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  1. I doubt James Gandolfini was wearing a helmet when he passed away
  2. A sovereign state is one that has no other state or entity with power over it..hasn't Brussels overturned parliaments rulings before?Doesn't The EP dictate fiscal,economic and even social laws.SS..this professor seems to be talking out hi ****.
  3. Is it a simple matter to add Thai language? considering buying one of these in Uk for Thai GF..thy're about 2-3k cheaper on e bay..Many thanks for any replies..Tom
  4. Please spmeone advise.I live in the rice signal intermittent..What is the best pocket wifi I can subscribe to..Monthly cost not an issue.grateful for any replies..thanl you..Thomas...
  5. Hi there..I need a 30 kilo dog picked up in Bangkok and brought to Udon Thani..It has a cage....I will pay your diesel costs..Many thanks for any replies....
  6. And since when did you found out that locking people up is a deterrent for a crime? Care to share your knowledge with us? It worked for Nelson Mandela
  7. I have read the liverpool echo link and I cannot imagine this family's sorrow. If only this would be a warning to all people both young and who come here and get caught up in the sabaii sabaii lifestyle.Goodluck to anyone who comes here seeking a better alternative to their life.BUT don't get complacent about it.This is not Europe or America.At last there youcan speak the language,have a support group,family...You must always keep your eye on the ball especially here...Don't let your guard down.Enjoy your time here but see beyond the facade.The games.. A young man who wanted to taste the sweetness of life and maybe he did for ashort time.Such awaste of a life.I hope his killer will be caught and his family gets justice.
  8. To all UK pensioners or future pensioners I kindly ask you to read and sign the online petition for pension parity. Edit: This thread was initially started to request that members sign the e-petition for pension parity, IE to unfreeze pensions. That e-petition is no longer available, it's past its closing date and did not reach the required numbers to be considered by the relevant Parliamentary Committee. The thread is being kept open, as it's of interest to affected members, to provide updated information on UK Pension issues. I have edited the thread from the 160 pages, it once reached, to it's current level, most the posts were out of date or were just the same posts with the same links posted over and over again, usually with a one liner added on. This is an important issue which is of interest to many of us, can I ask that posts are kept snappy and on topic and you resist the urge to simply hit the quote button. Thanks