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  1. “One of the victims has lost as much as Bt70 million,” he added. Hmm. Interesting, “We will try to get him,” Of course. I doubt these embezzlers/swindlers are unaware that they need to re-distribute at least 50% of their ill-gotten booty to the "powers-that-be" who provide on-going protection and subsequent freedom from arrest/prosecution. DSI Chief Tarit supposedly garnered 345 million baht, but only kept ~ 90 million. And the bulk of the KCCU embezzled funds - not connected to Wat Dhmmakaya, and returned - remain (80 - 90%) un-accounted for.
  2. The RTN has already completed a sub base at Sattahip. They've had a German "simulator" - they wanted to buy German subs previously - for a few years.
  3. It you're caught with drugs - small amounts for personal use - the typical no-so Thai has three options: pay an informal "Administrative" fee to the local police entertainment fund (average is 30,000 baht in cash, immediately), enter in to some other "Agreement" with the local police, or go to prison. If you can borrow the funds - if not from family then often from police in the loan-shark business, then you have other issues, repayment. If you enter in to another form of agreement this will likely include snitch, servitude or "entertainment" (male or female).
  4. The biggest hassle with the FBAR filing on the BSA E-Filing web-site is the bloody password reset. I just open the previous year's PDF (saved on my PC) change the year, and details and re-submit. Takes 2 minutes tops.
  5. Every state has different pools for jury duty; in my state/county/city they used the voter registration roll. In others it might be some combination of tax, voter, driver's license, home ownership, etc. When I received a jury duty summons after moving to Thailand I sent it back with a letter and a lot of documentation supporting my relocation. On my next trip back I went to city hall and removed myself from the voter registration roll. Personally, I wouldn't ignore a summons. Assuming you have left your U.S. domicile permanently I would fashion a letter, and include copies of my passport stamps, travel records, local lease, anything, and send it to both the court and the town/city records office. Depending on your status in Thailand you may be able to get a Certificate of Residence from Thai Immigration, which would support your exclusion from jury duty.
  6. "WILL THIS BE THE LAST CONSTITUTION OF YOUR LIFE" This is by far the most humorous thing I have ever heard The have now been 20 constitutions I think the question was referring to "Meechai's" life, rather than yours? And that his answer meant that even if he lives a long life he has no desire to participate in writing a sixth (or eighth) constitution.
  7. He's a lot more than that, he has a very, very, very (in)famous grandfather. More or less untouchable; seems like this is more of a warning for him to be slightly less public with young women of dubious background and of age equal/less than his grand-daughter.
  8. Interesting that the police were even allowed to conduct any sort of preliminary investigation, and to make that information public.
  9. Evidently this purchase was approved by the cabinet in secret, but assume some in power see the folly and leaked the decision. The terms of the purchase seem to be changing; most recently the PM was crowing about buying two subs and getting one free.
  10. At least he's open and honest about it; clearly no shame and feeling emboldened. Suspect there will be some walking back tomorrow; he'll claim that the press didn't understand what he meant.
  11. since I also use the smartphone as a hotspot for my laptop Well that detail certainly helps. The Mobile AP app does draw a lot of battery power. I assume you've enabled some sort of security protocols which would prevent a third-party from accessing your WiFi AP without your permission? Maybe your PC usage, or some other WiFi device, contributed to this spike? Obviously if you do not have access to fixed broadband services via WiFi then you can ignore the suggestion to toggle mobile data on/off.
  12. Not sure how enforcing the age limit of 20 at night clubs addresses any of your "issues", especially if alcohol can be purchased elsewhere at age 18? And why does the PM need to tell anyone to enforce the the law? Shouldn't they already be doing that as part of their job(s)? And what good does simply issuing order do? Do you honestly believe that the hourly and daily issuance of orders somehow solves any problems here? "You will reconcile now, or else." Alcohol abuse, and its many effects, is a significant issue which requires a multi-pronged program to address: education, health, society, family. I guess some view this sort or paternalistic pontification from on high as "governing"? But suspect the masses just ignore all these orders.
  13. My inclination would be to separate them with a comma - that's how it's shown? But not certain? Or just use the web link which presents separate boxes for both.
  14. It seems odd that the Prime Minister of a country is concerning himself with such minor, mundane issues? The need to issue orders seemingly hourly, and involve himself in the minutiae of daily life is astounding.
  15. According to Budget Director Mulvaney, cancer patients (in the U.S.) will pay for the wall, at least those who live. I think most Americans do not see the need for this wall. Elderly, white males seem to be all for it, at least when their meds are working.