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  1. Hi. I had a Non-Imm B visa that was issued on Dec 15, 2015 in the US. I did a land crossing on the very last day of the visa's 90-day stamp power/ effectiveness, Dec 15, 2016. So the visa is now thoroughly expired and my 90 days are up on Mar 14, 2017, just two weeks away. Will it be possible for me to go to Immigration, pay 1,900 B, and get an extension of 30 days? I'll be starting the process for my new visa to be obtained here in Thailand either today or tomorrow, but am worried 2 weeks won't be enough time to secure the new visa. I imagine going to Lao and getting a tourist visa is a possibility to give me some breathing room, but if I can get the 30 day extension that should be sufficient. Any advice from someone in the know is appreciated. FYI - I did go to Lao and to get a tourist visa for Thailand about 2 yrs ago when I was between trips to the US and between business visas, while living full-time in Thailand. But it's been about 2 years, since I've done that, and I haven't abused the system, so I'm fairly confident they'd issue me one.
  2. I need to have a ring resized, or maybe even remount a stone in a new ring. Do any of you have a trusted jeweler you've worked with before? Hoping to find someone trustworthy and to have a working relationship with. I speak Thai, so language isn't a barrier. Thanks.
  3. Still breathing. Had a double whammy of being sick as well as the month of heart pains. I did an initial visit to Ram and got an EKG that looked normal. The doctor I saw was Dr. Patarapong as recommended earlier, though I just got him thru default, and didn't request him. He was very knowledgeable and reassuring. I've put together a buffet of other cardio and organ function (blood) tests I want to run, including an EKG stress test, that I'll get to this week. I didn't do it last week as the cold I was experiencing had me totally in the dumps. Haven't had that bad a flu/cold in several years. Sucked to have both at same time. Back to the main point though, Dr Patarapong was very well spoken and explained the usual order of things when investigating. Because of the normal 1st EKG he said it's not necessary to jump straight to things that give direct pictures of the heart. I could choose to do so if I like, but he recommends the stress test and then if needed a carotid artery doppler sound scan. Apparently if they see plaque forming there, then it's an indicator that I've likely got it around my heart too. But at this point, that would be a third step. I also know I've been stressing over politics in two countries as well as sick parents overseas, been working too hard, and not sleeping regularly. Overall I see this as a warning to let go of alot of things and just focus on my own health and finding peace. I'll update when I have more info on how it all goes.
  4. I've been experiencing heart pain/ tightness, but no outright signs of a heart attack for the past few weeks and am feeling foolish for waiting to get it looked at. Because of the thaivisa updates, the search function is netting me zero results from the CM subforum. So please help me out.... I'd like to know who's been in for check-ups, where, what tests did you get, and any recommendations for the most competent cardiologists. I want to quit stalling and get this looked at tonight or tomorrow.
  5. Sharktooth - someone wanted some info, and by chance I found some info on a Thai outlet already shared over 10K times and thought I'd be helpful. No way for me to censor one pic yay, another pic nay. And did you read the Thai? I didn't think so. Anyway, go take up your argument with the original posters trying to help find the man's relatives or someone who can help ID him - article content and reason for mass reposting. Also, where we live.... Buddhism (with a good dash of Brahmic and Hindu influence), perhaps the body is just a body when we're gone and that's why cremation is ok. I'm not a fan of the gore, though you seem to be advocating for me being so. It's just what was there. Questions answered. Whatever - it's just how it works over here.
  6. Didn't go well. Just saw a friend of a friend post this on FB. Looks like a Farang lost his life and they may not know who he is yet.... too bad. Not sure if a link will work.
  7. Am I the only one who thought this guy's post was actually well thought out and showed that he's shown restraint and was simply seeking (wisely) best advice on how to go forward/ what to expect? To me he sounded like someone who gets that he doesn't necessarily get everything about the Thais nor the rural Thais and just wanted advice. OP, I think it's great that you're asking.. As far as using it as a work house - hello? Doesn't anybody have an office or reading nook they like to go to to be productive with book or with laptop? A country house sounds like an ideal place to do that. I'm embarrassed for the locals already trumpeting out visa this and work permit that.... The guy doesn't sound that unaware and.... that "advice" is such an old saw..... What's going to work ultimately is going to be tightening your relationship with the groundskeeper and also restating your desires probably 100 times for it to begin to stick. Also, there's going to be some compromise or bonding that will involve him benefiting from you - that may be in the form of produce, a little extra cash, something..... but there will need to be a negotiation for him to see it more your way and not as same old same old. Buy in will take some sort of gifting showing you understand you're taking away from him essentially and you want to give back in another way. I've seen some other good advice from a few others too. This situation isn't unworkable and repeats itself in various forms throughout the country, so best to get on board with it. Good luck.
  8. Matichon rt now has the whole removed list and more up. The list is in English at the bottom, though the article is in Thai. The Thais seem to have caught on to our delight at their folly.
  9. There was one guy who posted here about 3-5 yrs back who won his case after a huge plot of land, custom house n many millions of baht - originally in pounds went poof when divorce time came. I eventually ended up meeting the ex by strange circumstances in the local hi-so scene and never let on that I knew about her past. From what I saw over the last few yrs, is that the place was up for sale since even before the decision, and without any buyers, the whole resort-like property was defacto hers. So that kind of gets towards enforceability, even if a judgement is made in your favor. You might search a bit more for it - headline was something like "Justice Received of Justice Served," though my memory could be off. If you find the thread, pm him to find out the lawyer's name and what happened in the end. Best of luck.
  10. It's been so long since I've been here on a tourist visa (from Vientiane) that I forget the extension procedure. 1) I see that my first entry (60-day) expires on Saturday April 4, so I do believe I have to go on Fri Apr 3 to ask/pay for the 1-month extension. Am I risking anything by waiting until that last day? 2) I know the 90-day B and O visa people start to queue up around 5am. Should I plan on doing the same thing, or is there a separate queue for the tourist visa extensions? Anyone's recent experiences welcome. Appreciate any tips about changes to the Chiang Mai office or procedures that I should know about. Cheers.
  11. Great show ! Glad I got out n had a few laughs. Always happy to support Gate Theater.
  12. And if they use misters along the bridges of the river again too - problem solved.
  13. Thanks for that, Tywais. Having them in the big anchor stores makes sense. I'm still curious what the options are in town so that I don't have to always give vouchers to the same places every year. Vouchers can be great because it spares everyone from picking/ receiving a gift they don't want. It is rather hard to argue with Swensen's, actually, but I'm hoping some other people chime in with places around town that we've never thought of. One time a a few years ago I went all around - maybe 10-15 places - inquiring if they had them, or if I could pre-pay and give it as a gift to someone, and only Swensen's knew what I was talking about. Major had these gift booklets of like 1,500 or 2,000B each, and I had to tell them the friend they were for didn't rank that high -5555.
  14. Who's got a favorite place to buy gift vouchers for friends and family? It's a pretty common thing to be able to buy all over town back in the US, but so far I only know of a few restaurants through the Dining Guide Chiang Mai, Swensen's, and some really pricey ones they used to have at Major Cineplex. Would love to be able to buy from local bookstores, spas, local product craftshops, so I'm open to any suggestions from someone who knows other places.
  15. I remember the 380 fiasco. I waited for a cpl hrs on the footbridge by the motor vehicles office only to hear it had had a fender-bender on its press tour inaugural voyage from BKK. Couldn't be bothered to wait a cpl more hrs to see it arrive that day, though remember hearing it. Met some friendly Menonites up on the bridge that day - truly a cross-section of CM showed up to watch or photograph the event.