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  1. A friend of mine produced a bus ticket at Svannakhet about 4 months ago and got his SETV
  2. I was there yesterday, went in the morning, the officer said they do 90 day reports there and tourist and visa exempt exemptions Sorry not sure what time it closes It was pretty quiet but i'm sure they will get busier as word gets around that they have opened there
  3. Yes you can, I have done it myself
  4. Yes they will ask, there are some topics already running about this if you want to search
  5. So last time was your 4th back to back TV from Vientiane? Did you get the warning stamp this time?
  6. Yes it can be done however whatever visa you are on will not be converted into a ED Visa within Thailand, i'm sure you can work out the rest
  7. in my view a SETV is not required and is more hassle and expense You are only in Thailand for a total of 4 weeks, you don't need one You will have no problems entering twice on a Visa Exempt
  8. A SETV is really not required for his trip and works out at extra cost and hassle Free entry twice into Thailand with a VE as opposed to the cost of the SETV (25 pound) and re entry permit (approx 25 pound)
  9. You don't need a METV if you are here for 6 weeks with 2 of them in Cambodia You can just arrive on a Visa Exempt, (no visa from the Embassy required) you will be stamped in for 30 days at the Airport in Thailand Leave for your 2 weeks in Cambodia, when you return you will be granted another 30 days when you enter Thailand, This will be enough for your trip, the last (or indeed first 30 days) you receive can be extended for another 30 days at a Immigration Office within Thailand if you need the extra days Save yourself the hassle of applying for a METV, you don't need it
  10. Totally wrong, you have to apply in person or get someone to submit your application for you hence that's why agents have sprung up You don't use the Embassy, you have to go to the VFS center on Suk 13 Also you don't send or give them your old PP, you have to give them copies Everything you are saying is completely wrong
  11. So derailing the topic is telling you you were wrong in insisting there should have been free TV's at Vientianne? Something else you are Give it up, have you not noticed people are laughing at you?
  12. Nobody cared after your first post where you made a total fool of yourself
  13. Well you cared because after telling all and sundry including your mates that they were free and then coming on here slagging the Embassy off you finally learned the truth
  14. My posts telling you that TV's are not free doesn't add any value? You're the one on here telling us they should be!! Honestly you're making a complete fool of yourself by continuing to post