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  1. No doubt the news on this will abate over the next few days then disappear completely. Will be a clear sign of compensation agreement and minimal, if any, charges faced by the doctor. Reminds me of the incident up north (Chiang Mai?) where an Australian guy rammed into a motorbike causing the death of the female driver plus one of the schoolboy passengers with another schoolboy (son of the driver) being badly injured. The guy was allegedly drunk and travelling at some speed. Anyone know how that turned out? Compensation paid and knuckle rap with no time inside?
  2. Have had 2no valid UK passports for a number of years and can confirm, as others have stated, that no problem using either passport with entry by air. Can also confirm that land borders do not allow such switching. Had personal experience of this back in the early 90's at Sungai Golok. When I presented my underused 2nd passport (having used my 1st passport to exit Malaysia, where I was working) the IO took a bit of time to look through all the pages then asked me where I had come from. Since the only answer was over the bridge from Rantau Panjang, he then asked me to show him the exit stamp. Oh dear, thought I was in for a bit of bother as I sheepishly extracted my 1st passport from my bag and showed him the exit stamp. No problem though as I just needed to fill in a new form and I was good to go. Didn't try that again...........
  3. CRS form from HSBC

    This might help. https://home.kpmg.com/th/en/home/insights/2017/02/th-tax-in-focus-160217.html Non-Thai individuals would need to register, if not done so by your employer in Thailand, with the Revenue Department to request a 13-digit Thai tax ID number. Depending on the location of the tax office where you register, it can take 2-3 business days to process your Thai tax ID number. Thai nationals can use the Thai ID numbers on their Thai Identification Card.
  4. Transferwise

    Not currently. As KK explained.
  5. Transferwise

    Just started using TW last week. Initial transfer experience was OK but was concerned by their use of emails, initially indicating a next day receipt, then on the following day indicating a one day delay, then actually having the funds in my account within two hours of the 'delay' email. The funds were actually for a friend and the funds were needed on the day initially advised by TW. So when I advised my friend of the delay , not a happy camper. Then, when told of the surprise receipt shortly thereafter, changed to a happy camper!! Used them again this weekend. Arranged the transfer yesterday, Sunday, from UK to Thailand (SCB), and the funds have just hit my account (1.30pm Monday). So rather impressive given the weekend aspect. So, with the good rates and low fees on smaller transfers plus the speedy transfers they are definitely an improvement on the standard bank to bank transfers. Just a shame that their fixed % charges mean they are priced out of the larger transfers market. Hope that changes in the future, with maybe a sliding scale of charges being introduced.
  6. Uber Pattaya

    Maybe he was gassing up for the trip? My main gripe with airport rides is when the driver pulls into a gas station shortly after pickup. This despite turning up early and not using that time to get organised. Not connected with needing cash for the pump, they get paid at the destination point. I tend to cut things fine with airport trips so this kind of needless delay really irks me.
  7. Maybe the Thais should follow the Brits and make 'cheating' an official policy. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-on-overseas-visitors-hospital-charging-regulations/summary-of-changes-made-to-the-way-the-nhs-charges-overseas-visitors-for-nhs-hospital-care People who live outside the EEA, including former UK residents, should now make sure they are covered by personal health insurance, unless an exemption applies to them. Anyone who does not have insurance will be charged at 150% of the NHS national tariff for any care they receive.
  8. Have seen no mention in any of the news articles that Hariri, like his father Rafic, is a dual national Lebanese / Saudi. Indeed he was born in Riyadh, where his father worked for some time in the 70s/80s and where he gained his start to huge wealth and influence via construction projects for Saudi royalty. I worked for a time in Beirut during the 90's and the Hariri influence, as would be expected, was immense. His untimely death in 2005 had serious implications for not just the political state of the Lebanon but also for numerous projects that were seen to be under his direct personal influence. That mention is being made of possible corruption connections to this story would be no surprise and his Saudi citizenship adds a further level to the ongoing intrigue.
  9. Qatar Airways launches Pattaya flights

    A warning for any punters travelling to Pattaya with their SO's. Keep their mobiles well hidden, or wear gloves!! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/08/qatar-airways-plane-forced-to-land-after-wife-discovers-husbands-affair-midflight A Qatar Airways plane has been forced to land midflight after a woman who used her sleeping husband’s thumb to unlock his smartphone discovered he was having an affair.
  10. Err, these were what I found when I rebutted your earlier comment. So maybe you should have tried googling a bit earlier,. No? I was expecting something from the recent demonstration or does your definition of 'contemporary' expand to suit your response? As any earlier pictures are not exactly on topic. Any response on the source of the 'busloads'? Or do you wish me to do more googling for you?
  11. I worked for a time in Malaysia during the 90's and they have an Unclaimed Moneys Act that required certain entities to pay over unclaimed sums to the government. This was part of the year end audit process and was enforced by the relevant government department. I believe that the timeline for banks handing over funds from dormant accounts was seven years. As for what happens to these funds........ Based on the current shenanigans of PM Najib and his partners in crime, it would be seen as extra funding for the lavish lifestyle of his extended family. Maybe Thailand is picking up tips from neighboring 'democracies'. https://www.lawyerment.com/library/kb/Banking_and_Finance/Banking/1152.htm
  12. Noted in your earlier comment: As for the weekend demonstration, I understand that there were significant busloads of people brought in from other regions, and even from the south of France to swell the numbers. Was this comment from the same twitter account? You mention 'contemporary, relevant photos they could have used to make the same point'. Where might these be found?
  13. Qatar Airways Launches New Doha to Pattaya, Chiang Mai Flights

    There is a current topic in the Pattaya Forum on this very subject. Apparently there is a minibus service at Bt250/passenger or a taxi for about 3x that price. Distance is about 40km but that will obviously vary depending on actual destination.
  14. Just a few clicks will show that at least two of the pictures (bottom left and right) are not 'taken at the demonstration'. These two are easily identifiable within articles/blogs from 2012 and 2015. This being the latter: http://es.blastingnews.com/opinion/2015/04/la-ultraderecha-crece-en-europa-pero-no-en-espana-00337603.amp.html This is the former from 2012: http://www.helpcatalonia.cat/2012/12/fascism-rears-ugly-head-in-spain-as.html Maybe the rest are of similar origin, I don't know. It was claimed, earlier, by the Spanish government that a number of images from earlier demonstrations depicting police violence were not current. Of that I have no idea, but this montage is clearly suspect. The origin of this would be useful
  15. Must admit I would prefer two puppies for my birthday. But maybe that is just me.