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  1. So why not ask the question I don't want to live here on TV's so what are my options? Instead of saying people have to go home to get another METV (Incorrect) and calling them liars, (Incorrect again) Maybe then people will want to help you, I won't
  2. What you don't seem to understand is unless you have PR or citizenship then NOBODY is here permanently, the rules could change at any time and indeed some people who lived here have had to go home when the rules changed in the past for other visas If people choose to live here on TV's than what is your problem? it is their choice not yours These people don't claim to "live in Thailand" they know the risks and know they could be refused entry at any time, the same as the rules for other visas could change at anytime Get over yourself and get a life
  3. OP as another poster has said you don't understand the system, when you do understand it come back
  4. No people don't NEED to go back to their home country and no they are not lying If people choose to live here on the methods you describe why is that your concern? If you spend your life concerned about what total strangers are doing then you really need to question your own life
  5. This maybe so This is all maybe so and I do not doubt you but all this complex info is not going to help the OP get his problem sorted Only following what some posters have advised him to do (including yourself in another post) will resolve his problem Hopefully he will but even when he does I doubt he will ever be told the exact reason why it happened, he will just be told it is now sorted and you can fly to Thailand again
  6. Unless you have direct access to the APIS system you are just speculating, you like the OP and everyone else here cannot give a definite reason as to why the OP was refused boarding the 2nd time FYI it is normal practice for anyone who has been blacklisted in the past to be questioned by Immigration, this has nothing to do with APIS, the details of the blacklist would have been on the I/O's system, it has been like that for years and has nothing to do with the APIS system
  7. You should be ok but others will advise After a overstay of 30 days it would be highly advisable to have 20,000 Baht cash ready to show Immigration when you return to Thailand
  8. Your Lawyer is trying to rip you off and is giving you BS advice about your next visa application, also there is not a "chance" you will get a O/S stamp in your Passport because you will get one Pay the overstay and take the stamp, you should have no issues in getting another visa in the same Passport in the future, if you are that concerned you could consider getting a new Passport before applying for your next visa at the Embassy/Consulate
  9. Yes it is a strange situation, as another poster suggested maybe the new PP triggered something? Hope you get sorted but please don't do what some other posters have suggested of just booking a flight on another Airline, yes you may be lucky but who is to say this won't happen again the future, best to try and get sorted before you book again if you can
  10. How would he have known this problem was going to happen considering he had already been here once after his ban had finished? Do you need to be able to look into the future to fly somewhere nowadays?
  11. I understand this but if this is the case why was he allowed to board the first time he returned?
  12. The OP was using a new PP He had already flown here after his ban and was refused the 2nd time It seems to me that this is a issue with the Airline he tried to use the 2nd time not updating their systems,
  13. This would explain why the OP was allowed to fly the first time but not the 2nd, maybe the Airlines system had not updated that his ban had finished If the OP has a GF here it's possible he will travel here frequently and if he uses another Airline could run into further issues again Hence the need in my view to get a Official letter from Immigration stating his ban has expired or when he books his next flight explain to the Airline about the situation and that he has the letter of proof so they are forewarned if anything comes up on their system when boarding
  14. Personally I would contact a Thai Embassy in India, explain the situation and ask them to contact Immigration to get this red flag removed and get a official letter stating that it has been removed in case of any further issues with the Airlines If the Embassy won't help then contact Immigration directly to resolve
  15. "May find a different result" The keyword being "May" So what is the best solution, buy a business class ticket as he did last time, tell his GF he is coming, possibly book hotels and then be refused boarding Or, Resolve the issue BEFORE doing all of the above and have no problems whatsoever?