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  1. Define luxury condo. Looks like a shoebox on a lower floor.
  2. From my experience the Thai Police could be more efficient and productive by following up on their meager successes. Lower Sukhumvit Road, especially the odd number sois between 1 and Asoke are crawling with foreigners that can be observed to be dealing drugs, human trafficking and con men ready to take any victims money. The police should do more video surveillance, immigration checks on the loiterers and everyone detained automatically has their residence searched for evidence of criminal activity and associate criminals. Stop the raids for the press that are embarrassing the police in general and do the work. In no reality in this universe are these raids a deterrent to the criminals involved. Sent from my SM-T825Y using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  3. Well they tried seeding the air with more chemicals. What else can they do? The long term effects of air pollution are known the only thing not know is the death rate in Thailand due to pollution. Crippling illness can also be measured by developed countries. We have grown to expect coverups and blue sky (no pun intended) happy numbers from the government. However, you have to be blind not to see deadly pollution right in front of our faces. This is a dictatorship. Dictate. Remover older vehicles from the road, restrict burning and begin to monitor factories for death contributions.
  4. grantbkk

    More Wi-Fi hotspots for Phuket as plan to tag tourists mulled

    I kid you not. I accidentally found out where this idea comes from. Playing now on True Visions: Robot Overlords (2014) “Alien robots come to Earth and assert their control over humanity. They claim that they only want to observe humanity. They enforce a strict no one allowed outside rule. They implant humans with a device that alerts sentries to anyone who goes outside and if they refuse to comply they are destroyed.”
  5. Finally some good news. That’s why it’s called the Dreamliner. No kids and fat people
  6. grantbkk

    13 things I miss about living back in the UK

    USA: Friends, Costco and In n Out Burger. That’s it.
  7. Mr. Ginsing it one out of touch, sad and an angry man who may be crying for help. I hope he gets the help he needs. This is is a terrible tragedy and the perpetrator(s) will be punished. There is NO excuse to beat a man to death. Condolences to the families torn apart. RIP.
  8. "At the meeting it was revealed that the death toll on Thailand’s roads in 2016 was 22,356 - that was 2,877 up from the figure for 2015 which was 19,479. Also last month, more damning statistics issued by the Don’t Drink Drive Foundation revealed that on average 61 people are killed every day on Thailand’s roads." So the genius at the Don't Drink Drive Foundation began and ended extensive research by borrowing a calculator, dividing the total number of road deaths in 2016 by 365 days in a year. This led to even "...more damning statistics....61 people are killed every day on Thailand's roads." Both studies are exactly the same. How is that "more damning" So now we can be known as The Hub Of Road Deaths? Sent from my SM-T825Y using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. 7 drinks in 7 hours for 7 days is the definition of reasonable.
  10. The Nation didn't mention the urine people had to endure while in the 4 hour plus line. No accountability but dangle 4 new counters in front of us and we beg for more. The problem is as I see it manning the counters you have. If they can't do an entry in one to two minutes shut the whole thing down. No flights in or out until they get the mess cleaned up. The staggering losses will get everyone's attention. I hope the quality tourists start wearing diapers so they don't have to urinate in a corner. It would be wise to sell them on every arriving flight at all the airports.
  11. Total BS. The General has taken on all problem and issues more directives than any junta leader in history. He includes orders covering girls twerking, flooding, suppression of free speech, only ugly woman should wear bikinis, using the cash on hand for expenses instead of borrowing, thought Thai should be the world's universal language, no perp walks, ordered planes, trains, submarines and armored personnel carriers and says the operation of Thailand is his alone. The General is where the buck stops. Remember the Coup a few ago. He is large and in charge. Deal with it. The situation at DM is outrageous And not one person believes the lies but what can you do? Coverup, malfeasance, incompetence, bad attitude, etc. it is on him. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. Someone legitimately complains about something that is in the governments control and seemingly simple to fix so Steven100 asks why stay if you don't like it. Excellent assessment and solid advice from a veteran TV poster. I assume everything is perfect for you here, nothing needs to be changed and you've never had a problem with any aspect of Amazing Thailand. Good on you. What's a "whinge".
  13. I believe if we are going full Politically Correct here they should be referred to as Criminals of Color (CoC). Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  14. Not ideal by any means but it is a start. I lived on Soi 5 a decade ago. Every 3 weeks back then Soi 3/1 would be raided and most in the area taken away by the BIB. They need to hit the area hard more often to clean up the lower Sukhumvit's "Little Africa" zone they have carved out to ply their crimes. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  15. Way overdue. There drug, prostitution and various other street businesses are out on the open. Not one of these people standing on lower Sukhumvit have a legitimate reason to be there. If they are not curtailed the problem will continue to grow. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect