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  1. hansnl

    Vaping could get you ten years in a Thai prison

    Yes, I live here, so what? Of course I don't smoke, vape, shisha, chew tabacco, or whatever.
  2. So, an unethical entity should leave things how they are and let the rot grow larger unhindered?
  3. I guess you are right. However, I have the idea, from what I have seen and heard in my own country, it may not be so widespread, but certainly is there. Less open, but very much more profitable. And yes, if caught, higher fines and prison sentences, depending on rank, of course.
  4. An employer will get the staff he deserves.
  5. hansnl

    Old thai guy not happy with me and my dog

    Not true. Dogs need to be lined up and deposits, so to say, need to be picked up. It's called decency.
  6. The so-called pink ID-card is available........
  7. Tamil, Muslim, whatever. They are given refuge, paid by taxpayers, and say thank you with terror. Maybe the west should send them back?
  8. hansnl

    Court Verdict On Prayuth’s Coup Due Next Month

    The government, any government actually, is not elected!!!!! The members of Parliament can be elected in office, and a government is formed by the Parliament.
  9. hansnl

    Foreign prisoners to be transferred home

    Please explain what the "junta" has to do with this?
  10. Used by all kind of governments, I gather, mostly in the past.
  11. You said the right thing: who have made a career of this. Not one of those career profs has ever been able to explain the earlier climate changes; there were no men then to get blamed.
  12. Privatisation of public transport is hopeless.
  13. Just shows she is completely standing outside reality.