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  1. Some of these AIS "on-top" packages are for post-paid customers only, for when they run up against their FuP before the end of their cycle, to preserve high speed vs. whatever throttle speed (128/256/384) might be associated with their plan.
  2. Tethering is not blocked here in Thailand. Line Mobile (a quasi-MVNO of DTAC) probably has the lowest prices, as of today. These are significantly discounted (50%), and are good for the first 12 months. Whether the NBTC (and TrueMove H and AIS) allow them to continue remains an on-going Thailand 4.0 Lakorn.
  3. I successfully completed an on-line 90 day report today, maybe ~ 07:30 and when I checked on the status at ~ 14:30 it was "Approved". I was able to print out the "Next Appointment" document successfully, using MSIE. This my 5th successful use of the on-line system, although it has been off-line for ~ 2 of my required reports in the past. It is very handy.
  4. Well, the on-line system has been down, off-line, disabled etc. a few times, for lengthy periods, which affected me twice. I honestly didn't want to rely on the mail option, nor pay a third-party, so opted for in-person visits. I did successfully (already approved) use the on-line 90 day reporting today.
  5. AIS and access to certain websites

    Yes, thank you, and elfpattaya.
  6. Airport Duty-Free

    Not really, simple division gives you a baht/mL price for each which makes for an easy comparison. King Power Duty Free: single malt brand A: 1,950 THB/1 L = 1.95 THB/mL In town store: single malt brand A: 2,200 THB/700 mL = 3.14 THB/mL So the savings is significant. These are actual figures from a few weeks ago. That said, I can get the same brand of single malt in the U.S. (750 mL) for 1.81 THB/mL list, and 1.33 THB/mL on sale.
  7. Not sure if this helps, maybe it was recommended here, or elsewhere... In MSIE, Settings, Internet options, Privacy, Settings. Untick "Turn on Pop-up Blocker", or tick it and add an exception for "*.immigration.co.th" (no quotes) I've done the latter.
  8. I've encountered this issue every time I've reported on-line (~ 5 times). There are some work-arounds, described in this thread, which have worked for me twice only. Interestingly, today when I look at the status of a pending report (done earlier this morning), I see the list of my previous four reports, and can view each of the "Next Appointment" forms (with the bar-code and red box) when I click on that button. So I'm kind of hoping this issue won't affect me further?
  9. If you're talking about Chaeng Watthana a lot seems to depend on the day of the week, accounting for any holidays. Many people report success arriving ~ 12:45 PM, and queuing for the re-opening after lunch; that has worked for me on a 90-day report, with a much shorter wait-time. But even that is variable, depending on the actual number of desks open, and the number of runners with a stack of passports ahead of you. I think the doors open at 08:30 (AM) at Chaeng Watthana? For my annual visit, I typically go on a Thursday, arrive at 07:30, and am ~ 30th in the umbrella queue - no people just physical place-holders.
  10. Airport Duty-Free

    Not sure where you pulled the "1/5" figure from, but for single malts in the 2,000 - 4,000 baht range, prices at King Power Duty Free on arrival at BKK are ~ 60% of the retail prices in shops in Bangkok. The price is lower, and you are getting 1L at the airport, vs. 700 mL in town. For me, it is quite a bit cheaper in the U.S., even at a straight-up retail store, than duty-free but I can only get 750 mL, and I have to pack it in my checked bags - where breakage can be a factor. When I can find what I want in a 1 L size I usually do that, but if not, I grab something on arrival.
  11. Xiaomi Mi A1 Andriod One

    AOB Shop (MBK) is in MBK. I doubt there is any warranty provided.
  12. AIS and access to certain websites

    Maybe look into getting one of the Pro, or Business, packages?
  13. Xiaomi Mi A1 Andriod One

    AOB Shop (MBK) have the Mi A1, 8.600 THB.
  14. Today is Sep. 16? Everything I've read says "immediately" and "effective today", but presumably all product which has left the production facility is under the previous "scheme", and anything leaving as of today is under the new "scheme"? The "authorities" did this in a confusing manner to keep everyone off-guard and prevent a run on stock. I guess?
  15. In addition to the confusing nature of the two taxes (22% of "retail price" and 430 baht/L of alcohol content) along with the implementation period, it seems like the "authorities" could have been a bit more transparent implementing this change? Instead, they secretly passed it earlier this week, gazetted it last evening and implemented it today. Previously the alcohol component was 100 baht/L, and now it is 430 baht/L, so assuming 5% and a small bottle 330 ml and a large 630 ml, that's an increase of 5.4 baht and 10.4 baht respectively. No clue how to calculate the 22% of retail price component impact; I don't know how that is calculated currently, nor do I know the rate(s), nor do I understand who will define the "retail" price? Assuming the 22% component is equal to the current component (and it could be more, or it could be less - I honestly don't know), the alcohol component would alone lead to a ~13% - 14% consumer retail price increase.