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  1. Forgive me for being a mindless simpleton, but what exactly do Trump-bashers have to do with the topic at hand? Are you suggesting that they, Trump-bashers, killed nearly 3,000 Puerto Ricans? Or that they "faked" this figure to make "Trump look bad"? I thought the Dems did that? Please spare your pity, and help us understand why the president had double- and triple-downed on this self-inflicted wound? It's as if he is not content with shooting himself in the foot, again and again, he'll just keep shooting. No one, other than a few fox and friends, and you, presumably, is defending him on this one. And we know he'll never let it go. I suspect he'll incorporate it into his "greatest hits" at upcoming rallies? He just needs a simple catch-phrase.
  2. Invade Grenada? Declare war on Albania.
  3. Hopefully, the networks don't crash? And some 400-pound guy in his basement doesn't figure out how to hack this capability. Not seeing a huge need for this capability given the instantaneous nature of today's communication networks, social media, the internet, etc? What natural disaster will need to be instantaneously communicated to the entire country?
  4. By ~ 77,000 votes in three states, with a HUGE assist from Giles-Parscale, and VladsAds. But not really seeing what Trump's lack of a mandate has to do with his campaign manager pleading guilty to countless felonies, which include his time with the campaign, and agreeing to cooperate with the Special Counsels' investigation? It sounds like Manafort has been cooperating for more than a week, leading up to Friday's plea hearing. One assumes he's got some good stuff, so now Trump's team must discredit him. That will look bad since just a few weeks ago Trump was praising Manafort. DJTJ, Jared and Stoney (among others) must sweating rubles? And we probably don't even know 5% of what Mueller has. I'm thinking Hope Hicks has already provided more than enough testimony re: obstruction of justice.
  5. Not seeing what Trump's relative net worth and experience as a real estate agent, 4-times bankrupted, operator of dozens of failed 'businesses' (USFL Trump Shuttle, Trump University, to name just a few) and failed casino operator, has to do with his "theories" and "expertise" on trade? I mean we're not talking about sourcing the cheapest faux marble for bathrooms in some shoddy condo tower. https://www.documentcloud.org/documents/4464412-Trump-Donald-J-2018Annual278.html And I'm not seeing a "plan" here? Slap tariffs on goods, then what is supposed to happen, exactly? These old jobs just aren't coming back. So consumers will pay more for goods. How does that help anyone, other than the U.S. Treasury? I guess if you are unwilling to "trust" business leaders, but are willing to "trust" this president, then maybe it is you who is not seeing clearly? Has the president articulated his "plan" to balance trade to the American public? Has he enlisted the support of the people, Congress, business leaders, economic experts, academic experts, trade experts (other than Peter Navarro)? Or his he just "winging it"? BTW, I do understand the appeal that his "winging it" has to the less educated, disenfranchised, older, white, male "base". They see simple solutions to complex problems as "ringing true" for them because real solutions would be too hard for them to understand.
  6. As a result of the Manafort plea, the government will seize ~ $30 million of his assets, including a condo in Trump Tower. So the "argument" that this investigation is costing "so much money" (~ $26 million to date) is somewhat moot. Beats GoFundMe. Robert Mueller may have just eliminated one of Trump’s biggest complaints Trump likes to complain about the cost of the Mueller probe. It might just have paid for itself. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2018/09/14/robert-mueller-may-have-just-eliminated-one-trumps-biggest-complaints/?utm_term=.7f5c8e428f83
  7. mtls2005

    Pure Android OS

    My daily driver is a Nokia 7 Plus. In the future please feel free to resist making editorial comments on my behalf. Thank you.
  8. mtls2005

    Can postpaid go back to prepaid on true?

    Yes, absolutely. Two details: They will throw a ton of heavily discounted promotions at you to stay post-paid, so be prepared to push through those. They will continue to offer these so don;t fret in case you ever want to go back. You would be best served to accomplish this task in person in a TrueMove H shop. Bring your passport which you used to register the SIM. They need to be able to verify that you are the person of record making the change to this account status. You'll need to settle your post-paid account first, so maybe plan this trip a day or two before the monthly renewal date.
  9. Kellyanne's husband absolutely torched Trump on that Obama tweet... He called him a stupid liar, but with words which Trump will probably think are compliments. I suspect he authored the enmonous, anoumoush, oh that oped in the Failing New York Times, as dictated by his wife.
  10. I would imagine that many republicans, and members of the Trump administration, are praying Ronan Farrow doesn't drop an article on Kavanaugh before his confirmation. There are some 'leading indicators' that others have come forward on Kavanaugh's unsavory predilections (plural), to those in the print media. There is also a named witness to the original sexual assault, his buddy who was asked to turn the music up so no one could hear the girl scream. But he's claiming he doesn't remember what happened. How hard could it be to find a reasonable, clean nominee? The incessant pushing of Kavanaugh reaks of swamp odor.
  11. Well, thanks for calling me a fool. I do not believe that Manafort's plea deal will bring the Trump presidency to a premature end (prior to 1/20/21). I don't even want the Constitutional crisis which a Trump impeachment would bring. If he wants to resign , he certainly has my permission to do so. Your propensity for name-calling, and resorting to 3rd-grade insults definitely casts your intellect and demeanor in a poor light. Show some class.
  12. drip...drip...drip The sound of the orange paint dripping off his face as he must be absolutely sweating rubles.
  13. Agreed to cooperate with the Special Counsel. One would have thought you were familiar with the president's term, "flipper? Did you think he was referring to his favorite 60's TV show about a dolphin? You seem less than sure on this point? No one is questioning that Trump is still president. Why even go there? Again, sensing some trepidation in your proclamation. "Most likely" does not exactly exude confidence.
  14. This is an interesting proposition. Obviously, a Democratic House could hold an impeachment hearing, and he could possibly be impeached. But he would never be convicted in the Senate. That said, an impeachment hearing might bring much, much, much more information to the fore. Information which Kavanaugh might wish to leave unearthed? So maybe he will make the call to withdraw? But he's purported to be a very, very, very bad high-stakes poker player, so maybe he'll go all in and hope his pair of twos gets him through all the bad news which would stain his 'legacy'? No clue why Kennedy went all in on Kavanaugh, unless...