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  1. Don't be so sure of her commitment to you. They can be extremely good actors, and sometimes the foreign boyfriends don't require a lot of convincing. Much older men are often considered "ripe for the picking". (They talk about this all the time in the provinces - about snaring an older man who won't be around too long). With an age gap that extreme I wouldn't be too sure of myself if I were you. Having been married to a Filipino for over a decade and closely entwined in the daily life of Filipinos for nearly 20 years (made my fair share of mistakes along the way too), I hear all the inside scoops. If she is only 19 now, you haven't been with her long and don't know her as well as you think you do. My wife's best friend is 29 and has been living with an English gentleman in his 70's for 4 years now. He thinks she loves him. I know the truth - straight from her mouth. He's also not new in the Philippines and has been living there for years (this is not his first romance) and owns property there. Even he has been fooled. Having said that, Filipinos are not shocked by relationships of their female citizens with much older men. They may joke about it as you travel around, but it's nothing out of the ordinary for them. It will be quite amusing though for you to go ahead with a marriage, as an under 21-year-old girl requires (legal) permission from her parents to marry - parents likely the same age as your own children (if you have any). Don't worry about her missing her family too much. She's very young and will adapt sooner than you think. She will probably get lonely in Thailand though so try to keep her away from Filipino communities - they can and will lead her astray. It won't be difficult for her to find a younger foreign man in Thailand.
  2. No, you will have more chance of getting her through when you're with her. If you are in a genuine relationship, it shouldn't be too hard to convince them it's real. It's would be a good idea to make sure she's got a bank account with a decent balance. That shows commitment. You could buy her a nice ring and say you're engaged to get married, at least then she can say you're her fiance.
  3. You (and she) have to convince the Immigration Officers at NAIA that you're in a genuine relationship. They can even take you into an interview room, in which case they will speak to her in Tagalog. Sometimes they will just ask her questions in Tagalog as she's standing next to you. As you probably know, de facto relationships are frowned upon in the Philippines. You'll be amazed at how much better they treat the both of you if you're married. I'll put money down that's what she wants.
  4. I have no doubt you are a good candidate for permanent TRT. I'm 58 and in a similar position. I started with research on the prostate cancer link. I'm out and about right now but will send you some good reading on this later. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. I remember reading that study years ago. It's a bit like flies on garbage... and concluding they made the garbage. With low testosterone levels you're probably more susceptible to cancer. I think the important thing is to keep levels within the normal human physiological range. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. 1760 baht today for an income stat dec. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. I would have said the opposite. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  8. New research dispels that theory. It's old dogma that uninformed doctors hold onto. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Exogenous testosterone shuts your own production down .... and fast! This can be difficult to recover from. If you're only trying it out I hope you have a baseline that you can aim for once you're through experimenting. What I said is the truth. It is better to never start than start and then stop. Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Yes, we may as well go down in style, feeling and looking better. "Long term" is no longer an option for a 61 years old man anyway. Rather, I'd be saying (at age 61), if you don't intend to keep doing it, don't start. Starting and then stopping is worse than not starting at all.
  11. I see they have a hard time distinguishing Valencia from Navel oranges here. I just bought some Valencia oranges at Tesco that were marked as navel oranges.
  12. You were the one who said my comments were irrelevant because you insisted that this thread is only about simple cleaning procedures. You decided to make yourself the moderator of this thread. Any comments about aircon servicemen are relevant in this thread. Go ahead and comment all you like - I won't say it's irrelevant. You simply don't read what is in front of you, do you? It should be pretty obvious that for a large job quotes have to be given and parts need to be ordered. That will take longer. I suppose to do simple cleaning procedures anyone can pretend to be an aircon serviceman and they'll come running any time of the day or night to collect your 400 baht. You doubt many have? So what? You were the one harping on about the cost of gas. I have first-hand experience on what they charge to fill a system from scratch. Actually, 6 systems were filled from scratch. I didn't even have the choice of shopping around. It was very difficult to get anyone to come over to do the job. One guy, the first recommendation, was busy in Bangkok. The guys I contacted were recommended by people who own a lot of property and get a lot of air conditioning work done. One of the people who recommended them is an air conditioning engineer from abroad. Sure, I did say I didn't think they were great, but "not great" probably means "fantastic" in your estimation as your idea of a high standard of work is probably far lower than mine. Apparently, according to the decision that you made long ago if an outdoor or indoor unit required extensive repair or replacement, you'd throw the whole system out and reinstall a new one. Good on you. Does that mean everyone else is going to do the same? No way! It may work for you if you're intending to stay here for the life of an air conditioning system, but many people rent and don't intend to live here for a long time (even owners ready to sell and who want to get out) and would rather pay, for example, half the replacement cost of a whole system. They are not going to spend 30k to avoid spending 10k on repairs or part replacement. I had a broken compressor on one outdoor unit, so in that case, I bought a new outdoor 18 BTU unit for 13k. I don't own it as I'm renting and I'm pretty sure the owner wouldn't want to fork out 30k instead of 13k plus installation costs and regassing. In my case, the indoor units (evaporators and fan) are industrial units and will probably outlast both of us. The problem is they are much harder to get to and clean. You told me that your experiences are exactly the opposite of mine, so that means that if all my guys have been "not good", then surely all your guys have been good. Now you're saying you've had bad ones. It looks like you're arguing for the sake of argument. There's really no need to continue to explain yourself.
  13. This thread is "the best aircon service in Pattaya", so anything regarding aircon servicing is relevant. It's ridiculous to argue that your experiences are the opposite of mine when your requirements are different. i.e. you have a different type of system. You are cleaning. I am repairing and replacing. Many people have to pay for a full gas fill. i.e. When installing new units or replacing old ones... or repairing old systems. Just because you haven't had to do it yet is irrelevant. I didn't know you were the spokesman for everyone on this forum. I'm sure I'm not the only one that requires more extensive work. Until you get servicemen to do something besides a basic clean you will never know how good they are. The people that do your jobs would probably not be capable of doing mine. The people that do more complex jobs are busy and not available the same day. They need to make quotes first and buy parts before they do a job. Back when I had basic units to clean (for 500 baht) I was still disappointed with all who came. You were probably just lucky, or perhaps have lower standards for what you call "good work". Having recruited electricians, plumbers, painters and other tradesmen over the years, I conclude that exceptional tradesmen are non-existent in Pattaya. They never do work to my standards. Maybe I'm just too fussy.
  14. LOL> Vietnamese. It translates to English much better than Thai.
  15. How can your "experiences contradict pretty much all of that" when you've never had a system entirely emptied and filled again? Good luck getting anyone to charge you by the liter. Last month I had 4 outdoor (split style) units replaced and 2 others serviced. All required a complete fill. The complete job cost nearly 90k. It's easy to get any so called aircon servicemen to come and service basic split style units, but try to get them to do anything out of the ordinary. I had the best guys you can get here in Pattaya (highly recommended, very busy, and at least a week to get hold of if you're lucky) yet they were not great. They always try to do everything as quickly as possible and cut corners. You've got to watch them all the time. The main problem is they are not engineers and don't understand much besides basic installation. They installed one unit near a balcony end (3 sides) and I discovered long after they left that hot air was being sucked in through the condenser coils (the hot air was circulating from the front fan around to the back), causing the unit to work much harder than it should. How about you do the rest of us a big favour and name the amazing aircon people who do such a good job for you. I really would like to know.