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  1. It says "deputy coach" in that paragraph. Does that mean the same guy?
  2. Does their coach get to go or is he still in the dog-house?
  3. CelticBhoy

    Fake cops kidnap 2 women in Sriracha

    "Fake cops kidnap 2 women in Sriracha" I'd much prefer to read, "Cops Kidnap 2 Fake Women" Thus getting rid of the glut of ladyboys around and about.
  4. Now there's a nun the likes of we didn't have in my days at school. I'd need to take sandwiches to confession after a morning of her classes, my thoughts would take hours to cleanse . . . .
  5. Sek Loso does Johnny Depp . . . . .
  6. If the topless chap is indeed Scottish then going without a shirt in the burning hot tropics at night is a rather good idea. Wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a large hat in the daytime is an absolute must for the pale-skinned fellow. We gingers must take caution at all times . . . .
  7. "This is the moment a hitman accused of helping murder a British millionaire and his Thai wife GRINS as he is hauled before reporters at the scene of the crime." Simpleton. Too thick to know good from bad. Be careful . . . . there are a lot of them out there.
  8. What a fall from grace! I imagine there are many others like him shaking in their boots right now.
  9. He wanted me to claim that a woman travelling with him to Hua Hin was my niece. I couldn’t do that,” Atchariya said. A lawyer that can't lie? Now there's a first. But perfectly happy, as a friend, to dob him in to ruin his career! Being an expert snitch he has now let Sittha's wife know the dirty gossip, too. "Lawyers and Campbells" as my Grampa would say!
  10. Pleum VRZO - The Thai version of WILL.I.AM Along with a face that you'd never tire slapping. Hope he thinks a bit faster on his feet than his old man.
  11. CelticBhoy

    Miss Universe Thailand Will Be A White Elephant

    I don't want to see that in a bikini . . . . ?
  12. "Police said it was a clear cut case of suicide" That was fast. No flies on old Plod now, is there? ?
  13. Don't say anything bad now . . . . . remember . . . . his mum is watching ?
  14. I might just take out a second mortgage and head there for lunch today . . . . ?