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  1. 50-50 ball, I'd say. Biker had to hit her as he probably didn't have enough fuel to drive around the chubby jay-walker . . .
  2. "The driver told police that he had left Bangkok at 5am and reached Tak at 10am. He was taking the couple to Pattaya." Bangkok to Pattaya via Tak. That's the route most of us would take I'm sure . . .
  3. "Methawat Khonman" Turned out to be a real conman . . . .
  4. I wish they'd make their minds up . . .
  5. Who buys quilts in April . . . . it's over 40 Celsius?
  6. "But interestingly, these abject bullies hardly ever seem to turn on Thai women." Pearwa na Ayuthaya, Shogun, Lady Kai, . . . . to name but a few. No real keyboard warrior leaves out anyone. Better research next time nameless reporter!
  7. Next stop Dubai, methinks . . . Probably on his way to the airport as I type . . .
  8. "Police constable Manop Wongnaree who was first on the scene yesterday found the shooter trying to stab himself in the chest with a fruit paring knife outside the front of the house." Should have left him to it, the horrible self-centered piece of scum. RIP little fella.
  9. He has been spotted back in Scotland. His Belgian girlfriend is with him too. Seen in Craigton, Glasgow. (S.E.A. prison and Craigton are pretty similar, imo)
  10. "The British government has issued an advisory guiding relatives on how to go about handling crime-related deaths . . " No. 1 Don't bother to try and contact the UK Embassy in Bangkok, or anywhere else in Thailand for that matter.
  11. "She was unhurt but everyone in the van was killed." She is very lucky that no relatives have tried to seek personal revenge . . . . . yet. It would be top of my list of priorities had it been one of mine in that van as it is more than obvious that her family are willing to pay nought.
  12. We like to complain about messy streets, motorbikes on the pavement, cluttered footpaths full of vendors etc. . . . but when the powers that be decide to do something about it we complain again! I, for one, would love to see the pavements given back to the pedestrians. A wee walk round the flower market at Pak Klong is now a delight since the vendors were moved, it certainly wasn't for many years previous. I think the 'hawker' style food markets of Singapore are great and could be a hit here too.
  13. That's a woman?