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  1. He'll get charged with riding in the back of the pick, while under the influence of alcohol as well.
  2. Agree, but they got it right this time.
  3. And that is exactly why they are 20 Trillion in Debt. Here's another hot shots point of view.Wake up.
  4. It means the US is on the brink of A huge financial crash.
  5. And people like you prefer to ignore it.
  6. So you really think it was all made up and not of it is real.. Wake up.
  7. Given Trumps hatred of China, Thailand is an important strategic location for the US as it was during the Vietnamese war era.
  8. Great idea, invite them all to come here as part of the "good guys in, bad guys out" policy.
  9. Get the forensic team in to check for DNA.