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  1. JetsetBkk

    Dtac goes to court as concession set to expire

    Dämn! My stone age phone:
  2. JetsetBkk

    Hospital WiFi Security

    They appear to have fixed the problem as I could connect OK last week. But I'm sure I saw a reference to while I was connecting. Next time I'll try to take a screen shot.
  3. I can't remember where I bought the last one - it was probably over 10 years ago. It might have been from the Nokia repair shop on the road at the back of Big C. Don't know if that shop's still there. Do know they overcharged by a mile. It came in in plastic sealed pack like this: I could order from Lazada or AliExpress, but it is just about kaput right now, so needed urgently.
  4. More info re. motorcycle insurance: Chubb Insurance offers renewal to age 70 years. Allianz Insurance offers renewal to age 80 years. Bangkok Insurance offers renewal to age 100 years. http://www.insurance-in-thailand.com/insurance-solutions/personal-accident-insurance/recommended-personal-accident-insurances/
  5. Try Allianz General Insurance PCL or Bangkok Insurance PCL: http://www.insurance-in-thailand.com/insurance-companies/
  6. JetsetBkk

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

    Gallery Cafe was good - coffee, food, WiFi, parking. Same place next week. No tea that I like (Lipton's Yellow Label - yes, I do like it, I'm not a tea snob) but they happily took my emergency bag, that I keep in my wallet, and made a pot with it.
  7. JetsetBkk

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

    Got a Google Map/Google Earth reference? :)
  8. JetsetBkk

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

    Is that the little plaza where "Mr India" Indian restaurant used to be - before he moved to Chao Fah East? If so, one of our cycle-mad Computer Club members has already suggested that place. So I'll bring that up at our meeting on Sunday at the Gallery Cafe for consideration.
  9. JetsetBkk

    Where to buy wood beams Rawai/Nai Harn/Chalong

    Go to Rawai "beach", go to the west end and turn north - i.e. don't go to Laem Promthep. The wood shop is on your right well before you get to the Sai Yuan junction where you can turn left to Nai Harn. It's near the top of a small rise.
  10. JetsetBkk

    Missing Chalong Computer group at "Eat&talk"

    We're currently looking around for a location as good as the old "Sandwiche Shoppe", aka "Eat and Talk". There is no information about whether it will open again. If anyone has a suggestion, please post it here. Requirements: WiFi, good coffee/tea, breakfasts or snacks, car park for >6 vehicles. Next Sunday it's going to be at the Gallery Cafe Chalong, just north of the old Sandwich Shop but on the other side of the road:
  11. JetsetBkk

    Hospital WiFi Security

    Unfortunately, not only did I NOT get the pretty's phone number, she wasn't there today when I again tried to get them to sort out the problem. But the good news is that even though none of the less-than-pretty helpers had the same problem on their mobiles and tablets, I did manage to get their "IT Support" guy to come down. He wanted to play with my phone but I said I'd rather he not change anything, so he asked me to run Chrome and go to I tried and it wouldn't connect. Then he got his phone out and tapped the "Connect to Bkk-Phuket Free WiFi" notification and he got the same "Your connection is not private" screen as I did! So I left him trying to figure out what was wrong. I did tell him that was not a private address but I don't think he understood me. Hopefully he will take this up with the company who support their WiFi network.
  12. JetsetBkk

    Hospital WiFi Security

    Sorry, didn't see the notification for your post - which is very interesting. So you are saying that there is only one SSL certificate for which is a public address and shouldn't be used in a private network? The reason I came back to this topic is because I went back to the hospital today and asked some of the "pretties" if they could access the hospital WiFi. They all thought I was crazy until one brave girl said she couldn't - she showed me her phone and the image looked similar to my first image above, except it was written in Thai. I should've taken a photo of her phone showing the image So it looks like some phones/software are strict about and some aren't. My phone runs BitDefender so maybe I can try turning it off when I'm there next time.
  13. JetsetBkk

    Hospital WiFi Security

    Thanks for your comments. I don't know why I didn't think of this before... "Google is your friend" :) So I Googled around and got this: So maybe it's not such a big deal after all. Maybe. If I don't get the message next time I'm there, it may be that they've reset their clock. I'll take a copy of the messages and give it to someone who looks like they might know someone who knows something about their system - hard to find, I know - but you gotta try.
  14. JetsetBkk

    Hospital WiFi Security

    I tried to connect to the free WiFi in a private hospital in Phuket town: So I hit "Continue"... Then hit "Advanced"... ...and scrolled the message... Any thoughts? Should I send these images to the hospital WiFi people? I'm sure I've used their WiFi in the past without this problem. Maybe my mobile's security (BitDefender) has been updated and now detects stuff like this.
  15. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    16,190bht for the Samsung 55" UHD https://www.lazada.co.th/products/samsung-uhd-4k-smart-tv-55-ua55mu6103-i220920595-s337043057.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.2.1609125aAlQ327&search=1 Yes - good point. Also, Powerbuy have them really cheap. I just tried playing on the latest Samsung (6100 series) all my test videos that I listed in post #11, and that Samsung doesn't play some of the old ones, e.g. 08. AVI 624x336 + Subs 1062 Kbps -Strike Back.avi 09. AVI 576x432 + Subs 983 Kbps -Star Trek.avi 16. WMA 874 Kbps -Neil Young.wma 18. mp4 720p.BrRip.x264 16 ref frames - MI 3 .mp4 Not too worried about the first 3, but surprised it couldn't handle the last one.