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  1. I heard that claim before, but as far as I can tell the recordings, audio, came from Khashoggi's watch.
  2. Wikileaks is Assange, and Assange only cares about Assange. A pity you don't see that the election leaks were done with one purpose only: enhance Assange's case. Despite the leaks, which worked, he didn't get the results he was looking for.
  3. Since it would be Swedish courts deciding on extradition, I disagree it was a ploy. Agreed it was seen as a ploy by some. Now it would be uk courts deciding on this, also here I think they operate independently.
  4. As you said in your last lines, that is why the USA should say something.
  5. Of course he would be arrested, and should be, he violated British law by jumping bail. And with the embassy being guarded already, yes, it would be a quick arrest, but IMO not due to the fact that he is placed under guard or the UK is spending additional money on his presence there.
  6. Since I didn't respond to or quote you, I don't care very much that you react to my post with a reaction 'but then the guard on Assange was not a subject of my post.'.
  7. Sweden has dropped the charges. Based on what I've seen I doubt he'll be extradited to the USA. But I understand he doesn't trust my guess on this. There is no Assange guard anymore, for quite some time now.
  8. Why do Christian groups even bother with getting riled over this, when it is against their religion to believe in this?
  9. First one is gone already, car accident. Agree, more accidents will follow.
  10. stevenl

    Car insurance - not owned by me

    If an older car, most likely only has the compulsory PoRoBor insurance. That is always valid for anybody who drives the car, but very, very limited cover. Getting 1st or 2nd class insurance may prove not possible for an older car, but I would recommend proper 3rd class, so in case you are responsible for an accident, at least you will be covered. Won't be terribly expensive as well.
  11. After they cut of his fingers, before they cut of his arms.
  12. stevenl

    Brit expat charged for horrific Phuket accident

    For once I agree with you.
  13. Yes, that is a trusted strategy. Don't like facts, just ignore and or don't believe them.
  14. What social benefits are illegal immigrants entitled to? They just want to work.