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  1. Your own interpretation... I see it as IO being suspicious with people from UKUSAU now that they know that their letter does not comply with TI requirements.
  2. The floor number IS on the chanote too, just below the unit number (top right of chanote) There was one in my contract, but it's rather useless as if the foreign quota is "full", the Land Office will not allow the sale anyway.
  3. Pattaya46

    Running Shoes - Jomtien / Pattaya

    Have a look at Decathlon on North Road. https://www.decathlon.co.th/en/735-running-trail
  4. What's the problem for you not wanting to name that other forum ?
  5. So to summarize your posts in this thread, you just tell us : "I know the truth. You are all wrong. But I will tell you nothing!" Thanks for posting on TV
  6. (First, I am luckily not concerned and could easily go the 800k route if required. ) The LAW says people with 65k income can get Retirement Extension, and doesn't talk about Embassy Letter Problems will start in January, when people unaware until then of their Embassy's decision will go to their Immigration Office without the letter. Do you really think they will not react when/if said that they can't get their Extension? I imagine some of them will strongly argue. So yes could be a mess for me.
  7. Because these are 3 of the biggest embassies (in term of income letters issued) and if nothing is done it will be a big mess in a few months in Immigration Offices... I really hope for concerned people that a solution will be found, embassies side or TI side.
  8. I don't know your laws but I can believe your embassies found a legal problem. Now TI has made long ago rules that apply to ALL countries. So do they have to modify these rules (or make some exceptions) because of a few countries who can't comply? Do they even want to do something? I don't have the answers...
  9. I disagree. The TI requirement for an income letter "verifying your income" is nothing new. TI may have remind embassies this requirement, and rather that adapting their letter to comply, this 3 embassies have decided to stop issuing them... . BTW TI never said it would refuse income letters from (the many) embassies (that continue to issue them).
  10. Reminder: For Pattaya no need to go to the (far) DLT for your Road Tax renewal. You can do it on Saturdays at Central Beach Festival. They have a temporary office (was BigC before) on 6th floor.
  11. - No change till today in TI rules - No announce of a change to come for next year - None of us knows for the future
  12. More than double of that... Source : Thailand Average Monthly Wages in Q3 2018 : 14'065 THB, about 425 US$/month
  13. Because nothing change in TI rules and in the issue of income letters by these embassies ? The requirement for embassy letters "verifying the income" is an old one. So the answer to your question could be: Yes.
  14. I can't believe how so many members make "statements" on what Thai Immigration made or said, "statements" that are in fact just speculation based on the interpretation on what UK or US embassies wrote ! So I will quote the post below, posted this morning by @luckyluck, that - IMHO - is far more credible than the majority of recent posts in this thread...
  15. You are right, but isn't stating what the rules are TODAY what should be done when we have no other information ? All these posts with "TI may accept...", "TI certainly will accept...", "TI will announce new rules soon" are worthless, just rumours bringing confusion and probably false hope to many concerned people... IMHO PS: Biggest culprit is British Embassy, with its undocumented statement that monthly income will be accepted without letter. Wonder if they just read requirements from immigration.go.th without knowing there were extra regulations for proofs...