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  1. Have a look into the laws of your own country........
  2. Chinese money, Chinese design, Chinese building materials, Chinese scaffolding, Chinese machinery, Chinese tools, Chinese workers, Chinese everything. And of course for Chinese people. All paid for in China. Ahhh, the squeeze......
  3. Yes, of course. However, the international language of trade is English, and definitely not any Chinese language. China does understand that very well and is trying to raise the knowledge of English. Thailand should do the same!
  4. Well, you can't see a problem because there is no problem, and your remark about not seeing much at all is exactly why there is no problem, but in the warped minds of some morally handicapped figures living in the past.
  5. They lived a peak in the average.
  6. It is said, maybe true, maybe not, a Chinese will do anything for money. The fact he took out life insurance for his wife obviously makes it a planned murder?
  7. What is the legal age for a civilian marriage in Thailand. If that happens to be, say, 16 years, that well meant, I hope, decision is not according to the law of the land, which ought to prevail.
  8. The opposition? You mean the Thaksin led groups that want to use "democracy" for their own means and solely for the benefit of those groups? Their aims are a complete clamp on the country to milk it empty, a change of constitution like they tried before, and ultimately a sole dictatorship. That opposition?
  9. For your information, some if not most insurance companies being in the same class as banksters, will do a lot if not anything, to refuse to pay out. and
  10. I think it is not the real Thais that don't want the western expats. It are the Thais of Chinese origin. China allways had and have an aversion against foreigners and specially westerners, and I guess that streak is also bedded into the psyche of Thai of Chinese origin. As it was explained to me by a Chinese gentleman, the Thai Chinese still are very much living with the middle kingdom syndrome baked into them. That said, I hear from westerners living in China, it is the same there.
  11. Bulletproof vests are forbidden in Thailand, classified as weapons.
  12. This case should be investigated by another force, DSI for example, NOT by his colleagues. I am against the death penalty, but in this case of a policeman murdering a foreigner, he should get that punishment as a clear warning to other policemen that murdering expats and tourists by a police officer is very, very bad for the name of the country. Luckily for Thailand France is having some troubles, otherwise the press there would have a field day with very negative results for Thailand. Even so, I have an idea in Europe, Australia and the US the press will dive on this.
  13. Probably blinded by driving a bloody Mercedes. But, tell me, what about the fugutive who killed a policeman driving a Supercar, and what about the Mercedes driver killing a student? I really think age has nothing to do with it. It is the ECS, the Expensive Car Syndrome.