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  1. JetsetBkk

    Hospital WiFi Security

    Thanks for your comments. I don't know why I didn't think of this before... "Google is your friend" :) So I Googled around and got this: So maybe it's not such a big deal after all. Maybe. If I don't get the message next time I'm there, it may be that they've reset their clock. I'll take a copy of the messages and give it to someone who looks like they might know someone who knows something about their system - hard to find, I know - but you gotta try.
  2. JetsetBkk

    Hospital WiFi Security

    I tried to connect to the free WiFi in a private hospital in Phuket town: So I hit "Continue"... Then hit "Advanced"... ...and scrolled the message... Any thoughts? Should I send these images to the hospital WiFi people? I'm sure I've used their WiFi in the past without this problem. Maybe my mobile's security (BitDefender) has been updated and now detects stuff like this.
  3. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    16,190bht for the Samsung 55" UHD https://www.lazada.co.th/products/samsung-uhd-4k-smart-tv-55-ua55mu6103-i220920595-s337043057.html?spm=a2o4m.searchlist.list.2.1609125aAlQ327&search=1 Yes - good point. Also, Powerbuy have them really cheap. I just tried playing on the latest Samsung (6100 series) all my test videos that I listed in post #11, and that Samsung doesn't play some of the old ones, e.g. 08. AVI 624x336 + Subs 1062 Kbps -Strike Back.avi 09. AVI 576x432 + Subs 983 Kbps -Star Trek.avi 16. WMA 874 Kbps -Neil Young.wma 18. mp4 720p.BrRip.x264 16 ref frames - MI 3 .mp4 Not too worried about the first 3, but surprised it couldn't handle the last one.
  4. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    My friend's Samsung couldn't handle MP4s with x265, but was OK with MKVs and x265. (Or maybe it was the other way around). And his TVs are only a couple of years old. There are no official software updates for my TVs. Don't know about firmware or whether it exists separate from software. I had a look at the latest UHD 4K TVs at my local HomePro: LG (49UJ630T @19,000B) and Panasonic (49EX600T @24,000B). All the video and audio files listed above in post #11 worked fine. The Panasonic picture looked a bit better, but both were great.
  5. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    I was thinking of getting a media player to get around the problem. Both my LG TVs are about 4 years old and, apart from the lack of codecs, work fine. I've no experience of "Android devices" so wouldn't know where to start.
  6. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    That's what I did too - take a load of music and video files on a thumb drive and try them all at the shop. I suppose there weren't many/any .x265's around 4 years ago. Edit: I just found the files on my PC!: 0. Left right speaker test .mp3 00. Left right speaker test .mp4 01. MKV 1440x1080 + Subs -Doctor Who.mkv 01. MKV 1440x1080 + Subs -Doctor Who.srt 02. MP4 1920x816 + Subs -Contraband.mp4 02. MP4 1920x816 + Subs -Contraband.srt 03. RMVB 1920x1080 + Subs -Prometheus.rmvb 03. RMVB 1920x1080 + Subs -Prometheus.srt 04. MKV 1280x720 + Subs -Continuum.mkv 04. MKV 1280x720 + Subs -Continuum.srt 05. MP4 1280x544 + Subs -Leon.mp4 05. MP4 1280x544 + Subs -Leon.srt 06. MKV 1280x720 + Subs (Internal) 4Mbps -Life.mkv 07. FLV 1280x720 3516 Kbps -Karon.flv 08. AVI 624x336 + Subs 1062 Kbps -Strike Back.avi 08. AVI 624x336 + Subs 1062 Kbps -Strike Back.srt 09. AVI 576x432 + Subs 983 Kbps -Star Trek.avi 09. AVI 576x432 + Subs 983 Kbps -Star Trek.srt 10. MPG 352x288 Stereo -U2.mpg 11. MP3 320 Kbps Stereo at 3.29 -Led Zeppelin.mp3 12. MP3 128 Kbps -Christina Perri.mp3 13. WMV 768 Kbps 540x480 -Joni Mitchell.wmv 14. JPG 3097x2327 -Bangkok City Map.jpg 15. AAC Stereo -Santana.aac 16. WMA 874 Kbps -Neil Young.wma 17. mp4 720p BrRip x264 5 ref frames - MI 4 .mp4 17. mp4 720p BrRip x264 5 ref frames - MI 4 .srt 18. mp4 720p.BrRip.x264 16 ref frames - MI 3 .mp4 18. mp4 720p.BrRip.x264 16 ref frames - MI 3 .srt I even checked that subtitles worked. D*mn you x265!
  7. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    "Older webOS 2.0"? My one must be ancient (webOS v. 1.4.0-2529)
  8. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    That's a bummer. My LG TVs are : Model: 47LA690T June 2014, s/w v. 04.28.18. No updates available. Model: 47LB670T-TA, August 2014, webOS v. 1.4.0-2529, s/w v. 05.05.55. No updates available. - neither will play .x265 videos from a thumb drive. My friend's Samsung is model UA49MU6100, s/w v. T-KTMUABC-1210.8, BT-S It plays x264 (AVC/AAC and AVC/MP3 and AVC/AC3) and x265 (HEVC/AAC) provided they are .mkv's. Today I tried x265 (HEVC/AAC) in .mp4 and it played, but two days ago we tried other x265 videos (HEVC/AAC) and they didn't play. So I'm going to have to get the "MediaInfo" data on those files to see what going on. But meanwhile, my bluddy LG TVs are heading for the bin. That'll teach me to take a chance on these cheap foreign jobs. Wonder what I'd get for 'em...
  9. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    Thanks muchly. I'll be seeing my friend on Thursday, so will try to get the same info from his TV.
  10. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    Interesting. I've been helping (?) a friend to get to get his Samsung to play H.265 videos without success. I'll ask him the exact model number of his Samsung. I also didn't find the firmware update screen when I was helping (?) him, so I'll try again and find out if there's an update available. Do you know what your firmware version is?
  11. JetsetBkk

    LG TV X.265 CODEC

    Anyone managing to play X.265 (HEVC) encoded videos on a thumb drive in a LG TV? No problems with X.264 (AVC). I just updated my LG TV firmware to v 5.05.55 and still no X.265 codec.
  12. JetsetBkk

    Windows 10 1803 Spring Update.....Marvelous!

    I deferred my updates until June 6th. I'll be doing a system image on all machines on the 4th. Update: I can now defer until 7th July. Went to Advanced Windows Update options and clicked on Defer.
  13. Yes, sorry, I forgot this topic is not in the Phuket forum, as I was really talking about Phuket hospitals. I have been up-country and seen the hospitals there and you're right. I also noticed in one ward of one hospital that the carer slept under the bed of the patient.
  14. From my previous post: Depends also if you like government hospitals. I must admit I don't like hospital food - even at Bangkok Phuket. But they do have an al-la-carte menu with some sort-of farang food, and TV, and Wifi, and hot and cold running nurses. I've no idea what rooms are like in government hospitals but have been assured that their equipment is as good as private hospitals.