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  1. taking the interest rate differential into consideration for the last 10 years CHF has not gained a single Satang vs. THB.
  2. you are referring to molecular motion caused by UV radiation. but the UV share of sun radiation causing heat in a medium is only a tiny and hardly measurable fraction of the actual heat generation by IR. that's why your reference "sand gets hot by UV" is not applicable.
  3. Is SCB in trouble?

    yes ! and no matter what your home currency is... you lost. period.
  4. Is SCB in trouble?

    the mantra of people who have no money to invest
  5. because some of us don't trust our governments who might change tax laws or don't like investment restrictions.
  6. UV rays can not heat up any medium.
  7. we haven't met for quite some time Craig. invite me to an icecold bottle of Singha and i will outline a simple way for your independent travel to S.A. caveat: U.S. Department of Homeland Security is your problem.
  8. Cheeryble is right. UV<>heat, IR=heat. blocking UV does not reduce any heat load. there is of course no "infrared" glass but glass that partially reflects IR rays (like the gold coated glass i mentioned).
  9. North Korean style! young "Raging Bull" Mohamed bin-Salman can't implement all his ideas.
  10. Incorrect. incorrect only if you are a U.S. politician or affiliated.
  11. 19 years ago i was treated by a Tibetan monk in India using the same procedure and cured from a terrible backache caused by an accident when water skiing. wore the stiff collar for months and retired it after the treatment. go figure! conclusion: not all monk "stuff" is a scam.
  12. tourists? no way for years to come!
  13. that must have been a real stupid pilgrim.