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  1. correct, but i don't give money to those you refer to. my wife does not approve.
  2. yes i do frequently to a few lepers who hang around after dark on second road. it gives me as much pleasure as it gives to them.
  3. little do you know about a country that is capable to build nuclear devices and ICBMs and launch satellites into orbit.
  4. ready and threatening to use it since 11 years after the first detonation of an NK nuclear device. what was used were sanctions which hurt the general population but not those in power. yawn...
  5. if you think that saving a hundredthousand dollars and more by not paying income tax on offshore income and capital gains is "nothing special"...
  6. the recent move of treasury yields are proof that not only the FED but also the market controls interest rates.
  7. it's a waste of precious time to discuss the brushstroke of an old master's painting with a blind man. not withstanding the fact that quite often it's rather amusing.
  8. clear is only that North Korea is threatened since decades by joint "war games" of South Korean and U.S. forces. and that because another dictator (Kim Il-sung) refused to obey the commands issued by the Greatest Nation on Earth™ to "bend".
  9. what is it that you ingest and how do you ingest it? smoking, orally, snuffing, intravenous, subcutane, anally? and most important... is it legal?
  10. yawn... remember Uncle Ho in Ha Noi? remember who finally bent whom in april 1975?
  11. why would anybody load an ICBM on a slow ship instead of firing it into another country which is (i think) much faster?
  12. an incorrect assumption. look at the Chinese mobile DF41 which has a range of up to 15,000km, length ~20 meters.
  13. Europe, especially Germany is on their knees right now due to the allowed influx of refugees not compatible with your societies. If you aren't on your knees now, you soon will be. It's a matter of time. stop ridiculing yourself my good man. you find those same "incompatible" immigrants since decades all over the U.S. of A. and most of them helped to build a great nation wich has presently a not so great leader. i just returned after a short trip to Germany where i didn't see anybody on his/her kneed. of course i did not attend any church service and might have missed a few who knelt. by the way, we are discussing presently North Korea.
  14. armchair warriors don't like facts. they don't seem to have the faintest idea of the geographic and strategic location of the South Korean capital Seoul where half the country's 50 million inhabitants live.