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  1. They had the smarts to steal the gold but didn't bother to ditch the T-shirt?
  2. True are showing it on their channel 689 - Fox Sport 2.
  3. Email submission is still an option. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/671934/Pension_04_01_2018.pdf The form is rather confusing as it notes at the top 'This service is only available by post'. But, nearer the bottom, it states 'Email your application and documents to...' I used the email option earlier this year (same form was on the website) and all worked out fine. Suggest you send by email and you should receive a confirmation of receipt once sent.
  4. dabhand

    motorbike tax renewal at Big C

    Another connected topic would be whether there is currently any direct link between renewing the yearly vehicle tax and chasing payment of outstanding traffic fines (speeding tickets). Asking for a friend.
  5. dabhand

    Importing a laptop from Amazon US

    Not quite matching your info but last year I needed a replacement laptop from my UK company. It was a refurbished HP and was sent by DHL. The only charge was VAT of 7% of the stated value (plus, I believe, the shipping cost). No duty charged.
  6. Maybe I was rejected because I had already set up my UK bank account as GBP. Perhaps setting up an account as USD might be the solution but I just gave up in the end as PP UK were not too forthcoming with any solution to the issue.
  7. Looks like AirBnB is also having a few problems in Japan. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-44409187 Hosts in Japan are required to register their listing and display their licence number by 15 June to remain active.
  8. I had this same issue with PayPal UK a couple of years back. USD being paid to my PayPal UK account which was linked to a UK (Jersey) bank account that can receive GBP/USD + other currencies. Paypal refused to transfer the funds as USD, indicating that they can only send the funds as GBP. So, lost out on both their extortionate charges but also their extremely poor exchange conversions. Maybe they have changed or possibly I was given duff info by them. In any case I have not used their service again and will not in the future unless absolutely no alternative due to the type of transaction. Bunch of sharks.
  9. No, clarity card payments go against balances charged at the highest interest rate first. So if you do have other purchases on the card, rather than prepay, a payment a day or two after you have taken the cash will ensure the payment is offset correctly. If any misallocation, easy enough to check the statement and raise a complaint. I tend not to use my clarity card for other purchases - have other UK cards for that. Easy, then, to keep it free for overseas cash withdrawals and is especially useful in non UK locations other than Thailand, if no other access to local cash. Useful if funds are needed on an immediate basis but, as stated, Transferwise is the way to go in Thailand.
  10. For UK cards have found the Halifax Clarity card to be more economic, but can be difficult to obtain if based outside UK. If used at ATMs only get charged the Bt220 fee (or Bt150 at AEON machines). No fx fees. Don't know if they can be used at bank counters to avoid the Bt220 fee, but may also be subject to a local bank fee for such a service. Best bet, though, has to be Transferwise direct to a local Thai bank. Many topics on the subject.
  11. dabhand

    Hotel Raids continue in South Pattaya

    So, those providing hourly room rentals are not included in this crackdown. Well, that's a relief.
  12. Reminds me of a good few years back in Bangkok. A corn seller puts down her two pans to make a sale. Unseen by the seller, a dog comes up and lifts it's leg and does it's business into one of the pans then walks away. Kind of puts you off pan carried food for life......!!
  13. Didn't notice this thread when I posted on the earlier one. Just to restate my recent experience at Jomtien with a UK embassy income letter for a retirement extension: Income letter date; 1st March 2018 Extension date: 25th April 2018 (date of attendance at Jomtien), Accepted with no comment.
  14. dabhand

    Surat Thani mine bombs still missing

    He was carrying his mobile? Reminds me of a Brit explosives engineer on a project I worked on in Malaysia. Bit of an oddball, but that probably comes with the position. He overcooked a planned explosion one time and had a big lump of rock make a mess of the front passenger area of a landrover which had the site engineer sat in the drivers seat. Think he parked a bit further back for future blasts........ RIP to the engineer and hope they recover the missing ordnance without further drama.
  15. dabhand

    Andy Hall Case dismissed

    Yes, this is being noted on his twitter feed. https://twitter.com/atomicalandy?lang=en Good news.