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  1. The cleanest solution to your question is buy a foreign freehold titled condo in both your names. Nothing to pass down or transfer, wifey becomes the sole owner upon your death.
  2. Of couse I do. They said end of this year! Are they telling a porkie?
  3. How much has changed hands already?
  4. I have seen most Thai dogs prefer falangs. Just like falangs prefer Thai kittens.
  5. 5555! So only the mentally certified can post? So not much will change on TV?
  6. The Samsung Tvs your looking for is last years upper end models. SUHD Tvs are still a premium, especially sizes above 49". Your not considering an LG?
  7. Great looking SUV! Does it come in 4wd?
  8. If your rental contract is for more than a month and it states the lessee will adhere to the law, then is it your problem if they violate the Hotel Act? But if they are found out violating the law, your company most likely will be investigated as well, ie did your company pay taxes on the rental income.
  9. Was a 3 lane vs 4 lane tunnel just a bad decision? Now with a lane divider between opposing traffic it losing even more effectiveness to reduce traffic jams. Is the Chalong tunnel going to be 3 lanes?
  10. Don't you get the feeling by announcing a date the verdict will be announced, this means there is time to "envelope" to have the verdict changed? The clock is ticking and the price just went up.
  11. Finally! A hub of importance
  12. Yes, times have changed they can download the calculator app, much handier!
  13. One of the reasons cruise control is relatively new here is marketing research revealed Somchai thought it was a snooze button and would head back off the sleep.
  14. Were they allowed to use calculators?