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  1. so let us all in on it or did your mum ring you up and tell you My mum is 84 living in the UK she knows nothing about it lol.... I just heard through a friend, but I do not want to give any details, as it is not my place to, I am sorry.
  2. pattaya_girl

    How bad will the water shortage be here in Pattaya?

    If you're saying there will be no water in the mains until after Songkran you are wrong. Water running normally, or as normal as it gets, at my house in South Pattaya. My Water is ok too, and I am Central Pattayaklang. It is off and on all the time, which is no problem as its slowly filling up my tank.
  3. pattaya_girl


    I have been Shopping through Lazada for 6 Months, and must have purchased over 50 item's. If the item does not have payment by COD, I go for the "pay over the counter' method, and then screenshot the bar-code, and choose either 7.11 or Family Mart, then go and show them the bar-code and pay. I did have one faulty item not long ago, so contacted Customer Service, returned the item and got refunded plus my returns shipping fee. I have never had any problems with Lazada, the prices are reasonable, very low or sometimes no Shipping fee, and the quality of the goods i received is really good. Very very happy with them.
  4. pattaya_girl

    Phyathai Sriracha Hospital Pattaya

    I always use this hospital. I recently went for my Annual Health Check Package. I was in and out within 2 Hours, the results were immediately, the price was low, and even cheaper when I went to settle the Bill. With Meal included. I have never used the Dentist Dept, but like this Hospital very much, completely different to the Hospitals in Pattaya. They are not as 'Money Motivated'
  5. pattaya_girl

    20260 Postcode no longer valid?

    From now on after reading this post i think I will use both.. 20260 / 20150. I will write it like this underneath my address.
  6. What has this got to do with Thailand ?
  7. pattaya_girl

    Hernia op , urgent info required

    A family member of mine had his Hernia done at Banglamung Hospital approx 8000 bt, he had an Epidural. No problems whatsoever.
  8. pattaya_girl

    Melafix for Carp Ulcers in Pattaya

    One of my huge Carp has developed a couple of Ulcer's, I have read online that MELAFIX or MEDI-KOI can help to get rid of it. This can be bought online but I wondered if anyone knew where I might be able to purchase this in Pattaya. Or, does anyone know of a good supplies shop where I might be able to purchase this or maybe another Brand. The shop I buy the food from only has the Blue liquid which is not strong enough to get rid of these ulcer's and of course the Salt which I am already using. Thanks in Advance
  9. pattaya_girl

    Lard For Baking.

    Thank you for your replies, this is very helpful.. Thank you.
  10. pattaya_girl

    Lard For Baking.

    Can anyone tell me please, if they have seen Lard for sale in Pattaya, I want to make some Pastry for Pies. If so, where ? Thanks in advance.
  11. pattaya_girl

    Pattaya City Hospital ... the good and not so good.

    2 Days ago I went to The Pattaya City Hospital, Soi Bouakow, my first time to see the Doctor. I was informed immediately that it would be 600 Baht to see the Doctor. I had an X ray on my Back. Cost of 1.760 Baht. TOTAL BILL 2.360 Baht. I went to this Hospital as I was under the impression (after reading the Hospital Facebook Page) that it would be a pleasant experience and not too expensive. Now I think it's the same as the rest of them, Money Motivated ! I aired my views on the Hospital's Facebook Page, and they deleted my comment immediately. I will not be going again.
  12. pattaya_girl

    TURKEY in Pattaya

    Hi everyone. I want to buy a Frozen Turkey. I have seen them in Makro but wondered if anyone knows any other places that sell them. Thanks in advance friends.
  13. pattaya_girl

    Somyot says Ratchaprasong bomber aided by some Thais

    I have watched the Video several times, with the Guy in a Yellow T shirt circled for all to see. Has anyone taken there eyes off the Yellow T shirt Guy, take a look at the Video again, and watch the Guy in the Red T shirt who stands up, and also the man next to him in the White T shirt. This has not been done by one man, no way !!!!!