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    http://www.sahamit.co.th/index.php/en/products/machinery-and-equipment-for-wood-processing/hermes-abrasive This supplier sales Hermes sandpaper. Mostly used on industrial machines. (like belts 2.100 Wide, 4.000 long) Outstanding quality. A bit expansive. Arjen.
  2. Arjen

    Rehome Dutch Shepards

    Neighbours? We do not have...
  3. An old friend of mine has to leave Thailand. He has been been breeding Dutch Shephards. But has stopped with breeding them as it turned out that the Thai owners could bot cope with these dogs. Now he has three left To describe character, they are like a neurotic Malinois great dogs for the owner, not to friendly to random visitors. But when a visitor comes often they can accept. In fact I really want to have them, but we have already 13 dogs. These three will easy double the amount of food we need.... Arjen.
  4. Dear mrs. You see my logic. You ask a question. I just answer your question to my best knowledge. When you know the answer already there is no need to ask a question me thinks. Good luck with your dog. Because I pity him/her. Arjen.
  5. Hmmm, when a dog limps, and you can not find a good reason for it, (Did they take x-ray, or ultrasound?) it is very good to give a painkiller, and this is not stupid!! And I think your suggestion, giving antibiotics wjhile nothing has been found is really stupid, and a bad idea. In my opinion your vet did the correct thing to do! It is possible the dog has really pain, and when the pain last long enough, the dog will learn to walk well on three legs, even when the pain is not there anymore, the dog will still walk on three legs as it has become his new behaviour. I know a dog in my homecountry, where the owner also refused to give painkiller, when the dog had a small injury on his paw. Months after the injury was healed, the dog was still limping. Better give painkiller. Arjen.
  6. Hmmmm. I should have ticked unfollow. What I do now. Arjen.
  7. Just because you keep saying people, humans, Homo Sapiens got sick with BSE. I try to explain this is not possible, but there is a disease, called Creutzfeld-Jacob, what can be caused by eating contaminated meat. Contaminated with BSE. But still, people, humans, homo sapiens can not get sick with BSE. I have enough from this. As it seems I can not block you, I will stop following this topic. Arjen.
  8. I tried to block you, but it seems not to be possible anymore. Please let stop this endless discussion. Arjen.
  9. I am not posting here to receive English lessons. I just only try to explain that people, Humans, Homo Sapiens, However you call them, can not get sick, can not have, can not develope BSE. There are signs that the described disease Creutzfeld-Jacob, found in some people, humans, Homo Sapiens, has a relation with eating contaminated meat from beef, cows, bulls with BSE. BUT.... THOSE two diseases, so BSE and Creatzfeld-Jacob are not the same..... It is impossible (as far as we know now) That people, humans, Homo Sapiens, can have BSE. Compare it with dogs wo will neve develope a food poisining while eating meat far over the date. (And I know, I understand, this comparisation is not a very good one) But People, humans, homo Sapiens can not have BSE!!!! That is all I try to say. I do not want to discuss if eating from animals with BSE can cause Creutzfeld-Jacob in Humans, People, Homo Sapiens. And for sure I do not want to learn English. (Anyway not from you.....!, @VYCM) Arjen.
  10. There are some signs that Creutzfeld-Jacob is caused by eating meat from contaminated beef with BSE, and then you also need to eat spine or brain. Incubation time is very, very long! People can not get sick with BSE! You also do not call a bicycle a car do you? Arjen.
  11. BSE is not same as Creutzfeld -Jacob, and it it still not prove that eating meat contaminated with BSE can cause Creutzfeld-Jacob. People can not get sick with BSE! That is all I said and you confirm in fact all I said before. So I have enough from this now. Regards, Arjen.
  12. From your quote: "that my be passed to humans" it is proven that humans can get sick with BSE. There are doubts if the very rear condition "Creutzfeld'Jacob" in humans is caused, can be caused by consuming BSE contaminated beef. The nrs are way to low to find any proof for this. Arjen.
  13. People can not get sick with BSE. There is human variety of BSE, Creutzfeld-Jacob called. There are some signs that eating beef with BSE can cause Creatzfeld-Jacob in people. Incubation time can be up-to 20 years. So very difficult to proof this.' But it is proven humans can not get sick with BSE. Arjen.
  14. No I am not off topic, I quote someone who states "that religion" (Islam) is far behind. In my opinion that (being far behind) does not apply only for the Islam. Arjen.
  15. There are also Christians who refuse vaccinations, (and insurances) for religious reasons. And there is growing group peoople who think vaccinations are unhealthy and should be avoided.... Arjen.