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  1. Office of the Higher Education Commission (Ohec) Oh, Heck . . . . indeed!
  2. Does the bullet train then become the pea-shooter train?
  3. She looks like Michael Jackson's Thai twin . . . . . I wouldn't want that face anywhere near me when I'm eating . . .
  4. That's a whole new level of evil. Mental illness or not he deserves hanging.
  5. I'm sure I pumped a good deal into that . . .
  6. What do they do at night? Light a fire?
  7. I didn't think that British Embassy staff got on their bikes for anything . . . .
  8. Best advert for Pattaya in a long time. This will have some old Brits hobbling down to Lunn Poly to book their flights asap. Will have the Spanish tourist board in an uproar . . . .
  9. "But, at 1.3 billion baht and counting (over USD$40 million), some bureaucrats saw a full cookie jar to reach into." Therein lies the problem with our hosts. Greed is a terrible weakness out here. Let's hope that the bulk of these monies reach the rural hospitals in need.
  10. I feel a right divot for wasting 10 minutes of my time reading that waffle . . .
  11. It's the kids that love football that lose out here. Any adult who can enjoy profit while kids suffer needs caning, imo. Yet another sad story from the poorest areas of the country.
  12. Should there even be an "if" . . . . . . ?
  13. Two young guys beat up an old bloke for rice straw. Rice straw, <deleted>. And their mummy goes with them to say sorry. Where are the men in this country?
  14. I reckon so, too. Although knowing Plod it could just be the same guy having a Groundhog Day on the same road, at the same time, etc... They do like their drink while in full uniform . . . .