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  1. And then one remembers them Evangelicals on the other side. But that's totally different, of course, since they are good Christians and all that. Same goes for Catholic voodoo.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Pavone#Pre-election_videos
  2. Which is pretty much what I've posted above. And even that said, there's an ongoing high profile state-sponsored investigation into matters uncomfortable to the administration, members of the administration had to resign, and some involved in the President's campaign are going to do time. There were several occasions in which the administrations initiatives or wishes were denied by bi-partisan efforts. So, yeah, the US isn't in a great shape, but even so, it's still much better than the alternative - at least on this score. We're not talking about perfect, here, just better.
  3. And yet, reading these topics one could imagine that SA only trades with the US...
  4. The first part of your post, where you try to build some credibility as an "objective" commentator is, as they say, a nice story. Not particularly relevant to the discussion, though. You can also try and paint Assange as some righteous warrior for freedom of information and such - good luck with that. Same goes for asserting what might have been if, based on a single unofficial quote by Clinton. Same goes for assertions regarding Snowden's fate had this or that happened. The obvious fact is that all the persons cited as examples are alive. Where applicable, their actions were dealt with through legal means and procedure. To remind, your own previous posts featured Skripal and Hongwei as examples. It would take some creative imagination to assert that the US treats its citizens in similar ways to Russia, China, or North Korea. I'm aware some posters aren't interested in the concept of perspective, degree or moderation, so not altogether surprised by the nonsense spewed. Funny though, how you manage to kick the bucket as per your intro. Now then, since going on about "masters" and "brainwashing" is a clear sign you either haven't got anything of substance to add, and cannot support your arguments in any meaningful way, perhaps it is, indeed, best if you withdraw from the discussion. Since I doubt this would happen, I'd ask you to stop using my posts as a platform for your preposterous rants. Adulate your heroes to your heart's content without involving me, please.
  5. That's a fine generalization, which I doubt you could support with anything much.
  6. And on the other hand, I quite understand why you insist on making up stuff regarding my and other posters' views. That's what some posters do when they do not have a valid argument. Considering you go on and on about "truth", perhaps practice some when referencing posters' comments?
  7. Again, I've no idea how you fail to grasp how amusingly ridiculous your posts are. All that persistent self-righteous posturing, plus repeated attempts to cast other posters' views according to some contrived good vs. bad framework (whether they actually even posted something relating to your imaginary take) usually doesn't merit more than a laugh. You wish to believe Assange & Co. as blameless, righteous, pro-truth gang - go for it. Facts aren't an issue for true believers.
  8. Hyperbole is a default resort with some posters. Sad. The US under the Trump administration does see some erosion with regard to checks and balances, yes. To declare them gone is an exaggeration.
  9. More likely he finds your nonsense posts amusing. As for the "always" bit - not-presumably, you're making things up in lieu of an actual argument. But do whine about making things personal...by all means.
  10. "...it could hardly be worse." Oh, I think it certainly could. The US (whether some like to acknowledge it or not) got checks and balances, plus a political culture based on different principals than those prevalent in China.
  11. Morch

    Man who foiled Nazi nuclear plan dies aged 99

  12. Morch

    Man who foiled Nazi nuclear plan dies aged 99

    I think you'll find 23yo people who are just like that guy, and then 23yo people who conform to your description. Doubt it was much different even back then.
  13. Russia and Saudi Arabia 'sign $3bn arms deal' as King Salman visit shows how much relations have changed https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/russia-king-salman-visit-saudi-arabia-moscow-vladimir-putin-a7985161.html Closer Ties: China And Saudi Arabia Sign $70 Billion in New Deals https://thediplomat.com/2017/08/closer-ties-china-and-saudi-arabia-sign-70-billion-in-new-deals/
  14. While making the US look bad as a "bonus".