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  1. Do you think she doesn't like climbing? Why does she upset you so much? I was in awe of her skills and she's in very fine condition too.
  2. Some people just love climbing. Here he is finally getting the top of the spire of the Petronas Towers after having been arrested on his previous 2 attempts on the 60th level. Mere mortals cannot fathom why climbers climb. And have a look at these "crazy" people:
  3. Could I have diabetes ?

    You did have an FBS reading in September 2016. You posted it above around about Apil - 106 mg/dl This might help you understand the ratios that Sheryl mentioned. Here's an example from an old lab report.
  4. Could I have diabetes ?

    I'm a bit slack on diet in that I don't really limit carbs like I should, but apart from that, I have a fairly clean diet. I do test regularly, so if I see it go up a bit I make a bigger effort. I've been testing myself for about 12 years. I don't know when my blood sugar levels started deteriorating as I had no tests before that. When I found out I was much higher than you are. You're finding out at the very beginning when your levels are just a fraction above normal. I exercise quite a bit, averaging about 5 days a week, cardio and weights, but I hit both quite hard. As long as I exercise a lot, I can handle the carbs. I test this out i.e. take bg readings 1 and 2 hours after meals. Not all meals, but only meals I suspect may run me a bit high.
  5. It wasn't a suicide attempt as she would have been well aware of the air cushion not far below her.
  6. The Bangkok Post reported that also. She was high on cables.
  7. Up to par with what? She wasn't competing. Even the best can fall. (let's not take this too seriously).
  8. Her climbing IQ wasn't so bad. I'm sure many enjoyed the show.
  9. She wouldn't have let go if not for the mattress. When she saw that she upped her game.
  10. Read up on Alain Robert. He has climbed skyscrapers (mostly illegally and has been arrested many times) all around the world. You don't need to come to Thailand to play Spiderman or Spiderwoman.
  11. Could I have diabetes ?

    We are both in the twilight zone, stuck between normal and diabetes. Some call this prediabetes, other's prefer to call it "insulin resistance" or "impaired fasting glucose", which take away the stigma of diabetes and it looks better for health insurance purposes. I think the label "prediabetes" is better in that people will take that more seriously than "insulin resistance" or "impaired fasting glucose", and try to do something about it. This is not a bad place to be actually. People in this zone can handle the problem with diet and exercise, without resorting to medication. FBS, as you can see from my random readings, can fluctuate quite a bit. I take my own daily readings with my own personal glucometer, which can be purchased from any decent pharmacy. Although I haven't found the mechanism and I haven't seen it discussed, I had FBS readings above 250 mg/dl when I had liver cholestasis about 12 years ago... so there are other factors which can influence FBS. After that, it came back down to the regular 100 - 110 zone where it has stayed ever since.
  12. Could I have diabetes ?

    There are different opinions about total cholesterol levels but I would consider those levels acceptable. I wouldn't be too concerned about the slight elevation of your FBS level either. What you need to do is start testing yourself and getting more readings in order to get a better idea of your average, rather than an occasional reading (only 3 readings in 11 months)... and then get an HbA1c reading, which gives you an average over the past 3 months. They are about 300 - 350 in labs here. This will give you a much better idea of whether you're heading for diabetes or not. Why didn't you have an FBS reading on September 20, 2016? Your first reading is 102, which is just very slightly above normal. Here's an example of my random FBS levels over the last 6 months: 125 - 111 - 110 - 100 - 109 - 85 - 104 - 96 - 103 - 106 - 105. The 125 one was odd, as was the 85 reading. FBS can be like this. I don't panic if it is under 110, but don't like seeing higher than that. It has been same for over 10 years, floating around the 100 - 110 mark on average. FBS is hard to control as it doesn't respond to dietary changes much, and if so, very slowly. If I do a lot of cardio exercise mine goes lower. Weight training doesn't help to control it. If your HbA1c and regular daily readings are getting up towards the 125 mark, you need to see how you respond to food, so testing yourself after meals is important. You need to eliminate or cut back on foods that cause big spikes in your readings. There's a lot of good information available on the Internet, as well as some very good forums. Educate yourself!
  13. Here's the best "how to" I've seen. It explains everything in detail: https://www.howtogeek.com/244678/you-dont-need-a-product-key-to-install-and-use-windows-10/
  14. I'm not starting to doubt, I doubted it right from the start, back in May 2014. I'm watching my predictions come true, one step at a time.
  15. Times have changed, however, if you buy a computer with no operating system installed, how are you going to download Windows 10? Here's the way to do it: Go here: https://www.microsoft.com/th-th/software-download/windows10 On your current computer, create media installation for installing Windows 10 on another PC (USB flash drive or DVD). Choose the 2nd option of the 3 offered on the website above. Follow the instructions. Install it on your new computer using either the USB flash drive or DVD. I would recommend the USB flash drive as it's faster. Enjoy Windows 10 on your new computer. If in the future you are asked to activate it, then you can do that directly with Microsoft. I don't know if they do or not. I've been running Windows 10 for 1 - 2 years on 4 computers, upgraded from pirated Windows 7's and never been asked. This should work fine if you have anything from Windows 7 Home version or later on your current PC.