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  1. I cannot believe people on TV actually fall for this. Someone must have graduated from high school the equivalent? Two totally awesome fake news stories today. Three if the submarine story is also just in good humor. I do not want to see any Thai sailors drown in a cup of water due to bad maintenance. That's no joke.
  2. Thanks.
  3. I will be on a trip out of Thailand on day 93 of my latest stay. Is there still a one week grace period for the required report or should I still do it before the 90 days pass?
  4. What I find interesting is that Thai Visa scooped almost every mention of this story in the English press. Nothing in the Post this morning. This smells. The usual online news is strangely quiet regarding this story.
  5. Nice minor victory for the consumer Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  6. Tragic. Too bad for the pilot, his or her family and the kids.
  7. My exchange with the the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission today. Also sent it to the Consumer Protection Commission Sent: December 27, 2016 12:21 PM To: '1200 Group' Subject: FW: Formal Complaint Against True Visions Group Company Limited Thank you for your prompt reply. On your advice I will wait until next week for the results of the commission meeting. If I find the terms satisfactory I will withdraw my formal complaint. Happy New Year. From: 1200 Group [] Sent: December 27, 2016 12:12 PM To: Subject: RE: Formal Complaint Against True Visions Group Company Limited Dear Mr. TrueVisions would present a commission-approved compensation plan to customers on Tuesday. Please waitting for The result of NBTC's Committee Meeting and we will announce about remedial measures on broadcasting as soon as possible. Best Regarding, Call Center 1200 Data Operation Center Bureau The Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Tel. : 1200 Fax : 1200 press 6 Address : 87 Phaholyothin Rd. Samsennai Phayathai Bangkok THAILAND 10400 Office Hours : Mon-Sat 08.00-21.00 Sun 09.30-16.30 To: "'1200 Group'" From: Date: 27/12/2016 11:51 Subject: RE: Formal Complaint Against True Visions Group Company Limited Dear Col Natee Sukonrat, Thank you for your quick reply. I understand that there may be some remedial measures for the True Vision customer however that is not my reason for contacting your office. I want to make sure True Visions Group is investigated for incompetence, unfair business practices and possible criminal negligence as it would apply to the cancelling of the all the HBO Channels and Cinemax. This is not an isolated incident. Several years ago True Visions did exactly the same illegal act by cancelling the ASN channel with absolutely no notice to subscribers. This effectively blocked consumers from American football from October through February. Again a couple of years ago True Visions lost the English Premier League games to CTH that threw soccer coverage into disarray for almost two years. These are not isolated incidents that should be allowed to be swept under the carpet only to occur again in a few short months. If not your commission who should I file a complaint with to try to stop this pattern of illegal activity by the True Visions Group? From: 1200 Group [] Sent: December 27, 2016 11:28 AM To: Subject: Re: Formal Complaint Against True Visions Group Company Limited Dear Mr. Col Natee Sukonrat, chairman of the NBTC's broadcasting committee, said that The committee will ask its broadcasting consumers protection department to talk with the company about remedial measures for its customers, which may include allowing customers to change or cancel their subscription packages. NBTC will announce about remedial measures on broadcasting as soon as possible. Best regarding, Call Center 1200 Data Operation Center Bureau The Office of The National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission Tel. : 1200 Fax : 1200 press 6 Address : 87 Phaholyothin Rd. Samsennai Phayathai Bangkok THAILAND 10400 Office Hours : Mon-Sat 08.00-21.00 Date: 27/12/2016 11:06 Subject: Formal Complaint Against True Visions Group Company Limited To: Office Of The National Broadcasting Telecommunications Commission This correspondence is to serve as a formal complaint citing The True Visions Group with violation of your rules regarding 30 day notification when a television channel is cancelled. Additionally, a second complaint citing unfair business practices for cheating subscribers of premium movie content, original programming while charging the highest cable and Satellite rates in the Kingdom. I have been with True Visions (or UBC) for more than 13 years. True Visions has consistently sold its premium packages touting HBO and Cinemax, with their outstanding award winning original programming, as the "BEST" available anywhere. True Visions also sell premium packages by offering same day broadcasts as the USA for some of the original programming content. As you read this complaint True Visions is advertising HBO as next year’s Academy Awards channel. How will True Visions provide subscribers with the Academy Awards, original programming such as Westworld, Game of Thrones, Divorce, Vice Principals and Veep? The list goes on and on. At the very least this debacle reeks of corporate incompetence boarding on criminal negligence. How long was NBTC kept in the dark about negotiations for the now cancelled HBO/Cinemax channels? As a premium content subscriber I read about this fiasco online as a rumor yesterday. Question need to be answered from the subscribers and the NBTC regarding good faith negotiations not readily apparent in this case. True Vision continues to cheat subscribers. I bring up the English Premier League True Visions/CTH chaos from just a couple of years ago. Who made money by failing to win the bid for EPL content? It was True Visions of course. Meanwhile your lack of intervention drove fans to illegal downloading of EPL games, illegal satellite services and exposed CTH as a company that could not provide promised services. Do not let True Visions walk all over the NBTC again. True Visions will continue with bait and switch tactics, negligence and/or criminal activities until such time the government steps in and puts a stop to these questionable business practices. This is just another True Visions embarrassment to the Kingdom of Thailand that should not be ignored yet again. Sincerely,
  8. So we can get some news, live sports (so far) and a couple of hundred channels. I don't want. How will TrueVisions provide us Game of Thrones, Westworld, Veep, Vice Principals, all HBO programming? Expect a huge price reduction. Right?
