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  1. I used to be with NATWEST Jersey but after over 30 years they basically told me they were did not want any clients from Thailand. After a search on the Internet I found Standard Bank (IOM) and I could open an account with a minimum balance of 4,000 GBP. They have many different types of accounts. They also DHL my debit card to my home in Thailand. Something which NATWEST would not do. The only problem I had was providing all the requested paperwork, In the end it was easy as I found a certified Notary in Bangkok who came to my house and helped me sort everything out at a very reasonable cost.
  2. I used the UK embassy email service to obtain an "income verification letter". Applied on Monday afternoon, had an email reply on Tuesday morning saying the matter was being dealt with. Wednesday afternoon my letter arrived by EMS. Very quick and painless. All the information I needed I found on the UK embassy website.
  3. As a wheelchair user I can comment that Bangkok is a real pain to get around in a wheelchair. I try to avoid going there hardly anything is accessible and the BTS is just another example unfortunately there are far to many to list, just try the pavements in a wheelchair and you will see what I mean.. Bangkok is just another third world very large city and they are all very similar. Singapore is a real dream to get around but a really boring place to live. Good luck with the class action I hope it improves matters but I am not holding my breath.
  4. The headline is misleading, there was only one man involved and he was the guard. The rest were cockroaches and should be treated as such. However after living in Thailand for over thirty years I do realise that nothing will happen to these miserable excuses for human being. What goes around comes around and I hope they get there soon. They are no more then spineless <deleted>. worthless dog turds.
  5. I have just gone through three month of backwards and forwards with my bank in Jersey. They were asking for proof of I.D. and proof of address or they would shutdown my bank account. As the utility bills are in the name of the house owner and I rent the house I couldn't provide utility bills. After a lot of email correspondence it was agreed that the best way forward was to ask a lawyer to visit me at my home and then he could produce a document in English to certify my address and my I.D. This was duly done and stamped and the documents, my I.D. and address and the lawyers I.D etc. were sent via DHL to the bank. One month later I had an email from the bank saying that they were unable to independently verify that the lawyer I used was qualified to certify documents and they could not accept the documents I had sent them. I then found another law firm who have a fully qualified and certified lawyer for document certification (Notarial Services Attorney). Prior to using the new lawyer I passed his details onto the bank and they eventually replied that they had been able to verify the lawyers qualifications with the Thai Embassy in London and that I could use him for my required documentation certification. Job done but it took a while and was a pain but it was the only way I could satisfy the banks requirements. The above is what I had to do to satisfy my banks requirements. Now I know what to do the next time will be a lot easier and cheaper.
  6. ruddick

    Clean beach, nice town

    I agree that it will be very difficult to find a clean beach anywhere near any large towns. I think the problem with the beaches and the pollution in general can be put down to the fact that Thailand is not a developed country. When I left the UK over thirty years ago the beaches and the sea were pretty bad. Over time they improved and I expect over time they will also improve here in Thailand. Like everything else here the beaches and the environment will only be fixed by the Thai people and at a pace that they decide.
  7. ruddick

    Chonburi City - Advice and opinions wanted

    Bangsaen is very close to Chonburi City and has many good cycle rides. A lot of my mates cycle everyday and the only moans I have heard are about the street dogs. Very flat and outside the weekend very little traffic.
  8. ruddick

    Police mull special driver licence for big bikes

    I don't think the bike bikes are the major cause of accidents in Thailand. Kids not old enough for there feet to touch the floor riding the 110cc small bikes with two of there mates on board must be a big cause of accidents. The above said the biggest problem with the roads in Thailand are the BIB and there lack of law enforcement. I have lost count how many times I have seen people/kids ride past cops when going in the wrong direction down a road overloaded and without helmets and the cops do nothing. You can pass all the laws you like but until the cops start doing there job nothing will change. A proper driving test for bikes and cars would help and a system of progressive licenses for bike would also help. Start at say max 110cc then max 400 then open. With perhaps 20 years as the minimum age for the open class. The bigger the bike the harder the test. Problem is who is going to run these tests with all due respect I don't think the ladies in the Land transport department have the qualifications to do so. The above said 30 years old for a big bike license will do nothing without the strict driver tests.
  9. In 1996 I was working in Bangkok training Thai engineers to install and programme my companies electronic equipment. I taught in English and there was not a problem with me getting the message across. In 2006 I was again working in Bangkok with the same Thai company. However this time there was a very big difference in the level of English. It was now almost non existent, this is apparently due to the lack of native English speakers to teach them. As the rules for alien teachers have got stricter the number of teachers has fallen. The result of the above is that the level of English spoken in Thailand is worse now then it was in the 1990s when we had cap year students coming here and working as English teachers. I am not sure but I think they go to Vietnam now, which would go some way to explain how Vietnam has been improving it's English levels. At the end of the day engineering is all about mathematics and mathematics is it's own language. Lack of English didn't stop the Chinese invention thousands of years ago.
  10. The woman who did it won't be arrested. Just another con in LOS. Very sad but all too common here.
  11. This morning I went to Sriracha immigration to renew my extension of stay (Retirement). I had with me all the papers on the latest list I have seen. This included my house rental agreement etc. The officer had a quick look at the papers and told me I need to get hold of a TM30 and get it filled in before she could process my paperwork any further. She did not check anywhere if my landlady had already completed a TM30. A TM 30 is a form which is filled in by the house owner and called "NOTIFICATION FORM FOR HOUSE-MASTER OWNER OR POSSESSOR OF THE RESIDENCE WHERE ALIEN HAS STAYED" No where on the TM form is there anywhere for me to sign so I don't understand why this should stop my paperwork going but it has. Now I have a mad rush to get hold of my landlady. This form was not asked for when I did my 90 day reporting three weeks ago.
  12. As a wheelchair user in Thailand with a Thai issued blue wheelchair sticker on my windscreen. I can comment that in 99% of the time it makes no difference. Disabled parking spots and disabled access has to be provided by law here in Thailand. However as we all know having a law on the books and having that law enforced are very different. The disabled parking problem at Central Pattaya is not unusual and happens in a lot of places. Only very few places with disabled parking will really try to keep the spaces just for disabled. I quite often have to take two normal parking spaces to ensure I can get my door open enough to get in and out of the car. The biggest problem here is that the people really in most cases do not know or understand the problems concerning wheelchair use here. Most people will help. With all the above said it still really winds me up when I see the very expensive cars parked in the disabled spots. I did get it wrong once, I complained to security about the brand new merc parked in the disabled spot and as I was doing so along came this guy in a wheelchair. He was a lawyer and had just had his new car converted for hand controls. I asked home where was his blue sticker and he said he didn't know you could get them in Thailand. I pointed him in the direction of Chonburi traffic. With all the above said, I am here in Thailand because this is where I want to be eventually the level of education will be such that the majority of the people will also be pissed off at the selfish me me me stuff the rich hi so pull and won't accept it any more. Until then you just have to make the best of what you have in the here and now.