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  1. Yes that is acceptable. The Land Dept will want to see proof of payment for the condo as well, more for confirming the basis for fees and taxes. Don't forget to hand over the blue book, ie the address book to the new owner.
  2. Why would anyone buy a Thai company when they do not know the shareholders? You want to pick your own shareholders to avoid any problems running it or selling it. Getting money out of the country is not an issue. Many options. Or just simply take payment for the company to a non Thai bank. Easy peasy and perfectly legal.
  3. Don't many pensioners have their money direct deposited into their Thai bank account? If so, won't a yearly bank statement and bank letter confirming such, suffice?
  4. Thai companies holding property sold by falangs typically have pre signed share agreements done at company setup. If done properly and she doesn't contest, ie get a lawyer, you should be able to sell without paying her as a shareholder.
  5. It seems this tightening of immigration and embassy income letters will result in... More divorces, because some will be departing. And more girls returning to the bars. More illegals and overstayers. Increase in beer prices and food prices at Tops and Villa Market because of less falangs. Further decline in bar attendance. More handsome comments than ever. The glass is half full for those with out such problems.
  6. Yes that affords a better look at the lower goods
  7. Then why are so many complaining? They are upset because they can no longer falsify their income? Blimey!
  8. Are you sure? My understanding other embassies actually verify the income where the US one does not. They are simply a notary.
  9. I don't who gave him his nickname, but nicknames are more common here here than using their real names. Is TV on his list of things to do? Is no information worse than misinformation?
  10. If they can't get they necessary paperwork to continue their visa, doesn't this mean we will be seeing an increase of illegals or overstayers? For nothing is worse than returning to their home country.
  11. Would it not be surprising if BJ increases the amount of money in the bank or monthly income? Thai banks will be voting for him in the next election.
  12. I can't remember a topic that has been so discussed as this UK embassy pension letter. Didn't realize how many bank on it versus having cash in the bank. Where will they all relocate too?
  13. Common on...800K in the bank is almost as much as many guys spend drinking in a year. This isn't a kings ransom.
  14. inThailand

    Prenup not accepted at Laksi

    Wiser not to get married and avoid the hassle. Learn from the Thai men.
  15. Is the UK pension letter the same as the US one? Where they are just witnessing your signature, not the content or income stated in the letter. Meaning, the letter is worthless to immigration as a way to verify income.