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  1. not only thee all over the city................. if you claculate the old fat ladys out..and calculate only the attractive girls /ld than ithink already 50% are LDs a big number for no demand
  2. so many replys here..meaning so many done it, so why not the number of LD bars rissing every week, even innormal barcenters you have ld bars already... so what you think their is no demand???/wrong , there is a big demand.... for me .. after 30 year in thailand.. i am same the girls.. klick head off when have sex, click hed off on any storys comming,click head off to all stupiness, click head off for talk about love.... hahha i use 90%lady and 10% LD but can see LDs only for party,,,after sunrie theymust be gone their is a good satiric book " the strong mans of pattaya " .... all truth what written tehre
  3. yes must have.. bcs 5 years ago want topay tax..and cannot bcs open fine in trat..had to pay first
  4. 3 day before had an accident lady drive o the right lane can happen,when i called insurance and police, she turned up the car and flee the scene. following here , was a race over 4 km on sukumvit. catched here, even not stop, so i bumped her car of the street after trying to flee again catch her keys on the policetsation she gets only a fine of 1000 THB!!!!!!!!!! for recless driving !!!! all my talk over leaving the accident scene was not heard or ignorred ja she was a very beautiful lady from bella russia, maybe thats why only 1000??? she nuts , bcs she had driving licence full insurance, and all documents ok, whatever was in her head to flee the scene......... i think for only 1000, if i had some wrong (drunk,or...) in the future would drive away same......... and make an excuse later too... only 1000 THb, my cigarette 1 yr ago in sukumvit was 2000 !!! and on the beach noe, right ???? up to 100.000k ??
  5. pattaya soi 16/2 in front of main entrance centarra 5 star to naklua... 250meter stretch of rubbish, smelling and rats. since YEARS !!! any complains to city, results in a minimal cleanup (tahnks for even doing !) , but a day later the same situation again and again............. not only there manly in any soi, except the main streets
  6. I am staying in thailand 31 years since 5 years i consoider to leave. why still here if i would be younger would return to europe, de to many reason here in thailand but for starting something new ,to many risks due to age other countrys in asia are no option. still staying in thailand only because of a lack of alternatives beofre thai was 100% that what i was looking for, today its only 50% idfi would be here only 1 or 2 or 3 years i would take my feets in the hand and leave as more quick as i can..............
  7. Yes ,for 1-2-3 days, but all this condos,mainly in Beachareas are build out for letting out, without letting they have no value. longterm tenants are nearly not aviable. BUt come back.. the trend is going on for years, that many countrys legalized it,under new laws. you willnot stop a trend like uber,airbnb, sharingplattforms and so on... the last 3 years in europe i rent only apartments for my holiday trips, and very very pleased with it, due to many reason. for exmaplein prague , beautiful room ,80qm on the danube,bestarea, for 65 euro. People in prag complaining too, bcs their is a shortage f homes for longterm let ( other than in all beachresorts worldwide) .. but listen owners renting out shortterm why ??? easy 65 euro , maybe set net after coasts 50 euro by 50% ocupation rate , thats 1250 euro per month. not a lot. for longterm lenants it will be 1000-1200 p month no diffrent of incomming. But like in all big citys, there is hudge demand for long term letings but at cheap price , for ex. in prague 200-500 euro. thats why due to oversupply inthe high end sector, people renting st. cant complain . this propertys coasting to buy 400.000 euro, and its not possible to let for 500 , even the st rental brings a low return based on cpaital expandand. more work and trouble controll and not follow new trends, would unfortunaly leed , the condo prices in beachareas to collaps . and would make the downturn far bigger. who the hell, would buy something,with no chance of letting, and no chance of capital gains,whats regular in the beachareas, bcs due to oversupply and a lack of maintenance. in mai i go back to penang, before always only 2-3 days ,just stay in hotel, since garb and airbnb,... i stay for 10 days, beautiful apartment on the yachting port,and no heachdache more with taxis............. so whats better 2-3 days for must, or 10 days for enjoy trends cannot be reversed
  8. it is an emmerging trend since years worldwide, that homes and apartments would be rent to holiday makers,millions and millions more each year. this trend will not be stopped. instead of making crackdowns, goverments have to think how to make things for this owners legal ie. 1. issuing a document against fee, that this property is rentable to tourist (standards) 2. introducing a flat tax or simmilar many countrys done this already but saying illeagl without a choice to make it legal, is a no go hounderttousands of apartments are sold inthai, under rthe perpective, that they can be rented out. who want to buy overpriced propertys, with no perspective of return, for 3 or 4 weeks holiday a year
  9. Over the last two century , i get a lot of couples fromeurope visiting us, incl my parents their was never any complain about girls/or nightlife, even many of the couples even drink a beer at beerbar for joy. the last years i get a lot of complains, but they not about nightlife... the complains list is 1. dirty streets and beaches 2 .its getting more expensive but the complain number 1 is COMMING FROM EVERY COUPLE!!! last year , a lady, i know her 30yrs, she was first timein thailand, she asked me how you can stay in this dirty country /city for so long, it was a mistake to come, and she will never come back here,,,,,, in pattaya is really only ONE PROBLEM !!! rubbish,dirty, seawater even outside pattaya a nightmare !! the rest is minor traffic, goverment was alloud to many hihrise buildings,loose charme due to that, taxiis........................... so here is the list what they have to do !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and not the bullshit about sex, girls,nightlife, this is really not the problem of pattaya and pattaya was and is , a safe place, thats the only good thing, their is no other place like that in the world, waht is save like pattaya.
