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  1. mini - series 'Olive Kitteridge' (2014) with Frances McDormand from the novel of the same name by Elizabeth Strout...excellent, but not for everyone, a 'family drama'...also features Bill Murray in a drama role... also watched 'American Beauty' again after a number of years...someone said that the screenwriter had Kevin Spacey look at Jack Lemmon in 'The Apartment' to get the general idea of the character... ah, 'The Apartment'; the beginning of a lifelong romance with Shirley MacLaine...
  2. I believe the 'boost' mode is meant to be used on machine start up inna hot room to quickly lower the air temp. with increased evaporator air flow and associated compressor activity to quickly reach the temp control set point...this is a control option as the design performance/efficiency is temporarily compromised for this purpose... we got that feature on our inverter but not on our conventional units...seems like it should be the other way around as the inverter operation should auto adjust to handle a hot transient interior air temp whereas the conventional units would simply plod along until the temperature set point was reached, shut off and etc, thus requiring a control 'kick up the backside' feature to improve comfort... ('whew!...the ice in my vodka is already melted, someone turn on the AC...' 'it's been on fer 20mins already, ye eedjit...')
  3. Receive OTP in the UK with AIS

    I was in Hanoi in July and used AIS roaming and the Kasikorn bank internet facility to obtain the OTP to top up my AIS prepaid account numerous times (roaming is expensive)...I talked to an AIS rep on 1175 to set it up before I left Thailand as I only wanted phone calls and SMS and not data...can't remember if there was a charge for the OTP SMS, if ye speak to a rep on 1175 he/she can advise in this regard... very handy...
  4. Dam burst in Laos

    nature's violence never ceases to terrify/enthrall...
  5. "Knorr" powder,what is it.

    I wouldn't knock broth cubes, I'm with 'ol Marco - Pierre on this one...if ye needa cup of chicken broth for a recipe whaddaya gonna do? simmer a carcass and some veges over night on the stove??? plus if ye check the list of ingredients of common local cooking sauces ye'll find that they don't do any better in the 'organic' department... 'better living through chemistry...' btw, RoyDee is correct about the salt content...when using a broth cube fer the preparation always do a taste check before adding any additional salt...gonna use a suitably diluted broth cube fer the cup of chicken broth required for my chicken paprika tonight...
  6. What are you eating? (food porn)

    stir fry chicken breast with sweet paprika and yogurt, or: tutsi's chicken paprika... 2 medium onions chopped and stir fried in butter in the wok until translucent, then add one whole chicken breast (2 half breasts, about a kilo) cut into small pieces...brown fer a bit then dose heavily (3 - 4 tbsp) with sweet paprika (available at makro when I looked last) and cook a bit more...add some chicken broth (from a broth cube) not to cover but just to simmer a bit, keep scrapin' the bottom of the wok...when the chicken is cooked add salt to taste (the broth cube has a lot of salt)... then add yer homade plain yogurt to the mixture...Julia Child sez to have the sauce 'coat a spoon lightly' but I like to high dose that mother...I made hungarian style dumplings once but decided that I liked it better with some tagliatelle...the yogurt - onion - paprika sauce goes quite nicely with the pasta... note: no garlic or any other strong ingredients, the idea is to coax out the nice aroma of the paprika... gonna make some tmw...that homade plain yogurt is good to have on hand...have got some cukes inna yogurt dressing in the fridge since the early p.m...
  7. yeah, I queried this in another thread...I thought: 'Bells in Thailand? too good to be true...' and with a union jack splayed across the label, no less...the alarums started ringing...
  8. What are you eating? (food porn)

