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  1. LOL??? the Aussie-Dollar lost about 30% vs. Thai Baht in the last five years? for the arithmetically handicapped that's an average loss of 6% per annum.
  2. Naam

    BMW celebrates record Thai sales

    pease explain how they "harvest" from us.
  3. yes, just to teach a stubborn old man a lesson concerning reality.
  4. Naam

    BMW celebrates record Thai sales

    said the fox eyeing the "sour" grapes.
  5. i have not mentioned anything about 24/7 airconditioning... even though i prefer it that way.
  6. congratulations, you are a hero. regards Naam
  7. not when you are for 11 months the first one on the construction site and the last one to leave!
  8. It gets boring to read statements like yours sometimes. A lot of people don't want to buy poor quality real estate which they don't even own. Some would rather still have it in their own country and reap the benefits of full ownership while enjoying the benefits of the first world country should they decide to ever go back. comments like these from somebody who will "reap the benefits of full ownership" of a shoebox when in 25 years' time the mortgage is repaid are quite amusing.
  9. same here. 13 years and no problems. Thailand is no different from any other country, you get what you pay for!
  10. he has mold because he can't afford airconditioning.
  11. and think of all the poor sods who don't have any money to invest in houses and condos here...
  12. Naam

    New Ranger any opinions

    increasing the number of gears is not a cost increasing fancy fart from the manufacturers but the squeeze from the regulators to reduce average fleet pollution. although marginalised pertaining to a single model every bit of pollution decrease helps to meet the afore-mentioned demand. that nobody cares in Thailand and that the resident eggsburts think it's overkill is irrelevant.
  13. Naam

    New Ranger any opinions

    daft is your comment.