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  1. The future of Pattaya? The Future of Thailand?

    Call someplace paradise, kiss it goodbye. I've kissed a number of paradises goodbye in Australia before I arrived here. If paradise is what you need, there will always be one to find but don't expect it to last forever.
  2. Huge water bill

    600,000 m3 or 600 m3? The first would cost me 21 million baht, the second 21,000 baht. That's about twice my yearly consumption if it's the second, and if it's first number that would keep me going for 2000 years LOL. Note: a unit is 1m3, or 1000 liters.
  3. Pattaya expat worries: unofficial survey

    How staggering is it?
  4. So you finally admit it's down to luck?... or do you run around a town to chat with all the cops before you move in? In big cities, where most of us choose to live, good and bad cops come and go all the time.
  5. I enjoy my time here too, but that doesn't mean I must bury my head in the sand and pretend everything is perfect. I want to take this opportunity to thank the OP for bringing this particular police extortion event to our attention. He brought it to our attention with the good intention of making other people aware of the problem and suggesting what they should do if it happens to them. It's a shame some people who have never seen any evil in Thailand want to continue to argue that none of this ever happens and it's our attitude that is the problem... and then suggest we leave if we don't like it.
  6. Not yet. You still keep responding.
  7. You think varying your routes is extreme, okay then. It does suggest you think it's dangerous. I take the shortest route every time.
  8. If everyone hates it so much here than go home no one is forcing you to live here. Once again, I have no idea why you are replying to me here. Stating what is happening on the ground does not mean "I hate it so much". I've already stated that I don't have problems here and I've lived full-time in Thailand 4 times as long as you have. No trouble with no combat experience - wonders will never cease. Sure, I don't like seeing foreigners being extorted, but it's like watching bad news on TV - I don't turn it off.
  9. OMG Yeah, he hasn't seen it so it doesn't happen. What they could do is solve the problem of underage school kids riding 2, 3 and 4 up with no licence or helmets instead of "worrying" about tourists so much.
  10. You haven't been looking very hard. The smart cops stop some Thais to make it seem legitimate. I'm not talking about the major checkpoints where they stop everyone, helmets or not. It's usually a couple of cops in a more casual setup and it's always in the major tourist areas.
  11. Stop hanging around the cat houses and you'll be left alone. You guys make yourselves targets because of where you hang out LMAO 😂😂😂 My experience by the way involves surviving in multiple combat zones multiple times for several years not just in Thailand. Thailand's a breeze compared to where I've been and what I've seen. Thailand is a nice place by anyone's standards so if you can't handle it here you can always go home. If you've been targeted more than once obviously you're doing something wrong. You can start by making yourself unpredictable never travel the same route twice and don't constantly hang out in the tourist areas and especially those "other places" or you're asking for trouble. I have no idea why you're replying to me as I made it quite clear in the other post to which you replied that I haven't personally had any trouble with police in the streets of Thailand - in 12 years, in Pattaya, and I have no combat experience whatsoever. Are you using this thread as an excuse to brag about your combat experience? I can't think of any other reason why you go on about it because you can get by here without it. You obviously didn't read my post, but the main point was that your personal experience and mine (neither of us has had trouble) does not change the fact that police shakedowns are quite commonplace in various tourist areas of Thailand. You'd have to be blind not to see it. You can just sit on the side of the road in some areas of Pattaya and watch them flag down tourists while they let Thais through. They could stop you too unless you carry a large sign saying "I'm combat hardened so don't mess with me" or something to that effect.
  12. Replies are for general consumption, so what you personally think is not important lol.
  13. I'm with the "Thai Society" on that - I also dislike them. As far as I'm concerned they are a necessary evil, and if they are not held in check they can be very evil indeed, as witnessed by the OP during his shakedown. They are public servants. They have a job to do. If they didn't help when needed they would be neglecting their job. They don't need people to like them because they are paid very well for their service... and there's no shortage of recruits wanting to get in on the spoils.
  14. Your experience of one is worthless. I've lived in Pattaya for 12 years and never been "shaken down" as you call it. I've also never had any aggression from police officers. So what am I to conclude? It has never happened to me, so it doesn't happen? Can I conclude that it only happens in Bangkok because it has never happened to me in Pattaya? - of course not - that's ridiculous. If I was going by extortion reports I've read on here over the past decade I could conclude that "shakedowns" are more frequent in Bangkok. I have had cops trying to get some cash-in-the-hand payments on a few occasions, but I'd hardly call it a shakedown. I told them to ticket me and made the payment at the police station. And guess what? I'm not as friendly to cops as you are and don't converse with them. I give them the poker face, which is pretty much the Thai way... but they still don't show aggression. Some are even friendly. As far as I can tell, your efforts to befriend them are not making much difference, but thanks for the heartwarming stories.
  15. Whatever happened to The Avenues?

    What are we to deduce from that? Your Condo gym is fantastic or "The Avenue" gym is lousy?