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  1. I lived on Mac Dinh Chi St off of Le Duan in HCMC D1 back in 2006 and there were a couple of brew pubs there back then...good food; sausages, sauerkraut and mash...also Japanese and Korean on the same block and a row of pho places that did a brisk trade in the am...ladies with hand carts selling banh mi sandwiches out front...buy a couple to take to work, etc... further on a block or so across Le Duan there was a lovely outdoor place (sheltered from the rain) that did live sea fish and prawns by the kilo (in big tanks for inspection) prepared anyway you like...very nice and everything ridiculously cheap, feed 4 adults incl beers for about USD30...
  2. tutsiwarrior

    Which fan for the office?

    mitsubishi ceiling cycle fans...CY16 - GE for 15 years and no probs...now got CY16 - GT as replacements...even good in bedrooms for sleeping purposes...wall mounted 3 speed control...can't be beat, quiet and effective...and the price ain't bad either... check it out...at 'big box' stores everywhere...
  3. tutsiwarrior

    Smell before you buy chicken fillets at the supermarket

    nah...the cook car had a good pantry as they hadta offer good meals to folks that hadn't much else...the bunk car had no screens in the winders and was parked in the middle of a swamp, heavy snowfall the previous winter...and ye got bit to shit by mozzies as big as a small bird where ye weren't covered up while sleepin'...
  4. tutsiwarrior

    Smell before you buy chicken fillets at the supermarket

    I was with some dudes on the tramp up outta Prince George in British Columbia in 1972 and we hired out on the Canadian National railway to work on a tie gang, replacing old bloated and weakened rail ties with new ones...CDN2.50 per hour looked pretty good when yew were broke...and they herded us into the cook car (everything was on the rails) and said 'yew boys look like you could use some food' when in fact most of us were starving as we used whatever change that we could scrounge to buy cheap red wine instead of food... and we didn't care what it smelled like, we devoured what was put in front of us...and when we were finished we were herded out to the tie gang...looked like somethin' outta 'Cool hand luke'...and there a brutal indian presided with an axe handle who growled at us mercilessly; 'get up there and gang up on 'er ye sissies, we're wastin' time...'...and yew would look and wonder: 'why would ye want to abuse yer fellow species in this manner?...' later an old crusty guy said: 'ye know dese guys whats been on de tramp dey ain't got no strent...' a questionable humanity and associated brutality on a tie gang on the CN line somewhere between Prince George and McBride in canadian British Columbia...the scenery was quite nice and helped to mitigate the hardship I havta admit...and the indian foreman with the axe handle said: 'nice scenery ye say??? I'd rather have rotten pussy!!!...' he was low to the ground and wasn't thinkin' about stinkin' chicken...later 10 of us filthy creosote covered tie gang tramps converged on a youth hostel back in Prince George in a room intended for 2 persons and when they went to get us outta bed for breakfast they gagged at the smell and ran off...we all of us were dead to the world with dope and cheap liquor...it was the odour of brutality...
  5. tutsiwarrior

    Smell before you buy chicken fillets at the supermarket

    at my local tescos which ain't much (a small sub tescos) the chicken (parts and fillets) are unwrapped and in a bin and ye get the attendant to weigh and price it for ye on the spot...I've never gone wrong with them...the pork is the same, not a pre - wrapped package in sight... at the local talaat it's the same but usually with crushed ice in the bin...and the chicken is fresh and not previously frozen and cheaper than tescos; a whole boned breast (2 attached half breasts) about 1kg for around 50baht and they also have chicken carcasses for broth purposes...and the stall lady has a nice towel to use after ye handle the meat...the pork is in a different aisle (no ice or refrigeration) and that stuff is so fresh that you could swear that it was still breathing... a refreshing change to the anti septic conditions in western supermarkets where the packaged refrigerated meat looks like it's been sittin' in formaldehyde...
  6. tutsiwarrior

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    I don't think that it's a problem with washing as I always wash the greens regardless of the packaging and how fancy (expensive) they are and I have a really nice salad spinner that I brought in my luggage from the ME to crisp them up after washing...I'm thinking that there is a higher cellulose content in the local greens that prevents them from being properly digested...I'm also thinking of having an associate who lives in the UK send out some seeds for various greens to do a comparison... the local climate doesn't appear to be suitable for western style tomatoes, things necessarily havta to be more 'temperate'...I don't think that I've read one post on the forum from anyone who's been successful in growing western style toms, they never ripen, etc...just havta get useta the local rubbish...the thais usually smash the shit outta them in a mortar and pestle for sauces and somtam so that they're not used for the same western purpose ...they're OK to cook with I've noticed and look to be the same variety as the canned plum tomatoes that you get for cooking purposes in the west...not much good fer salads though... just ran outta the Caroline brand local feta and now it's local toms and Cello brand parmesan for a salad...salt, pepper and a splash of vinegar... some western style parseley would be nice...as much as I like fresh coriander (cilantro) it gets tiresome after awhile...also gotta have some sweet basil...
  7. tutsiwarrior

