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  1. tropo

    RTP Shakedown - Who's to Blame?

    Youch! That's tricky. If you asked for a proper official fine, you would have been out of pocket 5k plus time running around to pay it, but by paying 2k you got no receipt and no evidence to show the rental company. I'm sure the rental companies are well aware of this conundrum and rely on it.
  2. The cell phone offers the solution. The next step is to understand ALL plans. It takes a bit of concentration.
  3. You're not even invested in this, so why hijack the thread and try to argue with people who require the income letter. Surely you must have more interesting things to do with your time. Curiously a lot of bored people with 800k in the bank continue to hijack these threads and bait people who don't.
  4. This is how it works. You don't lose your data connection after your 24-hour plan expires, and you will continue to be charged at a pro-rata rate until you turn off your mobile (cellular) services. I've been caught out before many times as I too use the 24-hour packages when I go out. If you forget this often, it's cheaper just to set up a monthly plan. If you run out of data allowance, you get a message to top-up your data allowance. They make data packages so complex (period, data limit, speed), they must make a fortune from people who don't get it right. It's probably why they can offer such cheap short-term packages. They probably make more money on them than the longer packages because if you miss the "data expired" SMS, you'll be charged a lot of money to continue using the internet.
  5. If you go to your DTAC app, all the charges are listed. Even free data use on a plan is listed.
  6. Yes, currently, but most people are concerned about after January 1. Did you not read the first post of this thread? That's not the first report about Immigration officers saying they won't accept the income method after January 1. It's not time to bury one's head in the sand and HOPE all will be well.
  7. Those seeking verification should be doing the legwork and leaving the goalposts alone. It's not wrong to blame the hosts. They make the rules and have offered income verification as a bona fide way to get retirement extensions - and now it seems they have taken that away with no warning or explanation. It was never the duty of embassies to verify income. It was just an easy way out.
  8. Yes, you are. There are zero known facts about what will happen after January 1, and currently, it's all opinion.
  9. What I meant was that few applicants would be aware of the 6-month validity of income letters. Either way, I'm not confident that Jomtien will honour a 6-month old income letter in June... but I have set up an appointment to get one in the first week of January. That gives me about 6 weeks to decide if I will make the trip to my embassy or not.
  10. It's great that you're so confident. I hope you're right, but the directive you posted predates a military coup by 1 year and most heads (if not all) of government departments have been changed. Despite this directive, regional offices still all do their own thing.
  11. I believe the opposite is more likely i.e. that very few would be aware of the 6-month validity of income letters. In nearly 10 years I always applied 30 days early, so I never used a letter more than a few days old. I just assumed the letter had to be recent. I was very surprised to learn that the letter could be up to 6 months old... and that was from reading a recent thread on this forum.
  12. This is dated May 29, 2013. That's ancient history and probably what an immigration officer would call it if you showed it to them.
  13. I will only answer you once. You have no idea what you are talking about. Most threads you answer are normally closed. Don't reply. I would also like to see this directive you speak of. Even if you cannot put your hands on it could you please explain what is it about.
  14. At this stage, the bigger concern is whether or not they will accept proof of monthly deposits at all, rather than how it will be managed.
  15. Who doesn't do what? Freeze meat to kill tapeworm larvae in beef?... or store beef for a week in the fridge?