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  1. CP are having a good run at the moment. This new rule will help True and the clamp down on street food will boost 7-11 sales. Wonder what else they have planned??
  2. All sounds a bit chicken and egg to me. I don't think many would have a problem with lowering taxes at the point where the economy is functioning well and has been returned to surplus or near enough, the issue is how we get there in the first place.
  3. This is a revote on the last general election. Under the Fixed Term Parliament Act the next GE was due in 2020.
  4. The problem is the trickle down effect does not seem to be working and one of the major contributors to public sentiment in the UK at present seems to be being driven by that increase in inequality. The key beneficiaries of this would be corporations and their shareholders rather than 'the man in the street'. If the UK can attract substantially more business to the UK using low corporation tax rates despite our dislocation and difficulties of trading with the EU, more so by their restrictions placed on us by being a low cost tax haven next door, then all well and good but the odds are very much against it and it is more likely that it would be a ploy to try and retain business we already have. If that were a case then the cut in corp tax would come be paid for straight out of govt revenue - tax currently generates about 45 billion a year or 8 % of govt revenue - so the cut has the potential to cost us more than twice our EU nett contribution and wouldn't look very good on the side of a bus.
  5. Do mine at DLT in Pattaya (behind Regent School on 36 before you get into Pattaya). Testing station one side of road then over the road to DLT on other side, insurance window to right from entrance then tax windows on left inside entrance (get ticket from counter as you go in). Took 30 mins all done last time. If only 70km away might be worth the trip to get it all done in one go.
  6. It is becoming fairly obvious who is behind this. The only odd thing is that the media are still pushing for answers.
  7. Seems an odd tactic by Labour to vote for an election rather than just abstain - without that 67% of MPs backing an election then TM to need hold a no-confidence vote in her leadership and 'lose' which would be a more entertaining spectacle.
  8. Wondering if this had anything to do with a GE being called - it would probably have made the front pages otherwise. https://www.channel4.com/news/exclusive-cps-considering-charges-against-over-30-people-including-tory-mps-over-expenses
  9. Also she technically needs a vote in parliament which she has yet to do under the new Fixed Term Parliament Rules which don't appear to be worth the paper they are written on.
  10. The EU has got a lot of flack for problems caused by UK govt decisions and mistakes plus them not using EU rules for the benefit of the UK but rather manipulating them at times for political gain to generate a an anti EU feeling. Particular examples are the sell off of UK industry as highlighted above. The French used EU rules to prevent the sale of Danone, a dairy company, citing EU rules allowing them to retain control in the interests of 'national security' - an avenue UK govt could have used on many occasions. Another glaring error was the decimation of our rail/locomotive industry by insisting contracts like the new Thameslink trains went to Siemens instead of Bombardier in Derby due to EU rules and not mentioning that there was nothing in EU rules for the contract to specify trains must still be made in the UK - a huge mistake by the DfT at the time. The sorry state of UK industry through short sighted and politically motivated machinations of past UK governments is nothing short of a tragedy and led us to where we are today and the EU have been made a convenient scapegoat in many cases.
  11. Maybe some too busy living in the past to have fun - the world before colour was invented looked to be a grim place.
  12. You could be right. Must be going colour blind!
  13. This picture, claimed taken on the night of 5th April shows a tent with a black and green roof set up over where the plaque is - can't think of any organisation here that uses green and black a lot!
  14. To put it politely, Thai people are far less 'risk averse' than westerners.
  15. Report attached by MIT CW expert questioning US govt assessment. Report by White House Alleging Proof of Syria as the Perpetrator of the Nerve Agent Attack in Khan Shaykhun on April4,2017_(April11,2017)_Standard_.pdf