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  1. Tourist Driving Licence

    Same as with home license, since the IDP is only valid by an accompanied, valid license.
  2. getting inusured for any vehicle

    "unless your insurance company has a clause in the policy limiting the coverage to only certain drivers." If that clause is in the po9licy, standard is there will still be coverage for another driver but with a high(er) deductable.
  3. Yes, 5% off is the compulsory discount. They can request proof, but I don't think 'no cover if it was not working' is allowed. And of course you don't get 5% if you have free insurance. Anybody getting a higher discount should consider himself lucky.
  4. You're right. I looked at the last photo in the link to the main story, but now notice that is only a warning against parking next to the road for tourbuses or face a 50,000 Baht fine. This one was parked in the lane I also call the motorbike lane, unfortunately all too often used for parking.
  5. "No doubt the UK, USA, and others are notorious for pointless rejections of entry. Of course, in those cases, there is a strong financial-incentive for many to enter for illegal-work. " Again that same old argument from you, looked at very one sided. The same applies here in Thailand, with many foreign illegal workers.
  6. getting inusured for any vehicle

    AFAIK: no, except of course for accident insurance for yourself. Check with forum sponsor AA I would say to be sure.
  7. No, look at the photos. He was parked mostly on the grass, but also a bit on the yellow line. Illegal, yes, but there was no reason at all for that van to drive straight into him. And no, nothing to do with Makro or that general area.
  8. So somebody who knows he may mistake red for green trusts his eyes and mistakes red for green without checking. Sorry, no. And no, lifeguards don't distinguish between Europeans, Americans and Aussies. And no, that is not what I said. You claimed to have the solution, I did not, but it is clear you don't have it. End of.
  9. It makes no sense to me that colour blind people decide a red flag is green. My suggestion would be more guards.
  10. Phuket weather 2017

    When I was living in panwa there was often in the same spot almost a line on the road. One side it rained, one side dry. Really small scale ๐Ÿ˜€.
  11. Ok, so you're saying more should be done, but when called out can't come up with any suggestions yourself. Where do you live, have you ever seen these beaches with signs first hand?
  12. Strange comment since this accident involved a Chinese national.
  13. He is thanking Nip and you come with a sneer because of that. Does not make any sense at all. I disagree with Nips post BTW, too many suggestions about the guy, all based on nothing but some posts and likes/dislikes.
  14. Phuket weather 2017

    Yes, we did get plenty of rain. But I have the same feeling at Tapster: Rawai less rain than Kata, Kata less rain than Patong. Also in my experience when I was living there: Panwa less rain than Town.