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  1. It's not a new requirement at HH Immi however it does seem to depend on which officer you deal with
  2. Ban Laem today.

    Maybe not 100% but I think most posters on this thread would agree you're not to far off
  3. Ban Laem today.

    Cost and a few other factors prevent that i'm afraid, On visa runs I like to get there, get it done and get back ASAP, I treat Visa Runs as just that, visa runs although of course I understand other people see them as a chance for a little break
  4. Ban Laem today.

    Nobody is knocking you, it was only when EcigAmateur got involved things started to get silly
  5. Ban Laem today.

    No they don't, they pay the visa fee and THAT IS ALL THEY PAY "Anybody as good as me" Haha, admits he got scammed but thinks he is great because he paid 100 Baht less than everyone else, you still got scammed even if you "only" paid 200, not that good are you?
  6. Ban Laem today.

    But you still paid whether you believe it or not, scammed
  7. Ban Laem today.

    I have, I pay for the visa only, it seems it's YOU that has been scammed
  8. Ban Laem today.

    Why have I been scammed exactly? They provide a good service for a fee, that's how the world works, if you want a service it needs to be paid for I live in Hua Hin and don't drive, how exactly do you want me to get there and if I did go by myself get scammed like the OP did? No thanks and stop talking rubbish
  9. Yes exactly, as I explained it was a test email so I didn't write that
  10. As advised in a earlier post, I sent a blank email to them, this is the response I got Thank you for your email. This is an automated response. This email address is ONLY for booking an appointment to submit a passport application. You’ll need to schedule an appointment by email. Include your first name and last name and 3 alternative dates and times from 8:30 to 16:00, Monday to Friday except public holidays (Bangkok time). You will receive an email confirming your appointment.
  11. He should just go to his normal email and type the address in, seems simple enough to me I have just pasted the address in and sent it with no issues, the OP is clearly doing something wrong or his outlook address is not configured correctly
  12. I have just tried using my spare Yahoo email with no problems, the email was sent
  13. The problem seems to be the OP not the VFS email address, it seems he is clicking on the email link and there is a problem with his email client account in doing this, probably not formatted correctly, I get the same problem Just email them using your normal email address without clicking on the link, just paste it into your normal email account
  14. People get the letters all the time from VFS when they have renewed their PP, if none of the above works then maybe consider asking on here if a kind soul will scan and send you a blank one They are just copies, the applicants details are not on them, this has to be filled in so it should be fine
  15. It seems the issue is with your email provider and not the VFS one, the email address is correct, I have used that one myself