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  1. tropo

    Why stay if you don't like it?

    Sorry, I did trim your quote down a bit but never mentioned your name so, it wasn't actually a quote was it?. Thanks for displaying your real feelings. I don't believe there's anything unusual about JaiLai's attitude that suggests he should leave. The only interaction I have with locals is shop or restaurant staff when I'm out shopping or at the mall... and a cordial relationship with my Thai neighbour. Not too close... just friendly at a distance. The Thai people prefer it this way anyway. If I try to say too much they don't have a clue what I'm on about anyway. Just basic courtesy is enough. If you're too nice, they start trying to take advantage of you... possibly asking for loans... which is a very good way to ruin a friendship. This works in areas where there is a large population of expats and tourists, and a reason why I like these areas.
  2. It could be a good reason to live in communities with lots of other foreigners who are wealthier, and in areas where it doesn't stand out. I think the guys that live in poor rural communities, showing some semblance of wealth, are putting targets on their backs. If they do want to live in the boondocks, go where lots of wealthy Thai people live too.
  3. You do realise he killed his sister too... that's even more horrifying IMO... his own flesh and blood... and apparently, while his friend held her. Every time a foreigner is murdered in Thailand it's "Oh my!... what is becoming of Thailand", yet when shit goes down in our home countries, it's business as usual. I don't know if anyone has mentioned that he may be suffering from early dementia or some other mental problems. I've already noticed a significant mental decline in my parents-in-law and they have done crazy things over the last couple of years... and they are early and mid-50's. By crazy things, I mean positively mental things that normal people would not do. I have a theory dementia arrives earlier among the poor communities of Thailand because they eat too much rice, exposing them to too much arsenic: Impaired concentration, learning and memory Reduced intelligence and social competence
  4. It's great that your experiences have only been good. My particular example was for over 10 years of good before the bad started, or should I say, before I became aware of all the bad stuff that was going on due to my wife having too much trust in her family. The thing is, you're using your good fortune experiences and some examples of others to indicate that the majority of experiences must be good or put another way... that bad family experiences are rare. I think that's a stretch.
  5. I'm sorry, but "life is cheap" is an overused expression, cited by many whenever anyone is killed in Thailand. I was just asking you what is the right price here? Did he pay too much, or did he get a bargain? I don't think it's about the money he paid at all. He would have gotten the job done one way or another.
  6. So let us say it cost ฿1 million to kill people. Would that change things? Sure, it may be harder to hire murderers, but people might just start doing it themselves for free.
  7. "Nice families" are not always nice, and it can be just a smoke screen. When/if money starts pouring in, their true colours come out. Just this happened in our "nice family". It took over 10 years to find out certain family members were incredibly evil. You said, "most of my friends have nice families as well"... perhaps you should be talking about the ones that don't.
  8. Not to mention there are people who will kill for free and enjoy it.
  9. Thinking about this further... I make yearly auto payments to companies from other cards issued overseas, but haven't done it with K-Bank. There's a security measure when using my K-Bank Web Shopping card that could prevent auto payments. I get a security pop up that requires me to enter a OTP sent by SMS to my registered phone. That could be a problem, but I have noticed that if I've used my card with a merchant more than once I don't always get this security check.
  10. Yes, you can use the K-Web Shopping Card for anything you can use a normal debit card for. You get a number, expiry date and a CVV, so no one at the other end would think it's any different than a regular debit card. The expiry on my current K-Web card is 2020, so you have long expiries too, and without the need to renew it when it expires as that process is automatic. You can adjust the spending limit to any amount between 0 - 100k online. I expect you can have it increased too if you wish, but you'd have to contact customer service to do that.
  11. tropo

    Alcohol sales stop at 13.50

    It's a management problem. The staff get paid despite the loss of some late sales, so they don't care. It's a good time to have an excuse to slack off. If it was their own shop and investment, they'd be selling it a few minutes after 14:00 and smiling. You could complain to management, but if management accepts that kind of behaviour, nothing will be done. In Pattaya, there are some supermarkets (3 that come to mind) that have the unfriendliest, surliest, moody staff that you can ever imagine. It's not seasonal, but year in year out, for many years. It must be a reflection of the management's attitude.
  12. You and me the same. As a non-drinker, parties are not as much fun... and I was often accused of being boring. The reality is that drunks are the boring ones, but they are too drunk to realise it.
  13. I'm sorry you felt the need to become defensive because someone doesn't agree with your "words of wisdom". Boredom is a state of mind - your mind, not mine. I never experience it - never have. There are never enough hours in a day to become bored. I don't think I've ever been in a situation where I can't think of something to do, either physically or mentally. Just because someone else doesn't suffer from your affliction (boredom) doesn't mean all others do too.
  14. I get up and cook the bacon for her. If you sit around and let the lady do all your work, you're going to go downhill rapidly. Fighting laziness is a monumental task - it doesn't help if the lady does everything for you.
  15. Each to their own... I'm a firm believer in the opposite of what you propose is a good way to live. I've lived "all shook up", and organized at various times in my life. I choose the latter. I don't need the stress of surprises and uncertainty, what you might call "interesting". Doing my exercise program 5 - 6 times a week, and trying to eat healthily is difficult when you're not organized. Give me your "rut" any day. It's a comfortable place to be. Happiness and contentedness are a state of mind. The "rut" can be a very happy place. Maybe you like to turn your life "upside down and shake very hard" so that you can more appreciate the good times when you're in that rut.