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  1. Sometimes doctors should throw diplomacy far from them. Going to ER for common cold?
  2. Latest razzias. Thailand, the hub of razzias.
  3. Get rid of the farangs? What about neighbours staying illegally?
  4. I am completely and utterly in favour of control of illegals. But I do think these razzias eventually will give Thailand a bad name. People might get afraid, even if they are legal, talk about these raids at home, and who knows.......
  5. hansnl

    Thai pharmacists demand Drug Bill withdrawn

    Crazy? Yes, of course. It is all about money. The non pharmacists want a piece of the cake, the pharmacists want to keep it all. On the other hand, pharmacists have something the others don't have, knowledge. And that certainly is very, very important. Might save your life......
  6. I wonder, if I may be so bold to wonder, when will this gentleman start to arrest the Thai romance scammers?
  7. As there are nearly 70 million Thais in Thailand, one may presume most rubbish and refuse originates from the Thai people, and not from the farang. But, of course, do it yourself and blame someone else. Easy prey, the foreigners.
  8. I agree that Islam is running behind. In this case, however, the guilt lies by the stupid ideas of local "imams". Now, the number of not so very intelligent imams, ayatollahs, teachers and preachers in Islam is rather high. But then again, the number of religious "leaders" in other religions having a bright mind isn't that big either.
  9. Of course this only happens in Thailand? Don't think so.
  10. Because it is rather a huge step to make, don't you think?
  11. hansnl

    Thailand's universal welfare 'at risk'

    That idea is exactly what several political parties are afraid of.