  9. I think The Nation attributed the quotes to the wrong publication. It should probably read "High Times" a famous magazine that follows all things ganja for over 50 years. That can be the only explanation for placing Thailand and higher education hub in the same article.
  10. I talked to them but got a completely different response. I've seen the website before making the visit to inspect the property. Obviously the person I talked with should have passed me to someone else. Thanks for the information.
  11. Last Thursday a friend and I went to the MahaNakhon site to check on the progress of the project. We actually wanted to get information on purchasing one or two condominium units as this project is nearing completion and is being featured as luxury first class residences in the tallest building in Bangkok. Much to our surprise and amusement there was no sales office or any information on where it was or a telephone number we could call to begin our quest to buy one or two of these high-end condominiums. I did find the RCR website online and called the contact number to inquire where we could get sales information on the project. A very polite woman told us there really was not anything set up and advised perhaps by the end of the year there may be a sales office and renderings for us to view. I told her I thought she was joking or misunderstood. I reiterated that we wanted to contact someone in sales to purchase condominiums in the project. She said we could make an appointment with an agent and was asked the location of the office? She was quite vague so we had a good laugh and ended the call which ended our association with the whole RCR project. I have read that a number of units had been sold and the project was not sold out. It is odd and even suspicious that we could not obtain sales information from RCR. Could this be only for Chinese investors? Buyer beware I guess. I would have had to get a loan but my friend could have bought one or two penthouses that day. Contact The Ritz-Carlton Residences in Bangkok The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok The world leading hotel-branded residences management company provides a vision to create luxury living in the worlds most vibrant cities. Thailands first Ritz-Carlton Residences will feature 200 residences, which will become the citys most exclusive address, and.....
  12. Returned from Europe last week. An immigration supervisor and the guy at the counter took a picture of my "PE"" visa with their mobile phones. Said it was for training the new officers. Two years in the program is absolutely perfect and as advertised. Never a problem. Still not used to the electric car for those log trips to imigration.
  13. Well put except you may want to draw the line in the sand when an over zealous mid-manager makes unauthorized and unreasonable demands. Let's take next weeks challenge when Col. Whatever in the satellite immigration office in say Udon Thani now require multiple acts of sodomy by his officers on you before you get approval for your 90 day report. I would be taken aback (no pun here) and find another way to do the required report. Your "do whatever the authorities say or leave the country" may not apply in this case. So many words written in this thread I can't help but wonder just how many of the hundreds of thousands of foreigners here in Thailand have seen this form or filled it out?
  14. The conversation has been going on a couple of days and the form seems to be the work product of some misguided mid-manager in a single satellite office of Thai immigration. Clearly he has overstepped his authority and this will soon go away later to be classified as a April Fools joke. If not, I going another way on this. I will take the time and submit a complete (sort of) guide to my movements in the Kingdom. They have to input the information somewhere in a database. I figure if this does come to pass I will photocopy the first 5,000 word response and use it to resubmit each time I have to visit immigration. If a few of us did this the system would soon become overwhelmed and collapse. If I were a criminal I think my form might contain false information that would be no help to anyone.
  15. This could work if the individual's books could be thrown open to one of those ministry things charged with checking the data insuring that all taxes are paid. What a pain that would be as another bureaucratic hurdle but if you want to give 5 year visas to people sitting aground in a design center coffee shop there would have to be controls, more rules and regulations and generally stupid requirements. How about, "Attach a certified copy of your real (natural) father's mother's birth certificate". If it were legal to have a betting pool here please put me down for $5,000 that this is not going to happen. There are professionals of all ilks here in Thailand that are on the no go list (jobs restricted to Thais) as well as professional criminals that find Thailand a safe haven. Everyone could benefit from a five year visa but I'm afraid the bar will be set too high leading to loopholes to be exploited by the true professionals. That said, JonboyBKK and his kind should have an opportunity to get a hassle free visa but the hoops will probably not be worth the hassle.