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  1. More TV fighters than dog biters I suspect?
  2. Maybe if Thais would stop abandoning dogs there would be few soi dogs?
  3. We knew they could become # 1. What a proud accomplishment!
  4. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    More brain farts! Why don't they just dust off article 44 to reduce prices?
  5. Homeworks closing down

    I can't wait until Thais embrace shopping online and the malls here like in the USA close down.
  6. TV the home of grumpy old men. If you don't like soi dogs or dogs that's your choice. But why bash commpassiate folks for taking care of abandoned dogs? The dogs have not done anything wrong.
  7. IMHO the best thing about living up north is the cool winter weather and a change from the constant 34-36 down south.
  8. Thai kids chewing with mouth open

    Yup, right before they start picking their nose.
  9. Does this offense warrant a wrist slap and massive 500B fine?
  10. It sounds fishy to me. You paid but only single woman listed as owner. For sure at least two can be listed as owners. Are you even legally married? Pay the transfer fees to only your name.
  11. Who shot JFK? A TV poster with a massive overstay residing in a Pattaya beer bar.
  12. It looks like a normal day. The left idiot doesn't know what the right idiot is doing.
  13. But he has many posts on TV.
  14. Sleep with the soI dog next to the 7 11 door. Free ac when the door opens.
  15. Building contractors? Farmers masquerading as tradesmen is the norm.