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  1. Which is exactly the point I made in a earlier post, Penang has a new head honcho and he/she seems determined to do as little work as possible, either that or they are understaffed there so have decided to limit the application numbers
  2. There is no gaming the system I/O's get a alert after 6 VE entries, you can actually see this advised on the ThaiVisaService website, they can see on their screen if you have stayed the full 30 days each time and also if you have extended by 30 days each time If they can see you done both of the above you will be questioned, if not then you won't I got told this info by a I/O at a border crossing after my 6th VE entry, he had gotten a alert on his system when he scanned my PP
  3. For this to be correct this must mean that their old name is stored on the information part of their new, new name PP that can only be read by a scanner, is that correct? Otherwise how would they be able to link old and new names?
  4. darrendsd

    9 years overstay

    Wow did you do a full few hours there? You must really know all about it then Try asking the guys that have been held in there for a few years if it's "well alright"
  5. Most of the posts on this thread are the usual over reaction, Thailand doesn't want tourists, blah blah blah The simple fact is that you will get a Tourist Visa at Penang if you have the correct documents, nowhere does it say you will be refused if you have the correct documents, as long as you are in the first 100 people in the line you are fine A new chief has taken charge and it is clear he/she is intent in doing as little work as possible and that is the reason for these changes It was the same over reaction when Savwanakhet started to ask for the same documents but it turns out if you have what they want they will issue you as many TV's as you want, something they didn't do before the changes
  6. If you can provide all they require then they may not do that, according to some on this forum if you provide Savanakhet with what they require they will issue you as many as you want Maybe Penang will be the same way? Time will tell
  7. Why is it dead? They have not said no more Tourist Visas will be issued there they just want the paperwork to be in order In fact it will probably be easier to get a TV there as not as many people will be going The usual over reaction
  8. They are being more strict and cutting down the work, that's what this change is about, did you actually read the article?
  9. darrendsd

    9 years overstay

    Complete nonsense i'm afraid, there was a grace period before the new laws came into affect however that finished a long time ago He will be banned, that is 100%
  10. The procedure is exactly the same as it was, Penang have had these requirements for a while now All they are doing is ensuring that no time is wasted by people who don't know how to fill forms in, I can't imagine how frustrating that must be for the staff All that has really changed is that they may or may not actually start checking flight tickets, hotel reservations to see if they are real, genuine applicants will have no problems with this
  11. I would suggest that that means applying for a visa for 1 year from Penang not being banned from entering the country for 1 year Whether that means from all Embassies is unclear, they would only be able to do this if they put something in your PP
  12. darrendsd

    Kanchanaburi Visa Run

    As far as I know no none, you could ask at the Condochain but I don't think they do them, I get the minibus from Hua Hin to BKK and meet up with TVS there, after the trip we usually arrive back in BKK around midnight, I will either get the trip minibus driver to bring me back to HH (usually around 1600 Baht) or get a taxi for around the same price
  13. No bank statements in UK Pounds accepted which seems strange I would suggest the fake documents refers to Airline tickets using a service where a ticket can be "rented" not really surprising they are checking these considering the total idiots that discuss how to do this on a open forum
  14. darrendsd

    Kanchanaburi Visa Run

    I live in Hua Hin to If you want to go to Kanchanaburi you could obviously do that yourself or you can use this guy who I have used in the past, you get the minibus from Soi 51 and he will pick you up at the bus station in Kanchanaburi and take you to the border and back https://www.facebook.com/visarunkanchanaburi.service/ There is also a company located at the CondoChain opposite Bangkok Hospital on Petchkasem road that do trips to the Kanchanaburi border but I don't know how often they go, it certainly isn't daily For trips to Laos I use these, I am actually going tomorrow, used them numerous times with no problems https://www.thaivisaservice.com/ You will see that they also run trips to Kanchanaburi although the above guy works out cheaper and you don't have to be in BKK at 4am like the TVS service