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  1. I used the UK embassy email service to obtain an "income verification letter". Applied on Monday afternoon, had an email reply on Tuesday morning saying the matter was being dealt with. Wednesday afternoon my letter arrived by EMS. Very quick and painless. All the information I needed I found on the UK embassy website.
  2. As a wheelchair user I can comment that Bangkok is a real pain to get around in a wheelchair. I try to avoid going there hardly anything is accessible and the BTS is just another example unfortunately there are far to many to list, just try the pavements in a wheelchair and you will see what I mean.. Bangkok is just another third world very large city and they are all very similar. Singapore is a real dream to get around but a really boring place to live. Good luck with the class action I hope it improves matters but I am not holding my breath.
  3. The headline is misleading, there was only one man involved and he was the guard. The rest were cockroaches and should be treated as such. However after living in Thailand for over thirty years I do realise that nothing will happen to these miserable excuses for human being. What goes around comes around and I hope they get there soon. They are no more then spineless <deleted>. worthless dog turds.
  4. I have just gone through three month of backwards and forwards with my bank in Jersey. They were asking for proof of I.D. and proof of address or they would shutdown my bank account. As the utility bills are in the name of the house owner and I rent the house I couldn't provide utility bills. After a lot of email correspondence it was agreed that the best way forward was to ask a lawyer to visit me at my home and then he could produce a document in English to certify my address and my I.D. This was duly done and stamped and the documents, my I.D. and address and the lawyers I.D etc. were sent via DHL to the bank. One month later I had an email from the bank saying that they were unable to independently verify that the lawyer I used was qualified to certify documents and they could not accept the documents I had sent them. I then found another law firm who have a fully qualified and certified lawyer for document certification (Notarial Services Attorney). Prior to using the new lawyer I passed his details onto the bank and they eventually replied that they had been able to verify the lawyers qualifications with the Thai Embassy in London and that I could use him for my required documentation certification. Job done but it took a while and was a pain but it was the only way I could satisfy the banks requirements. The above is what I had to do to satisfy my banks requirements. Now I know what to do the next time will be a lot easier and cheaper.
  5. Clean beach, nice town

    I agree that it will be very difficult to find a clean beach anywhere near any large towns. I think the problem with the beaches and the pollution in general can be put down to the fact that Thailand is not a developed country. When I left the UK over thirty years ago the beaches and the sea were pretty bad. Over time they improved and I expect over time they will also improve here in Thailand. Like everything else here the beaches and the environment will only be fixed by the Thai people and at a pace that they decide.