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  1. Well, apparently there is a need to insult. Either you knowingly posted old information, or you should have retracted and apologized when pointed out to you the information was old and incorrect.
  2. Not everyone is the same.
  3. Not endangered yet, but while diving we used to see plenty of them, no we hardly see them. Worldwide the number of sharks is declining at an incredible pace. With their importance in the seas for the environmental balance and their importance to the tourist industry they should not be on the menu anywhere.
  4. stevenl

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Also democrats agree there should be more done to border security, hence in their proposals they have allocated more money for that. So what is your point?
  5. stevenl

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    All of them? Please look at statistics of this perceived problem.
  6. stevenl

    U.S. House panel eyes reported FBI probe of Trump

    That is a very substantiated rebuttal of somebody's opinion.
  7. Good thing then that to build the wall new roads have to be constructed
  8. No, depending on the source the maximum number is 11 million.
  9. That was a very dishonest quote. You should at least have added the following lines "Immediate family are first, spouse, second unmarried children, under 21; next are orphans either adopted or who will be adopted, and last is parents of a US citizen. After that category, the time for further relatives, such as married children and spouses, siblings etc. gets to be longer and a little more complicated. There are limits on the number admitted each year in those categories. In almost all of the immigrant visa's documents of financial support are required. This puts serious restrictions on how many family most people can bring over. You have to start being pretty wealthy to bring many people. You are responsible for their financial care and they are restricted from public welfare and other benefits.".
  10. stevenl

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    To help you, I have added the numbers for you. About 43% in favour of building (part of that only if Congress approves), 57% against building. May be different in a few minutes though.
  11. You're again confusing 'Trump's campaign' with 'Trump'. Arrests have been made of members of his campaign. I am convinced he knew what was happening, but don't know about proof here.
  12. Please learn the law here before making ridiculous comments.
  13. I think this is a very valid point. I would be more worried about her family coming after her though.
  14. stevenl

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Please explain the connection between illegal immigration and the wall. Before you do that, don't forget to look at statistics.
  15. The problem is an ineffective, money wasting wall. Nobody is disputing border security, only how to achieve this. Unfortunately Trump has made it about 'if you don't support the wall you don't support border security', and many have fallen for that total nonsense.