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  1. i don't care whether it's an AGM battery or not. the only thing that counts is "it works".
  2. There are 2 things in life that still amaze me. The first is who are the designers of all the packaging as it does not matter what you buy you can never get it back in the box afterwards. The second is how do the car battery manufacturers design their products to fail almost immediately after the warranty periods ? failures of batteries do not happen all over. examples: -Porsche 928 bought 1978 sold in 1989 with the first battery (120 amp hours!). -Chevy Corvette ZR bought in 1989 sold in 2000 with the first battery. (80 amp hours) -Ford Thunderbird bought in 1996 sold in 2004 with the first battery. (wife's car, no idea AH) i remember that the average lifetime of a car battery in Saudi Arabia (many rainy seasons ago) was one year!
  3. Naam

    Voltage protector

    yes i am talking of 3 AVR / 25 kVA for each phase.
  4. is it also büllshit that the car (Benz) won't start when there is no dedicated voltage feedback from the main battery?
  5. the car is 4½ years old, battery change was after 3 years 9 months.
  6. i didn't do it myself, our driver did it. but there was no reset needed as these gadgets (i think) are handled by the secondary battery which is installed in the trunk. will ask our driver tomorrow how it was done exactly.
  7. Naam

    Be Warned. Thieving Hookers in Pattaya.

    i don't even think of it. my wife wouldn't approve.
  8. normal battery shop in Pattaya. had to be ordered, 2 days delivery time.
  9. Naam

    Thailand - Not for me

    Does it come with ice cream? Sahara is too hot for ice cream, just whipped cream.
  10. Naam

    Voltage protector

    1a low load WHEN?
  11. Naam

    Voltage protector

    i'm not surprised as i have learned that miracles happen in Thailand quite often.
  12. doesn't work with Mercedes as the battery needs a sensor connection. we replaced the battery in our CLS for 7,500 Baht (Mercedes price 23,500 Baht!).
  13. Naam

    Voltage protector

    an AVS is useless as it can't handle 80volts. the three AVS i installed 2½ years ago are useless too although in the very beginning they handled once for a few minutes a drop to ~130v cranking out 225v. since then they never even started up once as our voltage is steady.
  14. cash during high interest periods was always only a temporary winner. the real money was made locking in for 20 and 30 years. e.g. i bought one bond United Mexican States in 1982 when a dozen emerging countries defaulted (denominated in GBP) that carried a nominal interest of 16.5%, maturity 2008 = yield to maturity >25% at an average price (several purchases 1982 till 1985) in the mid 80s and sold in 1994 at 154. end of the 70s British Gilts yielded 12-14% and one could buy maturities till 1998 cashing in that fancy rate (U.K. rating AAA!) for 20 years. although i never met them i considered five chancellors of the exchequer who paid me twice a year fat coupons very dear friends who's part made it possible to retire comfortably at age 46. today i wouldn't touch "GBrexitP" and gilts with a long barge pole.