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  1. i smoke, and will smoke further this stupid law =,i recommand some of these so called leaders ..go to mental health center to make a checkup for your brains, theirmust be some disturbance or more... less and less people comming... for me.. i really give a shit on, the last time i was on "plastic and rubbish beach" was even some years ago
  2. Marine leisure hub of Asia.... World class resort.... Same miamibeach... No words... Since I had trouble packing my things in a supermarket in one single bag And the lady denied it..CBs it was their policy that staff packing and not customer..I went out with 4 bag That was the last time I was thinking on environmental Since 2year after this event I give a shit on That's not my country
  3. stupidity in accomplishment anything what i read , is a comic. they lost controll ecigarette 5yr jail, cigarette 100k ..and a truck full of waist in the nature 2000 all this notchange the real problem of waste good luck, i prefer the pool , bcs even 100 times moe clean and no rubbish Its helps to increaase tourism numbers hahahhahah
  4. i dont find any words for that. massage parlours make bangkok sink. the responsibility are ..just a joke , no words a good idead for those at TAT /......next we read : Foreigners are guilty on loosing Sand on beuatiful beaches of pattaya !! why bcs every foreigner leave the beachm has sand on shoes ,shorts and shirts ..what is aprox 25 gramm each day or during 14 day holidays 350gr and this multiply with millions of visitors!!!! Result for responsibilitys " Foreigners not alloud to Beaches due to Sand loss !!!" i have no words more, for those in power here..............
  5. ok long time ago i was a regular customer of soi 33 nobody of the residents are " disturbed" by the tables. The fact is, the only who is disturbed are the chinese Tourbuses who want to use the soi to exit to the blocked naklua every night. It would kill all buissenes of soi 33, due to airpolution... naklua is stinking of polution and soi 33 was the last " heaven" here. the whole area is a desaster of traffic. the last funccion natural born soi would be dead after. who cars chinesse first-farang go home the big buissenes is in back side of soi 33/31 soi 33 will be not back to normal in some days.... bad!! i feel sorry for pattaya, the samll bu owners and people..the city goes down "step by step"
  6. Yes it is like that. and here is nothing else. The isitor come to Pattaya because of that image, and thenightlife The rest is rubbish, dirty beaches and overpriced 5 star hotels,with frozen cakes for a price of 200, whats equal to siwss prices... but at far lower quality. Pattaya is nightlife,shopping,happinesss...............sell it like it is the stuppiness is not to top " high end woman to pattaya" ..and no louis shop?? the city and their buissenes is getting hurt ,day by day more,and more closures of shops and reastaurants and resorts. great job.... they do since 2005 !!!!!!!!
  7. As an intrested investor , i follow any article on this story from beginning. 1. there was10 local companyzs cant prove wrongdoing on KCG ,after the leader hires 3 foreign companys , they can prove any wrongoing too 2. even after the "Npn fondings" licence was revoked 3.A suspicous take over Offer from a thaibuissensman , Natrunning Pan pacific pretorleum , a non working offshore company .related to the giverment make an take over offer, about 95% below fair value, with the staement of" if i get 50,1% of KCG , we is able to open mine again within 3 month. 4. The Goverment was palying on time, due to insufficend funds from KCG for the case, but KCG survived and bring the caseto court 5. during the time The Goverment WAS NOT IN ANY NEGOCCIATION AND TALKS WITH KCN 6.Tonghka harbour another goldminie was sized during the last militray goverment in , i think 2008 7. KCG was as well able to pay back all depts to taimilitarybank until mid 2017,so akara is free of depts 8.even now,they dont want pay cash compensation, but comfirmed "other benefits"..... i know what this means,................
  8. i see in internet number 7 stops in front ofmy condo but i never seen one and number 6 in soi bokua..last month i read no more songtaus in soi bokau , and they fine them go on........with your chaos i go in and out where ever, and not only at busstop ..even where are this busstops?? the half gone away colour in red on the street ?? i was thinking ist for buses and not songatus go on Leaders............. you will get sooner or later a ghost town BY THE WAY when its time for this event ARMY CLEAN UP WASTE ,FOR A CLEANER CITY 2017 ???? campain
  9. TAKE THSISARMY AND OFFICERS TO CLEAN PATTAYA FROM THE RUBBISH AND WASTE ON THE STREETS dirty waste in every corner..........nobodys doing something, Jomtien looking like a drity warfield and the rest is not better, asmore bars close as more shops close,and the waste would be left WHAT THEY DO IS RUIN PATTAYA with their stupid lwas and crackdown on bars famillys will come too if bars open...but they will not come when WASTE AND RUCBBISH is all ovber the streets of Pataya they are just A.....................
