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  1. You could try Massic Travel. Long established and currently located opposite to Royal Garden on Sai 2. They are in the small lane that looks onto the hotel (Royal?). Have used them many times over the years and have found them helpful for both tickets and visas. Not EU visas, but they are likely to assist if contacted.
  2. I realise you are currently in California and also may not be fluent in Thai but this web page of land values may help if you have a Thai friend (probably not your wife!!) that can assist you. http://property.treasury.go.th/pvmwebsite/ Can't help with any recommendation, I'm afraid.
  3. Looks like his friend has a couple of decent sized 'puppies' that may be in need of a good home.
  4. http://www.bbc.com/sport/golf/40547166 Fourteen-year-old amateur Atthaya Thitikul has become the youngest known winner of a professional golf tour event with victory at the Ladies European Thailand Championship. The Thai player finished five under after a level-par 72, two shots clear of Ana Menendez who carded a 75.
  5. Can clubs be hired at Kwan Golf? If so, the cost? I agree with jesimps on keeping the audience to the bare minimum.
  6. A same day service is also available at Chang Wattana. For an extra charge, but well worth it for those in a rush, My son used it last year as he had returned from his studies in the UK for about 10 days during Songkran and had forgotten that the passport office was closed for an extended period. He cut it fine but made the return flight with a day to spare.
  7. Hard to imagine that anyone would have thought that when Mahathir launched his Vision 2020 back in the 90's that there would be any chance that the man himself could possibly be in line for being part of a push for government at that far off date. Yet here we are. Unfortunately, the way that he is being lauded as a 'white knight' just shows the extent of the corruption that is engulfing the Najib administration. I well recall the time when Mahathir took umbrage at The Times running with a story about possible payments from a UK contractor (Costain?) to facilitate the award of a contract. The sum noted, a mere Stg25k I believe, was ridiculed by our local Malaysian staff who openly stated that he would not lift the telephone for that miserly amount and his anger was likely to represent disgust that anyone could think he would do a deal for such an amount. He soon made his feelings known when he banned all UK companies from tendering for government contracts. This being a return to his 'Buy British Last' campaign of the previous decade. It also meant that the UK companies that were expecting to gain the KLIA construction contract were pushed aside. All government contracts were milked, even G2G projects partially funded by aid money were not free from being fleeced. As with Najib, chunks of these funds were earmarked for the BN politicians and the election 'expenses' to ensure no change at the top. Anwar, despite being seen as a solution to the problem, was heavily involved and showed his hand too soon when Mahathir took an extended trip (to Canada?) leaving Anwar in temporary charge. He moved his guys into the main positions. Mahathir returned and the rest is history. The underlying reason for Mahathir's play for a return to power is the block on his son ( the Kedah CM) attaining the highest office. His expectations had not been met. Whereas he was able to protect another son in his business dealings, whilst PM, by using the limitless largess of Petronas to bail out his many business ventures, his influence over the big prize was stymied by Najib and, is wife, the wicked witch. The need to start a dynasty trumps all.
  8. Wayne Rooney will be ever so jealous.
  9. Horn has done it!! All three judges gave him the verdict. He was close to defeat at the end of the 10th but just held on. Great fight and, TBH, a well deserved win by Horn. Where does Manny go now? A last big payday against FM looks unlikely now. Maybe a match up with that Irish guy!!
  10. It's on Thai TV 7 - True Ch 35. Just about to start.
  11. Not sure as can't find any reports on what happened to merit a DQ. However it may have something to do with his position at that time, being near last and at 16 over having played 14 holes of 2nd round. Looks like he was heading for plumb last as Darren Clarke ended up at 18 over at the end of the round. There was a suspension of play close to the end of the 2nd round so maybe KB just thought, Phuket, and didn't bother coming back and forgot to retire himself. There was a comedy moment with one of the Chinese players launching his putter into a pond after, I think, missing a putt. His mother waded into the water to retrieve it and managed to grab hold of the handle. Unfortunately there was no shaft attached and the other players / caddies collapsed in laughter seeing this unfold. I caught the end of this on TV and it was really funny. http://www.bbc.com/sport/golf/40442070
  12. I crossed the border at Golok on numerous occasions during the 90's whilst working in Kelantan. Travelled up to Hat Yai a number of times by train, minibus and taxi with no untoward events. The border crossing was always a breeze and luckily was way before the introduction of the 'two strikes' rule currently in place. Never experienced any individuals wishing to assist with ulterior motives - quite the opposite. Including a positive experience with the Tourist police in Hat Yai who helped me out when I foolishly left my passport at a bank and were able to gain access on a Saturday to retrieve it for me. Golok, though, always had an undercurrent of violence which occasionally reared it's head. We had a few expats who were robbed whilst in their hotel rooms - Genting and Marina Hotels come to mind. They were carried out by a team of locals carrying guns and machetes with our guys tied up but given clear indication that any resistance would not end well. Both the hotel and local police were just not interested in finding the perpetrators nor offered any compensation. Ironically, the level of security nowadays may well have reduced this type of crime although the possibility of a terror related incident is always there. I sometimes wonder how my UK company would have viewed trips over the border to Thailand if the problems in the South had been at the level of the last decade or so. Trying to keep in excess of 100 expats away from the 'delights' of Golok, given what Kelantan had to offer in comparison, would have been a mighty task.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/Admintlc/videos/vb.100004104821205/1191487467664736/?type=2&theater This is the video from the Rescue Team as noted in post 63. Probably need facebook to view it.
  14. Was involved in a major construction project near the Thai border in Kelantan, Malaysia during the early 90's. The expats involved at the start of the project were given a talk by the local government transport officials. One of the points they made very clear to us was: if you have an accident on the local roads and are still able to drive, leave the scene of the accident and head for the nearest police station. They also advised not to stop and render any assistance if we came across any accident and mentioned numerous instances of serious harm, and worse, being meted out those who only wanted to help. If you are willing to take the risk of stopping, that is a personal choice. As for me, I prefer to take local advice on board. It is given for a reason.
  15. 'Nuntinee said she was relieved to learn it was a misunderstanding and that it actually was police at her door rather than criminals.'