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  1. Sorry, for the troubles I caused OP and VN. Arjen.
  2. We have....
  3. As far as I know (but Crossy is the real expert) all chargers can handle a voltage between 90V and 300V They all can handle 50Hz and 60Hz, only the Fluke power quality analizer needed a stable 110V 60 Hz power supply to do its job..... And we bought this thing to check a not stable power supply..... But OK, Fluke is an American brand. Arjen.
  4. just my gues..... Some parts of Japan and Korea are also using 116V Japan and Korea are complete on 60Hz. I installed big machines in both countries, and sometimes theywe needed big transformers to change the 230V between phases to 380V the Hertz problem was not a big deal for our machines. Although some waterpumps had a much higher output as was tested. Arjen.
  5. contact @VocalNeal He can tell you all in and outs. Arjen.
  6. Thans! This is good information. According my vet sales from Bravecto sky rockets. It is not available in my city anymore...
  7. That I also wanted to answer.
  8. @Lia MarliaThat is what they call in English "young green coconut" in fact that name is wrong, they are not young, but they are green. This kind is used for drinking (for the water). Most plantations from this kind of cocnut you will find north from Chumphon, I am south from Chumphon located. We have a few but not 50-100. You can contact me by PM on this forum. I do not want to share my telephone or email here. Regards, Arjen.
  9. Coconuts (complete with the husk) is the seed from a coconut. How many do you want? Arjen.
  10. Usual overvoltage is less harmfull as undervoltage. At least motors, like fridges and freezers can handle a quit big amount of overvoltage. Maybe modern things, the electronics can not stand it? Arjen.
  11. I think it is a "masked South-East Asian Snake killer", but there are here people with more knowledge about dog breeds then I have.... Re thinking, it also looks a bit like the "Siamese coconut retriever" Not sure, lets wait what others have to say. Arjen.
  12. Great! Congratulations to you and Bobby!
  13. Simple things to reduce energy usage: When you need to defrost things, do not put them in the microwave, or oven, but place them the day before in the fridge. When you buy water, or other things from a shop with AC, put them as soon as possible in your fridge after arrival home (we do not have AC, and it makes a huge difference if you fill your fridge with 10 liter of water from 35 degrees, or the water is 22 degrees. Further switching off is always the cheapiest. A low wattage light consumes more then apowered off light. Sounds simple but many people leave things on, because they do not consume much..... Many times not much becomes finally a lot.... I just saw that Crossy did the calculations already...! Arjen.
  14. Can you place a picture? @Lamkyong, vaseline does not lubricate! it will make things only worser.... Arjen.
  15. Thanks for the interesting link! I know because my own experience that temperature has an influence on performance, and the test from JingJoe confirmed this thinking. And I know that PV modules in outer space (for satellites) produce much more then our modules. That is not only because temperature, but also because quality. I do not worry much about temperature stress. Amorn sells waterpumps what can run direct from PV modules. So when you have one or two panels what supply electricity to the pump, the pump will start to run when the sun starts to shine, and producing from electricity starts. At first the pump will run slow, the more sun, the faster the pump will run, so the more cooling water is supplied. My estimated guess is that this will keep the temperature from PV modules quite constant, so no temperature shock to them. But only in the stage from thinking, and breeding now..... Arjen.