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  1. I would venture that they don't exactly see eye to eye on this as well. If the US military presence was do be withdrawn - what next? Who gets the lion's share of the "spoils"? None of the three is particularly happy about the US's military presence in Syria, but it does serve some purposes - as a buffer, as a go to target in any blame game or whenever deflections are in order. And at least on Russia's part (and probably Iran's too, up to a point) - seeing the US trying to wiggle between it's conflicting commitments and disoriented foreign policy must be worth something.
  2. There's a lot that isn't illegal/criminal/sick. Those are the the bits making headlines, though. The "dark" thing may make it sounds ominous, but that's just another headline seller.
  3. No, more about holding talks with semi-allies who are directly and heavily involved with matters related to the Syrian Civil War and Russian diplomatic efforts on this front.
  4. The interests of the three countries mentioned converge only on some matters, and up to a point. On some key issues they are at odds, or holding competing agendas. This is true even if narrowing the scope to Syrian related issues only.
  5. Unless mistaken, the signs are previous court order to evict the nearby illegal market, which were not acted upon, and warnings about parking in-front of the driveway. And then there's that: So over the top for some, straw and camel back for her.
  6. Well, his situation just got potentially much worse Netanyahu blasts media 'witch hunt' as police announce new investigation https://edition.cnn.com/2018/02/18/world/netanyahu-police-investigation/index.html Plus several of the comments he made while giving his previous deflection speech will probably be looked into as well (flatly contradicting previous statements, so potentially opening (or re-opening) another can of worms). That said - and while many repeat the sort of truism offered above, doubt this would apply in this case (and further, that it applies generally). Actually starting a war is very risky business, with uncertain outcomes and public fallout (no pun intended). Politicians, if the indeed go this way, are more likely to increase the volume of their barks, less so when it comes to actually biting. A somewhere in between, there are options to approve limited scale operations - but again, these aren't necessarily a winning move. IMO, while Netanyahu may welcome the media attention switching to other issues (though not for long), it is not so probable that he can initiate them as such. This would require the full backing and unquestioning (political) loyalty of Israel's armed forces, security services and several key ministers. He does not enjoy any of this. What he does, and does well (at least when it comes to his voter base) is milk and spin such instances to the max.
  7. As far as I understand, it's not clear there's a general agreement on this move from all Kurdish factions (and that's without counting in the Kurds fighting on Turkey's side). And despite what's said in the OP - seriously doubt Assad would be open to help-now-negotiate-later sort of deal. A couple of days ago Turkey suggested joint deployments/patrols with the US as a way out of the mess. About as problematic as the OP's offer. And probably even less popular with the Kurds and Assad. There ain't much winning! here.....
  8. I usually disagree with nonsense posts. I also don't like trolls much.
  9. I very much doubt that the Turkish forces did use chemical weapons as alleged. Then again, not the first time this came up , although don't think anything was decidedly verified. Turkey Accused of Using Chemical Weapons against PKK http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/shocking-images-of-dead-kurdish-fighters-turkey-accused-of-using-chemical-weapons-against-pkk-a-711536.html
  10. @Elfin Guess turning to irrelevant and incorrect personal references is one way of covering for not being able to stand behind nonsense posts. As said, most times such size comparing does not contribute much to assessing relative strengths and capabilities.
  11. Well, "at the moment" is a rather vague time frame. Same goes for what counts as "push". I have no doubt that one thing or the other will come up, and that we won't have to wait long. Whether it will be this or that is of lesser importance. But if one wished to, things could be views from an opposite perspective - guess it would be termed "Israeli transgressions" or something like that. Israel carried numerous attacks on Syrian/Iranian/Hezbollah targets in Syria over the last few years. From Israel's point of view, these are legit and necessary, the other side probably sees it quite differently. And when it comes to "all mouth", so far both sides are mostly barking, and let's hope they keep it so.
  12. Do talk about "chestnuts".... 29 Largest Armies In The World https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/29-largest-armies-in-the-world.html Not that comparing sizes always means that much (in these matters!).
  13. I think Israelis do tend to highlight security issues, and with good reasons. I also think that not enough of them consider or realize peace is a one of the best contributing elements to security - and yes, there are also good reasons for Israelis to be doubtful or skeptical on this score. Iran is currently not an existential threat to Israel. It may or may not be one in the future - and that relates to the previous paragraph as well. As for Israel not being an existential threat to Iran - guess it depends whom you ask and how you define such threats, and how things are considered from an Iranian point of view. Capability-wise, probably incorrect an incorrect statement, though true realistically.
  14. "...chased all jews away...." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Persian_Jews#Current_status_in_Iran
  15. I don't think that there were actually "countless attempts at peaceful solutions". At least not credible ones. That most were dismissed anyway is another matter. A similar comment with regard to "the combined might of their enemies". There was no such coming-together for a long while now. If anything, the ME (and by extension, the Arab World, or even the Muslim World) is more characterized by fracturing. It could be argued that Israel could have used this state of thing to carve more significant diplomatic gains (not to mention peace), but generally speaking many of the instances which manage to spark some measure of unity in the ME etc. are down to Israel's governments actions. Modern weapons are one thing, the ability to withstand a lengthy war with heavy loses is another.