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  1. The Giant Fireflies (lamprigera tenebrosus) are the largest species in Thailand, can grow up to 10 centimetres long – that is, if they’re female. “The females are 10 times bigger than the males,” Female Giant Fireflies are wingless, lay about 60-70 eggs at a time and carry them for two months until they hatch. Then they die. One mom, one batch of eggs; another generation extinguished, another brought forth.
  2. Telling your wife or girlfriend the truth is always a bad idea. If they are jealous it is normal & human nature so better to not know everything. I have many friends who told there girlfriend or wife that they has a encounter or 2 & it never helped a relationship once!
  3. This is not political, it is respect for your country & job (American Athlete Celeb.) & there are plenty of other ways to protest . The country deserves respect, unquestionably!!!
  4. Lifeguards close Phuket beaches

    Great day to go surfing ?
  5. Send him back to Russia, he is lucky to have not died on his boat .
  6. Ladies in Thailand.

    Next time your at the doctors office or hospital ask out a nurse or doctor. At a restaurant ask out the waitress or cashier. At mall or stores ask out employees. I dated TV reporter, journalist, Realtor , model; sales ladies, waitresses etc
  7. In the past decade beer &;Smoke tax in Thailand & prices the bars charge has sky rocketed. 1ST they said since bar operating times has been minimized/ prices had to raise up to keep some profits. Then the alcohol companys even lowered the percentage of alcohol in there beers due to sell more beer or unknown reason, now more & more tax. With 30 + million tourists people will always buy but Thailand is supposed to be land of smiles where Beer Smokes is cheap this should be brought up to government & thais be able to afford it too
  8. Beer garden soi 7

    Is that on soi 7 or 7-1 or where exactly? I haven't been there in years tried to find it & is the thermae still open as well?
  9. The police only wanting a incentive(aka bride) to investigate & American fast food isn't sufficient / understandable .
  10. HOT Magazine, Issue 7,8 Volume 5

    HOT Magazine is now printing 6,000 copies monthly with 5,000 copies distributed in Hua Hin & 1,000 copies distributed to high income areas of Bangkok. I think the magazine use to be called Hot Hua hin Magazine??
  11. Yes same same . This reminds me isn't there a bar where all girls are wearing Nursery uniforms?? Not be confused with flight attendants.
  12. Impeachment for anything he has done is 100% proprosterous? Clinton or Obama had more chance.
  13. I will believe it when I see it. Sometimes I booked these rare destinations like Kota & air Asia canceled my flight at last minute when could of rerouted me but didn't & then had 12 hour layover at KLLCT
  14. The thermometer of success is merely the jealousy of the malcontents. “ You can only be jealous of someone who has something you think you ought to have yourself! " This was a personal attack & Thai women are pros at it.