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  1. Yes, I'm aware that the sound of moving furniture scraping on tiles will penetrate through thick concrete floors - loudly. I never had any doubt about that. That's one activity I would not be doing at night, out of respect for my neighbours.
  2. It's a phrase originally intended for children who were bullied, not for adults to take as advice. Words can do more damage than stones. The pain of hurt feelings can far outlast memories of physical pain. Words can even lead to suicide. In Thailand, they are aware of this as words can lead to criminal charges due to defamation laws. Use your imagination. I can think of plenty of insults that would very likely lead to a hiding if uttered in the wrong company. If you are going to insult someone, protect yourself at all times.
  3. LOL> This is exactly what I think when I walk this path and notice all the condoms. They should be commended for condom use.
  4. It has been worse over the last couple of years. The story is a bit exaggerated as the "condom zone" seems to be only that one pathway you see in the photo (which just happens to be one of my favourite paths to walk [for exercise]) and not a heavily used track, but the main walking track is condom free. The other side of Pratumnak Road (the lookout area) seems to be popular as a gay meeting place as many of the upper walking tracks are secluded.
  5. I can go one better than that. I have 3 Mitsubishi units, most of which have worked daily all year round for over 6 years... and have only had them cleaned twice in that time. A clean once a year should be enough. The only (minor) problems I've had with the units were caused by the cleaners.
  6. Resting them in the fridge between brews eliminates the risk. The brewing process does continue in the fridge. When I leave my grains in milk in the fridge, after 2 weeks it's a very powerful brew.
  7. You're worrying far too much about temperature. I always brew kefir at room temperature, even when it's over 30C. You used far too much milk for a tablespoon of grains. I would have suggested you start out with 250ml and build it up slowly (haven't I already suggested this), then start using the intermittent method I'd spent a great deal of effort explaining to you in an earlier post. If you use this method, you can brew at room temperature forever without having to monitor temperature and your grains will thrive.
  8. That would be tricky when renting. Good places rent quickly, so the landlords would not be interested in messing around like that. Finding a really good place is about being in the right place at the right time. You have to decide quickly, and if you don't, someone else will grab it. I understand an owner looking at a possible sale would be more conducive to allowing try before you buy. Which means renting can be a gamble. You might not discover a problem until you've already signed a one-year contract. Bad neighbours may move in next door after you've already moved in. In my present situation, bad neighbours moved in 4 1/2 years later. Then there's the problem of renting a place and a new construction starts up next door. A lot of things can make something good turn sour later on. In Thailand, we also have the stress of ever changing visa regulations and requirements. I've gained a lot of insight into living in condos from this thread and thank everyone for their valuable input.
  9. Good idea! I'll test that out today.
  10. I'm sure it has some knock-on effect. For example, some foreigners will consider selling their place for a baht loss due to gains (since they bought) in converting the proceeds back to their own currency.
  11. Well, maybe, or maybe not. It just all depends. Here's another point not usually considered in the rent or buy debate... Would you be able to afford a place that you would be very happy living in? For example, all the places I've rented so far have been worth over 6 million on the market. I wouldn't be happy living in a cheap place. I've been renting places I couldn't have afforded to buy. Even if I could afford a place I would like to live in, would I want to invest that much money in Thailand? If I had bought a cheap place, and lived in it, my standard of living would have been lower, therefore my rent payments have not been totally wasted. Lifestyle counts for something. How much it counts depends on the individual. I did consider buying a cheap place a few years back but decided I wouldn't be happy living in it.
  12. I agree. It's not cool putting down people we don't know anything about... trying to put yourself on a pedestal above other people. I've had enough of this at church, but some of you come on strong here about what you personally think is right and wrong. You come across as religious bigots... patting yourself on the back.
  13. Give up the preaching dude. This is the real world where people who do stupid things get punished. Perhaps up in heaven, where maybe you think you're going, things are different but come back down to earth for a moment. As you're a bit slow on the uptake... it's not about what's right and wrong. It's what happens in the real world if you behave stupidly and carelessly. You'd do well to me meet people like me. We don't get into situations like the fat guy in this incident. We brush it off and walk away.
  14. I've read your post a number of times. You presume to speak for the law in over 200 sovereign nations. It's irrelevant though as this happened in Thailand. You need to watch the video again. The driver was ready to leave - he even sat back down in his car when the fat guy swung his right arm at the car door. That's when the driver stood back up and they both squared off in a fighting stance. The fat guy never made any attempt to back off at that point. He was just outmatched. Had he been a good fighter the other guy could have been knocked out instead. Now everyone is hating on the winner.
  15. Yes, it's a small building. I don't need that much space, but I enjoy it having had 200 m2 for over 6 years. 4 bedrooms: one for my gym, one for both of us to sleep in, a room for my wife to enjoy hanging out in with lots of room for her clothes, shoes, makeup etc and we can use the extra one for storage and/or guests. Normally the gym would be a problem if I haven't got at least 3 rooms, because then I need to put it in the living room, which is where it is now. I like the idea of getting a pool table as the living room has tons of space. How much noise do pool balls make on a condo floor? I lived below a pool table in my previous apartment and they were very loud when they hit the floor.