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  1. A couple of years back I did a retirement extension renewal 40 days ahead of the expiry date. No comment made by the Jomtien IO when I handed over the paperwork and the process was, as usual, very smooth.
  2. dabhand

    What happend to the two Norwegian girls?

    This news article suggests that some hefty payments were about to be made. Likely that happened and so no further news. http://norwaytoday.info/news/norwegian-teenage-girls-arrested-thailand/
  3. dabhand

    Sukhumvit Middle East takeover?

    This is the hot season in the Gulf. The exodus is a yearly event at this time of year. You will find similar hordes in KL and certain parts of London with their flashy cars.
  4. This Insurance report was a topic less than two months back. No doubt with the exact same types of responses.......... https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1043823-new-report-ranks-thailand-as-the-world’s-riskiest-holiday-destination/
  5. dabhand

    Request for information from Natwest bank

    On the UK account closure issue, maybe worth looking at Transferwise who offer a 'borderless' UK bank account. No frills but has Fx conversion options. I opened one last year using a Thai address and just needed to give the usual ID and address verifications. Very simple process. Concerning the TIN matter. I received a similar request last year from two UK banks that I have accounts with (Nationwide + Barclays, Jersey). I simply responded that, as I do not work in Thailand, I have no need for a TIN. No further contact from them. So seems that has been accepted by both but not to say that future requests won't be forthcoming, either when further box ticking exercises are undertaken or should Thailand actually join the CRS reporting circus. However, as you note, your savings bond issue has possibly created the problem as that income might need to be seen as being reported in a tax jurisdiction. Not having a Thai TIN may therefore not be considered as acceptable . Who knows?!!
  6. Watching the video on CNN. That loop the loop was just amazing. Pulled up just before going into the drink. At least one F15 was close by, maybe another as well. Question is, was it shot down or did the crazy guy try one stunt too many.
  7. Very likely and not just in Thailand. This to the tune of $3billion in India: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/markets/stocks/news/cryptokidnapping-or-how-to-lose-3-billion-of-bitcoin-in-india/articleshow/65347828.cms
  8. dabhand

    Where to buy Condiment holder Pattaya

    There is a huge, warehouse size, shop (Sampheng Plaza Market) behind Central Marina Pattaya. Loads of stuff there and highly likely to have what you are looking for. Not been there for a few years but believe it is still operating.
  9. Seemingly this bust came with an interesting twist, as told to me by a normally reliable source. As is usual in these raids, advance warning had been given and a number of stall-holders flew the coop ahead of the arrival of the BIB (mainly Bangkok finest). However some of the counterfeit sellers decided to hold firm and merely removed the offending articles to an off-site location. However, apparently some advance work had been done by the BIB. They had come armed with photos taken the previous week and were able to snare these innocent looking sellers who thought they could escape being fingered for illegal sales. Now, if this account is correct, it may cause problems to the multitude of vbloggers who make a habit of wandering around such markets with their cameras in full (or partial) view. They may be seen in a slightly different light and be the subject of a bit of aggro. Now, wouldn't that be a shame!!
  10. OP, the monthly interest rate is 1%, so that equates to Bt17,000/month (not Bt1,700/month). Any further comment is really not needed.
  11. UJ, presumably the only 'extension' to a VE entry prior to August 2014 was a 'must leave within 7 days' stamp?. I recall getting a few of those over the years but couldn't quite remember the circumstances.
  12. dabhand

    Internet Romance Scam

    You seem to have transposed the H and the F on your user name. Are you from Nigeria by any chance?
  13. Watched most of her round last night and very impressed by her calm demeanour. Had a few putts that went so close to dropping so could have been a bit further ahead based on her excellent tee to green play. Best of luck to her today.
  14. Hearing that there was a counterfeit check last night (4th) on Thepprasit market in Pattaya. Apparently the 'Big Boss' from Bangkok was in attendance. Seems they had arrived in about 20/30 cop cars and a bus(?). As usual, a fair number of illegal goods sellers had been pre-warned and had shut up shop before the show started. But enough remained to be booked and impress the foreign observers. That being the main purpose!! Believe that they parked up along the main road with their lights flashing and caused a bit of panic with the helmet less motorbike riders........
  15. As UJ stated, renewing a retirement extension earlier than 30 days should be possible. Last year I renewed about 40 days before the expiry date at Jomtien with no problem, or even any comment, from the IO.