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  1. Can you use both in the ATM machine Joe or once you get a 2nd card can you only use the 2nd one?
  2. So they allow you to have 2 cards? 1 for ATM withdrawals and 1 for online transactions (until it expires)
  3. Thanks Joe, did they issue you the card in the branch or did they send it to your house?
  4. Everytime I withdraw from my BB ATM I get a message advising that I can get a new free card up until and I will check again December 2018 You are saying November 2019? So after either of these dates I will not be able to use my ATM to withdraw cash even though it is valid until 2024?
  5. I have a ED Visa and when I did my first 90 day extension a week or so ago it went to Immigration not the MoE As far as I know there is no need for it to go to the MoE, you have already satisfied all their requirements when you first applied for the ED Visa, the only time it needs to go there again would be if you applied to continue the course after your first year You need to speak to your school and don't leave until you get your PP back
  6. You are confusing, where is your PP? At Immigration or the MoE? If your school has said it's at the MoE then you need to question them why, The MoE does not need your PP, only copies, If your PP is at Immigration then you need to ask your school why it is taking so long, it certainly does not take 3 weeks to process a 90 day stamp You need to speak to your school ASAP
  7. I don't see why your school or the MoE has kept your Passport for 3 weeks, only copies are needed for the MoE I am on a ED Visa and my school didn't keep my PP for 3 weeks when I applied, they just took copies
  8. darrendsd

    Laos visa Run Timing ?

    They have always asked for a copy of the Laos Visa, at least the 6 times I have been there in the last few years OP be aware that if you go on the dates you say you will be there on the same days as the Visa Run companies go Whilst it will be no issue in catching your flight in time be prepared for a lot of waiting on the day you apply and the day you pick up your PP Even with the extra waiting you should still be at Nong Khai Immigration no later than 4 - 4 30pm, from memory the Airport is around 30-45 minutes away
  9. They should have asked to see the 20k but even if they did it wouldn't have mattered if you had shown it to them, once their mind is made up they are not letting you in that's it You could have offered them a "incentive" to let you in, I had to do this is at a land border (not Poipet) a few months ago but it is always difficult to know how to handle the situation Take the advice you have been offered above by Briggsy above and you should be ok So, if I wait another week or so then head to Laos to get a tourist visa I may be able to re-enter? Yes but on this occasion enter via a land border, personally I would get a TV at Vientianne and enter back via Nong Khai if this is feasible for you for you to do
  10. darrendsd

    Are Thais Xenophobic or insecure or both or neither.

    Yes of course they do, don't most country's expect the same? A Tourist to come on holiday spend some money then leave? Give little back? Do you mean apart from letting you live here pretty much hassle free as long as you have the money to do so? What is the actual point of your post? Are you complaining because you have to jump through a few small hoops to gain entry and stay in a country? And you think that's "Xenophobic, or insecure" ? No, it's called common sense
  11. VFS cannot speed the Passport process up however they do notify you the same day the new PP arrives back with them Assuming that your GF provided VFS with her phone number when she applied for the PP she will also receive a SMS from DHL when her PP is at Heathrow
  12. There are a few people on this forum who don't understand what the word illegal actually means
  13. No they won't provide a link because living in the Country on TOURIST VISAS in NOT illegal I suggest you look up the meaning of the word illegal There was a ministerial order issued in 2014 that gave power to I/OS to scrutinize and reject entry to anybody who they thought may be abusing VISA EXEMPT entries but this is down to the discretion of the I/Os You can't provide a link because no such law exists and no matter what you say that is a fact
  14. Clever people can work out it's not illegal, Where is that law that says it is? Can you provide a link? By the way clever people can also work out the difference between a Tourist Via and a Visa Exempt
  15. As you said there was also a businessman denied who I suspect was dressed reasonably ok? If you were to turn up in rags yes this would probably be a issue however personally I don't think it matters how you dress as long as you look reasonably ok, as I said once they decide then that's pretty much it