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  1. Juniper Berries

    I always bring mine from home, as they're super cheap there. But I've also ordered spices and things through local restaurateur friends - so that's what I suggest. Find someone with a sympathetic ear that wouldn't mind taking on an order of something small for you. I bet most of the German restaurants have a connection, or might even be holding and be willing to parse out a few for you. I find them indispensable when making my sauteed red cabbage (rotkohl). You gonna do that or make sauerbraten? And no, I'm not German, but I used to be a cook and love food from all around the world done right.
  2. Hi. I had a Non-Imm B visa that was issued on Dec 15, 2015 in the US. I did a land crossing on the very last day of the visa's 90-day stamp power/ effectiveness, Dec 15, 2016. So the visa is now thoroughly expired and my 90 days are up on Mar 14, 2017, just two weeks away. Will it be possible for me to go to Immigration, pay 1,900 B, and get an extension of 30 days? I'll be starting the process for my new visa to be obtained here in Thailand either today or tomorrow, but am worried 2 weeks won't be enough time to secure the new visa. I imagine going to Lao and getting a tourist visa is a possibility to give me some breathing room, but if I can get the 30 day extension that should be sufficient. Any advice from someone in the know is appreciated. FYI - I did go to Lao and to get a tourist visa for Thailand about 2 yrs ago when I was between trips to the US and between business visas, while living full-time in Thailand. But it's been about 2 years, since I've done that, and I haven't abused the system, so I'm fairly confident they'd issue me one.
  3. Resize Ring - Trusted Jeweler

    I need to have a ring resized, or maybe even remount a stone in a new ring. Do any of you have a trusted jeweler you've worked with before? Hoping to find someone trustworthy and to have a working relationship with. I speak Thai, so language isn't a barrier. Thanks.
  4. Cardiologist Recommendations

    Still breathing. Had a double whammy of being sick as well as the month of heart pains. I did an initial visit to Ram and got an EKG that looked normal. The doctor I saw was Dr. Patarapong as recommended earlier, though I just got him thru default, and didn't request him. He was very knowledgeable and reassuring. I've put together a buffet of other cardio and organ function (blood) tests I want to run, including an EKG stress test, that I'll get to this week. I didn't do it last week as the cold I was experiencing had me totally in the dumps. Haven't had that bad a flu/cold in several years. Sucked to have both at same time. Back to the main point though, Dr Patarapong was very well spoken and explained the usual order of things when investigating. Because of the normal 1st EKG he said it's not necessary to jump straight to things that give direct pictures of the heart. I could choose to do so if I like, but he recommends the stress test and then if needed a carotid artery doppler sound scan. Apparently if they see plaque forming there, then it's an indicator that I've likely got it around my heart too. But at this point, that would be a third step. I also know I've been stressing over politics in two countries as well as sick parents overseas, been working too hard, and not sleeping regularly. Overall I see this as a warning to let go of alot of things and just focus on my own health and finding peace. I'll update when I have more info on how it all goes.
  5. Cardiologist Recommendations

    I've been experiencing heart pain/ tightness, but no outright signs of a heart attack for the past few weeks and am feeling foolish for waiting to get it looked at. Because of the thaivisa updates, the search function is netting me zero results from the CM subforum. So please help me out.... I'd like to know who's been in for check-ups, where, what tests did you get, and any recommendations for the most competent cardiologists. I want to quit stalling and get this looked at tonight or tomorrow.
  6. Planning a trip to Udon and then busing it over to Vientianne for a visa run. For planning (/timing) purposes I need to know the most recent hours for the Nong Khai/ Friendship Bridge border crossing. Couldn't find them anywhere else when searching. Basically, if I arrive in Udon at 5pm, will I be able to get over and into Vientianne that same night, or will I have to wait it out in Udon a night first?