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  1. Any rent to buy condos in Pattaya?

    Aren't these the same ones who say you can get a 90 year lease?
  2. Clearly he's not a typical TV poster. Good on him!
  3. Briton captures iPhone 10 thief on Samui

    Welcome to TV! Where the high posters love to give newbies a warm welcome.
  4. Yes 500B . Same if you kill a falang.
  5. Any rent to buy condos in Pattaya?

    Maybe more acceptable terms are; no deposit and a portion of the rent gets applied if you buy. In essence you lose no money over rent paid.
  6. Are you saying Thai immigration will accept a 5+ month old income letter?
  7. A new one every year. They also like it recent, as I remember less than 30 days old.
  8. Any rent to buy condos in Pattaya?

    Yes, by all means there should be a proper agreement between the two parties. And at home, if either party defaults it would be sorted by a judge. But in LOS, we all know it's the one holding the money that's in the driver's seat. Deposit money lost, rent money towards ownership lost and then when he stops paying no more place to live. This could easily end up very bad for the rent to buy guy.
  9. Any rent to buy condos in Pattaya?

    I am familiar with the rent to own method in the states, as the owner. As the renter/future owner in Thailand you are taking a big risk. You pay a deposit, you pay monthly and what happens when the owner does not transfer the condo to you? The owner defaults on the contract. God luck in a Thai court room if you ever get there!
  10. stop feeding street dogs

    When the op stops drinking, I will stop feeding the abandoned, neglected and hungry dogs who have done nothing wrong.
  11. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    In reality it will most likely lengthen the queues as the immigration officer now has to type in the mostly worthless tm 6 data.
  12. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    Ready in 6 months. Not a chance in hell! This is a real time networked solution. They can't even get the simple data entry form called 90 day report to work. I see it looking like election dates, so many postponements that it may never happen.
  13. Never thought it would come to this

    Why do those leaving have to announce it to the world? Do they tell the world they are now going for a dump? Were not going to talk you out of your stupid decision. But, he'll continue posting on TV and mostly likely will be like the other high posters, a non resident.
  14. Chalong ‘Carpark’ to finish April next year

    When the tunnel floods from no maintenance it will be more like a swimming pool then a car park.
  15. Chalong ‘Carpark’ to finish April next year

    Just like the elections this will be delayed again. Surprise Surprise Surprise! As Gomer would say.