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  1. Eye test Bangkok

    oops, sorry...I was approaching from the hotel on Sukhumvit soi 6...if from the Phetchaburi MRT then Rutnin is a lot shorter walk...
  2. Eye test Bangkok

    +1...do a forum search and you'll find a lot of recommendations for the Rutnin hospital... I went a few months ago to get a prescription to order specs online from zenni.com...their premises is located about a 20min walk from the Asoke BTS and MRT stations...you can book an appointment online or walk in, less waiting if you book...
  3. Shopping at the fresh market?

    I get fresh chicken and pork from my fresh market (no refrigeration) and never any problems...maybe because most of what I buy has been slaughtered that day in the early am...mostly get all veg from there, usually fresher and cheaper than any supermarket...sometimes get spuds from tescos... I wash and freeze most of the meat...use as needed...get frozen ground beef from makro in 1kg blocks, use about 500g at a time, works OK...
  4. maybe just good old 'disappointment'?...'it wasn't all that I expected so I ain't gonna bother again...' different kindsa dope, famous tourist places all fall into that category... 'man, this is some nice shit...' and then you look around and don't wanna be in the same company as yer fellow dopeheads...buncha lowlife sleazeballs... in Florence and admiring the magnificence and then looking closely and noticing the beggars and the garbage... I'll stick to rural asia and keep things simple...I notice that my vocabulary is reduced the older I get...suits my command of the local language...
  5. Rufus Thomas he knows what's happenin'...
  6. Advice on business experiences in Vietnam

    useta be that HCMC was the commercial hub and Hanoi was the gov't/admin center...not sure what the arrangement is now in terms of hi - tech activity... if you're going after VN government contracts you'll need to have a presence in Hanoi as that's where all the ministries are located, and if you do business with them they expect you to be available at a moment's notice... local VN gov't managers (PVN and Ministry of construction for example) are difficult to work with and if you annoy them it's very easy to get the boot...
  7. IHOP Says Opening at Siam Paragon on April 16

    I'd say: hold the eggs, pancakes and the bacon and substitute everything with hash browns...and coffee, please... when I first got to the UK the then wife said: 'scrambled eggs??? hmmm...' and then she fumbled about with a pot...and I said to stand clear and used the frying pan like most civilized folks do...and she said: 'that's an omelet, not scrambled eggs!...' and then she was wantin' tomatoes, beans, black pudding and etc...and I endured some years of her ignorance and then ended up in the middle east with labneh, pickles and arabic bread fer brekkie...which isn't half bad...presently a bowl of pork mama noodles will do me... until I get down to the IHOP and get me some of them hash browns...
  8. I like doggies too...nicely cooked... doggies on the way to market in rural Vietnam...should be adaptable to local thai cuisine with lotsa chiles and coconut cream...gaeng doggie!
  9. stammering...as in a stuttering fool with stuttering sensibilities...for which there are presently many unpleasant examples... and then one can conveniently excuse oneself...
  10. an old favorite from the old days...some nice toodlin' on the harp from taj... down wid ol' taj at de gas station in El Cerrito just north of Berkeley: 'say, man whatchoo up to?' 'got a gig goin' at de community theater in a couple of weeks, you gets your pardners and come up now, you hear?...' dem was de old days...Jessie Edwin Davis on lead guitar...
  11. if you can make your way to a tourist hotel in HCMC or Hanoi 3 star or better then there will be a tour desk that will have info and bookings available for local tours, one day, overnighters, etc. that are available to arrange on short notice...in HCMC there's the Mekong delta, Vung Tau, Dalat, etc...and in Hanoi there's Halong Bay, Sapa, etc...plenty of info on tourist destinations on google... I always use my european ATM card in VN...you take a beating on the exchange rate and VISA charges like anywhere else but it's worth it for the convenience...
  12. thanks, impulse...I'll have a look... there useta be a contractor's site 25 years ago called 'roadwhore' but haven't seen that around anymore... unfortunately with the big outfits they also have BIG HR departments and they are a nuisance...insisting that you accept their terms for accommodation, transportation and etc...us mercenary types wanna be left in peace to get on with the work: 'just gimme the goddam money that we talked about and stand clear...'
  13. guilt and self loathing...something that you wanted to do but knew that you shouldn't have... 'bbbut you said that a one off with a party girl doesn't matter...' and then with a withering stare: 'you are the dumbest <deleted> I've ever met...'
  14. Hey you baldy – Yes You

    the yoof of se asia... a future Prayut!...
  15. ???...this is the 'offshore workers forum' and there is no info available specific to my query...