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  1. Trump blasts Oprah over 60 Minutes episode

    No golf for Trump on Saturday and Sunday - WH staff convinced that it would look bad given the nearby school shooting - and Melania seems to have ditched him as well, so he went absolutely loony on Twitter with an impressive run of idiotic tweets, of which this Oprah one was one of a dozen or so. Thank goodness they let golf on Monday. He's really showing some classic Nixonian behavior. Trump is far worse than Nixonian “Nixonian” is not the right word to use to describe the behavior of President Trump. In important ways, that characterization smears Richard Nixon. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/calling-trump-nixonian-thats-not-fair-to-nixon/2018/02/02/f889ea18-0865-11e8-94e8-e8b8600ade23_story.html?utm_term=.f2f9d31674b6 And Ya Burnt by Thomas Friedman Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now Our democracy is in serious danger. President Trump is either totally compromised by the Russians or is a towering fool, or both, but either way he has shown himself unwilling or unable to defend America against a Russian campaign to divide and undermine our democracy. In sum, Trump is either hiding something so threatening to himself, or he’s criminally incompetent to be commander in chief. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/18/opinion/trump-russia-putin.html
  2. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    I have the strange feeling that very little history is taught in schools here. Sure they memorize a bit about 1 through 10, and maybe a bit about running off the Burmese interlopers 500 years ago. I doubt any mention is made of history since 1932?
  3. Well, it's not really a "justice" system. It's a "legal" system.
  4. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    Yes, the phrai should stay down on the farm and "be happy" with their lot in life. The amart can also be happy with a "sufficient" number of Mercedes-Benzes. Evidently, a 'sufficient' number of expensive wrist-watches is what, 25? The "principles" of the "sufficiency economy" are such a tired trope, meant for those on high to tell the masses what they should expect in life.
  5. It is very encouraging to see younger people taking the lead on this issue. It will be very hard for the President, the NRA and the right-wing media to shame or insult these young adults. But I'm sure they'll try. As long as you're a member of a well-regulated militia you can have a musket, flintlock or heck I'll even spot you a canon. https://www.ranker.com/list/firearms-in-1791/rachel-souerbry In addition to hunting for game, and killing off the native American population, the founding fathers recognized the need to 'manage' the African "immigrant" population. So having an armed militia meant the State could more easily manage some "residents" in case they got all uppity and started demanding more than 3/5ths. Even though this article is from 2012, it is still relevant today... Battleground America https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2012/04/23/battleground-america
  6. While the 'official' I-D MCT at SBIA/BKK is 75 minutes that typically applies to a routing on one single ticket, which affords one a bit more 'protection' re: irrops. Given that it is April, not sure when but if around Songkran then expect flights to be over-booked. Personally, I would book the later flight, just to be safe. If your flight arrives early, and you were to clear arriving immigration, get your bags, clear customs and get up to level 4, you could ask about re-booking to the earlier flight. For Thai Smile... For Domestic flight, Counter check-in will be open 2 hours prior the scheduled flight and will be close 45 minutes prior the scheduled flight. The gate will be close 10 minutes prior the departure time. I arrived Friday evening on an EK A380 chock-full (FAs said 615 pax), and while I made it to - a long walk from the 380-capable gates in the G concourse and through Immigration in 20 minutes, my bags didn't come out for another 15 minutes after that.
  7. Scotch Prices at Swampy?

    Yes, the KP website has most of the current offers/prices. Are you flying BKK-Oz or Oz-BKK? I only ask as your shopping options vary at SBIA/BKK based on DF-departure (more, larger shops) vs. DF/Arrival (fewer/smaller shops). https://www.kingpower.com/category/foods-and-beverages/beverages/wine-and-spirits/liquors?availability=dutyfree&lang=en&page=1&brands=glenlivet%2Cbalvenie%2Cglenfiddich%2Cglenmorangie%2Cthe-macallan&categories=&priceMin=590&priceMax=102500 One thing I dislike a bit is the specialized bottlings offered for the int'l/DF 'market', but what can you do. You can also purchase in town at the KP shop, and arrange pick-up at their counter in the int'l departures area. Obviously, you have to be cognizant of your routing and subsequent flight(s) and any liquids restrictions.
  8. champagne on arrival at duty free?

