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  1. is this true Thought it MUST be in Thai baht...in a Thai bank for extension?????
  2. yeah shame on all them draft dodgers who didn't want to go and kill women and children in SE Asia.they should be ashamed..
  3. mrmazinkle

    UK pensions

    To all UK pensioners or future pensioners I kindly ask you to read and sign the online petition for pension parity. Edit: This thread was initially started to request that members sign the e-petition for pension parity, IE to unfreeze pensions. That e-petition is no longer available, it's past its closing date and did not reach the required numbers to be considered by the relevant Parliamentary Committee. The thread is being kept open, as it's of interest to affected members, to provide updated information on UK Pension issues. I have edited the thread from the 160 pages, it once reached, to it's current level, most the posts were out of date or were just the same posts with the same links posted over and over again, usually with a one liner added on. This is an important issue which is of interest to many of us, can I ask that posts are kept snappy and on topic and you resist the urge to simply hit the quote button. Thanks