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  1. Years ago, the daily report of a railway signal box mentioned that a big lamp pole was starting to lean. Following daily reports mentioned the lamp post leaning more and more. Last mention of the leaning read: lamp post not leaning any more, now flat on the ground, lamp reflector broken. This leaning pole reminds me of this story.
  2. The picture shows it all. No trees, barren land, no water retention. Start planting trees, thousands upon thousands.
  3. Did you ever think about your own governmental figures? Nitwits most of them!
  4. Ah yes, London. Such a perfect idea. Just resulting in higher delivery costs, higher product prices, and let is not forget the destruction of huge amounts of capital of the older cars and the huge pollution value of producing new cars and trucks. The 3% or so better air has cost a few quid..... Or was it the closing down of several older factories?
  5. I have news for you. Illegal guns are on the scene all over the world. Fact is the officials cannot do much or anything about it. Using those guns is depending on the fuse length of people, it would be deemed racist to go any further. Some lecturer once said there is a relation with the average temperature.
  6. Yes, of course you are missing the election, but I wonder if you are eligible to vote in Thailand. Yes, of course, you think elections are the thing that make democracy. Thereby forgetting your idea of democracy is mostly used against you by big business and it's bought figures. Also, you really think most of the Thai people don't know democracy doesn't give them any say in whatever. Thai people are not so stupid as to be so gullible, as many farang to believe in "democracy" They are very practical, just want a better life and will vote for what they get out of elections.
  7. Many years ago, when I was young and stupid, some friend asked me if I might be interested meeting a Thai woman. I paid her ticket, guaranteed her, invited her, and there she was. Nice looking woman, spoke some English, and disappeared. Found out she was working in a club. Went back to Thailand and came back again three months later, I understand. Trafficking? Don't think so.
  8. Fact is, that many "unholy" things, criminal or objective, go on under the radar, knowingly or deniable. Fact is the police cannot do anything more as score a few minor "successes" mostly accidently or when it is time to score a few brownie points. In this case, I think, the girl might be a willing participant. However, where is the attraction in young girls coming from?
  9. And as long girls are coveting money for the newest phone, or whatever, there will be procurers and "customers", shame on them. Let us not forget that either.
  10. Maybe, just maybe, they were in that plot. Maybe, just maybe, the Shins hovering around spent some money on "democratic protests", and maybe, just maybe somebody ratted about the alleged terrorism used by the reds If you remember well, the country was in the grip of a worsening division between groups, resulting in a lot of violence, threats to break up the country, threats to build an army to conquer or fight who? All "democratic" actions of the red shirts. Maybe you also remember, both shin governments also had a very bad press after some time. And maybe you also remember the last, or maybe latest takeover was indeed accepted by many as being necessary. Please don't forget to understand western style "democracy", is not really suitable for many countries. What is left of "democracy" in most western countries is not worth to bear the name, nor suitable exporting it to other countries. Can you name one country in SE Asia that really is democratic? Indonesia, Phillipines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia maybe? All having a rather warped kind of democracy.
  11. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    Or maybe it is a case of follow the money. Just maybe it was organised by the Shins. The two hovering around Thailand is a good indication.
  12. Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    You seem to like the idea this might eventually lead to a civil war? You really want the Thai people to stand up to each other? The Shins will do anything to get back in power.