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  1. Though I am not blaming the victims, but did they pull fully off the road and turn on their hazard lights? Rarely have I ever seen this common sense to an emergency used here.
  2. There are too many Thai businesses making money off selling property, setting up companies, attorneys and accountants to foreigners, that these groups will lobby against any real action. But getting tea money from the foreigner offenders is more likely the outcome to turn the other cheek. It's business as usual, like most other issues here, the offenders just will have to pay up to make the problem go away.
  3. Integrity here means I give you credit, pay later. Never seen integrity here.
  4. You don't get brakes with a new Ferrari? Or the driver doesn't know how to use them?
  5. I will believe this brain fart after I see the other promises come true.. elections, Thai language as the world wide standard, no more drugs, etc, etc.
  6. The only reason I am contemplating the chore of providing my new passport number to the Thai banks, is so it matches my Will. I am sure Thai banks will not be very cooperative when my heir tries to get my money.
  7. 2M THB? That is his pocket money. Was it paid from stolen money and did they take his check? I hope I get this judge if ever needed.
  8. inThailand

    Farang as Juristic Manager. Any in Pattaya ?

    The agenda is not written in stone and it can be altered and extended (or even completely ignored) according to the wishes of the majority of co-owners present. An agenda normally also includes a section "any other business" at which anyone can discuss and propose anything to be voted on by the assembly, and even without such a section any co-owner can raise points that he considers important and can invite discussion and voting on them. Even who is to chair the meeting can be decided by the co-owners present, and they can select someone other than the committee chairman if they wish. The condo act requires the agenda, ie resolutions be presented to All owners in advance with adequate supporting documents/info. The idea you can on the sly propose resolutions at the meeting and purposely do it behind non attending owners is not right or legal.
  9. I regularly withdrawal 100K at the counter and many other types of transactions over a more than 15 yr period. Never ever regardless of type transaction at three different banks questioned my new passport number. Is it a good idea to have them update their records? Sure it is. But hardly required.
  10. Not once over three new passports did the banks question me giving them a new one vs what the account was set up with. They just make a copy of the new and never check it against their computer records. Another institution here that has not learned how to use computers.
  11. And many thought the Russians were bad. Look at the barrel scraping going on now. Can it get any worse?
  12. Yes. But these out of touch non locals are the ones that repost old posts which were either never correct or are out of date. Fake info is all the trend at TV.
  13. Based on the low number of non expats in the bars, restaurants, Makro, etc, would 70%+ of TV posters not be expats? And this trend has been growing?
  14. Anyone who has lived here for years has seen increased prices, coupled with lower exchange rates, aging Expat community that is leaving or going 6 feet under and almost no one taking their place. The future doesn't look any better, as this trend continues. TV is another example of this trend or at least regarding the number of local posters.