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  1. In Mukdahan? Whole place is shut after 9pm, I'm afraid! (And it's not very exciting the hours that's it's awake!!) I think you'll be streaming the game. Sorry.
  2. Sickening display by the Aussie who tries to flee the scene AGAIN . . . . ! ! ! I hope he gets all that's due to him.
  3. This story just gets sadder and sadder. Now the poor boy's father has to beg for assistance for medical equipment! Two innocents have already lost their lives. Enough already!
  4. This ladyboy is getting more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame . . . .
  5. "Under age girls were also supplied by the woman to the politicians, police said. The girls were told they were being taken to a waterfall but were instead taken to a hotel where they were raped by "local politicians". You don't get much lower than this. Truly awful . . .
  6. Farang flees the scene . . . A minor scrape and does a runner! Then nearly wipes out an entire family. I wouldn't like to be in this guys shoes, that's for sure.
  7. Must agree with you. But why on earth did he not use it first? It would appear two complete nutters faced one another here!
  8. Zebra crossings are a waste of paint. I often wonder how many tourists must be knocked down using them as they probably expect cars to stop as they do in their home country.
  9. "a 60,000 baht bottle of alcohol" Oooft! That's my yearly budget for bevy . . . .
  10. Guilty as sin. String them up. Horrific thing to do to a young life.
  11. Quite incredible for a mere 21 year old. Congratulations to her . . .
  12. "The director said he had asked for a psychiatrist from Khon Kaen Rajanagarindra Psychiatric Hospital to meet the women and assess their state of mental health." They are as mad as they come. Simple assessment. Cost you nothing if you'd asked me first . . . Now put them to sleep . . . . forever . . . . and stop wasting money.
  13. At that price for the said number of lamp posts then it is working out at over 70K per pole. Someone did very well out of this contract, methinks . . .
  14. Who doesn't get it then . . . . . . . . ?