    not really...the thread has just 'evolved' a bit from posting photos of luscious meals to actually discussing recipes, ingredients (long legs and nice butts at the market) and etc... I have found recently that I'm using a lot of garlic, chiles and fresh ginger in combination and many recipes call for them to be ground together in a mortar and pestle...much like what our thai neighbors use regularly...I've been using a small wooden arrangement (bought in the middle east and used for grinding dry whole spices) and now have decided to buy the real thing (thai, made from stone) for which the step daughter sighed so as to say: 'I wondered when yer were gonna wise up, tutsi' and she knows where to get a nice one fer the best price: 'not at the talat, ye gots to go the the weekend market down the road by the wat...' used the one upstairs for the first time tonight with the assistance of the niece (now decently attired in her pyjamas, and she sez: 'uncle tutsi, ye got bits of chile and garlic stuck to yer belly, would you like to add them to the mixture?') to make to following: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/aug/11/alumni-recipes-sam-clark-chef-jonathan-jones-jacob-kenedy-april-bloomfield (see 'braised aubergines with potatoes' at the end of the article) I posted this one before and it serves to highlight the benefit of always having potatoes and tomatoes around...was rummaging around in the bottom of the vegetable bin in the fridge and found a couple of week old phallic green eggplants, et viola! a very nice result and amenable to many variations with curry spices and etc...
  9. the only good whisky is a malt and ye don't see them much around here...Bells and Grouse taste OK when in a bar in Glasgow with a half of heavy but otherwise... I pretty much stick to the local Gilbeys vodka with soda and lime juice...at least I know that I can get all the fixins within walkin' distance of where I live...
  10. I had a broken leg requiring ortho surgery (8 screws and a plate) and 3 nights with private room in hosp., 22000baht at a military hosp. paid out of pocket...extra for outpatient visits, xrays, meds etc... a good job, now walking normally as before the accident...the surgical wound in the area where they had a drain took about 7 months to heal completely...
  11. What are you eating? (food porn)

    unlike gazing at young women in tiny shorts at the market when yer supposed to be lookin' at the vegetables...
  12. What are you eating? (food porn)

    but they are so pure and innocent...unlike the demon womanhood that lurks within the evil depths of BKK... no matter that the skimpy shorts are in inverse proportion to the length of their legs and etc...like I said, the market is my primary entertainment as that's where the kids go to show off...tutsi with ball cap pulled low with mirrored shades...and ye can look at the vegetables on offer to boot... btw, had the chilled cuke salad with stir fried chicken and holy basil (first effort, too heavy on the sauces) and it was OK...believe I'll stick with the yogurt dressing for the cukes...
  13. What are you eating? (food porn)

    what? how can one be expected to fumble with a camera when one is confronted with 'poetry in motion'...? and I should mention that my other niece about the same age was just here with her 2 week old son, aglow with new motherhood and my heart melted... just so that folks don't get the wrong idea...(cough, splutter...)
  14. What are you eating? (food porn)

    if there are peas at all they should be mushy but grollies' wife probably never had to endure livin' in the east midlands so she should be excused... did this one again but split and cored the cukes to remove seeds and mushy pulp instead of the sprinkled salt business to remove moisture: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1015023-cucumber-salad-with-soy-ginger-and-garlic?action=click&module=Collection Page Recipe Card&region=Our Best Summer Potluck (or Picnic) Recipes&pgType=collection&rank=15 tasted pretty good when I set in the fridge to chill...all ingredients handy at yer local market (substituted flaked red pepper fer cayenne)...where we went yesterday with step daughter and niece fer a big shopping...and the niece didn't havta worry about the shop girl this time as she was wearing a new pair of butt high cut offs and my attention was glued walkin' 2 steps behind... these country girls don't know what they do...
  15. Counter top height ?

    when we had the finishing done on my kitchen I was away at work and my wife supervised the builders who installed a 'Thai' height brick built counter top and cabinets...later, I was at home for a few months and found that my back was hurting after food preparation and washing up... I went away to work again and the wife undertook the counter top height correction herself, she likes a household project now and then...and now, just right...she added a downstairs bathroom off the kitchen as well as she was bored not having anything to do when she finished the counter top business... 'hmm, my back hurts, this counter top is too low...' very quietly: 'let me handle this, tutsi...'