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  1. Interesting subject (late reply because overseas yet) All our dogs like to drink cold, and even iced water. I never noticed leakage problems, but sometimes some diarrea. Arjen.
  2. Very short cut.

    I do not see any problems to shortcut. But with some experience you can find quite easy even very small ticks on even long haired dogs. Good luck! Arjen.
  3. Looking to buy a new lawnmower

    It is a real Honda, the blades are mounted on a steel plate, and can move. Now I use a fixed blade. But the difference is my area. I have around 30 rai, and use the mower at least once a week. So I expect that your blades last around 60 times longer. Arjen.
  4. Looking to buy a new lawnmower

    I have a Honda self propellled lawnmower. I am very happy with it, only, like you said, the life time from the blades is extreme short. I have a nice lawn, no stones. I do not touch the soil with the blades, but the upper part, (so the part what creates the airflow to lift the grass and move it to the bag) disappears within 5 hours of use. The replacement costs 1.800 baht. I complained often at Honda and the shop where I bought. Finally I designed myself a modification. Now I use a Honda blade what lasts around 30 hours and costs only 600 Baht. And also with this blade it is the upper part part (so the part what is far away from the grass) what disappears.... Overall I am happy with the performance from "my" Honda. I am a bit disapointed in the response from Honda. Arjen.
  5. The switch for your hot water heater looks like a CB to me. It will cut off at an overload for what is rated. But it will not cut off at an earth leakage. I do not want to use this heater.... Arjen.
  6. Dog-Friendly Hotel Near Suvarnabhumi Airport?

    I staid several times in this hotel with my dog: http://www.ploykhumthongbangkokairport.com/ No relatives from me, nice hotel with a good (Thai) restaurant). Friendly to me and my dog. The only thing what surprised me was that I had to pay an additional fee from 100 Baht for my dog to use their "free" shuttle service. While the dog was in his bench what is smaller then most suitcases. Arjen.
  7. Old Dog vs New Kitty

    Do not worry to much. It does not sound very serious. They both ill get over it. Arjen.
  8. Old Dog vs New Kitty

    It seems you do not have experience with cats.....
  9. Import Permit Confusion

    I imported my dog one time. Obtaining the import went very easy and fast in my case. But I heard having the import permit before is not really neccessary, it only speeds up the import process a bit. I hope this helps! Arjen.
  10. Beautiful but big !!

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing. Lucky we find only Cobra's in our garden....
  11. It is sad, but the best for your cat..... Think about this to reduce your sadness. Please be happy that for animals it is easier to get euthanised as this is for people.... I wish you all the needed strength! Arjen.
  12. Search for an other vet. It may be difficult but finally you will find one. Paying some extra money will sometimes help to make them change their mind.... Arjen.
  13. Agreed 100% with @wayned Do not forget the injections against Pvarvo! Vaccianations are not possible yet. But they can give antibodies. Special when the dog likes to swim this is a important one!. And put the dog as soon as possible on Bravecto or something similars. There are some discussions about this treatment. But for me it is the best..... Edit, and again I agree to @wayned At least 8-10 weeks. When the dog is younger it will grow very big. Arjen.
  14. Looks like a great dog. All three of you are very lucky, maybe the dog on the first place because he/she found you!! Arjen.
  15. Most Concerned...

    To be sure an animal (and human!!) has died from Rabies an autopsy must have been caried out. Also to Rabies related diseases (Like Creutzfeld-Jacobs) you can only be 100% sure afer an autopsy. Rabies has some clear signs, but not al symptoms are necessary to be shown, and some common symptoms may not be visible. Arjen.