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  1. advice - live in BKK for 6 months per year

    Six months @ year is a considerable time/personal investment. I suggest you put language learning high on your list of priorities. There are many threads on the forums discussing various schools. You'll meet/make new friends (outside the bars) and gain the advantage of communication skills.
  2. The problems with this article begin with the headline "Pressure mounts on U.S. Rep. Conyers after sexual harassment allegations" That is because there are not only allegations, there were settlements, witness affidavits and NDAs to keep it secret. The story is even much bigger in a broader context when you find out that the "Office of Compliance" has settled 264 cases with taxpayer money totaling 17 million USD in the last 20 years. (mind you some of these cases could be for other matters) I've personally had enough, unseal all 264 deals, let the chips fall where they may.
  3. Large sinkhole repaired at Phuket Town bridge

    Hmmm, and the link here said - Prachuap Kiri Khan braces for another found of flooding
  4. The long con !

    Have a good look around for something similar to this ...
  5. To be more accurate, nothing in life is free ... just sayin.
  6. Here are some statistics you can comb through ... 73% of fatalities are on 2/3 wheeled vehicles. http://www.searo.who.int/thailand/areas/roadsafety/en/ The death rate quoted in the OP looks fairly certain, not sure about the injury numbers though.
  7. Saudi crown prince promises 'a more moderate Islam'

    How does the Prince propose to put the extremism genie back in the bottle? Hint, he doesn't really. The Saudis funded and seeded it everywhere. From: https://www.cfr.org/event/chris-murphy-roots-radical-extremism "According to some estimates, since the 1960s, the Saudis have funneled over USD 100 billion into funding schools and mosques all over the world with the mission of spreading puritanical Wahhabi Islam." A problem in the making on a global scale for almost 6 decades is not going to suddenly disappear simply because the Prince says it is so. I'll admit I "cherry picked" the quote to make my point, its a complicated issue (recommend you read the article if you're so inclined)
  8. There is a Thai Consumer protection website, don't have it to hand. I've seen it discussed here on the forums before. You may have to file a civil suit ... you could go to one of the local law offices. From what I've experienced most give a free consultation.
  9. Scotland to become first UK country to ban smacking children

    I agree with you ... as children learn and develop they will constantly test the boundaries. They have to learn that no means no, stop means stop, etc. Sometimes a wee smack on the bum is a good thing. The only thing I do not agree with is getting the govt involved, unless it's an obvious case of abuse and there are plenty enough legal statutes for that already.
  10. Why Zuckerberg needs to come here

    FYI, the dailymail is no longer blocked in Thailand. I noticed this about a month ago. As to why Zucker would come here ... money of course. As to why the Thai govt might be interested in him, perhaps they can get Zucker to do some of their censorship work for them.
  11. There is a reason that "traditional" Thai homes are built on stilts .... something some people seem to have forgotten.
  12. 30/584 is a 5.13% increase ... just sayin
  13. The sale of machine guns/automatic weapons has been banned since 1986.
  14. This can't be the old one ... at the bottom it says "Source: The Excite Department"