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  1. Driving License not on Computer.

    Yes, it should and maybe it was. Was your name spelled correctly? I don't know how accessible the database is to other DLT's, especially for older DL's, nor what happens to the information if a licence has expired more than one year.
  2. You don't know if he followed SOP or not, the only source for that is the sheriff, who has made some hindsight comments. Was he informed of the 'SOP'?
  3. Sure, let's search Chinese and Russian ships close to China and Russia, far away from the US. Let the US enforce UN sanctions. Both are bad ideas.
  4. Absolutely nothing in that article about the how, just some rants from someone who calls himself a reporter but doesn't deserve the name.
  5. If living here not a good idea, Thai license required.
  6. International Drivers Permit

    No, it has not changed.
  7. International Drivers Permit

    Agree with you, but IMO your final sentence should also apply to others: Thus you are ultimately muddying the waters on what is a very simple topic - With a non Non-Imm Visa or if staying here long term on tourist visa IF you plan on driving here any longer than 90 days you really 'should' obtain a Thai Licence.
  8. And your source for that is ?
  9. International Drivers Permit

    Bad information you received, did you get it in writing from the police? You won't encounter any problems until you're in a major accident.
  10. He was the one who mocked his personal appearance.
  11. There is a link in the OP for a reason. Follow that link and you'll know what happened to the snake.
  12. International Drivers Permit

    Meeting the requirements nobody will be denied a Thai license. If not meeting the requirements you should not be on the road.
  13. International Drivers Permit

    That is a rule from Thai immigration, nothing to do with living here. If living here without Thai license you're potentially in a world of hurt.
  14. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    Sad, you trying to ridicule others who go to hospital with a life threatening sickness.
  15. Top ten ways to avoid Dengue Fever

    Because I was almost dying.