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  1. Don't be so sure, buddy. YOu are guilty until proven innocent. The Joke himself said he was targeting Foreigners, Not illegals, but all foreigners - those with and without visas
  2. None of what this clown says makes any sense. Is there like 7000 overstayers waiting in immigration detention now and he's about to buy them air tickets to deport them? Or is it he is speaking to his fortune teller who told him they will find 7000 overstayers before the end of the month ? Or is it that they know the 7000 overstayers locations and they just haven't got off their fat aassses yet to arrest them? Which is it?
  3. Parking in a no parking zone is also against the law too. That doesn't mean they should report in the news when someone gets a parking fine. News stories over such trivial matters like this makes important stories seem less important, and wrongly creates an impression that foreigners are dangerous criminals.
  4. URGENT NEWS FLASH: Tourist caught not carrying his passport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, what is going on in this country? The horror ! We need urgent new laws to target foreigners, these careless or forgetful tourists are a major threat to the security of this country. On average 42 Thais lose their lives every single day in car accidents. Not to mention the murders, the drugs that plague society, environmental pollution, chemicals in food, wildlife trafficking, corrupt officials , etc etc......and this is what the Dumbrse media puts out as an important news story ? GFYS
  5. Why shouldn't he? Anyone invovled in fighting corruption in thailand would expect threats on their life. Having a firearm to protect one's life is a basic human right. In this incident no one was hurt. So a civil society would let him walk free.
  6. Prediction, Big Joke is going to crash and burn big time. Half of his policies contradict with the rest of his policies. "We're going to target foreigners and thoroughly vete them", the next day says "need faster processing to get more foreigners into the country quicker". I wonder if there is any growing animosity among government workers over this clown yet?
  7. No the problem is not the British Embassy. They have said clearly that Thai immigration is forcing them to do something that they can not do. It should entirely be on the Thai immigration dept to verify income. What other country in world, expects other nations to verify the income of their own citizens for immigration purposes?
  8. Time Traveller

    Low life falang scammer targeting Thais

    I don't think you should be posting peoples names like this. If there's a crime, then you should report to the police. In anycase, the name you posted could be an innocent person's name unaware it's being used by scammers.
  9. The only thing dumber than treating every "legal" foreigner as a criminal for their own "protection" are the wierdo farangs who beleive this is a good idea and support this tool.
  10. Feel the benefit? Like being treated like a criminal and guilty until proven innocent?
  11. Hate to break the news to you pal, but in most cultures, traditionally the man is meant to be the financial provider for the family. If ya having problems accepting that now, best to get rid of the girlfriend, cause she's not going to change her thinking. Or you could find a "modern" woman (aka Feminist demanding equality). However, you'd become a cuck like the western men these days as such woman have no respect for their husbands so you'd be treated as a doormat. So the choice is yours, do you want to be a man that can accept responsibility, or do you want to be a cuck with your wife making the decisions?
  12. Wake up people, are you really that stupid? stop worrying about the British embassy, they are not the problem. Thai immigration are the problem. They should not need a letter from the embassy. It's just another pointless (expensive) document that you the sheeple blindly do without question.....If immigration want income verification, then you should be able to PRESENT INCOME DOCUMENTATION DIRECTLY TO IMMIGRATION.....omg, is that not common sense? The only reason, and let me emphasize, the ONLY reason immigration started requesting Embassy letters was because their staff had problems with English language and difficulting understanding/reading all the different kinds of income statements. The embassy letter basically was the standard template. .....Again, for the slow of learning, an embassy letter is just a pointless extra step. They don't require a embassy letter for bank deposit extensions, so why for an income extension? You should be able to provide the proof directly to Thai immigration, just like the Bank deposit Statement. That's how every other country in the world does it. And that's just common sense.
  13. Time Traveller

    King Bhumibol Memorial Day brings long weekend

    OMG, Thailand has a lot of public holidays.......must be like 20 or so?
  14. Time Traveller

    I don't understand the logic of Thai Immigration

    I don't know what business school you went to, or where you got your law degree from, but your numerous comments are about the most clueless, ill-informed and misleading advice on this forum. Owning a property to rent out is NOT working. It's what is referred to as passive or unearned income. Hence you do not need to register a business, nor require a work permit. Just the same way as you do not need a work permit to invest in a Mutual fund, or deposit money in the bank. These too are sources of passive income that are NOT considered to be working. Immigration have already ruled on this. How many times do we have to explain that on this forum? I can only think that broke farangs who are jealous toward those that actually own assets and don't need to work, keep trying to raise the old Work Permit complaint to give them the feeling of schadenfreude