbound call, etc.), which may or may not be strictly enforced. So for one year, it is 144 THB.
  8. Do all Smart TV's have Wi Fi connectivity?

    Personally, I'd recommend a new TV with both WiFi and wired ethernet, and you don't really have to pay a lot extra for these features. I got a Samsung 55" FHD (UA55K5500) for 17,500 THB and it has both WiFi and ethernet - I use the ethernet, along with a whole lot of embedded apps (incl. Netflix, Synology, ), three HDMI inputs and two USB inputs. I don't think I'd get embedded Android unless the TV had a decent amount of RAM and ROM and was running 7.x? Better to separate that functionality out with a stand-alone box, maybe?
  9. Best way to go for up to 6 month cell service?

    You can purchase any type of prepaid SIM you want. Tourist SIMs are often prepackaged with calling time and internet volume over a fixed period (7/30 days), and they can be transitioned to "normal" packages. Or you can just buy any 50 baht "normal" SIM, add value, subscribe to a plan and off you go. Assuming you have a Work Permit you could get a post-paid account, but these often require a 12-month commitment. I'd wait until you get here, go pre-paid for the first 30 days, get a feel for your usage, talk to your local contacts then modify your plan for the remainder of your time here.
  10. When I applied for my first extension of stay based on retirement, ~ 4 years ago, I had a 1 year, multiple-entry non-imigrant B visa "for purposes of investment" issued by a consul in the U.S.A. I was never employed, nor did I conclude any investments. At Chaeng Watthana, the first IO processed my application, took the 1,900 baht, issued the stamp, then passed me on to her superior who also "approved" my extension by annotating various bits of the paperwork, and then she passed me on to her superior who also approved my extension, with more scribbling, and then passed me on to her superior who was unwilling to approve my extension, and she "redlined" (2 red lines and the word "VOID") my extension of stay stamp. I tried to get some clarification but was unable to determine her issue(s), and resigned myself to leaving the country to get a 90-day O, and return - I was "legal" for another few weeks. A Thai neighbor, hearing about my problem, arranged for a Thai Immigration lawyer to accompany me back to Chaeng Watthana the next day. She found the fourth level superior and sorted out my problem in a few minutes, and my extension of stay was re-done. I've done four subsequent annual renewals without any issues. The immigration lawyer wasn't able to clearly tell me what exactly happened, other than to say that this officer was just "being cautious".

    I've probably used my Chromecast more than just about any other device for streaming media to my TV, and for $35 USD, by far the best money I've ever spent. That said if it doesn't support the services/applications/APKs you use then obviously it may not be the optimal solution? For AIS Play (not Playbox) users it is perhaps the easiest, simplest, most cost-effective solution for watching content on your big-screen TV? Now I use the playbox from AIS but it they drop 3rd party apps I would want to have an alternative Depends on the apps, but I think you'd need another Android TV box.
  12. Ted Cruz must be worried.
  13. Just out today, $32 million for one single settlement. Yowsers. Fox on-air talent, please carry on with your outrage of Harvey Weinstein. O’Reilly Settled New Harassment Claims, Then Fox Renewed His Contract In January, the Fox News host was said to have agreed to a $32 million settlement with a former network analyst, the largest of his known payouts. Although the deal has not been previously made public, the network’s parent company, 21st Century Fox, acknowledges that it was aware of the woman’s complaints about Mr. O’Reilly. They included allegations of repeated harassment, a nonconsensual sexual relationship and the sending of gay pornography and other sexually explicit material to her, according to the people briefed on the matter. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/21/business/media/bill-oreilly-sexual-harassment.html?action=Click&contentCollection=BreakingNews&contentID=65981513&pgtype=Homepage&smid=tw-nytimes&smtyp=cur&_r=0

    I'd probably buy from a local shop, or on-line (Lazada, Shopee, 11Street) from fulfillment sources in Thailand? Or hand-carry back from the U.S. Thai Customs seems to have increased revenue targets these days.
  15. Xiaomi Mi A1 Andriod One

    Available at the Xiaomi shop in Imperial Samrong, and on-line at Lazada, 11street and Shopee. 7,990 and some authorized sellers have it for up to 500 baht off, so 7,490 There are a gazillion reviews on Youtube, most of which are positive.