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  1. My wife needed to cash a cheque last year after receiving it from Pattaya Court. We trooped round to the same bank / branch it was issued from. It was for a chunky amount so we wanted the cash same day - a transfer to her different bank account would have taken a few days. As she did not have an account with the bank, only way to get same day cash was to open an account with that branch and then have the cheque paid into the new account and then withdraw from the new account. Luckily we had all necessary docs. Took some time....... No idea if presenting the cheque at same bank but different branch would have allowed for same procedure or, possibly, being advised that cheque needed to be dealt with by originating branch. Would really suggest the OP gets all the ducks in a row ahead of time, given the next day departure.
  2. If the branch of the bank on which the cheques are drawn is open on the Saturday that would be your best bet. Normally, though, only branches at shopping malls are open at weekends and holidays. You need to check on this in advance. Other option may be to talk with your school's finance department and see is they are prepared to cash your cheque for you. If agreed, you would need to give them advance warning so they would have the cash available in the office, plus get the necessary approvals.
  3. I was here at the time when GBP hit around Bt28. That was towards the end of 1984 and was at a time when the baht had a fixed rate to the USD of Bt23 (then rising to about 27 in early 1985). The GBP rate sounds bad but, in reality, prices in Thailand at that time were low enough that it wasn't such a big deal. Now though........!! The USD/GBP rate dropped to about 1.05 in early 1985 so a similar rate just now (a possibility?) would give a GBP/THB rate of about 36. Bad, yes, but not a disaster (except for some on a GBP fixed pension).
  4. Wasn't that played about 10 days back with Millwall winning 3-2 - same score on aggregate. Bradford City play Millwall today. Hope you are not a Scunny supporter...... As for seeing the game. Unlikely to be on the main TV channels so an internet search will be needed, especially with the recent crackdown on live streams in Thailand.
  5. Not sure about online application, but you can apply for a UK IDP by post via the AA. I have used this method in the past as I needed it when driving in Egypt up to about 2012. Not applied since then. There may be online options with other organisations. https://www.theaa.com/driving-advice/driving-abroad/apply-for-an-idp-by-post
  6. Just as well he left his sword at home. Now, that would have been messy.
  7. Correct. The comments of a certain Pensions Minister relating to frozen pensions come to mind. Promise the earth just to get elected then blame the 'events, dear boy' for not delivering.
  8. There were two UK passports shown in the video.
  9. Saw an article in UK press recently that the number of motorbikes hijacked in London have increased by about 600% over the last year. There was a video of a couple of guys attempting to knock a guy off his bike so they could steal it. Luckily some passers by came to the rescue and prevented the theft. The kicker, though, was that the local police have been banned from chasing after the thieves, if they actually see the event. The reason - in case the chase leads to an accident. So, sounds like open season and, given their actions here, these guys would definitely fit the profile of possible suspects.
  10. There is a current thread on this subject, including Sport365. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/982601-thaiexpattv/?page=18#comment-11885943
  11. This is also getting traction on the BBC. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-39768764
  12. Many thanks for the info. I have just signed up for the free trial so will take it from there.
  13. I worked for many years in Mesaha Square, Cairo. For my sins I never asked for the meaning. So it may point to Egyptian / Arabic origins. Which, given the French ties to Egypt, probably explains the matching with the French sounding surname. Indeed a sad way to go.
  14. This thread might be of interest to the OP: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/951527-tax-on-foreign-income-remitted-into-thailand/
  15. Now being reported by UK press. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/3481321/thailand-skydiving-pensioner-death-james-mcconnell/ A BRITISH tourist has died in a horror skydiving accident after plunging into a reservoir. James McConnell, 69, had been on holiday with family in Pattaya, Thailand, when he visited the skydiving centre today. He leapt from a plane and landed in nearby water – missing the airstrip at the Thai Sky Adventures airbase. Rescuers arrived at the scene and battled to save the pensioner from Dunctocher, Scotland, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival at hospital. RIP