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  1. " I traveled frequently to Europe when I was working and naturally was aware that many people despised America while they also envied much of our society and lifestyle. " I think despised is a really bad choice of words here. Of course there will be people despising the USA, there will always be despising people anything. But in general from Europe critique of the USA will be on mainly 2 things: it's desire to control the world, even though often Europe is asking the USA for that, with quite often a bad outcome, and the lack of care for the poor in the USA: all is available for the well to do, but there is just a very limited social security, poor education, etc. for the not so well off. Couple that with many Europeans traveling abroad, many Americans staying in country, all resulting in a very different view of the world.
  2. Agree, but at least they're reading, UTF is just giving his own opinion without really reading the posts he is replying to.
  3. stevenl

    Pay the fine?

    If you got your license, just ignore it and see what happens. Push comes to shove you can's renew your yearly registration and have to pay at that point. The fine is on the car, not on the driver, so yearly registration could be an issue.
  4. The whole population of the UK lost the referendum.
  5. Just ignore the guy, he is trolling you.
  6. What would those significant opportunities be?
  7. Why should people stop calling brexiteers stupid dupes, when it is very clear that they are?
  8. You either have comprehensive reading issues or are trolling. I think both.
  9. I wish you would read, and not put your spin and interpretation on other posts.
  10. Whether or not deductibles are a good option depends on your ability to pay the deductible out of pocket and the reduction in premium.
  11. Check your policy, there will be a procedure outlined for disputes. Follow that. If you don't, they can stick to the denial and declare your dispute invalid since you did not follow proper and agreed upon procedures.
  12. stevenl

    Pay the fine?

    You ask 'pay the fine' but I presume you paid on the spot? If so, live and learn. If not, don't pay.
  13. stevenl

    FORD Ranger Raptor Worth 1.7M?

    So that's why 'Thai morons' 'numb nut Thais with zero understanding' and 'moronic Thai males'. Please.
  14. stevenl

    registration charge

    No, somebody is making money out of you.
  15. Yes, you're right. Glad to see you disagree with the landslide statement.