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  1. If fines could be reduced to zero, why has no one ever done it? And if they could don't you think most Thai condo committees would do it? Most developments already have a significant fee collection problem. Zero penalties for not paying or not paying on time would be catastrophic to the development's finances and ability to operate. Fines are there for good reason. Who would anyone pay fees when they see most others are not and there are no real repercussions. You going to foreclose on all owners?
  2. So, if can reduce fines for say late fee payments in the bylaws then using that same logic you can also reduce the fines imposed by Land Office, when for example you fail to register your AGM minutes within 30 days. You can't have it both ways. Another law premise is it must be applied consistently.
  3. You need to understand the meaning, the intention of the condo act clauses in order to use them or modify them in the bylaws. You don't seem to grasp this basic premise and your claim all bylaws are worthless because they are always superceded by that condo act is false. Why would bylaws even exist then?
  4. So you say we can't have 30 days because it's more, so we can change it to be less than 7 days.??? Also according to you owners can vote in zero fines for say late fee payments. ???
  5. Its hard enough to get owners to adhere to rules and regs, so your example of lowering fines is not pertinent or practical. Again, since you profess that any bylaws can be overridden by the condo act, then why are they required? If you can ignore a 30 day bylaw notice then the lower fines can be disputed as well. You can't haven't both ways.
  6. inThailand

    What's The Requirements for Teaching License?

    They are so desperate for English teachers they will even take TV posters. No need for a degree or TEFL, just the ability to copy old posts and claim they know something.
  7. I bet her bf said... but she's different. She's a good girl. And he'll be sending her money while she rots in prison. No doubt he's a TV poster of high status.
  8. Are you sure? The property title deed has just her name on it. A loan shark will do a Kai F... all day long and you will get f..... when the loan is not paid back. A lease is essential to avoid having your house mortgaged.
  9. You cannot change penalties, so I can see why you have a problem. We are just trying to give all owners their legal right to vote especially those that are not local. Based on your comment then all condo bylaws are not legal or enforceable.
  10. They just want to know where the local ATMs are when the time comes.
  11. Remember when Tesco tried eliminating giving bags? It resulted in less business, so they reverted back. They won't be making that same mistake again. Thais love their free bags.
  12. inThailand

    McDonald's Kiosks Are The New Cashiers

    Yes it would! They stalk you as you browse the store and then you have a question, and it takes a group of them to tell you mai mee or main liu twenty minutes later.
  13. inThailand

    McDonald's Kiosks Are The New Cashiers

    I guess you never shopped at stores like Central. Yes most of the staff is useless.
  14. Surely the change does not help the foreigner owners who mostly are not local. When we got a 30 day advance notice the actual meeting was to count votes and discuss other items, it was not spent discussing items that were already voted on.