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  1. Sounds like he lost his "stamina"? 700 meters is such a long, long way. In other news, Melania wore a $50,000 jacket and was praised for her fashion sense, while Michelle Obama was castigated for wearing a $3,000 dress in similar circumstances. Go figure. Trump Was So Tired That He Had To Ride In A Golf Cart While Other G7 Leaders Walked The Times (UK) confirmed the golf cart episode, “The distance between Donald Trump and his G7 partners was spelled out dramatically today when Theresa May and the leaders of Italy, France, Germany, Japan and Canada strolled the streets of Taormina, Sicily — while he followed in a golf cart.” The rest of the world was walking strong and united together, while the tired old United States was puttering along behind in a golf cart. This is the perfect metaphor for what Donald Trump has done to the US image of strength and vitality around the world. Republicans with a big assist from their Russian friends managed to replace an energetic and young forward-thinking president, with a tired older president who can’t keep up with the world around him.
  2. That has resulted in the setting up of a new supreme committee to oversee... You know they're getting serious when the committees being formed need superlatives.
  3. Everything has to be done quickly. It's always a bad a idea to have any long-term plans.
  4. And people say the education system is failing. Great photo. Presumably the motorbike drivers are there to learn to identify IEDs?
  5. I often wonder who he thinks is a. listening to him b. believes him OK, he probably thinks everyone is listening to him, and everyone believes him, but I'm not sure he can read his "audience"? They turned off (or muted the audio) of his Friday Night Flights of Fancy in week 3.
  6. I guess you could change the channel? Or turn the TV off? Or watch Fox News, while it's still being broadcast. Is Fox still covering the Pizzagate story? Or the Seth Rich "story"?
  7. In days gone by, the "anonymous source" was the last refuge of a reputable journalist. Now it has becomethe first resource of disreputable journalists. See Mark Felt. Many, many, many sources are coming from Trump's inner circle. President Trump's only response needs to be, "You said it, now Prove It!". If only this applied to President Trump's outlandish claims. There is an ongoing FBI investigation. Would you be happier if the FBI released the results so far? You think that's a sound practice for an investigative agency? Only if it applies to Hillary and email. You could take the fundamentalist point of view and say "Oh, well, that just proves what a rotten egg he is" or you could apply some rationality and consider whether the media has a systemic bias against President Trump. Trick question? Trump has caused 99% of his own problems with idiocy, incompetence, illegal actions, stupidity and Twitter. But only a fool would take what any of the legacy media says on trust. The alt-Right has also been waging war on Jared.
  8. Sounds like someone is down in the dumps with Fox News treading water at #3? The "fake news" claim worked for a while, now it just sounds like some sort of juvenile claim. Interesting stats, would love to see some background supporting those claims. Finally, red-states tend more welfare-y. Go President Trump! It's good to see you want him gone too.
  9. It seems like there were on-going discussions about delaying "a return to democracy" for another five years prior to the hospital bomb blast. Now that they have an "excuse" it seems like a done deal. In five years maybe they can revisit a "Thai-style" democracy.
  10. They love their hazing here. On the plus side, in the event of injury medical help is on hand.
  11. Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s former campaign manager, is also expected to be part of the effort. Lewandowski, who has been seen in the White House recently, could join the administration as early as next week, a source close to him said. Corey Lewandowski, or a bag of rocks, both have the same IQ. I'd go with the bag of rocks.