  10. I more belive in thaibanks, rather than in western bankers. Look only at Tier1 capital and balances of thaibanks compare to most western banks. The central bank is not intervining in the markets at the moment , and not for the last years. The THB is strong due to heavy inflows on capital ( however why), bcs iinstituional investors calls it a save heaven in aisa, after php and myr tumpeld. i will think the times of a strong THB is over in the mdeium term , specially to the USD, their are many signs , in multi year charts ( weekly and monthly) , that we build a top in FX at aprox 31 . a range of 34-36 , i think is reassy to reach over the next years... and than the next people comming, saying they manipulate... The last big intervention in thailand , was during the end of the nintys, when they tryed to stable the baht , what failed ,with the result of loosing all foreign FX and a fall of 50% in the currency. thats long ago.............. @chris why?? easy answer.. look at foreign dept compare to GDP,, its extremly low, compare to western countrys and even compare to the 90th in thailand,heavy consumer depts , second highets in asia, are financed locally in THB, so even from there no presure on the THB exportbills still growing even lower than expected, FX reserves on multi year highs,the political situation here is stable, bond and sahre markets are stable, dont look it from a toruist perspective,the outlook for pattaya and others is very bad in my opinion, but thats only a tinny part of all. and pls corruption....ask you self ? is there a better emerging country in the south east asia region than Thailand, NOT ONE !! except sinapore, but thts called developed all info , good and easy undertandable on web : bot.co.th ( even in english)
  11. ..................what they all call " fench" "french" and "fench" is not the same
  12. Thais like good ideas change BEERBARS to MILKBARS and pattay gets a famous worldclass rsort for familys chalat...good idea
  13. Britain voted for the Brexit , in the hope the Goverment in BG helps,to move incomes,security,and freedom it was clear it would fail , already beore the votings Gb goverment is only helping financials and multinationlas to stay, by reucing taxes for them. The regular citizen will pay the bill. But i am not sad, bcs the regular citizen voted for the Brexit GB was never a full euopean member, who belives in the values of the EU. They always blocked the Eu from going forward. I pleased with the voting for the Brexit , bcs i think for the EU it brings a lot of future prospective, without the hassle that Gb was done over the last centurys There are other countrys .would fit into the Eu, much better than GB , in the long run. GB thinks they special..ok..move forward alone, the great empire is a thing of the past i still belive in the values of the Eu , but if the EU alloud to stop the exit of GB, and give them again advantages to stay, than i ,as a european citizen , would loose the faith in the values of the EU. i think europe is better off without GB , but GB would be better on track with the EU...but hopefully its a thing of the past. and in many posts i read home shortage is bcs of foreigners ,and racist posts, i think,GB is better out. sure to many immigrants, but not everything is their fault,and just think about britains econommy without foreign immigrant workers.....................
  14. uber case already operation for end of month, Grab will be little more money. all beter than the crocks who never open their meters last years i was not driving drunk, thxs to uber but living outside pattaya without uber and only crocks, will make me drive drunk again bcs the crocks never takes a meter, and depending on time the prices are up to tripple of org meter 10 trips with the mafiacar = 1 catch drunk by police when drive solution clear uber and grab was make my life much easyer, not only in thailand and avoid a lot of trouble and even the drivers are much more friendly and belivable , not only in thailand
  15. ladys in!! guys out !! would be a good immigration policy even for europe, where 90% male immigrants. and the north african and central......we all know what most of them doing...