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  1. Thank you! They just couldn't decide who was Jodie and who was Joleon in the first article.
  2. Doesn't serving size have something to do with it? When I travelled around the US I noticed how big all restaurant servings tend to be... and that's comparing it to Australia. For example, if I ordered a roast beef sandwich in the US it would come with nearly an inch thick layer of beef. In Australia, it was one slice of beef... merely a taste LOL. The climate effect is debatable. The heat saps one's energy, tending to make one lethargic and less inclined to exercise. I live full time in Thailand and seldom travel back home but on the odd occasion I do I experience a huge jump in vitality. I get that for a few weeks in Thailand over December-January too if we are lucky enough to get cooler weather. This year was nice. I have often wondered if living in Thailand has had a negative effect on my health due to the heat and airconditioning.
  3. I consume apple cider vinegar every day, first thing in the morning. Apparently, it is supposed to lower your FBS. I used to get heartburn after certain foods. I no longer suffer from that since I started consuming kefir back in 2011. I know you avoid heartburn by avoiding certain foods, but heartburn indicates a problem with your digestive system that kefir will fix. I do agree that if you don't eat processed junk food you find it easier to resist.
  4. Yet they continue to sell them despite the fact they are rather useless...
  5. One of the more interesting things about testing meals is that you're not usually testing single foods, but combinations thereof, which alters how fast they raise blood sugar. A food that is considered bad on its own can work well in combination with another. Protein and fat will slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. That's another reason why GI/GL tables are rather useless in the real world where people normally eat foods in combinations of macronutrients. That being the case, you can easily slow down high GI/GL foods, effectively making your meal equivalent to low GI/GL. Here's a specific example. If you at a very sweet dessert (ice cream, chocolate, cake etc) after a big meal with lots of protein, your blood sugar may not spike. All the carbohydrates will eventually be absorbed though. I've had huge buffet meals in the past with lots of high sugar dessert eaten at the end and had very low PP numbers. LOL> I've even taken my glucometer to restaurants to check. Ultimately, if you still have perfectly normal glucose tolerance, you really shouldn't be too concerned about the GI/GL index. The concern should be that all the carbohydrates will be absorbed, whether they are high or low GI. The total amount is more of a concern to control fat accumulation. There's no such thing as "diabetic death on a plate". If there was I would be long dead. If I can enjoy sugary desserts from time to time, you can too. You have to live a little too. I understand that you haven't tested PP. To do that you need to invest in your own glucometer and most people won't unless they are already diabetic. That's a shame. If you did it might stop you from panicking when you eat certain "bad" (but delicious) foods.
  6. Yeah, it's just a handgrip device that you hold at shoulder height.
  7. I have the Omron Intellisense wrist sphygmomanometer. LOL> what a word. Better known as a blood pressure meter. I get results fairly close to the arm one at the clinic. You have to set it to right or left wrist before you start it. If you really want to see how close the readings are to clinic meters, best take it to the clinic and compare readings. Blood pressure can change a lot during the day, although in your case it seems the wrong way around. You would expect higher readings at the clinic after you've travelled there, and possibly have mild anxiety.
  8. I bought the OMRON handgrip model years ago. It was totally useless - always returned either error or ridiculously low readings like 5 or 6%. It does give more realistic readings for my wife, although I don't know how accurate they are.
  9. Sorry to hear that. Can you not partake once in a while?
  10. PSA test

    LOL> I've never done that exam. I know it could be necessary but I've never felt inclined. My PSA is under 1.0. Ease of urination can be a sign. If it gets a bit slow, then the prostate could be enlarged. Look up boron supplementation. Apparently, it can help prevent prostate cancer. iHerb sells a supplement called NOW: Prostrate Support that is getting good reports. They sent it to me by accident. I got a refund and was allowed to keep it.
  11. I have a pretty similar diet to that too... for maintenance. I also don't need to eat a meal when I wake up, but I do bridge the gap with some light snacks such as a piece of fruit... which can extend the time I need a real meal even further.
  12. The taking of statins is probably one of the reasons why older people with low cholesterol are dying faster than people with high, no-statin cholesterol levels.
  13. It just goes to show you how ignorant most people are. They don't understand that fat loss is what they need to know, not weight loss. You're lucky to have such a machine - I wish I had one to use. I had a decent pouch out in front back in 2010 - 11. Doing an exceptional amount of Cardio exercise on a low carb diet got rid of it for me. That wasn't cardio while reading the daily news type of cardio either, but really hard cardio LOL. I didn't have a testosterone deficiency at that time either. Apparently visceral fat is the easiest to remove.
  14. I agree! Counting calories will be the most effective method of all, no doubt. It would make our "eating less" diet even more effective as we're only guessing at how much should be eaten. My method requires more patience. As mentioned before, my wife lost 1kg per month, which would not seem like much to most, although her bodyweight was 45kg at the start of the diet. That would relate to about 2kg a month or more for heavier guys. The reason I don't count calories is that I find it too much effort. Perhaps if I needed to drop a lot of weight I would consider it.
  15. Good point! So she really was looking for $5 bills to make a money cake... but instead of making it with $100 bills she put a deposit down for a car instead LOL.