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  1. There was no false news story, the news is happening as depicted in the story. Also the illustration is indicating what is happening, just with a girl that shouldn't have been on that illustration. But this doesn't change any of the facts. And those facts are amongst others that the person you are saying can do nothing, he is only upholding the law and Congress should implement a new law, has told Congress to do nothing until after the elections.
  2. stevenl

    Got into a accident, what should I do?

    Car illegally parked, motorbike coming from wrong direction, so both would be fined if police were involved. But you could not stop in time, so did not oversee the situation good enough. I would say if he calls, just offer maximum 2,000 Baht and be done with it. If he wants more, tell him 'no'.
  3. stevenl

    Finance not paid - and now?

    Official finance? They will be able to get his register4ed address and go there to collect, also go after the guarantor. Loan sharks? They'll do anything including violence.
  4. stevenl

    purchasing a vehicle

    Maybe, maybe not, depends on the interaction between dealer and DLT. This is not about the dealer accepting or not, only about the DLT accepting or not.
  5. The poster I responded to in claiming Trump can't help it, he is only doing what the law requires him to do, Congress should act. Maybe this will convince him it is Trump who wants this.
  6. So what when the president asks Congress not to fix anything because it would look bad? And tells them to wait till after the elections?
  7. I don't think so, her earlier publicly disagreement with this policy tells me she honestly doesn't agree and felt strongly enough to speak out.
  8. This happened under Obama by exception, under Trump by rule. Equaling those 2 proves you're not taking a balanced approach.
  9. Sorry, but somebody saying 'this also happened under Obama' is not taking a balanced approach. Your earlier posts here, also saying 'this is not new' say the same.
  10. "after all ,he isn't all ways precise with his words " I thought he says it like it is?
  11. What a load of nonsense. This is about the separation of children, never seen before and never done before in the USA except for by Trump.
  12. As you said 'Maybe' and 'if '. Since that doesn't happen with Promptpay payments no need to worry about using Promptpay.
  13. Want to use that one, can do: " But the fact that the word is fairly new does not prove that the concept of racism did not exist in the distant past. " " Dictionaries are often treated as the final arbiter in arguments over a word’s meaning, but they are not always well suited for settling disputes. The lexicographer’s role is to explain how words are (or have been) actually used, not how some may feel that they should be used, and they say nothing about the intrinsic nature of the thing named by a word, much less the significance it may have for individuals. When discussing concepts like racism, therefore, it is prudent to recognize that quoting from a dictionary is unlikely to either mollify or persuade the person with whom one is arguing. " And finally "Today, Hawaii has one of the most diverse populations anywhere. Each group has its own stories of prejudice and opportunities limited by racism."
  14. Time for you to read up on this, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racism. "Therefore, racism and racial discrimination are often used to describe discrimination on an ethnic or cultural basis, independent of whether these differences are described as racial."
  15. Nobody is saying it is easy, and he does a good job of explaining. Since quite a few proponants of this policy are blaming the MSM, l hope you also saw that CNN is giving every opportunity to him to speak out and explain. But the facts are what they are, or were what they were, because at present nobody knows what is happening. Trump instigated the policy, and had to retract it because the USA did not accept it.