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  1. Daffy D

    Help! Bike suddenly stopped....

    Putting your thumb over the spark pug hole for suction won't work as most of the suck will be through the air filter. See my earlier post. Putting your thumb over the spark plug hole will give some indication of compression. A primitive test for stuck valve or broken piston/rings.
  2. Daffy D

    Help! Bike suddenly stopped....

    Sounds like something suddenly gave way. A fuel problem would have spluttered before stopping. But this Thailand and the normal laws of physics don't always apply
  3. Daffy D

    Help! Bike suddenly stopped....

    Yea! I know, but they seem to have exploited most other possibilities
  4. Daffy D

    Help! Bike suddenly stopped....

    Over the intake hole of the carb as you turn the engine, preferably with the ignition off. There should be a strong suck on your hand. May have to move the air filter pipe out of the way.
  5. Daffy D

    Help! Bike suddenly stopped....

    Could be an air leak creating a weak mixture. Would also explain the backfire. Just as another thought are you getting any intake suction when placing your hand over the carb.
  6. "Moped Muggers Caught On Camera" from UK television You think here is bad have a look at this program and see what UK is turning into
  7. Daffy D

    Online job scams

    Unfortunately these sort of scams have been going for years and not just here. I remembers years ago in UK my girlfriend at the time got this little work at home job addressing envelopes or something like that. Same thing, after paying for the materials and spending many days conscientiously doing a good job all her work was rejected as not being up to standard or something - just a scam.
  8. I vaguely remember a case long time ago in the UK where Social Workers were daily calling on an old lady to check she was OK. Apparently she was in a chair facing the window so they only saw the back of her and when getting no response to their questions assumed she was just dozing and did not want to disturb her. Anyway this went on for a few days before anyone realized she had actually been dead for some time. Speaking to the dead - not only in Thailand
  9. Daffy D

    Water tank suction?

    Wow!...….…. That evoked some ancient memories. Welsh Harp - North Circular - Ace Café...……………. I feel quite nostalgic.
  10. Yes, keep well back from this kind of driving. If there had been a serious shunt the cam car would undoubtable also been involved.
  11. Yes it's amazing the amount of material now available. Not only old and the latest movies buy also current TV programs as well as classic programs and series. Before you know it you'll find yourself running out of disk space
  12. Should have gone for something like this:-
  13. I was tempted to make some smart ass comment about necrophilia Mosquitoes, but I'd probably get told off again so I won't. RIP. Live long and Prosper
  14. Get over it, it was a long time ago - it's just a cartoon. lets move on and deal with important present day stuff.