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  1. higeher increase of min wages are not possible, due to a lack of improvement in productivity. the last heavy increase from 180 to 300, some years ago ... lead to a big upswing in prices, for propducts with high labour costs...ie. foods Thailand mahor proplem to increase salarys is - productivity - education - competetiv ability and another one is , the lack of competetiver, leading too heavy crossmargin in companys .... ie. makro, bigC ....... look in te balancesheet its public. .. from those margins european companys can dream off
  2. 500.000.000 :150.000 = 3333 thb pp a lot for a happy new year holiday incl hotels or rooms my barbill in one of the bars was already 3.000
  3. I dint understand , that most man , reduce same self. to a small piece of their body, and it doesnt matter in what country. The chance to get a woman is very low..if man reduces him self" to a big or small piece of hanging meat" ......thats not only a thai problem
  4. thai driving licence is valid in europe for 6 month , no issue normaly it must be the same in the other direction ,so it must be valid in thailand too
  5. i am not a millionare, but would never stay in this monkey boxes ( some animals have more space from law) until 2012 sales was ok, and profit could be done ( big profits was from 2001-2008) ...but since 2012...................... yes good man 7777
  6. yes all are millionars..and you have a good buissenes woman ,for sure own a condo without any chance of cpital increase, and use it 5 days a year, evrybody would be cheaper of, rent a 5 star preisdent suite in a hotel
  7. this projects like Lpn and so on, are worthless propertys, with no chance of any price increase. own it for a weekend is a waste of money Mostly even financed, and NPLS will show up soon , greetings from the 97 asian crisis. wait for thed ay intrestd rates go up.. the boom in hotels and condos has only reason the LOW INTREST RATE ENVIROMENT , this pushed greed ( hig profile speculation ) forward ,not only in thailand and they market it first in Bangkok, yes bcs they want to sell the local quota first. and locals even not able to sell to foreigners, due to F quota i know friends sitting on worthless condos at the time in thainame PAttaya problems are not the condos or hotels, its the market, the stupid laws,the rubbish, and less fun factor than before..combinaded with less spending power of normal and medium class incommers in the western world. No fun, No love...... NO Money comes , easy
  8. Condos ..massive oversupply, same as Hotel rooms..main problem if Condos cant be rented, the Value of them would be nearly 0 there is nearly no demand for living, and nearly no posibility anymore for rent them longterm even good shortterm renatl is yielding less than 4% NET after costs (mainteance ,electric ,water,commissions,and write down on furnishing) ,mostly its around 2,5% Cut out rental , and would see a furtehr fall of 50% in prices easy The trend to rent condos is worlwide........and for here, dont stop it, ifdo it like spain , owners need a document and pay a flat tax on rental , the only 'Normal" choics, if
  9. yes many !!!!!!!! only have to read them for ex in front ambassador 5 signs "like cityllimit" and zebra walk" and "reduce speed" and again 30........... inside city....YOU DONT NEED EVEN TO PUT A SIGN 40/50 IS LAW!!!!!!!
  10. nothing new , everyday the same.............. At Ambassador , i stop many times at the zebra crossing, bcs many people walk over. i turn on emergency lights and stop slowly... but second lane they speeding with 30-100 km over,even people on the streetr they are brainless i was already at the policestation with one incident ..with eveidence in the cam. i Stopped..cars even speeded. But a bigTour bus..how dont want stop, used his horn in a bad manner, instead of brakes, passing on the stand track/itirn track ..2 people noticed it and jumped away from the street ,if not they would be killed. ( NOT THE ONLY TIME A BIS OR CARDRIBVER DONE THIS !!!) with the camera in najomtien policestation... they give me the simple notice...what we can do,,to many car, to many problems, have a lot of headache... and said come back with the cam chip the next days......................... the intrest was quiet 0 they brainless, resillient against any learning........... Streets are simmilar to a Warfield, an American Officer told me once , him happy see his soon in irak, there it would be more save on the streets ,like in thailand...maybe thats true
  11. not more expensive like inthailand on the airport bcs changi aiprot charging the same price like locals outside coffee 5 sgd 125thb,freod noodles sgd 5-7 150thb and burger king much cheaper than in thailand ............changi is good and inexpensive but 250thb for 8 hrs is a shirt jetstar is normaly very good carrier, just come back with them some day bfr from singapore jetstar/tiger/scoot never had any delay the biggest delay some day ago was at immigrtaion BKK 90min waiting time about 7pm
  12. you are a Deamer... more than 99% are not working in the oldest profession i know ,i see it ,on a dily basis and if she if the 1% out of 100, she eaven have the legal rights so what dreamer..............
  13. i wanted to pay for the boat..at the entrance , the sign showedsaid 18h and 18.30 they sayed 18.30 no have.. but go there 18h pay 200 get tickets,wehen entering the boat, after get ticket ,they said full so we leave again without boattrip OH yes jetboards nice, with a price tag of enarly 500.000 thb... woow if i buyonline one and import them incl taxes i on 1/3 of the price, real bargains for an exhebition. all in all a lot of thais comming there , locals w motorbikes and nearby russian tourist. we had one drink in ocean marina restaurant ., and all in all, there was 6 customer sitting in this huge bar...........
  14. Benidorm (spain) had 24 hr opening time since the 80s many complains emerged In 1997 about they anounced a 3 am closing time for all nightlife ....the complains about noise and other problems increase a lot,due to drinking and patying on the streets ..just 6 month later ,they stopped it,and again ,until today, their is no clothing hour again in general Thailand need in minimum a clothing time of 4 am I remember i went to a dsico ,more ten years ago in kochang during taxsins social order campain... orderd a beer at 11.30 and 11.50 they told me dink finnished..........last time i was there this stupid thing last 6 month in thailand w clothing time 12/ or/1 am in 2003 or2004 how operating night buissenes can do money on that , themoney flow is after 1 am
  15. Hotels are 90% full and 6000 visitors hmmm i live nearby , everthing quiet, no traffic no jams, no nothing where they are ??? minimum they are not in the MArine hub.....