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  1. Unless you were born there and live there. shit happens.
  2. wrong my good man! the Mrs. and my [not so] humble self spend 5½ good years in Saudi Arabia when infrastructure and shopping was a fraction of today. if it had been possible we'd live in Jeddah and not in Pattaya.
  3. i'm not Chinese and find it not polished but special in a positive way.
  4. Lets not go up normall heaven on earth?. Take it youve never been to scunthorpe then or Unterpfaffenhofen in Bavaria
  5. Never heard of it nor has google. TV made up words love them abnormal əbˈnɔːm(ə)l/ adjective adjective: abnormal deviating from what is normal or usual, typically in a way that is undesirable or worrying.
  6. Really? Did you get a receipt?
  7. perhaps from the British Empire which after Brexit has a surplus of cash?
  8. not too many icy roads in winters and prik nam pla available in abundance. a small setback are the rather cool months, especially the month of april, which require some heating.
  9. there are companies who do that, it's bloody expensive and a senseless waste of money if the attic is not properly ventilated.
  10. that might work but space pumping time more than twice, i.e. 1hour on / one hour off.
  11. please be a wee bit more precise. you have pumpS = more than one besides the Jacuzzi pump? or one pump which draws 0.75kWh which filters the water?