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  1. Naklus soi 16/2.............the soi opposite centara mirrage from main entrance to naklua where all the high end ladys,high class tourists and marine lovers staying ( staement of tat)....they loving the rubbish soi, bcs its so exotic for this typeof high end tourism, they never saw that in other high end places is full of rubbish and smelling over a 100mtr strectch, not only today,not only yestrday,not only a month or a year ago.................... yes,could tell 100 streets more............
  2. you have a poor live... when everywhere get cheated i would never stay here, if it would be like that told you 30 years = NO ISSSUES ohh ja.one time i had samein patpong , some argue about 200, once and thats it, issue ?? NO....... i forget that , until you write it here
  3. in another country , in a big disco, i saw many times customer making trouble, and every single issue was made by the customer,and not by staff........ they make this better ...3 securitygards knock knock............ take the suspicous outside in a corner............ and evry single customer , was thanksfull to clear the bill after and sure was welcomed again , and behaviour changed and really i feel save in this plce , if not ohhh my dios!!!
  4. whats overcharde for you ?? when you pay 100 for a beer????? The good thing over pattaya is, in a little more than 30years in Pattaya, i was not ONCE overcharged.......... drunk or not NEVER and NEVER any bigger issue thats the good thing over pattaya but to to a lack of income, due to evryday new crackdowns,lwas and enforcment, this maybe will change ....... less imcome= more sheeting,more violance,more ciminality,higher prices,and less fun ihope all this bullshit will stop , but goverment not intrested, and due to social media more and more shit is comming PS by the way i never had or run a Bar,,,,,but if so, their would be many many customer i would tick them something on the head for their low class beaviour , day by day!!
  5. i am not a fan of ever changing laws from day to day...depending on incidents. and even than you can put half bangkok and 90% of pattaya drivers to monkeyhouse and even they inforce all only temporary ....better would be a change in the head of thais Cars/Motorbikes are not a wargun .......... and they have a brake ( what when you use, you dont loose face ) !!!!!!!!!!! their must be a change of beahviour, education and mentality
  6. THEIR IS A PREDESTRIAN THATS IT CARS HAVE TO STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! something wrong with some people in the head
  7. if i not open the warning lights when i stop........i think i had minimum 20 monkeys would hit the backside of my car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even when i stop... they 1. use the side lanes *whats prohibited) to pass with a big tuueeeeeetttt 2. theyangry brake and open headlights and tueetttt 3. or open wiindows and jekjek in thai 4........................... no human sense and all and nobody knows here for what are the warning lights indicators............nobody ever take a brake early if see warning lights or maybe in english warning indicators??
  8. I am driving this way every day !!! THEY ( MOSTLY !!) ALL KILLERS !!!!! not first time, not last time.just nuts!!!!!!!!!!! 5 warning sings stating , cityspeed , pedestian and so on. MAny people crossing there. in evening some securityguard helps that people can cross, wonder that him is not killed. I drive same quick, i hate driving here,but i drive quick where i can . BUT like this pedestrain already i always stop for everybody , already i do it to anger the thaidrivers ( and some farang idiots) i was already 3 time at the p[olice with my dashcam !!!!!!!!!! no result Busdrivers intsead of hitting brakes ...when i open warning lights ( i even must not do) , just pass the third prohibited lane and tueeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttt , that even 1 time 2 old people jump away.... and after i try catch him,,, wnat toput my car off the street .. dashcam at police hmmmmm...no result Pickups motorbikes same I have one solution ... The police hit every shit car or motorbike with a truncheon on the car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or warning of a tank trap awaiting more killings from asscoical beahviour people with no brain not the first not the last
  9. i am 30yr visitor to pattaya......... pattaya was and (is) mostly peaceful ,wehn see the number of tourists, sexworkers, pimps and others. i never knowed one city that is peaceful same pattaya with the samekind of nightlife and tourists. but over the last years the clima here is poisend, this is not only the visitors doing their part , its also the goverment with the crack downs and poisning the ambiance Sales are extremly down... what makes people more hard,more angry, nightlife isnt the big fun like before, meaning its getting closer to other citys, where fights ad violence is already standard where the hell is the bachelor paradies gone ??? until some years ago , this city implied fellings , tears,nostalgia......... and everybody was comming wants to come back ...............thats changed whos fault ?? the goverment and its stupidy crackdowns for nonsens, the greddyness of construction, thethe unwelcome of westeners, The money what is "shorter" in western countrys for low and middle incomers?? i think all together
  10. SURVEY: Taxi Service -- Good or Bad?

    cannot give a voting 1. bangkok taxi drivers are mostly fair and meterprice is absolutly cheap, always give a tip on the price 2. for the other tourist destination its just a ripp off everywhere. i am avoidng this drivers where ever i can, using private cars, grab or uber. new ripp off center utapao airport, no way avoid the mafia, prices are 1000 for 27km..or walk by your slefpout of the airport ( 3km) ... 27km is 25thb /km ... a bkk taxidriver gets lless than 10... and if i take a taxi theother way round where i can choose.. mean fromhome to utapao i pay 450 thb or 500............ for the same way Phuket airport they really asked 1500 to dusit.. i walked out and get one for 400 we really dont need more taxis,already to many.............. but maybe taxis who use their meter.........at a fair price per km... more than on bangkok but less than the off meter trips
  11. germanys Merkel she is nuts!! its like i tell all people in a bar " i invite you , your welcome i pay"........... after the bill went bigger and bigger i say " oh thats to expensive, please we share the bill "everybody would tell " thats your thing ..." thats what she did, without asking the parlment or the EU. come here youre all welcome...and after problem get to big, she asked the other Eu leaders to help., what many refuses ..and thats understandable. The Merkel is only lucky, that in Germany is a lack of alternative partys, so she stay in power. AFD the rightwing party is nothing , only troublemakers, if tehre would be a real alternativ she would be blown off Shes on an EGO Trip " i invite refugees" , "i get out of nuclear power today", " i rescue europe" ., i...................... the bill is comming.. the end of niclear powernow the tax payer pays, bcs court reading said nearly illegal, the bill for the refugees comming, partly in crominal offenses and in costs ..........the tax payer pays, teh bill for financing europs banksits visable in traget 2 saldos , the end the taxpayer pays and for froeign criminals we cuuld name the country ..north africans, central africans,afghans and partly baltikum but still to be europe ( EU)is better than anything else,i still belive in the ideas and values of europe ( EU), but some polticians work hard on, destroying this ideas. Leaving the Eu is not solve any problems for those countrys, and i belive the EU will get greater and bigger within a time.
  12. higeher increase of min wages are not possible, due to a lack of improvement in productivity. the last heavy increase from 180 to 300, some years ago ... lead to a big upswing in prices, for propducts with high labour costs...ie. foods Thailand mahor proplem to increase salarys is - productivity - education - competetiv ability and another one is , the lack of competetiver, leading too heavy crossmargin in companys .... ie. makro, bigC ....... look in te balancesheet its public. .. from those margins european companys can dream off
  13. 500.000.000 :150.000 = 3333 thb pp a lot for a happy new year holiday incl hotels or rooms my barbill in one of the bars was already 3.000
  14. I dint understand , that most man , reduce same self. to a small piece of their body, and it doesnt matter in what country. The chance to get a woman is very low..if man reduces him self" to a big or small piece of hanging meat" ......thats not only a thai problem
  15. thai driving licence is valid in europe for 6 month , no issue normaly it must be the same in the other direction ,so it must be valid in thailand too