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  1. tutsiwarrior

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    I made some pork carnitas once and they were good...used homade chapattis instead of tortillas...delish...plenty of everything you need at the talat... https://www.recipetineats.com/pork-carnitas-mexican-slow-cooker-pulled-pork/
  2. tutsiwarrior

    Anthony Bourdain

    the dogs are OK, usually all beef but I much prefer the pizza by the slice meself...or anything that a deli has got of which there are loads...NYC is foodland heaven... I also prefer a taxi when gettin' about town, motorbikes are a menace... 'yes, madam...your years in central america as an ornithologist is fascinating...maybe let's get some wine and go back to your place and discuss it...' 'you appear to be full of bad intentions, mr tutsi but fortunately those are the bad intentions that I like...' and the crowd roars...
  3. tutsiwarrior

    First time going to vietnam

    for the first time tourist with family I'd suggest Hanoi...the old town is quite nice and there are side trips to Sapa and Halong Bay...HCMC is a bit more rough and tumble but district 1 is nice...not good for walking though because of the heat and humidity...Hanoi can get uncomfortably cold in the winter unlike HCMC...check the weather before you go... I've lived in both places on work assignments and Hanoi is my favorite place...
  4. tutsiwarrior

    Anthony Bourdain

    dunno...the street hot dogs in NYC are quite nice with plenty of mustard and onions...
  5. tutsiwarrior

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    bleu cheese dressing is easy to make...basically mayo and crumbled cheese... I had a room mate one time that worked on a gardening crew at Cal Tech in Pasadena in 1969 and he sneaked into the kitchen and stole a 2lb chunk of the finest bleu cheese (CalTech hosted world famous astrophysicists that expected the finest cuisine)...he brought it home and mixed up a dressing and it was sublime...heaping mounds of fresh vegetables with the dressing and we pigged out until we couldn't walk... I'll never forget that one...try it out...
  6. tutsiwarrior

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    there was a place in the orange groves in eastern Orange County where I lived in the late 60s and they advertised themselves as 'World's Best' and they didn't do anything other than burgers and hand cut fries...and they were very good...their burger chef was the old boyfriend of my girlfriend and they were very friendly...big burger fed smiles all around...
  7. hopefully with our humanity we all knew someone who was a friend...I remember some folks that I met on the road and that I knew for only a few hours and they were genuine folks...'never had much money' and would share anything that they had...
  8. a young tutsi is on his paper route in the early 60s and listening to his transistor radio...one of my favorites, you look up and there is the vault of the San Gabriel mountains in Pasadena...where later he ambled about on LSD contemplating the meaning of life and acquiring the 'LSD perspective'... huge significance...
  9. tutsiwarrior

    How often do you get sick here compared to back home?

    I get less sick at home in Thailand than anywhere else and I travel a lot for work...has to do a lot with preparing my own food in my kitchen where I can control everything, cleanliness, ingredients, etc...I get an occasional kweiteo or some chicken satay from a market stall and never any problem... the shit happens when one of the kids brings something home from the playground at school...then the whole house gets sick... infectious, snot nosed little buggers...but ye can't help givin' them a cuddle...
  10. tutsiwarrior

    Pink ID Card. Benefits?

    just went thru some land transfer stuff at the provincial court and the adjudicator there was much more comfortable with my pink card and yellow book than with my passport... the card and the book can be useful in unexpected ways...
  11. tutsiwarrior

    Extension at Nonthaburi

    problems at Nonthaburi immigration? sounds like the immigration district 3 commander up to his old tricks...the dude is a menace...
  12. tutsiwarrior

    Vietnam Visa Info

    I met my son who has a british passport in Hanoi last year and he needed no visa for his less than 15 day visit...his dad on the other hand carries a US passport and went thru the usual rigmarole for a 30 day visa... to take things further, a US passport holder can get a renewable 1 year visa that's not available to a brit... bizarre...but we live in bizarre times...
  13. blues and R&B from the real Fleetwood Mac... 'how could this not continue? such incredible talent?' 'well, you know the newer version sells a lot more records...'
  14. black gospel singers backin' up a white girl but still it was a better time...
  15. never have tried the local Bell's meself...pretty much stick to Gilbey's vodka...I was basing my observation on the many times I visited Glasgow where I had inlaws many years ago and the popular tipple was a half glass of whisky, either Bell's or Grouse (1/4 gill the usual measure) and a half of 'heavy'...many's the time with my previous father in law on a pub crawl on the Shettleston Road in east Glasgow, may he RIP...