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  1. I tried livng very cheap for 1 month

    but first slap a fine of 20,000 Baht on him!
  2. worthwhile to mention: on "powerful" (boost) the fan speed of my wall-mounted Daikin units is higher than the regular maximum speed (6).
  3. if you think this comment will make us demand less beer when visiting you then.... you are very wrong!
  4. nearly all of our Daikins (except the big ceiling units) have a boost mode (Daikin calls it "powerful"). it's a convenient setting guided by a timer which let's the unit run full blast irrespective of the fan and thermostat settings. the latter come into effect again after 20 minutes.
  5. if it's a conventional unit the compressor runs or it doesn't. there's no such thing like "kick up a gear" no matter what you set with your remote!
  6. no advice without being precise! half an hour or so... does not match your comment after "half an hour or so" are you switching the unit off or "then run it at about 26/27..."?
  7. it's also to prevent a build-up of fungus which is quite common.
  8. please define "we switch a/c on a bit". are you first setting the thermostat lower than the later on desired 26/27ºC?
  9. anybody can clean the filters! but depending on usage the unit has to be cleaned thoroughly by a professional. this is done by spraying a detergent foam and let it "work" for 15-20 minutes. then the unit is rinsed by pressure washing.
  10. must have been pure luck that the three Panasonic aircons running in another home of ours since 1992 (or 1993?) without any problems.
  11. Daikin flaws -on high fan speed the units are extremely loud. -fan bearings deteriorate when used continously after a few years. positive aspect -quite reliable and fair priced. -availability of spare parts excellent. summary: but generally highly overrated by people who lack experience with other brands.
  12. actually the aircons are the only items in our home which are serviced twice a year by a professional company. any other maintenance and repair is carried out by an excellent handyman (empoyed full time) and my [not so] humble self.
  13. yes, we also have 2 pumps (pond filtration and waterfall) 1 deep well pump 1 irrigation pump 1 solar pool heating pump 2 pumps that supply the home with water pressure