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  1. a tip for those avocado enthusiasts going to Hanoi on holiday: avoid the street sellers, a big scam and wildly over priced...when in the Old Quarter head to the Intimex supermarket on the lower west side of the Hoan Kiem lake (entrance inside a courtyard, look for fruit, veg and meat banners outside) 28000dong/kilo and better quality... get yerself some fresh bread and rip into it back at the hotel or wait until brekkie buffet time...can't go wrong...
  2. I'm a big fan of Bert and the Pentangle and I mentioned his death in 2011 in the bedlam forum then but no one knew who he was... I particularly liked 'A woman like you' nice open tuning that I learned to play...very modal....good to listen to on acid... wild sex in the morning then remain naked the rest of the day so's not to fool with clothing when the mood struck a dozen times later...can't believe I'm gonna be 67 y.o....
  3. just returned from Vietnam...at one new hotel out in the provinces the card slot for the electrics would only use the key card, inserting a piece of cardboard wouldn't work...back in Hanoi in an older hotel the cardboard worked fine... folks are fussy about power consumption out in the VN provinces...7 years ago at a 'basic' hotel I left the AC running when I went to work and when I checked out they charged twice the room rate for that day to cover their additional power cost...tutsi: 'but you never cleaned the room or gave me a towel???' they were impassive...
  4. my first paperwhite dropped down into the hydraulic mechanism of a business class seat on an airplane and I activated the mechanism unaware...the hard case saved it, it was chewed up but the unit was unscathed... always get them hard cover cases when you order the paperwhite...a bit pricey but worth it...
  5. just came thru airport customs today at 1830hrs and nothing out of the ordinary.... if yer pushing a trolley piled high with goods in new undisturbed packaging ye gotta reckon that you'll get stopped and investigated... 'what's that, mr tutsi?' 'it's me voddy, duty free and legal and if ye don't let me get home and make a drink right now I'm gonna be very annoyed...'
  6. Dance with a Stranger, 1985 Mike Newell director...script by Shelagh Delaney who did A Taste of Honey in the 60s...also a great film... a melodrama with horror and abuse but you can't take yer eyes offa the screen...a magnificent Miranda Richardson as the doomed Ruth Ellis who was hanged for her passion...fine performances by Ian Holm and Rupert Everett... trembling with horror from the spectacle but also in admiration of the power that a 'small movie' can convey...minimalist in the extreme... it should be enshrined... tutsi is at the video rental place to return the film in El Cerrito, CA in 1986 and the girl there sez 'how about that one then Mr tutsi? a good film? (she was a film enthusiast and we had spoken before)...and I said: 'one of the best in recent years...' and she sez: 'but it is so terribly depressing...' and I raised my voice: 'depressing??? have you not ever known anyone trapped in an abusive relationship??!!!'...and the girl took 2 steps back, alarmed... she was only 19 or so, a pudgy redhead and I liked her and I immediately regretted my outburst... see that film now...
  7. hey, man...take them 'cados down to yer Hanoi hotel breakfast buffet and grab a fresh baguette and slather thereupon with some nice VN coffee and an angel appears...indicating the path to enlightenment...
  8. I wouldn't do Thailand and Vietnam at the same time...they are vastly different countries and deserve specific attention... I have experience living and working in Vietnam but I live with my family in rural Thailand...for holiday purposes I would chose Vietnam...Thailand doesn't have much to offer a tourist unless yer into beaches, sex and drunkeness...Hanoi is much nicer than HCMC and there are plenty of scenic tours and north VN is a very scenic place...I was recently in Dong Hoi in Quang Binh province and the tour to the caves there is very nice, I was with some local friends with private transport and got special treatment... btw...Hanoi has changed tremendously since I was there last in 2010, the Old Quarter is now a tourist disneyland...but still much nicer than anything that Thailand's got...cheap burgers and pizza all over the place, supermarket avocados fer USD1.20/kilo, etc...
  9. now in Hanoi and I got some avocados (28kdong/kilo at the supermarket, street sellers at 80k) and marched right down to the hotel brekkie buffet with a nice one...grabbed me a fresh baguette and slathered that mother...outta this world with fresh vietnamese coffee...ordered an omelette on the side... olives, pork liver pate and more coffee and I'm together until lunchtime... tutsi recaptures lost yoof at the Hanoi hotel brekkie buffet...
  10. gonna havta grab one of those little baker dudes and stuff 'im into me case and bring 'im home to answer a few questions... the banh mi folks have got all kindsa different fillings fer the sarnies...if it's not too busy you can just point to what you want, I quite like the asian flourishes except fer the fatty pork...they had some splendid pork liver pate but that cost 5000 dong extra...buy 2, eat one on the spot and bring the other back to the hotel fer nibbles... crunch, crunch...very nice crispy crust...the hotel cleaner comes in looks at the mess and remarks in dismay: 'mr tutsi, have you been eating banh mi again today?'
  11. I wouldn't complain too much...looks like what you got is thoroughly edible... nice crust, from the steam I presume... presently in Vietnam and have been looking at the local bread with a home baking interest...a nice crispy crust but a lot lighter unlike french baguettes, not as chewy...it's almost like the rolls are baked specially for the banh mi sandwiches...an asian twist on the french boulangerie...
  12. back in Hanoi in relentless search for avocados...7 years ago off Hang Be Street in the Old Quarter there was a vegetable street market, now the vendors have moved off the street onto the pavement...plenty of 'cados...but now 80k dong per kilo and not as nice fruit as in the provinces... amazing, useta be only intrepid backbackers would ever come to Hanoi but now never seen so many fat white western female thighs in skimpy shorts outside of BKK...time marches on... "tutsi's Vietnam avocado odyssey - 2017"...'and he ranged far and wide in his search: wind, rain and Sirens howling...' (a massage parlour doorman as tutsi walks past: 'hey, old man...looks like you could use some pussy...' 'they got any avocados in there?...')
  13. another Coppola triumph... 'whose the commanding officer here?' 'ain'tchoo?'
  14. 'how's the italian food in this place?' 'try the veal, it's the best in the city...' just moments before the evil Solozzo and the crooked cop captain McCluskey are blown away at Louis' restaurant in the Bronx... absolute majesty in film making...
  15. 'and then your enemies would become my enemies and then they would fear you...' which I believe conveys more menace than: 'I'm gonna make him an offer that he can't refuse...' it's really amazing how film makers can take a simple story and turn it into an unforgettable spectacle...granted they have millions of dollars to do it with...just think of all the folks that have the same ideas but not the same resources.... support independent cinema!