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  1. xkkpafi

    Use of ประจำ

    Many thanks folks, I suspected that it added little extra meaning to that particular sentence.
  2. xkkpafi

    Use of ประจำ

    I find this word causes me constant difficulty and a struggle to truly master. For example, what additional meaning does it add to this sentence: SEC News : สรุปแบบ 246-2 ประจำวันที่ 7 กุมภาพันธ์ 2561. Without ประจำ I guess we have "SEC News, summary (according to regulation) 246-2, 7th Feb 2561". So what does ประจำ add to this sentence? Thanks.
  3. xkkpafi

    12v LED E27 Lamp Bulbs

    Thanks, exactly what I was after!
  4. Anyone know where to buy these anywhere in Thailand? Homepro no good and Amorn Solar's web site appears permamently defunct. Thanks
  5. Surprised that anyone still actually want to go a dump like the UK.
  6. Has anyone experienced that their ordinary snail mail (letterpost) deliveries have stopped? I have long suspected that snail mail is no longer being delivered to us despite the same address for 20 years. My proof is obviously expected mail, like credit cards, bank statements, frequent flyer cards and so on that should have arrived months ago have simply disappeared. My definite proof is a registered letter sent from europe six months ago that never arrived. Not only overseas stuff, stuff from Thai tax office, stock broker and so on no longer being delivered. If you have experienced the same and managed to sort out what is going on, please post me some suggegstions. Thanks
  7. Thanks tgeezer for your reply, I appreciate that.
  8. A bit confused about the difference between จิตใจ and just จิต. They both seem to be nouns that mean 'the mind, spirit'. Are they just freely interchangeable, is one spoken and one written.. or what is the subtle difference if neither of these? Thanks
  9. I'm with KimEng also, get their daily review also which is a bit too brief to get any useful detail about price movements of individual stocks. But Ive not seen the Pon site, thanks for that, Ill have a look at it.
  10. Earnings were done and dusted a few weeks ago. Same div payout as last year. Volume in excess of average daily volume. The usual candidates in this scenario is a broker upgrade, or takeover, the latter I would think is unlikely. This is the sort of news snippets that would make a decent daily market report so useful.
  11. xkkpafi

    The thaiglish thread

    Thanks for the compliment. Now moving on with the next phase, 'Really' annoying.
  12. Has anyone come across a decent daily stock market report anywhere, one that at least summarizes and gives a few basic explanations of sharp price movements in individual stocks. Ive had a couple of portfolio stocks move quite sharply this week (EGCO and HANA) and simply can't find any news as to why, even after a couple of hours browsing and searching.
  13. xkkpafi

    The thaiglish thread

    Heres a few more, perhaps we could end up with a complete Tinglig/English dictionary Tinglit/Thaiglish-English --------------------------------------- dink - drink erection - election election - erection erectable - electrical feenit - finish howmut - how much lock - rock rock - lock samor - small (not 'some more') skew me - excuse me stew me - excuse me Wat Yoodoo - What are you doing? wencum - When is he/she/it coming where Hugo? - Where are you going? yewon hell - Would you like help?
  14. xkkpafi

    Tip Box at Immigration - Against the law

    Its not those kinds of tips they are after - you are all so cynical, all you think about is money. What they are really after is either the winner of the 4.20 at Kempton Park tomorrow or helpful suggestions about running and improving the office.