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  1. There is a reason that "traditional" Thai homes are built on stilts .... something some people seem to have forgotten.
  2. 30/584 is a 5.13% increase ... just sayin
  3. The sale of machine guns/automatic weapons has been banned since 1986.
  4. This can't be the old one ... at the bottom it says "Source: The Excite Department"
  5. And And watching the clock tick down to the increase on the 15m Baht digital clocks.
  6. I don't discount your perspective, but then why is the MSM simply story after story - followed by panels of "experts" voicing their opinions?
  7. buy a real copy of Windows 10 in Pattaya?

    This is totally legal/most economical and easiest way to get a license. Also licenses available for office at a similar price. The keys are delivered by Ebay message, I got both of mine within minutes, all done.
  8. buy a real copy of Windows 10 in Pattaya?

    Removed Duplicate
  9. Poland going their own way, not the only ex-eastern bloc country signaling a similar direction. Other countries have been expressing their displeasure over open borders, refugee quotas or whatever issue of the day. I believe we are witnessing the impending disintegration of the EU experiment.
  10. Meanwhile, in other Congressional Kabuki Theater news ...
  11. Simply political posturing from the Vatican. If the Pope really cared about the camps he would utilize the vast wealth of the Vatican to establish something/somewhere that he thought was more humane. Virtue signaling at it's worst.
  12. People (in the west) love to complain about the 1% .... the wealthy. This is exactly how it gets started, putting hard working people that support their family's by any means possible with the limited skills they have, out of business. What do they then do? It destroys a vital part of what makes Bangkok a vibrant and interesting city. I do not see anything positive in this closing of street vendors .... it destroys the means many Thais have at their disposal for support and further erodes a vital part of the freedoms and entrepreneurship that many Thais enjoy today regardless of their "class".
  13. Regardless of your religious persuasion, I hope there is a special place in hell for the globalist gangster bankers and may they rot there for eternity.
  14. Purchasing Cell Phone Plan At Suvarnabhumi airport

    Depending on exactly where you live, you may find that one of the local providers has better coverage for your location. I live in Bangkok and had to switch providers (from DTAC who I used for years) to True to get coverage in my condo. These prepaid plans usually lock you into the service through contracts. Until you get settled, I'd advise thinking about pay-as-you-go for some interval of time. I rarely have need to make intl calls on my phone, but there are VOIP numbers you can use with each service provider so that the minute rate is only a few baht @ min. The other 2 things I use to keep usage down and plans small are: 1) Mobile App LINE, has free messaging and voice calling (with other LINE users obviously) and is very very popular here. 2) GOOGLE voice, it's free in the USA - get a US number before you leave. This allows you to call any US/Canada number free and so long as your friends/family can call that number free then nobody pays. It has voicemail and texting features as well. I only use it on my PC, so not sure about the interface for other platforms. One other nice thing about this is you can maintain a US number at no cost, which is handy for giving to your bank/broker/credit cards etc when you leave. NOTE: it does require a gmail account.
  15. U.S. Democrats pick Perez to lead party against Trump

    This past election should have been Sanders vs Trump .... the two outsiders. The American public elected Trump primarily because he was not one of the selected candidates from either of the two established parties. It's too bad that the DNC sabotage of the Sanders campaign did not allow for the American people to have a real choice. The paradigm has shifted, the DNC and RNC are both facing a new reality, politics as we once knew it is history. Trumps victory has thrown both the Bush and Clinton dynasties to the rubbish heap, and both political parties along with it.