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  1. excellent, thanks CB something I found useful from that link: Average temp, min & max plus rainfall over 12 month period in Chiang Rai /edit/ phew, nothing regarding haze in that graph !
  2. Thank you so much for this post, after spending 30 minutes trawling through this so called "weather thread", I finally have information regarding winter temperatures in Chiang Rai! That was all I wanted. Honestly I was going to give up in frustration, 2 members were particularly annoying, taking apparent delight in post after post of their absolutely worthless haze status reports. no need to mention names.
  3. Correct! Other nics included Goose , Pot , Gander and Kettle Cheers haha, busted!
  4. ^ cheers sceadugenga and thanks for not saying the word haze. I see by your change in avatar you have arrived at the acceptance phase.
  5. is it really true about the beautiful clear skies ? some chaing raiers are constantly speaking of a haze, I still dont know if its a joke of some sort or not. 10 degrees is rather cold
  6. youve been a busy boy today, 146 posts.

  7. hey, im not the butler. But ive got a couple of reds buried under the bungalow if your interested...

  8. LOL I left 2 rows of Cadbury Old Gold on top of the fridge for you.

  9. aye, it works.

  10. it seems a new model has just been released into the Australian market CBR125 selling for AU4000 thats cheap for AU but still not the same as Thailand for their 150cc
  11. great blog but I think it would be good if others can post comments. maybe you can enable this feature if possible ??

  12. Really looking forward to getting my hands on a new CBR when I arrive in Thailand, which hopefully should be in a few months time dont suppose anyone would know the resale value of a 1 year old CBR ?
  13. keep up the good work John.

  14. sawadee krup took kon.... kon nee pen farang kon baa krup.