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  1. New roof advice

    where I live the neighbors got awnings on all the south facing windows that have no eaves (shophouses)...we got north facing windows without eaves and no direct afternoon sunlight so no problem... should be easy enough to find a local fabricator/installer...nice with a candy stripe paint job...
  2. a few months ago some folks reported that the Pathumthani office was requiring a signature endorsement from the MFA for an embassy income affidavit...not sure what the status is now...
  3. Eye Exam

    I had additional charges for 'special diagnostics' and 'other medical charges' which are probably related to my diabetes...which is OK of course if the procedures are routine for that condition...if I deduct those two additional charges from the total then the result is around 1300bt... now I'm feelin' dangerously annoyed...gonna go back with a baseball bat and sort those mothers out...
  4. What are you eating? (food porn)

    ah well...I like routine and places that I know, hasta be within walkin' distance of the hotel...probably wouldn't step outta the house otherwise...undiagnosed autism spectrum disorder, yesee.... I thought about lookin' to see what was on the menu at the Kiwi bar on soi 8 as I walked by there a few times on the way to the dentist and the Rutnin eye hospital on Asoke but never made it...Bully's on the other hand is next to the pharmacy on sukh where I usually get my meds when in BKK and remembered their caesar salads as being nice... there's a passageway between soi 6 where my hotel is and the subsoi offa soi 8 and I walked by Lolitas on my way to Asoke and the first couple of times I passed some of the girls fled at the sight of an old, fat falang comin' their way...then they became curious: 'pai nai?' as I walked past...I had a look at the talent; there was a 40 y.o. woman there 10 years ago and I looked to see if there was a 50 y.o. woman among the girls...she was special, as I remember she sensed that I was into visuals and got naked in 2 seconds as an aide to the process and she was splendid and she said proudly: 'I'm 40 years old...' a true vision of delight... not food related but memorable...
  5. What are you eating? (food porn)

    and here's tutsi in krung thep lookin' forward to burgers, pork chops and etc... but then what happens? the hotel burger was substandard and upset my stomach and I was too beat to walk up to sukh to go to burger king and macdonalds...the pork chops were nice as usual...and then I got caesar salads at Bully's and the hotel with the usual dressing and the blood sugar went thru the roof, made with the local mayo that's fulla sugar and not yogurt that I usually use with salads, and then with the spag bolognaise at the hotel some idiot tried mincing horrible local beef by hand rather than using quality ground beef with the expected result...koyanisqaatsi: life outta balance... and then I found the middle eastern place on nana that I thought had gone outta business, couldn't see the shwarma man out front when I was there last (a victim of the street seller purge) and I got takeaway, pigged out on hummous, moutabal, tabouleh and falafels...nan as a substitute fer arabic bread...OK but pricey... on the third day I was pacing the floor of my hotel room, longing for the comfort and security of my kitchen and my local market...and then my business was finished and I called the limo captain and said: 'get me outta here!'...didn't even make it to foodland and I had a big list... tap, tap, tap...there's no place like home... tonight, spaghetti with US style spaghetti sauce..then up to the changwat soon to do the extension renewal (the primary purpose of the BKK trip was to get the income affidavit from the embassy) and stock up on the goodies at makro...
  6. What are you eating? (food porn)

    yeah...that's good sauce recipe that riffs off a basic one by adding dijon and whisky...a pal in Oakland, CA turned me on to that 45 years ago ('dis here's my momma's recipe'), can't go wrong, always a big hit...put it on anything; chicken, ribs, hot links... I useta use liquid smoke as a cologne and a barrier to undesirable odor...
  7. Eye Exam

    yeah...the prescription from Rutnin has the 'PD' indicated...maybe too narrow fer me heid, indicates homicidal tendencies...
  8. Eye Exam

    altogether, 1725bt...no dilation as I told them that I wanted an eyeglasses prescription only, they did an eyeball 'puff test' for glaucoma as I told them that I'm diabetic and it was recommended...a good session with the doc as we discussed a number of issues related to chronic illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc... Rutnin have a website, make an appointment like I did and you'll be seen promptly...
  9. Eye Exam

    just got back from Rutnin where I had an eye exam, mostly for purposes of obtaining the data required for ordering from zenni and had an excellent discussion with one of the doctors, Dr Apiradi Prechanond...she was the most informative that I've had anywhere, very pleasant and engaging with excellent English... the hospital is a 40min walk from the nana area (my hotel is on soi 6) which is preferable as the traffic on that part of Asoke (southbound near Petchburi Rd) is horrific...a bit sweaty, take a hand towel from the hotel room...
  10. What is the best way to watch movies at home?

    is KODI just a one off charge for the box or is there a monthly charge as well?...how much for the KODI box? for KODI they do the set up at the shop where purchased then just plug into any TV with HDMI and play with a signal from the wifi router? any wifi router set up required?
  11. What are you eating? (food porn)

    dunno...most of the stalls at the market don't specialize one way or another...I just go upon sight recognition and smell and then get a name in thai with whoever's with me at the time...the step daughter's a good cook and has a handle on most things... recently a dude set up a bbq next to the sebben and started with the issan sausages after 4 pm... tutsi to the stall lady: 'say, babe...why don't I fondle yer vegetables and then later me an' you can go an' have a party...'
  12. What are you eating? (food porn)

    'and then the local falang comes by and starts pinchin' and smellin' me vegetables...' 'har, har, har!...mebbe he wanted to pinch and smell yer middle aged behind instead!...' and here's tutsi just tryin' to mind his own business...a bit of dill would go nicely with the steamed salmon from tescos...
  13. nah...I got the Nobel fer Lit a few years back...any further effort is now wasted... but it is still nice to entertain... 'and tutsi struts in the paddys and rutted bomb craters of Ha Tinh province and shouts to the menace from above: "go ahead and do yer worst, ye bastids!"'...
  14. and then here's tutsi with the MiL out in her tin shack on stilts over the rice paddy in the howlin' wind and the flimsy timbers are shaking...the lighting is dim and the remains of the favorite brother in law who died of TB 2 years ago sit inna box on the counter... 'Mama...have another drink...' and she smiles a reptilian smile with cigarette smoke wafting...
  15. the same ol' Alan...an', I ain't afraid of no ghosts...