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  1. Does anyone know how long it takes to obtain a Non-B Multiple entry visa in Penang? If I catch the Air Asia flight from Bangkok that arrives in Penang at 1620 can I catch the return flight 2 days later that leaves Penang at 1645? I have had 5 or 6 Non-B Multiple entry visas already from Penang. The paperwork is always in order and I have never had a problem with the application. I have always used Banana Guesthouse to make the application for me. My plan is to arrive on Mon 6th March at 1620, go straight to Banana guesthouse and give them my paperwork. They can submit the application the next morning and hopefully I can pick it up the next afternoon, Wed 8th, in time to catch the 1645 flight. Does this sound possible? Thank you
  2. Thank you for your help. James
  3. Thank you for the answers. I'll get my flights booked before the 26th March. It's definitely a minimum of 8 months, not 9?
  4. Hello All I have had a work permit provided by my employer for the last 6 or 7 years. It expires and is renewed every year on 26th November. Every year I go down to Penang and get a 1 Year Non B Multiple Entry visa. I then do 3 border crossings and then go back to Penang. My question is for how long must my work permit be valid to receive a 1 Year Non B Multiple Entry visa? I have heard some people say 6 months. Others say 8 months and others still say 9 months. I guess the rules vary at different consulates. I have just done a border crossing and have until 30 April. Can I wait 'till then or should I ask my employer to prepare the paper work and go to Penang or Kuala Lumpur before 26th February? Any information would be appreciated. James
  5. Non-B visa extension

    Thank you for your reply. I guess I will have a quick trip to Malaysia in the next few days. Is Kuala Lumpur the easiest?
  6. Hello All I have a work permit provided to me by my employer. It needs to be renewed by the 26th November. I need to do my next visa run on 6th November but my work permit is with my employers lawyer being renewed. My non-b does not expire until March next year. I usually do my visa runs at The Andaman Club near Ranong but I need my work permit to do this. I have been told that the work permit will not be returned until about 15th. What choices do I have? I don't want 11 days overstay. Is it possible to extend my 90 stamp at an immigration office? I am currently in Bangkok can I extend at an immigration office here or must I go to my local office which would be either Koh Samui or Chumporn. Thank you for your help. James