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  1. tutsiwarrior

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    sorry, I referring to sleeping problems/disorders in general that can result from many things like apnea, insomnia, stress and etc...if you're still having jet lag symptoms 3 weeks after traveling you might wanna investigate... btw I never taken melatonin for jet lag myself as I usually readjust to my normal sleeping pattern without assistance within about 24 - 36hrs...when my sleep problems got serious (ie, falling asleep in meetings at work and etc, struggling to stay awake when yer body is screaming for sleep is really bad for you) I went to a sleep lab and they determined that I had hypopnea (sorta like apnea but not as severe) and prescribed a CPAP machine which didn't help...then I started on the melatonin which has been the most effective... if we're talking about jet lag only then sorry to go off topic...
  2. tutsiwarrior

    Where to buy beef mince along Sukhumvit?

    don't know if there's a makro near Sukhumvit but that's where I go near where I live to get frozen imported ground beef, 1kg bags, usually use 500g at a time for meatloaf, bolognaise, chilli, etc...they also got fresh ground beef to order but much more expensive...a straight substitution pork for beef in recipes is no good as the pork has got tons more fat even if ye drain most of it off during cooking...
  3. tutsiwarrior

    Fruits recommended (glycemic index)

    I can't resist mangoes and pineapples in season and we get them free by the basket from various friends and relatives but they are high GI so I keep extra metformin around for that purpose...which might not be a good idea as too much metformin while good for BG control puts a load on yer kidneys and liver...
  4. tutsiwarrior

    Birds in your garden

    yeah, me too when I was living in Oregon on the west coast...see them from the crew bus on the way to and from work in the woods, the big nests in the uppermost crown of the timber, always near water, reservoir, big pond, etc...watching them fish was really neat... ospreys 'from sea to shining sea'...amazing how when ye live in a place with abundant wildlife ye take things fer granted...then later to marvel when not so abundant...if I saw an osprey fishing these days believe I'd be jumpin' around and hollerin'...
  5. tutsiwarrior

    How to stay Wide Awake.

    melatonin is usually suggested for jet lag...if yer sleepy during the day and not in work no harm in a short nap if not too late during the day... for a lot of folks as we get older getting to sleep and staying asleep becomes harder and harder and then you havta pay closer attention to your sleeping arrangements (I've got black out curtains, good AC and a super comfortable - and expensive - western bed, all cotton bed linen, etc) and preparations for sleeping, ie. no caffeine after 3pm, etc, alcohol can screw things up as well...this has been since I turned 60 8 years ago...before not much of a problem... by all means try and get 6 - 8hrs sleep in a 24hr period...chronic lack of sleep can cause serious health problems...
  6. 80s UK pop music that I had never heard until I met up with my ex in London in 1988...she had these albums from Squeeze and Simply red that never got much airplay in California...nice music and I was surprised and quite pleased that there was more to brit pop music at the time than the Stones and the Sex pistols......
  7. tutsiwarrior

    Birds in your garden

    seen one of these guys perched outside my kitchen window the other day...distinctive yellow bill and crest...in south Suphanburi...
  8. tutsiwarrior

    Leaving BKK for 6/9 months, Vietnam questions.

    when I went last year it was only for 2 weeks and I only needed a short term visa which is cheap...the one year visa for americans is USD300+...I was trying to illustrate the irony of a 1 year visa not being available to UK passport holders but that they get 'free entry' for 15 days when US must go the 30 day visa route... don't know about the rest of it re: requirements for 1 year visa holders, renewals, etc...may havta exit the country every 90 days, etc...the local VN embassy should have all the answers...last I heard 1 year visas are only available to US passport holders...
  9. tutsiwarrior

    Leaving BKK for 6/9 months, Vietnam questions.

    in Hanoi I lived out in the expat ghetto in Westlake (Tay Ho) and it's leafy and peaceful out there with western restaurants and shops stocked with western food, etc...not the same closer into the center of town... in HCMC I lived in District 1 and there was a perceptible low roar from the traffic that started around 0530hrs that became full volume around 0700hrs...the locals like to lean on their horns... never seen no K9 BBQ in the big towns but I saw some doggies goin' to market in cages on the back of trucks in the rural areas...when the doggie trucks went past a place with dogs on the loose there was howling in spooky recognition of the fate of the caged ones...
  10. tutsiwarrior

    Leaving BKK for 6/9 months, Vietnam questions.

    visa arrangements depend depend on your nationality...useta be a one year visa was only available to US passport holders, last year my son who carries a UK passport got stamped in for 15 days without any visa at all but with my US passport I had to apply in the usual way online for a 30 day visa... the VN gov't online visa website will spell it all out... I lived and worked in both Hanoi and HCMC and they both got the same problems with traffic congestion and etc...in Hanoi the traffic seems to get worse the further away you get from the center (old town)...overall I found Hanoi to be more pleasant than HCMC, in both places I had a kitchen and could shop and make my own food which I prefer...they got western style supermarkets as well as the usual asian fresh markets... as I was working I had a temporary resident permit with all the stuff that comes with it arranged by my employer, work permit, etc...had to get a police report once from the thai police for which I received assistance from the very helpful thai embassy in Hanoi... I've lived in other more remote, non tourist places like Ca Mau (a mangrove pit, part of the Mekong delta) in the extreme south and on the north central coast (very beautiful and charming, Dong Hoi is worth a visit)...my employers arranged all accommodation, transport and etc as I was there to work...sure to be different if yer on your own...facilities for westerners in the remote areas have improved quite a bit since I lived there from my observations when I visited last year... if I had to leave my present arrangement in Thailand for whatever reason VN (Hanoi) would be the first place that I'd land...then maybe ooze my way down to the north central coast again...
  11. tutsiwarrior

