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  1. Former murder suspect gunned down in Phetchaburi

    "The boy said he and Sunthorn were returning home from cow-racing practice . . . " Can't say that's a sentence you will see in the paper too often back home
  2. "The GSB has also prepared "Street Food Loans" worth 10 billion baht . . . " A few months ago they were talking about banning street food altogether. Now they're promoting it with billions of Baht. I'm lost . . . .
  3. Flak jackets make more sense than "lucky" amulets. Even the monks are latching on to that!
  4. I'd marry a "rich" westerner in a heartbeat . . . . . (Don't think the wife and kids would let me though!)
  5. ". . . possessing illicit drugs with intent to sell, which could spell the end of her acting career." Understatement of the year, unless they do a remake of Oliver and need a female Fagan. She looks just the part for that role nowadays. What an advert for drug use she is!
  6. The tool with the pony-tail wants a good thumping. Looks like the guy in the Ford gave him the next best thing. The bottle of beer on the Ford's bonnet is class . . .
  7. He has the characteristics of one. Failed (again) to appear before a police summons yesterday. As a sixth year medical student he is going to lose out a lot here. Again . . . . som nom na.
  8. This lad has just thrown his life away. He'll be ejected from Uni asap. Som nom na.
  9. "The sprawling verdant grounds of the British Embassy greet you with a silence that feels worlds away from the tumultuous traffic beyond." What a load of nonsense. There's a huge mall in the front garden now! 20 years ago this description would have fit, but nowadays . . . . .
  10. Porn has raked in about 3 million Baht. Xhamster probably does that in a day! "Porn" here has a lot to learn . . . . . . . .
  11. Hats off to the chunky monkey. She did more than well with that rack . . .
  12. Run by fossils. The young Netiwit terrifies them. I do hope the lad fights on with some young support.
  13. They don't waste any time when it comes to money now, do they!
  14. Boonsong to hear verdict this afternoon

    Look who's left holding the baby . . . .
  15. Stickman Bangkok packs it in after two decades

    Bring back Bernard Trink . . . . .