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  1. there's nothing wrong with a Ferrari... as long as the car is not yellow.
  2. for the fermentation process only unrefined salt was used. later smaller portions were put in separate containers, drained partly and very dry white wine (rather cheap vin de table from our own vineyard) as well as caraway seeds were added.
  3. our Sauerkraut was tasty but what your Mum prepared sounds delicious! i am planning to give it a try and do the same.
  4. our Sauerkraut fermented in a huge and heavy earthenware round container about 100cm high, diameter 40cm.
  5. parrotting unsubstantiated claims pertaining to a proven hype is another way towards oblivion.
  6. it also cures athlete's foot, prevents HIV infections and protects against cobras and other wild animals.
  7. but then U.S. forces would forgo the pleasure of conducting "war games" with South Korean forces. it's no fun playing war around Hawaii without a game enemy.
  8. YEP, we did that 60 years ago. i was chafing the cabbage, my little brother added the layers of salt and both of us were pissed off because we'd rather gone swimming in the river.
  9. watch for the concerned electricity user
  10. if you want to demonstrate your ignorance in this respect further you have my blessing.