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    don't know about you but I've given up on the local salad greens...even with that fancy top shelf tesco stuff it goes right thru me, the next morning a toilet bowl fulla un digested salad greens with an urgent bowel movement... I was at the talaat a couple of weeks ago and someone had romaine lettuce seeds...havta to have romaine for a proper cesar salad...I shoulda got them then as I went back a few days ago and they were gone...when I order a cesar salad and it's served made of iceberg ye wanna hurl it across the dining area and shout: 'what the f***urc d'ye think yer doin'????!!!' I got the MiL living with me now and there's space freed up on our spacious front terrace fer some planter boxes so that I'm now gonna get down...there ain't nothin' that the MiL can't grow...along with some nice chard, kale, etc...we shall sit together and select the nicest seeds and etc... ye gots to be careful and thinly shave yer parmesan for the salad...takes a bit of technique...
  8. tutsiwarrior

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    so...whaddaya do when you got a lot of parmesan layin' around? a big pot of minestrone... https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/13187/minestrone-soup-i/ cans of cannelli beans are available at makro...looks like any kinda white beans will do... I doctored this up a bit and threw in some fresh long beans and a couple of the local phallic green aubergines which are a good substitute for western purple eggplants, same taste and texture, used fresh tomatoes rather than canned...left out the cabbage and then I agonized over whether to use an open package of penne pasta or wheat fusilli...used the penne as it had been open for more than a month...grated some parmesan and c'est sa...minestrone is like an italian ratatouille with pasta, and you can expect a similar flavor...it takes well to ratatouille type ingredients like eggplant, etc... needa have some fresh crusty bread to accompany so gonna do a new loaf tmw...making a minestrone is a good excuse... that Cello brand parmesan from makro is very nice and very rich and ye havta be careful how much ye add...I went overboard with the pasta and meat sauce and my gut objected, later hadta be more moderate as the ground beef has got a lot of fat and with the cheese was more than than my aged digestive system can tolerate... 'moderation in all things...' 'cerveza Modelo; 3.2%, bebida de moderacion...' and then tutsi distainfully slurps a 5.9% budweiser...or a 40% vodka and soda...and hooks down the minestrone with a moderate amount of parmesan cheese...
  9. tutsiwarrior

    Birds in your garden

    I watched the same out my kitchen window to the rear of our house the other day as I was chopping onions...the victim was a hooded baby snake that reared and flared but no matter, the coucal had its number...there were some smaller birds wanting to get in on the action but the larger coucal chased them off... Nature in its merciless and violent majesty does it again... excellent videos...
  10. tutsiwarrior

    James Bond...and Thailand

    nah, I thought about that but trimmed beards are too much trouble, I've got a beard trimmer and without the adjustable length attachment just run it over my face once a week and that does me...ends up sorta like 'designer stubble'... btw after a shower and hair wash I ended up with 1" hair standing straight up...it had been trained like that from all the years of the 'european combed straight back' look...so that now the girl at the corner shop with the tantalizing smile (and similarly tantalizing backside) just gives me a derisive smirk..
  11. some good restaurants on the sea front in Vung Tau in 2006...one french dude had a wood fired pizza oven and respectable pasta... back in HCMC at the then premier italian restaurant in HCMC with a companion that I had acquired in Vung Tau: 'the cannelloni is better in Vung Tau...' she had excellent english and later my marriage was ruined...
  12. tutsiwarrior

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    the Cello Cheese Bros? they look to be a buncha cheese mafiosi...big smiles before they pull the trigger... but that parmesan hit the spot, I havta admit...
  13. tutsiwarrior

    What Are You Eating (Thai Food Porn)

    looks good...is that the same green curry that's available in the Lobo packet at the supermarket? if so ye can put that one together inna heartbeat with all local ingredients... I mentioned somewhere earlier the light miso available at makro? got back from the talaat this am with locally made tofu and green onions and made a soup without noodles and it was superb...the dissolved miso paste is so filling that ye don't need much else, just some diced fresh tofu and a green onion garnish and mmm, mmm goooood....
  14. after 30 years I decided on a new coiffure based upon Sean Connery's look in the film Rising Sun...easier to look after I reckoned and my previous arrangement of the european combed straight back from the forehead was an old girlfriend's idea anyway... so I was at the talaat gettin' vegetables and meat and moseyed over to the hairdresser who is a delightful young woman and very engaging and showed her the internet photo of Sean Connery on my telephone...and she just grunted and said: 'James Bond...' and got to work...and then when finished the other ladies in attendance agreed: 'James Bond...' there must be an unknown bond between Thailand and James Bond (yuk, yuk, yuk!) that falangs don't know about...and it was the highpoint of the day... https://www.google.co.th/search?q=sean+connery+rising+sun+photos&rlz=1C1CHBF_enTH737TH737&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=aR88J2UyuQmIAM%3A%2Cw6eeg41uzjcffM%2C_&usg=AFrqEzergc3-A-yj381LfGHkV8WVC0vmYA&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiiqfeJo9vcAhXIE4gKHXR-Bp4Q9QEwBXoECAMQDg#imgrc=aR88J2UyuQmIAM: so, get real and get 'James Bond' and cast yer cares to the wind...feels a lot better too with more head area available for heat dissipation...
  15. don't know about arrangements with the US but for many years now replacements for expired debit and credit cards from my bank in the UK have been sent to my Thailand P.O. box simply using the Royal Mail postal service...never any problem... same when I was living and working in the middle east using the employer's mail box...just one time in saudi when some dumb shit local admin person left the letter lying in the project inbox and never forwarded it to site, nothing to do with the mail service which is quite good in most places the middle east... the inattentive admin person was then publicly beheaded after Friday prayers as a warning to others...and tutsi stood by impassively...