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  1. And the country? Back in stupor? Back in strife and unrest?
  2. It is not only the food. Also schooling! Poverty can be very deep!
  3. And younger, it is said, in all Muslim countries.
  4. And surely the other "bad" things do lower the name of Pattaya considerably more. Sex is only a small part of it.
  5. But maybe, just maybe, said laws are nonsense? If a Thai person goes to Europe, he can buy a house, land and start a business for which he don't need to hire local people. Maybe time for allowing businesses owned and run by foreigners to be able to do that? Maybe the, to start with, a foreigner can own, say, half a Rai of land to build his house on it?
  6. Might you get the notion this is not train related nonsense? Obviously those doors and barriers will be connected to the signalling system.
  7. Where do you think all the very expensive mobiles are coming from, the eating out, the parties?
  8. Now ask yourself why Thai people tolerate it? Try thinking about it without western values in mind. And talking about damage, I do have the idea the Thaksin driven governments did much more damage to the country, money wise and democratically.
  9. That said, adopting a child is a very lengthy process in Thailand, and the number of children in orphanages is staggering. I wonder if adoption is an option that will bring any good to the child. Maybe rethink your responsibility? (Yes, I adopted)
  10. The man, obviously, is a "deranged" man.
  11. Don't doubt it, seen the ethnicity of most of the powerdull it's quite certain.
  12. I believe it might be called "sideline business"