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  1. To me it looks like Lazada is one of Microsoft's official resellers here, so the units should be good for local warranty. I'd review the enclosed warranty card which will have all the details on warranty, repair, service, replacement. Some of the Chuwi tablets are getting decent reviews.
  2. It almost sounds as though they're talking about eliminating the questionnaire on the back of the Arrival portion? How would an automated channel work when the IO needs to verify so many things (visa, voa, exemption, extention, re-entry permit, passport expiry, 20k, etc.) and give you the right duration stamp? I'd obviously welcome any improvements.
  3. I think this is a fairly common problem. I Googled it and found a lot of information. For me it is related to not having a Recovery Partition. I believe that the Creator's Edition does have an easy-to-use utility MBR2GPT.EXE which may correct this issue? I couldn't get it to work.
  4. Many schools have decent recycling programs involving dedicated battery services. There used to be battery recycling bins in Fortune Town and Panthip but I haven't used those in a few years. Chances are most everything just gets consolidated into the trash and burned in Samut Prakan, or the pickers sort stuff and hopefully find the best place to get the batteries to?
  5. Without understanding your application, your equipment and networking capabilities it is challenging to trouble-shoot. Reliable, dependable fixed-line broadband would be better than mobile data. Dedicated VoIP hardware, via ethernet would be better. I have AIS fiber (home: 100/10), an oBi200 VoIP ATA with a standard POTs handset running three free Google Voice numbers. I encounter no issues with jitter, delay, choppiness, drop-outs. Call completion is 100% and call quality is excellent - I've never had an issue with people commenting on my location - given how horrible mobile phone service can be in the U.S.. My U.S. number gets passed, callers in the U.S. can call fine. For those friends using LINE in the U.S. I have to say that voice calls using LINE are quite amazing. I do run GV, and Talkatone, on my Android devices and those work acceptably on home WiFi. I rarely use these apps on 4G. All the illegal boiler-rooms here use VoIP and it doesn't seem to impact their profitability.
  6. I don't think "reconciliation" was ever the real goal; just sloganeering used to make the decimation of the red-shirts sound palatable.
  7. He's a regular polymath. /not Penning songs, codifying the Twelve Values, pontificating weekly on TV, sharing his vast wisdom, leading weekly exercises, telling the masses what do, creating harmony. Can't see him giving up the limelight.
  8. Does anyone know which relevant sections of the criminal code Yingluck is charged with? Are there any precedents? Have any other Prime Ministers been similarly charged? It seems like quite a challenge for the judiciary to set a precedent like this, but I do understand their need to eliminate the red shirts by any means necessary. About the only thing I could find is the ORGANIC ACT ON COUNTER CORRUPTION, B.E. 2542 (1999), which in itself refers to a section in a Constitution. CHAPTER VI Criminal Proceedings Against Persons Holding Political Positions Under Section 308 of the Constitution _______________ Section 66. In the case where the injured person alleges that the person holding the position of Prime Minister, Minister, member of the House of Representatives, senator or any other political official has become unusually wealthy, or committed an offence of malfeasance in office under the Penal Code or malfeasance in office or corruption under other law, the injured person shall lodge a written request with the N.C.C. Commission. Malfeasance (or negligence), when one may not have personally benefited, seems a stretch in this case? Are members of the current "government" subject to these same "laws", or does their self-administered amnesty shield them from similar charges?
  9. Seems like Chuck Grassley has smoothed the path for Jr. and Manafort, in a deal late Friday. Assume he'll do the same for Jared. Grassley seems more focused Fusion GPS and turning this into Hilarygate. (Narrative: Hilary colluded with the Russians to help her lose the election.) But once the intercepts are made public pardons will be necessary. All of these Russians were hot-miced via an SSS7 exploit.
  10. The first step in most successful reconciliations involving countries' past issues involve acknowledging those issues, exposing them, talking about them. The Military could take the first step. /just kidding Can't see that ever happening here. Best to never teach history, or learn from it, then it's easy to repeat past problems.
  11. Cameras streaming the classroom, accessible by parents and others, would go a long way towards improving most aspects of education here.
  12. Well that's handy. Why not just pass a law that says anyone named "Shinawatra" has to got to jail? Good thing the Junta granted themselves absolute immunity and amnesty for past and future "crimes".
  13. If there's any real karma Anna Reese and Jenphop will crash their respective Mercedes head-on into each other. It's too much to hope for a four vehicle crash, adding in Orachorn “Praewa” Thephasadin na Ayudhya and Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya.
  14. It was well-documented that he avoided using Thai coins, for the reason you mention (lese majeste). I'm still trying to figure out how he got a non-imm b visa (which I think I saw mentioned in an article?)? Is he a teacher, or a "digital nomad"? I saw some articles where the "authorities" were interested in his income and tax situation.
  15. Believe "phase 1" this is just the 3.5 Km section. Ultimately it will probably be turned into a SEZ, or Rot Fai Talat.