    The selection is somewhat limited, you can check the shops in the D concourse (just on the left and right of the ramps up to Immigration) on arrival walking from your gate to Immigration, and in the smaller shops within the baggage carousel area. The KP web-site just shows two Moet products: DP and Imperial Reserve, but I think I've seen other houses on offer in the shops at BKK. I usually buy a 1L single malt whisky on arrival. Not sure what your previous departure point is, but they may have a larger selection there? I arrived from HKG Friday evening, and while the selection in HKG DF was top-notch, the prices were quite similar to KP/BKK, and I didn't feel like schlepping the bottle on the plane.
  9. The FBI has 35,000 employees, and what, like five are working on the Mueller probe? Two of which seemed to be shagging/sexting most of the time. Meanwhile, 20+ calls to local (FL) authorities went un-investigated. I don't see Gov. Scott stepping forward to take responsibility and resign. Trump's manic tweet-storm this weekend - Melania ditched him, again as another affair/payoff emerged - is both shameful, turning the shooting back to his 'problems', and quite disconcerting. Ivanka should be called in to soothe the beast, or at least up the meds.
  10. Apply for US social security

    Has anyone who resides in Thailand been able to create a My SSA account recently. It seems like you needed a U.S. address (or APO/FPO), and maybe a U.S. mobile number to receive an SMS, the last time I checked. https://www.ssa.gov/myaccount/ And has anyone been able to receive a SSA-1099 for 2017? Can Manila provide that information?
  11. Windows 10

    I too have purchased Windows 10 (and Office 2016) licenses on eBay. I've done two of each, all were in the range of $12 - $15 (USD), all working fine. All legal (per EU laws). There are other reliable sites like Kinguin, but the prices trend into the $30 USD range there. Again all good and legal.
  12. Where to buy CAT 4G sim card?

    Assume you want pre-paid? Most counter shops throughout the country which sell SIMs usually have a few My by CAT SIMs. And many on-line shops have them as well. Sometimes you can correlate an on-line shop with their brick/mortar location. example: https://www.lazada.co.th/my-my-by-cat-87524360.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.1.28f9713fqEkw1E https://www.onemy3g.com/ You can even contact them on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/mybycat/
  13. I think Area A/Exit A corresponds to baggage carousels 1-5, and is used exclusively for Domestic Arrivals. There are two primary International Arriving Immigration Halls (East/#1 and West/#3), with a FastTrack/VIP (#2) mini-hall in between. You need a FastTrack card to utilize the Fast/Track/VIP arriving immigration hall. The East Hall (#1) corresponds to baggage carousels 6-15 (Customs Exit B), while the West Hall (#3) corresponds to baggage carousels 16-23 (Customs Exit C). You can move freely in this area, accessing any carousel 6-23 and either Customs exit, B or C. Yes, there are monitors showing the queues, and owing to the specific timing of arrivals and concourse (C/D/E/F/G), one hall may have shorter lines. Very generally speaking, the East Hall may have shorter lines as there are fewer (int'l arrival) gates on that side, but I think the remote stand/bus gate dumps pax directly opposite this hall so it can be 50-50. Obviously, if an A380 has just disgorged 600 pax you may well be met with a mass of people filling up what looked to be an empty hall a minute before. IMLE, even the FastTrack can take longer because there are fewer desks/IOs there, and more people trying the DYKWIA act.
  14. No double standard in Premchai case, court insists

    No double-standard? The basis of Thai "law" (Kotmai Tra Sam Duang and Sakdina) actually define "standards" based on one's status. So, in essence, there are multiple/infinite standards. But the phrai should expect to be detained indefinitely awaiting trial - assuming they don't plead guilty to halve their sentence and go directly to jail. And the amart usually have a stack of 'get out of jail free' cards.
  15. Protests planned to demand poll in 2018

    It may be too late but turning the "government" over to a perceivably neutral civilian interim government may be the only solution? It is truly amazing that with absolute power, and self-granted amnesty, the Junta still was unable to successfully follow their gerrymandered 'roadmap' to democrazy. Their efforts to "Shinawatra-proof" the future only meant that they have made things, ultimately, much, much more precarious.