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  1. Those same people already reported him before this happened. So in this case it seems the mosque, friends and family warned authorities, who for some reason ignored the warnings.
  2. Our honest opinions regarding Fatty's are different here
  3. "However it seems you are excusing the direct killing of 22 young people" He did no such thing, seems you are blinded by hatred.
  4. "Do you think that the average Christian murderer is supported by his vicar and the congregation? For goodness sake." Neither is the case here, they even informed the police, but you chose to ignore facts that don't suit your action plan: demolish.
  5. It is clear the terrorist is to blame. But analyzing what happened can prevent future attacks, so I would not call it sidetracking, despite your attempt to blame the muslim community.
  6. Iman, friends and family informed the police and called the anti terrorist line (I did not even know that existed). That is all according to The Telegraph, not known for their sensationalism, The Independent confirms similar,
  7. Again, because you ignore the fact, you want to demolish the mosque whose iman warned the police about this guy?
  8. Like warning police about potential threats you mean?
  9. " When I spoke to them, I was told that Now Health was regulated in Thailand and that they were known by and had relationships with all the best hospitals. " Ask them for a list of the hospitals they have direct billing agreements with. Judging by their website they are NOT regulated in Thailand.
  10. In this case, the reports are that the friends, family and imans warned the police and anti terrorist line that he posed a danger and was talking about a suicide mission. So the local mosque could have been crucial, provided the information received was used.
  11. Those forecasts are unreliable. Rain does not stop people from diving, winds though can prevent it. For the upcoming weekend the weather looks good according to Windguru.
  12. Fly to Krabi or Phuket, and dive from there.
  13. Koh Tao is a cheap island to get a dive certification, but great for diving: NO.
  14. I just tried to replicate the OP's situation, but can not. On the first screen with Thai Air Asia I get the price, including VAT already, and with the choice of add ons (meal, seat selection), which are preset to 'off'. Only automatic add on is 20 kg luggage, which I can deselect later.
  15. I don't mind at all people misreading, can happen to all of us. But it would be nice if in this case zaphorn returned and apologised after having been corrected.