  10. after 30years in thailand ,its nearly time to go home. close down bars in pattaya meaning , it will nutate to a Ghostcity The purchasing power inthe city is mostly from sex tourist , that was in the past the people whomake the town big. Thais mainly from bangkok profting a lot. eay word sex sells The townhall ,if i could gave them an advice , focus on rubbish and traffic , what is a pure desasdter here. this make the shaddy image of the city. f you wnat change tourism to 5 star tourism and kids .... No.1 is clean the rubbish and make streets save of drivers. but not closing the nightlife this is the only and main attraction here. Now i see shop after shop closing, not only bars.before thais think, we dont need sex tourist and we have local buissenes, but they never rec. that their customers in any way get the sources from toruist in comming now they know ok the future is chinese tourbuses ,and russians,but they learning quick, and after second trip, they look for money and other things too ..cant build on The future is a ghosttown with high crimes,due toa lack of incomming, and further a lot of rubbish on the street. since 5 years i thinking leaving this country , i am same since 5 years not involved in any buissenes or something. My condos ,are already devalued in my head to the real price ,so if i sell at low price it not hurt me anymore. Good luck to the leaders stuppiness in its final stage of perfection
  11. This is street construction, in the gighest decree of stupiness. month over month , year ovr year... no steelframes for the wastewater ( standard pice they do 1000s of them daily). all done by hand one by one with wood . for a box they need a week how a construction company can get an order for buid the street i have just one word " 9 people and one hole " ...sry not find the pics ..but after they finnished the boxes they broke them again ..for enter a waterpipe we share this pics lontime , bcs its like a never ending book full of jokes and sukumvit ,after years strill not open, maybe now they waiting for a big thank you festival..and awaiting a date of the leaders to join ceramony??? maybe in the year.................. high technolgy at its best ... NINE PEOPLE AND ONE HOLE
  12. they make hunderts of waterdrains by hand with wood, instead of using prefabricatedsteel forms thailand is the bub for hightech ... the leader said i belive it everyday 15 people and one hole or Stupidity in accomplishment
  13. i very happy baout Grab or UBer in malaysia last time makes my life happy to not argue with taxis in pattaya i not used taxis for long... due to massiv overprcing since uber use uber , and not drive by my self drunk a 12 km ride , on pattaya theyasking 500 at night , where real meter price is less 200 uber is 180 i except a slight overprice of taxis like 300 but not a tripple pricing so for the last 5 years txis had 0 from me in pattaya ..except the 10 baht since uber all is ok here
  14. yes showed them. and i speaked to the boss of landoffice too ,and the lady frontdesk know me for 10yr after i was asking a tax /lawyer office, with the same answer "its only on benefit of thai", but cant show me the law yes if 2 owners in chanote , and transfer to only one "their is a reduced fee"( it would be 30% of the full fee) if i would put in chanote instead of my name " 2names " - their is a reduced fee --for foreigener and thai !!-- but if cancell later the 2nd person out, the ir would be a new fee , so at the end its the same ( wasmy first idea! but fee apply 50k instead of 150k - but if later cancell second name , fee would apply again, so it was no solution) I tried even a kaifak transfer to save the busissenes tax of 3,3% waht apply at the moment bcs holding less 10yr. tried to get a kaifak ,meaning the tranfer would be later, so i was think maybe come around this tax. NO way too... kayfak fees apply on the day of issuing the kaifak , and noton the day of ending of the kaifak , where it would be automaticly transferd) here ist a tittle 100% foreigner transferd 100% to thaiwife question again " IS THE LAW APLYING ONLY TO THAI ???" without the excact law --stating foreigners are excluded" can stop any discussion here............
  15. hello a short update was in penang , to make non o multiple we lived at the port in a beautiful apartment with sea and portview and under a luxury shopping center super compare to hotels,90qm exclusiv very high standard 2000 thb i like penang today more than before, even i liked it before go morning to embassy , not used taxi ( i fed up) used my Grap app , cheap, freindly guys, perfect waited 5minutes presented normal document + bank min requierment 400k + married doc visa fee was exprensive at 750 RMB ( i think or 650 not so sure) next day drive with grab to embasy pickup time 5minutes nearly no people no questions , no storys (my 5th non o in same passport) ..long time ago was always penang until they stopped ,i very happy they issue again ,bcs dont need to go to the dschungel savanket and isaan penang always worth a holiday ... so i stayed a week even