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  1. Forestry official died in fall, not abducted

    "Sombat said Karun was apparently lying to his wife in an attention-seeking bid after they’d had an argument." I have great difficulty believing this . . . . .
  2. All the women in the area called "Bua" are well relieved, I'll bet . . .
  3. "His temple was not involved in money making as claimed by some people, he told Thai Rath." An abbot with a sense of humour! Gets my "quote-of-the-month" award . . . .
  4. She admitted she was a drug user but said it was not her in the video - just someone who looked like her. There can't be two people who look like that! Oh, wait a minute. Yes, there can. It's Pattaya . . . .
  5. I guess there'll be a book out soon. Gotta make the error pay for itself.
  6. Glasgow Celtic

    Super Sunday @ Paradise coming up, Salty Old Son. Hope there's no baseball on another channel to distract you . . . .
  7. Naked gunman kills four in Nashville Waffle House

    "The weapons were taken from him by authorities at his home in Tazewell County, Illinois, police said, and were later handed over to the suspect's father. Police said he then gave them back to his son." Well done there Pop. Guess we can see where junior gets his brains from . . . . .
  8. Little kids taking kicks and punches to the head ain't a good idea . . . .
  9. Man drowns after riding motorcycle into pond

    "Man drowns after riding motorcycle into pond" That would do it. Well done. After a week of the worst motorcycle riding I've seen there is no surprise any more. Of course, maybe he was just trying to "dip" his headlight.
  10. He deserves a kicking for his dress sense alone . . . .
  11. Halloween with water . . . .
  12. The wee guy was lucky. That's for sure. But I do like when the big brother instantly points to the wee bro when Mum turns up!
  13. Dozens of men in just 10 days? "Wizard's Sleeve" comes to mind . . . . .
  14. Security agencies prepare measures for Songkran

    "The large vehicles, alongside ten-wheeler trucks, will be made to use secondary roadways when traveling in the northeast to reduce congestion." Double-decker buses and trucks on secondary roads! That's a recipe for disaster if ever there was one . . . . .