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  1. Daffy D

    Teenager somehow got her head stuck inside an exhaust pipe

    Should have started the engine and given it a good rev, that would have cleared it
  2. As I understand it the building, including the cladding, was up to government specs and regulations to the time. Same with all the other tower blocks council or private owned were up to specs and regulations at the time of construction. Many private flat owners are now facing huge bills for cladding replacement that was building regulations approved. Big minefield of who was/is to blame.
  3. Daffy D

    Bought a fake phone battery?

    Got that T-Shirt:- https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/825223-copy-phone-battery/?tab=comments#comment-9405527
  4. Daffy D


    Yes I did Thing is some time ago when I installed the power outlets I wasn't completely and totally integrated into the local way of doing things and in my naivety installed the boxes in what I thought was the correct way with the "UP" marker on the boxes pointing Errrm - UP. This has led to the unforeseen result that all sockets are wrong for the Haco plug, but doesn't really matter as I only bought it cos it looked pretty but up to now have had no use for it. Incidentally at the same time I also connected all wiring to the sockets according to the markings on them - L to "Live" and N to "Neutral" Just waiting for that to silly idea to bite me in the nether regions
  5. Daffy D


    Crossy:- I bought one of those, but when I got home found that when plugged in the wire outlet for the plug was at the top. Not very convenient as all my outlets are about shoulder height.
  6. Daffy D


    That's true in a lot of cases especially where you buy something that already has a 2 pin plug attached. But in some cases, like the OP wiring up his own lamp, it can be safer to know which is the "Live". Switching the "live" ensures that most of the wiring and the lamp fitting it's self is not "live" and therefore less likely to kill you or the dog or cat should they want to chew through it. Another point when wiring up for a screw in lamp I always connect the "live" to the terminal at the bottom of the holder where the bulb sits, not to terminal that would make the screw thread "live". Again does not really matter, the lamp will still work but makes me feel better.
  7. Daffy D


    Just as an extra bit of information. I wired all the sockets in my house with the live on the upper hole. Most twin flex wire/cables have a tracer of some sort running on one of the wires so it's possible to identify the difference between the two strands. I always use the strand with the tracer as the "live" and wire up plugs accordingly so when plugging in the socket make sure the "live" goes in the "live" of the socket. If the tracer on the twin flex is not obvious a dab with red marker pen on the plug will identify which way to plug in the Umm! … plug
  8. Daffy D


    Yes -Let one wire run through and cut and connect the other to the terminals to make the on/off connection. If possible have the live on the on/off wire. Those switches are a bit fiddly to get the two wires inside but it's possible as long as the wires aren't too thick.
  9. Daffy D

    Special screws for Conwood fascia board ?

    Heavy rain can make full gutters very heavy and I doubt the Conwood board alone would hold it. Using "cavity screw thingies" would be an option but tricky to work with in that situation and still have a break away problem if the load is too great. If possible I would sugest wooden battons behind the Conwood board to spread the load with the screws going right through to the battons.
  10. Daffy D

    Ordering from Lazada

    Always pay COD and always have the correct money ready and give the guy 20Bt. tip Works for me
  11. From an earlier thread:- https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/997024-green-idea-for-garden-wall/?tab=comments#comment-12175522
  12. Crossy - Are you going to use a remote control module with the actuator so it can be operated from the house?
  13. So guess the string pull option was'nt Hi-Tec enough