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  1. huli

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Yo Winnie I swear this is one of your best posts ever, we ought to pin it. I think that the BG bars are underrated. More expats from CM should go and meet a BG. Its fun if you have the right attitude. And the girls will really appreciate you. Buy them 3 drinks and 100 baht tip, they make 250 baht, and you did your good deed for the day. Help the poor. I always tell them they look great, their ear rings are beautiful, they look young, and still sexy etc. After reading your post I think a lot of men will be inclined to give the BG bars another go. If I go to a BG bar for the first time, and pick a BG right away out of the masses to drink with, I always have a good time. Its like shooting fish in a barrel, how can you lose? Its fun to sort out communication and then learn about a Thai person, and a woman besides. This thread has proven to be very popular. If members start discussing specific BG bars as being good, us men will want to go check them out. I think thats OK on TV.? Winnie -HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Aug 13 you are so brave to put your birthday on your Profile-few take that "risk" haha
  2. huli

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    No not last night, how was it? Can you give us a report?
  3. huli

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    Yea, you are right WTK, LB aren't a problem really. Just like any bar worker they got to get a drink make $ and since I went to the bar, I am fair game. I was just mad at a LB that crashed my table recently (I am drinking with 3 women and he welcomed himself to us). But, all he did was sit there, he was not aggressive, and I bought him 3 drinks along with the ladies, I had little choice, not happy about it at the time. I dont want to blame LB for being aggressive. Any BG might try to weasel in for a drink, why do you think they go to work? In retrospect, it was a minor expense, only that I felt taken, poor me. What happens to me is that once I am known in a certain bar for buying lots of lady drinks, that is, many times, when I go back, I am flooded with BG that I know already. So I will always have a big group right away, and its the same every time. Eventually, I have to change bars. Could be that is some kind of natural cycle. The only reason I go to the bar is to sit with the BG and buy them drinks, but I expect conversation, and I do a slow burn if BG attention is elsewhere talking to others. I usually offer drinks to multiple BG, if the opportunity presents. To put in a plug for Carnival, you used to talk about it, Winnie, I went there about a month ago and had great times with 2 different BG 2 nights in a row. I remember each of their names, they spoke fine english, really enjoyed myself. I got to get back there. Winnie, you said you have regular bars. So you know most of the BG there. How do you decide who to buy drinks for? The cashier got to have one, and the new girl(s).....hahaha If I go to a bar, and that bar never had any customers yesterday, and its 8pm today, those depressed BG need encouragement, a drink or two, in order to imagine that good luck is beginning for them. I always tell them, it is still early, maybe tonight will be a good night, I came didn't I? I always try to encourage them, saying " Mr Wonderful can walk into this bar anytime, maybe tonight. You never know..".
  4. huli

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    I hope this topic keeps going, but get back to how to have fun in the bars with the ladies. For one thing I am wondering how others deal with agressive ladyboys. I only want to talk and hopefully flirt a bit with real women. What do you guys do about LB? And I could use some pointers on how to avoid getting ganged up on too much by female BG. I do not know how to say no and I get kinda mobbed. Sound familiar guys? I have been looking for a steady bar for over a year. I have time and money and I like to be generous. I like to hear their stories and about their lives. Where I come from there are no such thing as welcoming bars with bar girls to sit and talk with like we have here in CM. If you dont like this bar BG scene, I understand, no need to comment. If you do, this can be a good place to share experiences and strategies!
  5. huli

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    A couple of weeks back I went to see Lek and her women-folk at 69 bar in the boxing stadium on Loy Kroh. I have known Lek for years. Just wanted to blow some money having fun for a while. Most of the girls are from Chiang Rai these days. Lek suggested I chat with Mimi since my favorite wasnt there. That was fine, and Mimi did ask me to buy 2 of her hard-up gal friends a drink , with explanations that they were Particularly deserving. Ha ha......all was well....then a particular ladyboy I saw the time before wanted one and I declined. I mean, I want to have fun with girls. But he just stood there staring at me, the other three started calling him sister, and I folded, OK OK. Then this really young woman not a bargirl, or more probably a bg wanna be maybe? Appeared and she was really interesting. So I had 5 patrons, and once I got started I bought all of them 3 drinks. Plus mine. It ran me 2 grand, but I think Lek did give me a discount. They really only asked me for 4 drinks total, and I offered the rest, got to admit. As Winnie says, its best not to take things too seriously.....
  6. huli

    Bar 'lady drink' etiquette?

    I like to buy drinks for the bargirls. Either go back to see the same one or go in blind. Ideally we talk for maybe 2 hours, have 3-4 drinks, then I give her 100 baht tip. However, I often get rather mobbed by the other poor desperate girls in the bar, and then next time I have to find a new bar because I am known to be a soft touch and they will mob me every time. I also want the girl to at least flirt a little, if she is cold and distant I wont go back to her next time. Whenever I go to a new bar I grab a girl on the way in just half hazardly, and buy her a drink right away. I dont mind buying a drink for her quote sister later on. The Loy Kroh and boxing area women are not making any money and are desperate these days. Many evenings they dont make anything, not even food money. I enjoy meeting them and helping them a bit with drinks and tip. Seems like a win-win to me.
  7. huli

    No alcohol tonight

    Had dinner at Mad Dog today, enjoyed my usual glass of red wine with my pizza. TIT word didnt get out?
  8. huli

    dave2? Sad news apparently :(

    I have enjoyed Dave2 photos and comments for years. Never met him tho. In one of his last posts he was singing the praises of the little bakery and restaurant, Nice Sweet Place, think I got that name right, on Moon Muang. He liked to go there for a banana shake with the milk in it while enjoying the passing scene. I had done that also just days before he posted, wow, what a coincidence. Its like, we had a connection but I never met him. Check this place out, its unique, and good pastries. Sit a spell. A smile will get you one back from the old ladies there. Its so cool. Daves hangout. RIP