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  1. So if, God forbid, a disaster befalls a couple of visa holder will they discontinue the 90 Day Report?
  2. Please don't forget lower Sukhumvit Road.
  3. So the takeaway here is I can fast track at the airport once we have a disaster killing dozen of American? Thank you Thailand!
  4. I normally travel in the late afternoon (6:00PM) from Sapan Thaksin to Asoke. The Silom line is working again but the Sukhumvit line is overcrowded and dangerous. The corrupt operator is to blame, not the great employees trying to do a job with broken trains, unsafe conditions and no support from staff. I think the managers should take a ride on the BTS during peak traffic instead of their limousine.
  5. Is there an official donation site or bank account for Officer Sam?
  6. Define luxury condo. Looks like a shoebox on a lower floor.
  7. From my experience the Thai Police could be more efficient and productive by following up on their meager successes. Lower Sukhumvit Road, especially the odd number sois between 1 and Asoke are crawling with foreigners that can be observed to be dealing drugs, human trafficking and con men ready to take any victims money. The police should do more video surveillance, immigration checks on the loiterers and everyone detained automatically has their residence searched for evidence of criminal activity and associate criminals. Stop the raids for the press that are embarrassing the police in general and do the work. In no reality in this universe are these raids a deterrent to the criminals involved. Sent from my SM-T825Y using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. Some seem to reflect an attitude that gets identified with the poster and his or her views on life.
  9. grantbkk

    What Have You Done Today?

    I made my maid walk to Foodland to buy groceries and warned her again about operating the clothes dryer without a full load. I am trying to reduce her carbon footprint. It's only 9:30 AM so I intend to do a lot of other cool stuff today but after my nap.
  10. grantbkk

    Thailand To Legalize Gambling

    This is the best news corporate Thailand has heard since they began pushing for nuclear power plants. More free money in construction, corruption and operations. Jobs for everyone who are unemployed, now that anything can be produced cheaper in neighboring countries. The opponents will not have to worry much about gambling because one or more of the free thinking ministers will push for restricted hours. No gambling between 2:00 AM and 11:00 AM and 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Like in most other areas Thailand will end up shooting itself in the foot rather than make a successful business venture out of this.
  11. I can confirm that he is not going by helicopter to the Landmark. There is no landing pad. I think if he is going to a hotel it will be the Peninsula.
  12. grantbkk

    Alcohol Sales Friday, Feb 29th To March 3rd ?

    I don't want to sound ungreatful Chris but perhaps it is a good thing they have restrictions on alcohol consumption. Please try again after a nap>
  13. I have some friends arriving in Bangkok from overseas on Saturday night and need to know the alcohol sales restrictions and bar closings for this weekends election. Thanks.
  14. grantbkk

    Buying A Pool Table

    Contact: Hans Kuiper at [email protected] He is a very honest distributor of locally made tables in Thailand.
  15. grantbkk

    What To Do ?

    Dude! Got some on your first two meetings and she made the first move. Valentine's Day and you cannot get a hold of her? You are or were on her list of providers but certainly no where near the top. She was entertaining number one or number two or even both when you were trying to get a hold of her. Nice Freudian slip using "dead" rather than "deed". WAKE UP!