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  1. tutsiwarrior

    Warning of more wet, windy weather ahead

    strong wind and rain in southern Suphanburi and it's been a bit chilly...fell asleep in the ride just outside of BKK and woke up near home and saw the winter light; heavily diffused lowered sunlight thru the clouds that you usually see in the UK and northern europe this time of year near the solstice...never seen it before around here...
  2. someone said recently that in Hanoi you could proceed directly to the VN airport immigration/passport control counter with the invitation letter from the internet and not havta stop at the visa desk first?...that would simplify things considerably... the brits have been able to get immediately stamped in for 15 days for a while now with just their passports...
  3. tutsiwarrior


    man it took me 6 months before I could understand the folks on Eastenders...but I can manage english, spanish, french, malay and a bit of thai... there have been a few films made in the UK that have required subtitles for english speaking viewers to understand...
  4. my pal that ran the border with the kilos was a good student...his brother was a leader of the student anti war protests at UC Berkeley and got expelled...strange folks, their dad was a heavily tattooed US navy machinist (betty boop on his calf that shook her butt when he flexed) and they were solidly working class but high achieving...he ran an insurance scam when he was 14 y.o. collecting payment when he alleged that his surfboard was stolen...he knew the value of money and that's probably why he became a successful dope dealer...he never became a part of our band because he had no musical talent but he knew good music and he turned me on to Peter Green in 1966...and them blues sure did take hold of me, sorta like discovering the roots of rock and roll... he was gay and he beat the shit out of some dude that called him a queer when we were about 13 y.o....it wasn't cool to be gay in the early 60s...I always knew that he was a bit weird but he was a good pal...I was in love with his mother, a slim red head with blue eyes with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth...she was very kind and she liked me too as I was always very polite...
  5. 'ol Steve useta shake it up...part of the 60s SF rock scene...saw him lots in SoCal when I was in high school...his mate Boz Skaggs went on to be a local 'personality' in SF...
  6. it's Oaxaca as in Mexico and a 'lid' (ounce) of dope was $10, usually measured with a Prince Albert tobacco can...remember riding up Laguna Canyon after an outdoor concert and folks were passing fat joints from car window to car window...good 'ol times...and yeah, folks (mostly surfers that lived at the beach) would sell lids just to have something to smoke but the dudes that I knew were serious dealers...then heroin and coke got popular and the mob and the bikers got involved and the whole complexion changed, I mostly kept to acid and booze as junkies and the like weren't very pleasant to be around...do a hit or two now and then depending on who I was with...was with a friend once and he broke in to an animal hospital in Corona del Mar and got some pharma morphine, a cc of that shit took my knees out from under me...young and reckless it was a world of changes...
  7. Dave Mason was great and unappreciated...one of the creative forces behind Traffic with Steve Winwood... Berkeley 1970 during the invasion of Cambodia and tutsi is in the streets staring and wondering 'I ain't in Pasadena no more...' later walking down Telegraph Ave with a paper bag fulla kilos of dope like walking home from the supermarket and calmly conversing with his high school chum who was peddling them at the time...this was before the sinsemilla revolution and a kilo with stems and seeds went for $100...he ran the border near TJ in an old yellow Mercury convertible with a fake gas tank and scored 30 kilos...he later got a house in Laguna Canyon and parked the old Mercury in his front yard as a monument to his success... later another pal who wasn't as smart attempted to walk across the desert border with Mexico with a backpack fulla kilos and the border patrol busted his ass...he later became a pHd in political science...don't know whatever became of the other pal...
  8. tutsiwarrior

    Western Style Mattress

    I bought a belgian made bed ensemble (inner spring mattress and bed frame...) from homepro about 5 years ago for around thb20k...best bed I ever had...with western all cotton bed linen (Ikea and lazada have them) hard to beat...outta the shower and into bed and then zzzzz...a bit of melatonin helps as well... local mattresses don't work as most asians sleep on the hard floor with a mat...my wife useta start the night with me in bed and then I'd wake up alone...only to find her in the kids' room under a pile of rags on the floor, lift up the rags and there would be small grandchildren and other various small nieces sleeping peacefully...sorta like an easter egg hunt...
  9. out on the road in british columbia one summer looking for work useta hear this on car radios everywhere...a simple tune but the exuberance and the yelling really got it going...
  10. that's what we all said 40 - 50 years ago...keep tuned to this topic and you might be surprised... popular music is what it is, always evolving and changing...I'm a traditional blues man meself but there have been some respectable tunes within the past 20 years...maybe highly derivative of the old stuff but that's OK...
  11. someone said something in the old topic about Dr Who being silly? I was laying in front of the box one Sunday morning in California with a raging hangover about 35 years ago and a Dr Who episode came on, 'Stones of blood' with Tom Baker...and that twisted my head every which way and I thought that I was having the DTs...outrageous storyline with fake effects and everything and no attempt to be believable...quite the opposite... there was an obvious LSD perspective in play here and I became a Dr Who fan forever after...his 'assistant' Romana at the time was quite tasty as well...
  12. tutsiwarrior

    Tesco Lotus dilemma

    it was just tescos and 7/11 that got involved in the plastic bag moratorium...went to get my usual vodka and ice today at the corner shop and someone pulled out a plastic bag outta habit...I waved it away and stuffed the goods down me backpack like I usually do...ate some seaweed crisps and shuffled off down the road... a lotta folks expect the bags as part of what ye pay for and not having any will take a lot of getting used to for both check out staff and customers...constructive forethought ain't sumpin' that the locals are used to...probably need armed thugs in riot gear to get the message across... 'hey, man...didn't I see youse down at my immigration office?'
  13. it's figurative...sorta like...music and hitchhiking and etc...
  14. also good for the nekkid dancing women...notice how the snare drum rim shots correspond to suggestive hip swiveling...
  15. ever notice how the black girls got the nicest booties? why is that? them white girls look skinny and anemic in comparison.. hey man...don't think yer special, I was confined in a boarding school in Bolivia no less for 6 months in 1965 ('we gotta do something with tutsi' 'well there's a guy I know that runs a missionary school in Bolivia') and spent nearly 20 years workin' in the ME, never got laid except by some trafficked asian whores here and there...one was from Kazakhstan and had ornamental gold teeth, I fell asleep after a pleasurable tussle and she left taking only the money that we agreed upon... ZZTop is always good fer the nekkid dancing women business...I actually think that ZZ Top had naked dancing women in mind when they recorded their music...always the featured music in go go bars...