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  1. Battery is rechargeable, Usually it works as a logger. Only when you want to know where the dog is you will use the SIM card. You can set with nearly all trackers a kind of "fence" when the dog passes this fence the tracker will contact you by the SIM. Although I was feeling I hardly used the SIM, the money disapeared quite fast, and then the thing is useless. At your telephone you will receive a warining when you near the end of your balance. I guess the tracker receives this info also, but there is not a way it sends that message to you. It will send a message when the battery is nearly drained, when it will be powered of, or when it does not have GPS reception. When I remember well the battery lifetime was around three or four days. While was stated a week. Good luck! Arjen.
  2. I bought one with a SIM card in the past (Beagle) It was quite expansive (but I forgot the price) I had always problems with it. SIM card suddenly no money on it, battery drained, always something. I bought it before we had the fence around our garden. We had two brothers who always stayed away for 5-6 days. It was amazing to see what they did. They walked around 60km a day!! Used our house as center point, without coming home. When they where at around 60 meters from our house they turned around and walked away again. The maximum distance from our house was around 2km. During their trips they had on average a two hour rest, mostly at night, mostly at the same place. The other 22 hours they where moving constant, on a quite low speed. Hardly never running. By the way, all trackers have a log function. To use the log function you must have the tracker physical in your hands (must be connected to a computer) There are trackers and loggers. Loggers you can not request the location from the dog, but they have a very long battery life time and are waterproof. Trackers are more suitable to locate your dog (or bicycle) but four years back I did not found them really reliable. Maybe now they are better. Arjen.
  3. It is not he price you paid for a dog....
  4. Arjen

    if anyone attacks my dog

    I agree fully, dogs are very clever. And it seems Thai dogs are more clever then foreign dogs in the way how to deal with people. But I like the attidude from "foreign" dogs, (Shepards, pitbulls, retrievers) more. Some races (like Pitbulls) are difficult to train, but always easier then an average Thai dog. But on the other hand, Thai dogs are, although they do not show this in following commands from the owner, very loyal to the owner. They warn about a stranger, (even when the stranger is still waiting in front of the fence) And they do not have any problems in attacking visitors. While a "foreign dog" really must be learned to attack intruders. Other people may have different observations, but this is how I look at it. Arjen.
  5. Arjen

    if anyone attacks my dog

    Dogs need to know who is the boss. The dog who bit me clearly made a mistake, initiated by me. He direct knew he had the wrong leg, and all his following behavior showed that very clear. Your accident is a different story, as it sounds to me the dog really attacked you to prevent you from interfering between him, and his opponent. That is a bit scary, but also solvable. The things WW89 are doing with his big dog works quite well. No reason to hit the dog, but learning the dog following your commands, belly scrub, allow the dog to play with you, and using gentle his teeth, all belong with this. My Malinois is by far our strongest and biggest dog. He is also the only one who always follow me, and who is happy with excersise and training. Our Thai dogs are more like cats. They accept us being around. They walk away for us when we telll them to do, they stop with what they are doing when we say so, but is close to impossible to let them do things on command. Even basic things like "sit" and "down". The most of them will come when we call them. They like to have the attention from us. Arjen.
  6. For OP, please check carefull your travel insurance and ask what they cover, and don't cover. For you it does not matter anymore, but your parents may not like it when they need to sale their house to have your remains back home. StevenL was complete correct. Arjen.
  7. No, I will not.
  8. Yes, you are correct, when you only talk about health care insurance, and that is what you did. I will never try to correct you again. Arjen.
  9. Point is we had a case from a Dutch citizen who stayed in one of our guests houses. Like many tourists he hired a motorbike, without having a valid drivers license for motorbike. According his parents their son was well insured. He killed himself by a motorbike accident (well, he survived three days in coma in hospital). His health care insurance covered these costs. But his travel insurance refused to pay the transportation from his dead body back home. He remained for about three months in the mortuarium in hospital, before his parents had enough money to let him fly back home. The health care insurance refused to pay these costs for longer stay in the hospital, and the travel insurance also did not cover this. And what they (insurance) told me, when he should have survived and needed special transport back home, they also should not cover these costs, as he was riding illegal a motorbike (he was also very, very drunk, when he had the accident) And then it is to the healthcare insurance if, and what they will cover. I have no idea what insurances do when you work illegal in Thailand, and have an accident on your workspot, maybe first ask? Arjen.
  10. Not complete correct. When you follow the law healthcare has no limits. When you did not follow the law, health care is covered according Dutch rates. Retrieving your body back to The Netherlands (dead or alive) is only covered when you did not do anything illegal . Arjen.
  11. Arjen

    if anyone attacks my dog

    Not sure what you mean with this?
  12. I am not sure about this. When you are doing something illegal, it remains your responsability. It does not matter if someone tells "it is OK to do" When someone tells you it os Ok to kill that person for this and this reason, do you still think you can hide behind this? Arjen.
  13. The chance for being caught is very, very small. But when organisations tell you that "for this kind of work", or "at our place" a Workpermit is not required, they are lying. And this ly can cause you huge problems, as explained here above. For working 2x times one month at two different organisations, the costs for a WP (WorkPermit) are so high, no one will help you to work legal. It is a big risk, and you are the one who takes the risk.... Applying for a work permit has to be done in Thailand, on a "Non Immigrant Visa "O"" Entering on a tourist visa will not work to apply for a work permit.I guess your chances to work legal in Thailand are close to zero. Arjen.
  14. Arjen

    if anyone attacks my dog

    Clear you do not have much knowledge about having some more dogs. We (My wife and I) are Alpha. For some dogs I am more, for a few others my wife is more. But all our dogs obey us. We do not need much force to tell them what to do. But approaching a dog, from behind, special when nearly blind and deaf is not a good idea. And yes, then I accept I did wrong. When the same dog should attack me when I just pass him, he is gone... All our dogs, are rescued, dumped dogs. Dumped by people who thought it is nice to have a dog. Arjen.