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  1. It would not surprise me if this whole 'fast track system' is in fact illegal and based on corruption.
  2. "Wasn't your post deleted do do to the anti-semitic remarks that you made?" No idea what you're on about. "My wife is Thai my son at half Thai, so exactly who are you accusing of being a xenophobe." Does not mean you can't be xenophobe towards other Thai. And looking at your OP, you are.
  3. Non o Visa

    You applied for an extension of stay, not for a visa. Real important difference.
  4. He has raised his prices for new customers, nothing wrong with that. Now the OP has in his mind decided this is racist, in spite of a very believable explanation. It would be racist if Asians come in now and get the old price. But so far, nothing racist here.
  5. You are not being overcharged, you are being charged the new price.
  6. Good for him. And if we don't hear about him anymore that would be excellent.
  7. Why, I thought it was all Asians against the one farang?
  8. Excellent point. Now if next year the OP does get an increase or new kids get the old price and he the more expensive one, he has a point. Until that time, it is IMO just a baseless rant.
  9. And I don't know why you're not getting it. He is the only new kid, and you received a very reasonable explanation from the van driver.
  10. Your bias is obvious. Excellent business sense from the guy, only charge more for new kids. In a few years he'll be making 10k more without having to increase his prices for his existing customers.
  11. I would presume a vios would have been 70 or 80 k or so.
  12. Sounds like she had outstanding finance. And yes, first time buyer scheme has to be repaid if sold before the 5 years were up.
  13. Why conclude he is overcharged because of his skin? As the van driver said, prices have gone up for new customers.
  14. Solidarity is the basic principle of health care insurance.