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  1. Arjen

    Brush cutters

    We have also several Honda brushcutters. It seems theylast "forever" Some mainenance is required. (Oil change, and regular greasing from the gear vlose to the blade) We never want something else. But: On regular base we hire a group of professional grasscutters, and they buy very cheap Chinese brush cutters, do not do any maintenance and just buy a new one when the "old one" does not work anymore. Arjen.
  2. Arjen

    Disappointing UPS repair

    I do not have experience with UPS from Leonics, but I do have experience with other equipment from them (solar charger and 24V DC-220V AC converter) They are a Thai company, with an office in BKK. I have seen their UPS-es in several IT shop. But did not check them. Like this: https://www.lazada.co.th/products/nubos-ups-inspire-1000v-1000va-500w-i108274319-s109707614.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlistbrand.list.5.72394286P2aYmE&search=1 Arjen.
  3. Arjen

    Tree removal on private land

    I am glad you still understood me!!
  4. Arjen

    Tree removal on private land

    Sorry, The story is a bit different. The two guys from EPA (or hired by EPA) wanted to "treat" the two trees with poison, so they will die. My wife doesn't agree with this, so we will hire to cut down the two trees. Killing with poison is done for free. Arjen.
  5. Arjen

    Tree removal on private land

    We have different experiences. Nearly similar situation as OP, but two trees. Recently two people came and asked if they where allowed to remove the trees, as they will damage the cables. My wife was not home, so I asked them to come back. They called my wife, and she asked them to come back when she is home. And they told her that they will bring the correct equipment and remove the trees. No costs for us involved. It still has to happen...... Arjen.
  6. Arjen

    Specifications VEG SVC-D20000VA

    And in fact that are specs I am looking for, what is the response time after a voltage drop, or rise (I can imagine this is given in a time/V, as when the drop/rise is a lot, the mechanical movement is much more, then when the voltage rise/drop is small) (The "toy" Crossy is making, to record history from voltage, you should extend to two channels!) (new project!) I am also interested at what voltage difference it will start to respond. I found on the internet that an accepted regulating distance is 60%, as 50% is to small (overlap) I only do not really understand from what figures these 50% and 60% are taken? In my memory (strange you forget these things so fast) at day time I could here the thing nearly constant regulating. At night time (lets say between 22.00 and 04.30) it remained very silent. Arjen.
  7. Arjen

    Specifications VEG SVC-D20000VA

    When I remember well my AVR has also an input connection for 110 V, But not an output from 110V. So I think you can use it as a "Step-up tranformer for 110V to 220V. When I have it back I will take a closer look. Strange that there are further no specs. availabe...... Arjen.
  8. Arjen

    Neutral or Newton?

    OK, so they say Newtron.... Interesting!
  9. I tried to search on the internet, but could not find any information. What are the specs from above mentionend AVR? I am specially interested in response time and how close it should stay to 220V output side. I bought this AVR, and in memory output was always very close to 220V. I also could hear the thing nearly continously regulating. I have two Kw/H meters installed. One before and one after the AVR, and suddenly I could see strange figures: Like input 232, output 204, but also the other way round: like in 198, and out 240. Once I had out already 230, and a high load. I opened the CB after the AVR, and got a 255V out! Then direct the AVR opened its circuitbreaker, while there was no load (I guess a kind of security) I bought it around 9 months ago at global so went back to them. First they asked if I connected it correct.... "Yes, and it has been working very good, but suddenly not" OK, we will send some people to your house to check, and we are sure they can solve it for you. The standard communication problems followed, we had to wait 10 minutes, after 30 minutes my wife asked, what is happening now: "oh our engineers are nearly at your house already" Ok, we went home and there where four people from Global. I demonstrated them, big load, low voltage out, disconnect the load, high voltage out. They asked me to disconnect the power, so they could check, I did, they opened the door looked, and said, : "oh sorry sir, we can not repair, we must take it with us" Ok, in fact I was happy they direct agreed the thing was not working. They disconnected all five wires (I know not neccessary, but I connected in- and outgoing Neutral, + the ground) Ground wire is green, the other four are black. And then they had no clue anymore what was Live, and what was Neutral. So I checked for them, they used a terminal to connect the wires, and we have again electricity. but no AVR. This happened last Sunday 02-09. Monday 03-09 they called us, and confirmed it was broken, it will be repaired under guarantee, they had ordered the parts, and when they have repaired it they will call us. I did not know global has their own repair service, probably they bring it to Amorn or something? But, as asked, what are the specs from this AVR, or from an average AVR? Regards, Arjen.
  10. Arjen

    Neutral or Newton?

    Just wondering: When I talk with Thai people who have some, or a bit more knowledge about electricity, I always here them saying "Newton" when they talk about "Neutral" Is it just because the way they pronounce "Neutral" or do they confuse the abbreviation used in elctricity for the symbol what is used in physics? My guess is the first, because also not many people have heard from the symbol used in physics. Arjen.
  11. I can confirm the opposite. I did my first 90 days after reentering the country on-line last week. And it has been confirmed. Arjen.
  12. Can for some reason not ad text with my previous post. This is a very good way of "tooth brushing" this malinois has the whitest teeth from all our dogs. They are all on the same diet. When the dogs notice I am watching he brings the coconut to me. Many dogs like to eat coconut. When you give them a dehusked coconut and you break it open, but do not remove the meat from the coconut they have to remve it themself. They spend hours doing this. Arjen.
  13. WhatsApp Video 2018-09-08 at 13.33.37.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2018-09-08 at 13.33.37.mp4 WhatsApp Video 2018-09-08 at 13.33.37.mp4
  14. For me it was the first time I did "on-line reporting" And it was the first time reporting after a new entry in Thailand. But it worked. I received a confirmation email about 12 hour after applying. Arjen.
  15. Arjen

    A DIY oil-drum barbecue

    Should have done this..... But I have upgraded to a Kamodoe Joe. The best buy ever! Arjen.