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  1. TV Forum De Jour

    Incredibly slow. I just made one post. That's enough time wasted for me today. See you in a month. I'm off to Twitter...
  2. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    I was there Wednesday, too, for 90 day at just after 2pm. That lady volunteer is fantastic - so hard-working and fast. I watched her as I waited for one of them to become free. After a minute I went past her to the male volunteer, showed him my old 90 day report and he quickly gave me a number - the next one on the display. In and out in 5 minutes. I pity the people queuing up for the photocopier - 10 or 12 people waiting.
  3. 90 day at Phuket immigration today

    I wonder if the Immi. guys deliberately called it "Room 101"? Is it on Truevisions? Nah, too improbable.
  4. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    There is another (GxDxrNVDTF0)
  5. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Looks like these Fox News channels are not legit. The one I've been streaming is now finished and displaying the message "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Fox News Network, LLC." Fortunately others springing up just as quickly as these are shut down (GxDxrNVDTF0) Looks like I need to dust off my Kodi notes.
  6. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Excellent! I hadn't tried Rawai cable since I sorted out Fox on Youtube. Sky is a nice alternative source. Rawai cable used to have Sky news months ago, but then it changed to Blue Sky News, which was Thai. Since accidentally "casting" my laptop's Fox News to my smart TV, I have discovered that I don't even need the laptop now - just go to Youtube on the TV and it has the Fox channel ready to go. :)
  7. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Which link are you using? I go to this one: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N-jDl8365w The times displayed on screen when people are reporting from various locations, e.g. Pacific or Eastern time, match the current time.
  8. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Fox News on cable is not so important to this viewer, now that I'm watching it on Youtube. While setting up a spare PC with a Google Chrome shortcut on the desktop that goes straight to Fox on Youtube, I accidentally hit the "Cast" icon and it appeared on my TV. Just can't get away from it!
  9. Why is Fox News not available on Karon cable.

    Ditto re. i24 - Israeli news channel. I'm cancelling Rawai cable. Now streaming FNC on Youtube on a spare PC - should've done it years ago and saved 250 Baht/month! Nice to know so many people watched it, liked it and miss it. I make no comments about MSNBC, CNN or BBC. Edit: Added bonus on Youtube - no more of those stupid Fox Extra items: eg. Dr Manny, people with big hats singing badly, and adverts for a Tutankhamen exhibition that state at the very end: "Open until May 2016".
  10. Maybe fix the sign and add Chinese text:
  11. Thanks for your reply. I've been researching a different networking problem I have, so only just read it - sorry for the late reply. My Huawei "SmartAX MT880" router has a page for configuring the TR-069 protocol, but several fields are not readable eg. the URL is all ******'s, but appears to be editable. Fear of screwing up the router stopped me from actually doing that. Also, on that page there are Activated and Deactivated buttons for TR-069, but ditto re. the fear, as above. So I guess I'll leave it alone...
  12. Just wondering, having watched this:
  13. TV Forum De Jour

    Incredibly stupid idea. Do the people who write this stuff actually test it before they inflict it on the users? Why should they decide what we want to see at particular resolutions? And they haven't fixed the problem of scripts making Firefox unresponsive for one minute or more and overheating your processor unless you block scripts for Facebook, Addthis, Googletagservices, etc. I've blocked 8 scripts so far. I presume most people don't run a temperature monitor program or process monitor program, so they are completely unaware of what is happening to their PC. This site should carry a PC health warning: "Your PC processor may reach 80+ degrees C every time you come here or change the page." This does not happen on any other site, anywhere on the internet. Is Thaivisa working on it? Is this considered normal?
  14. If you're "not seeing 7 to 1", you should try looking harder. "The analysis shows Ossoff laid out $14.2 million on ad time and spent at least another $8 million on other costs. Handel spent $2.5 million on TV, radio and cable spots and had at least $1 million in other expenses. " http://politics.blog.ajc.com/2017/06/19/the-race-for-georgias-6th-district-now-costs-more-than-50m/ "$23.9 million is the amount Democrat Jon Ossoff raised for his campaign... $4.8 million is the amount Republican Karen Handel raised for her campaign..." https://www.issueone.org/money-behind-expensive-u-s-house-race-history/ On a lighter note... Reminds me of some faces a few months ago...