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  1. I should be fine. I don't drive an orange Beetle . . . .
  2. CelticBhoy

    Mukdahan airport study to cost Bt6 million

    In my 12 years in Mukdahan I have seen a great deal of development. It is no longer the sleepy little town that I first encountered. As there is no rail link I am sure an airport would be the next big step in Muk's growth. Bring it on, I say. Trips to Ubon for a flight get a bit monotonous.
  3. I am all for further education . . . . even more so now!
  4. Som num na, Muskie . . . .
  5. "A 16th person was deemed to be only slightly involved and will give evidence against the group instead of face charges." A cheat turned snitch. Lovely bloke . . . .
  6. How is this "piece" going to fit into the movie then?
  7. Something smells a bit fishy here . . . . .
  8. Well done Bhoys! So glad to see they are all smiles.
  9. "Daily News reported that Harold's ex Nong Nat is due to face investigators on Wednesday." She'll be fine. She's well used to a good probing . . . .
  10. CelticBhoy

    Glasgow Celtic

    "Celtic will take on Alashkert in the UEFA Champions League first qualifying round" (A wee job for google there, methinks) Rosenborg after that it would seem.
  11. CelticBhoy

    Mukdahan Cop Turns Alien Hunter Into Hunted

    Which one is the predator in that pic? . . . . . . .
  12. That photo does him absolutely no justice. Then again, what photo does . . . . . . .
  13. A mature 51-year-old! That'll be a first . . . . .
  14. The same faces have been around Wat Pho and Pak Klong Dalat for years. I'll bet they are still there today despite the "crackdown" . . . . .
  15. "The senior students at the event impulsively asked the new students to pledge their love to the school by kissing the ground" They do their best to keep Thailand as a Third World Country . . . . . .