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  1. I got ripped off by them twice in the same day last month, at Hua Hin Immigration, 500 Baht to transfer stamps into my new PP and 500 Baht for a residency letter, both should be free I was pissed off for a couple of days but in reality what can you do? Sure you can kick up a fuss and refuse to pay but what happens when you need your next extension? I think we all know the answer to that one
  2. You do realize that you are in Thailand? It's never changed, it's always been like this
  3. Didn't say a date and time when I picked mine up 6 weeks ago, I think everyone gets the automatic reply to emails, they will then email you back with the answers to any questions you may have asked, it's normally the same day but with it being a weekend it will probably be Monday
  4. If you have done 5 Visa Exempt entries by air over the last 10 months you have been very lucky not to have been questioned or even denied entry before now A friend of mine was denied entry last year after doing 3 consecutive VE by air
  5. Cheers, I know there are good deals in that area but I have to come into town everyday, I only ride a bicycle so to far for me
  6. It's possible this stamp was in in the OP's friends PP also but he failed to notice it, the stamp is in black colour now and unless you are looking for it it's easy to miss, I got one last year, if I hadn't been looking for it I wouldn't have spotted it @BritTim the last time I saw somebody rejected there which was last year, they issued the visa but then put a void stamp on it, he had the "to many tourist visas" stamp already from there but thought he would try his luck
  7. Do you mind if I ask where you live? I rent a 3 Bed townhouse on Soi 88 for 13K/Month, I am looking to move (issues with the landlord) and am looking for something similar to what I have now
  8. I quoted your entire post in my first post Joe You are stating it can't be done but then stating a way it could possibly be done, that Joe is a suggestion Anyway nevermind
  9. I would say stating the following would count under the definition of suggestion as a suggestion Joe "I guess you could do it if you had somebody in the UK you could mail the application and your current passport to and were willing to mail it to the passport office" That Joe is a suggestion I know some people on this forum see you as some kind of God but that does not mean you cannot be questioned on something you have said, like we all can
  10. Most Immigration offices require the letter asking Immigration to transfer the stamps, if somebody did you what you suggested above they would not have this letter
  11. If he has a new PP he will have no problem getting another SETV at Vientiane There have been no reports of people being denied entry by Immigration at Nong Khai, this is classed as a friendly border, people with a lot longer history than your friends have passed through there without issue including myself With that sort of history I would recommend to avoid Airports
  12. You're talking rubbish i'm afraid You have been told off a few bar girls what happened and are presenting it as facts trying to make yourself look important I would stop posting if I were you, you are making yourself look stupid
  13. Were you in the bar when the incident happened? I'm guessing not as you have been told by a eyewitness what happened So everything you have said apart from him being released is what you have been told, being told something does not mean it is a fact, especially if it comes from bar girls Unless you were actually there you know about as much as everyone else
  14. And were they the Schools in Hua Hin? No so why make assumptions about all of them? If you enrol you will be taught Thai in the classes, i'm not sure why you would think anything different? If you were not taught Thai in the previous schools you attended I would suggest you report them to the MOE
  15. And what brings you this conclusion? They have classes that students are expected to attend, in these classes they have teachers that teach you Thai If students don't wish to attend they pay extra however the students that do attend are taught what they pay to be taught