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  1. Really? I wasn't even thinking about Immigration when I made that comment.
  2. I don't think they look upon anyone fondly these days, including white folk. Sure, they like our money, but that's about it. It's more about xenophobia than racism.
  3. I would say 9 months straight in Thailand, then out for 2 months to the Philippines and straight back again DOES make abuse very likely in the eyes of the IO's. His age would also be a big factor.
  4. Not in Bangkok. They'll accept Thai cards, International credit/debit cards and cash. The THB cost was 1750 in June, but they adjust that every month to approximate the exchange rate.
  5. You also could have read the thread and read the reports that some of us have gone to the trouble of submitting.
  6. A lot of people have a theory that when you only eat natural food you lose your desire for junk food. I don't believe you ever lose your sweet tooth - it's just a matter of being able to control it. Even wild monkeys will favour junk food over their own natural food if given a choice.
  7. I don't keep much of the good stuff in the house. I treat myself when I'm out.
  8. The purchasing of foreign currency from banks is regulated. You can't just waltz into a bank and buy large sums of foreign currency without the proper documents. Obviously, the government wants to know what you're going to do with it and where the Thai money came from that you're using to buy it with. Sure, you can get small amounts from money changers, but strictly speaking, they have regulations to adhere to. You'll get a better rate at money changers than at a bank.
  9. Absolutely! I've always strived to stay in good shape, hence my 42-year long relationship with the gym, BUT now, with a much younger wife, I have double motivation to stay in shape. Apart from wanting to look as young as possible for my wife I also want to be around for her as long as possible. In the end, the source of motivation isn't important rather than results. Last year we had a nasty dispute with our neighbour. I used the stress induced adrenalin as motivation to train harder and had one of my best training years ever.
  10. The problem with that suggestion is that most people don't have good communication with their bodies and their bodies lead them astray. LOL> I often have to refuse to do what my body wants to do.
  11. I have mastered the ability to eat ice cream, chocolate, cakes and other junk food moderately - it can be done. What I would recommend is cutting back on something else on the days you partake if you're concerned about the extra calories.
  12. Just to tie up some loose ends on this old thread. The City Hall does act on complaints, but very slowly. If they get enough complaints, they have no choice but to do something. In this case, she was told she should leave... but it would have probably taken more complaints to complete the deal. She was told to take her sign down, which she did. We left, so it's no longer a concern of mine.
  13. I've asked the question a number of times at the Jomtien office. They've always told me 30 days before at the earliest.
  14. I see payphones are being ripped out everywhere.