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  1. Thought the article was about the A350-1000? How many of these are currently in service?
  2. Was this the aircraft? http://vneconomictimes.com:8081/article/vietnam-today/new-a350-1000-lands-in-hanoi-on-demonstration-tour A new Airbus A350-1000 landed in Hanoi for the first time for a demonstration flight and ground display on February 2 as a part of a three-week Demonstration Tour in the Asia-Pacific region. Operating in full service?
  3. Interesting Forbes article from 2011 on ITD and it's president. https://www.forbes.com/global/2011/0912/thailand-billionaires-11-premchai-karnasuta-burma-the-reluctant-builder.html#ad1618410a65
  4. Translation service Thai - English required in Pattaya

    A few years back now, so not sure if the office is still there. But I used 'Soi Post Office Translation' to translate a Thai birth certificate required for a UK passport application. Can't recall the cost but believe it was quite reasonable. The office is located at the Beach Road end and on the left side headed to the beach.
  5. Airport JAIL!

    Looking on the Ukrainian Airlines webpage (assuming this is the airline per the OP) their schedules are showing flights from Bangkok to New York, via Kiev, on every day, except Monday. So the 'only happen on Monday' comment does not match with the airline timetable info. https://www.flyuia.com/ua/en/information/time-flight/timetable
  6. Maybe look at this thread...... https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1020502-bank-branches-with-coin-exchange-machines/
  7. No surprise that this is related to Chuvit Kamolvisit. A google search will reveal all.
  8. Some transit hubs offer yellow fever jabs. http://travelclinic.vch.ca/wp-content/uploads/sites/14/2017/03/YF-Airport-Vaccine-Centers.pdf
  9. Best breakfast in Pattaya?

    Seems to be a walk-in option. https://www.holidayinn-pattaya.com/offers/international-breakfast-buffet/ Sit, relax and enjoy an international breakfast buffet for only THB 299 net each weekday or THB 550 net on weekends at either Cafe G – Level 4 Bay tower or East Coast Kitchen – Level 6 Executive Tower.
  10. I recall, a good number of years back, watching a Thai lady placing her two shoulder carried trays of corn on the cob down on the ground to serve a customer. Along came a mangy dog who, unknown to her, lifted it's leg and proceeded to give one of the trays a good sprinkling. More than likely though, even if she had spotted the dog doing it's business, there would have been no reaction from her, aside from possibly cursing the mutt. Have not been inclined to buy any food from similar sellers since then..........
  11. I am in a similar situation. My retirement extension is due in 1st week of May and a couple of years back I applied for renewal last week of March. It was about 40days ahead of time. The IO at Jomtien made no comment and processed the renewal as normal. An early March may be a stretch, but If you go 45 days or less ahead of time you should be OK.
  12. Just back from a 90 day report. The soi clear of any water. Normal operations at Immigration. About 10/15 queued at the front desk with the main waiting area fairly busy, except for an empty 90 day report section. Just waited a couple of minutes as my number was next up, then sorted. But, shock horror, they seem to have run out of blue paper. The new slip is white!!
  13. My last 90 day report in Jomtien was after a foreign trip. I had mislaid my TM6, but still had the previous blue slip in my passport. Was expecting some hassle. But no problem as the IO, after looking at my arrival stamp presumably to check on the revised 90 day period validity as I was well outside the date noted on the old slip, just did the usual scan of the old slip and printed out the new slip and stuck it in my passport. No mention by the IO of the TM6 not being available. A couple of minutes and done. Luckily I did find my TM6 afterwards and have stapled it into my passport so as not to lose it again.
  14. This new search is on a 'no find, no fee' basis, with Malaysia seemingly going it alone this time round. The contract has yet to be signed with Ocean Infinity of Houston who have leased the vessel from Swire Seabed, the owners. There seems also to be options to extend the search if the designated area reveals nothing. But would be interesting to know the small print on the ownership of the survey data, both for the original search and this new one. That might be the long term upside expectation for the players in this saga, particularly if the new search draws a blank.
  15. A new search about to get started. Looks very much like the perfect vessel to go forward with a new search. https://www.economist.com/news/science-and-technology/21733399-swarm-submarine-drones-will-scour-depths-plane-fantastical-ship Just hope that they are looking in the right place.............