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  1. This must be the much-hyped "transparency" the administration and it's various water-carriers go on endlessly about? It seems like it would be quite simple to just share the accounting on this, but maybe not. for some odd reason? Maybe they can invoke "national security"?
  2. If there was any doubt as to whether Trump would sit for an interview with Mueller it now seems safe to conclude that he can not, given he has trouble distinguishing between the proper usage of "would" and "wouldn't". What a complete doofus.
  3. I'm not sure if you're being deliberately obtuse, or you are just plain lazy. First of all, this was covered by the MSM. Secondly, the order was to not launch reciprocal cyber attacks against Russia, which was one option the Obama administration was considering. The reason for not launching reciprocal cyber attacks was that it was judged that we were much, much, much, much more vulnerable to attacks. Seems like the smart decision. You seem to be implying that Obama himself ordered someone/everyone to stop looking into the Russian efforts to influence the election, based on a 3-minute snippet taken wholly out of context.
  4. Please, only U.S. ladies for affairs. Foreigners OK for wives.
  5. Grown-ups step in after Trump throws house party, and trashes the home(land) when they're away.
  6. His comments regarding his "trip" included this whopper... Trump wrongly says queen reviewed guard for 1st time in 70 years President Trump claimed Tuesday that during his visit to England, Queen Elizabeth II reviewed her Guard of Honor for the first time in 70 years -- but she's only been queen for 65 years. And as any royal-watcher knows, reviewing the guard is something she's been photographed doing many times over the years. "We met with the queen, who is absolutely a terrific person, where she reviewed her Honor Guard for the first time in 70 years, they tell me," Mr. Trump said at the White House Tuesday. "We walked in front of the Honor Guard and that was very inspiring to see and be with her. And I think the relationship, I can truly say is a good one. But she was very, very inspiring indeed." The queen's coronation was in June 1953. Reviewing the Honor Guard is a frequent part of her royal duties. She did so with President Obama during his visit to Buckingham Palace in 2011. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/trump-claims-queen-reviewed-honor-guard-for-1st-time-in-70-years-shes-been-queen-for-65/
  7. Waiting for talking points from Laura and Tucker.
  8. I WOULD have believed him if he said... I always get WOOD when I see Ivanka. Why does Melania always have such a WOODEN scowl?
  9. BINGO, we have a WINNER. Yes, this why suppressing the vote, especially in key swing states, was such an important factor in the Russian-backed Giles-Parscale/Cambridge Analytica/FB efforts, aided in no small part by the Russians stealing the Clinton campaign's analytics, and feeding it back to the Trump campaign.
  10. He's said as much quite often, including in the infamous Superbowl interview with disgraced Fox "News" host Bill O'Reilly
  11. Jeez, just what Trump needs, another puppet-master telling him what he should say. You'll get him all confused.
  12. mtls2005

    Xiaomi Mi A1 Andriod One

    From the linked article... This update is 1.15GB in size and only applies to those users who hadn’t installed the buggy update and were still on Oreo 8.0. For those who had fallen prey to the earlier update, Xiaomi is rolling out a separate update using a much smaller package weighing at 467MB. I have the Global variant, and was in the U.S.A. for a few weeks, where I received the original 8.1 "update". VoLTE is Voice over LTE, a method which makes it possible for voice calls to be made over 4G, rather than falling back to 3G. All three providers here support it. If you have it, you'll see an "HD" on the topmost status bar. You can enter *#*#4636#*#* on the dialer to check the status, Phone information, scroll down to VoLTE Provisioned.
  13. Aided in part by Trump mentor/consigliere Roy Cohn. How apropos.
  14. mtls2005

    Xiaomi Mi A1 Andriod One

    Yes, I too got the update yesterday. It had quite a bit more than just the July security patch. Yesterday's Xiaomi patch was ~ 467 MB, while the July security update on other Android One devices was ~ 80 MB (last week). It seems like they fixed quite a few problems previously introduced in their earlier 8.1 update attempts. If you want to re-enable VoLTE, enter: *#*#86583#*#* via the dialer. https://beebom.com/xiaomi-resumes-android-oreo-8-1-mia1/
  15. Correct. The Russian operation to sway the election in favour of Trump occurred during the administration immediately preceding the Trump administration. Brilliant deduction.