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  1. For Jomtien, only needed passport with previous report slip (last week). In June this year, reporting 90 days after returning from an overseas trip, the IO just binned my new TM47 form and stated only need passport and new TM6.
  2. Did my 90 day last Tuesday, 4th, around 2pm. Expected a big queue, being the day before a holiday, but only about three ahead of me at the counter. Picked up the ticket and my number was on show when I headed to the desk. This despite all the seats (for other desks) looking fully occupied. So, took about 5 minutes. Yes, Jomtien ticks all my boxes!!
  3. dabhand

    Subsided Soi Khao Noi repaired

    Not just TOT, 3BB has been poor in the recent past in that area. From having excellent service for many years there are been major outages for 2/3 weekends in past couple of months. Last weekend it was off from early Saturday to mid-day Monday. Fingers crossed for this weekend. As for the roadworks. definitely needed as there were some dangerous uneven sections in that area (opposite Murphys). But, yes, the lower part of Khao Noi turns into a raging torrent with any downpour, despite the fairly recent drainage upgrade.
  4. dabhand

    True Visions January 1st 2019

    Turner Classic Movies.
  5. Can vouch for the 'Bollywood babes' comment. I was staying at the landmark Hotel in Ahmedabad a few years back. Had the pleasure of sharing a lift with three of the Kingfisher girls. With the lift in the Landmark being very small, four persons was a nice fit!! Being Gujarat, pleasant memories of my many trips to that state are few and far between so that 'coming together' is easily remembered!