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  1. Yes exactly, and usually with some explicit scene that has no relevance to the story line just in case we somehow missed it.
  2. Daffy D

    Cars dangerously dark at night

    Wheeler Dealers wanted to remove some film from one of their cars they had bought for doing up and reselling. They sprayed the film on the inside of the window with water, taped black plastic sheet over that and let it sit out in the hot California sun for a few hours. Then the film just peeled off without any effort. Looked simple enough...………………...
  3. Oh Boy! They don't know what they've started
  4. Daffy D

    Cars dangerously dark at night

    Sounds about right, that film stuff is not cheap. If you're going to do it go for the expensive 3M film or something similar. Various previous threads on her about the subject.
  5. I always liked Midsomer Murders, it was a nice gentle village green cricket on Sundays kind of show, till some one complained about lack of ethnic minorities (are they still minorities?) I don't think the show has been the same since
  6. What is it with this country that any moron that just happens to be passing sees some poor person getting beaten up and they just join in.
  7. Yes and yes that's what I do. It is a Torrent site so will only download Torrents, so will need to be using a Torrent "Client" for downloading. Something like uTorrent. I think I have a couple of invites I can give out. Mail me if interested.
  8. Robbing Your Relatives is available on TVChaos. The site is free but you have to be a member to use it. Has mainly UK and Australian, Canadian TV programs. Well worth joining for quality Programs.
  9. Daffy D

    Do you pick up monks on the road side?

    We picked up a couple of monks standing at the roadside in rural area some while back. I was going to just drive past but the wife said to stop. They jumped in the back of the pick-up, we were full of kids anyway, and when they got off handed me a couple of amulets which I later stuck to roof lining above the interior mirror. Guess those amulets must work as I haven't had an accident since. Mind you I haven't had an accident in the last 30 years either.
  10. The air brakes are "Supposed" to be sail safe No air the brakes lock on so the truck cannot move. With so many so called brake failures you'd think that with the law of averages there should be at least some accidents that are actually due to genuine brake failure.
  11. A New season of The Curse of Oak Island has started. Looks like they are really going for it this season. Started by bringing in a company to do a seismic survey. Available on EZTV.
  12. Daffy D

    Compressed Air

    http://www.invadeit.co.th/product/computer-accessories/no-name/kloud-canned-air-dust-remover-220ml-p004277/ https://www.lazada.co.th/products/kloud-canned-air-dust-remover-220ml-i105777883-s106437682.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.1.64ef1775UEQj84&search=1 Use a hairdryer on cold setting, or get one of those pump up spray bottles used for spraying plants or the ironing but obviously don't put anything in it, just pump it up with air.
  13. Why would anyone stop across a railway line even if the barriers were up Should not have moved to cross the line till your exit was clear. A bit like those yellow box junctions where you are not supposed to enter till your exit is clear. A bit to logical perhaps
  14. Need A Cafe North of Chalong "Circle" and South of the WAT Glanced at this headline and immediately thought of this: Sorry couldn't resist
  15. I didn't fall asleep watching it so that actually would upgrade it fairly good