    What are you eating? (food porn)

    saw this one in the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/food/2018/oct/08/roman-beans-pork-rind-recipe-rachel-roddy it calls for pork rind which you can find easily at the local market but the preparation time (3hrs???) is ridiculous for the rind alone...got some TGM smoked bacon in the fridge... also calls for dried borlotti or cannellini beans but who wansta mess with the soaking and cooking? they got canned ones that you can find at makro but they're expensive...I got some cans of red kidneys at hand, also from makro and expensive but a lot cheaper than the italian beans... tomato 'passata'? sheddd, fresh toms will work with a tbblsp of tomato paste (small cans available from makro)... in yer big stew pot boil the toms for a couple of mins and then drain, cool and peel and set aside...rinse the pot and set back on the heat and toss in the bacon and fry until soft, leave the fat and extract the meat with kitchen tongs and set aside...add a couple of tbblsp of regular olive oil to the bacon fat and toss in yer chopped onions, smashed garlic and saute...meanwhile chop up yer peeled toms and add to the pot with dried parseley (makro) and salt and pepper, I added 1/2 tsp of hot red chile flakes... cook fer a bit (maybe add a bit of hot water from the kettle) then look to see whether to add any tomato paste...drain and rinse 2 cans of red kidneys or canned borlottis or cannellinis if you prefer and add to the pot with the chopped up cooked bacon, mix and simmer for 15mins...looks like it would go well with some nice crusty bread...I didn't have any and I never did get around to making any chapattis for the potato and aubergine curry above but they both are good on their own... these folks that write the food columns in western newspapers think that us expats got nothin' better to do than spend hours on pork rind preparation and soaking and cooking beans...or maybe they consider us to be savages with no access to prepared ingredients??? it's true that some of us have more problems than others in that regard, not to mention our unfortunate brethren that are forced to leave the pot of beans on the cook top and flee thru the rice paddies ahead of 'Big Joke' and his immigration clean up posse... oppressed from all directions when we just wanna cook a pot of beans and mind our own business but we shall overcome... (tutsi hurls his pot of beans at the BiB immigration onslaught and yells 'eat borlotti, Big Joke!!!' before expiring in a hail of gunfire...)
  12. tutsiwarrior

    What are these buggers (Stamps from 711)

    it's a Saturday morning and young tutsi notices that his mom has got the shoe box out fulla loose green stamps and some pasting books and it don't look good...and as he tries to sneak out the kitchen door 'HEY! ye little bugger, come over here and help me with these stamps...' 'aw mom we got little league practice and the coach gets mad if we turn up late...' 'siddown, shaddap and get on them stamps...' and then tutsi's dad darkens the escape route with his 6'3" 200lb bulk and sez menacingly 'yew been upsettin' yer mother again ye little bugger???' a gloriously dysfunctional Pasadena, California childhood in the late 50s... little buggers indeed...
  13. I'm using the combo method for my new retirement extension in Dec...and to obtain the amount to be deposited in the bank I used: 800000 - (12 x monthly income) = required deposit in local bank account...I added about 10% extra to compensate for currency fluctuations... and I transferred this amount into my K - bank account last month for 3 month seasoning purposes...I'll get an income affidavit from the US embassy when the time comes... anyone hear of any stories of folks running down to the USE in a panic to get the affidavit in advance afraid that they'll pull the same shit as the UKE?
  14. righteous...and provided the backdrop for one of his routine showpieces... a master showman...a lot of folks useta confuse James Brown with Little Richard...maybe it was the 'do (as in hairdo)...Little Richard was much more sedate on stage by comparison...encumbered with pianos and etc... legends of soul and rock 'n roll...mercy... later Robert Plant took all the yellin' and screamin' forward with Led Zep with a million white boy imitators...including tutsi who regularly screams the intro to I can't quit you babe in the shower...especially when there's no hot water in the wintertime...
  15. good cover, probably the most well known of Love Hurts...I like this recording from songwriter Gram Parsons with Emmylou... love is like a stove, burns you when it's hot... cut to 1998 and tutsi is driving home to Wisbech onna 'B' road in the UK fenlands after a day at work at the Sutton Bridge power station...and Emmylou is on the box (BBC Radio 1?) with laryngitis and after the interview performed Love Hurts in the studio solo with another acoustic guitarist...and I pulled over to stop and listen, turned up the volume and it was heartbreaking...her and Parsons were lovers (both of them southerners) and he died from an OD 25 years before...bizarre, google the story, a pyre in the California desert after Parsons' body was stolen outta the local morgue and etc...fairly faulkneresque with a bit of the macabre...