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  1. My wife had a lady come to our house to give her a massage who would stand on top of her as she was lying on the floor, a largish lady 60 kilo at least. Another time she went to see a blind masseur and came back with two red thumb prints from the pressure that he had been applying on her shoulders. A lot of power in Thai massage.
  2. Surpising that TV members haven't been hurling scorn at the thought of another election, after all it will mean two more nights when the bars would be closed.
  3. They talk about it as high speed but the sole purpose of this line seems to be to move Chinese freight from Laos to the Thai container ports. The only advantage to Thailand would be that a few local passenger trains in that region might average 100kph instead of the present 60kph because of the improved standard of the permanent way.
  4. As has already been pointed out, the figures are taken from police records and only record those people who were pronounced dead at the scne of the accident. The annual statistics, which will include other victims of the accident, who died later from their injuries, are presumably obtained from the coroners based upon the death certificates that were issued later.
  5. Govt going ahead with high-speed railway plan

    It's only a few weeks since they announced that the project to instal dual track throughout the country had been put on hold because of irregularities in the bidding procedure. As usual the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.
  6. I had to close my HSBC account at my branch in Malta because I had not used it for more than half a year. 'Dormant' they call it, you may reopen in for any further transactions but I chose to just convert the balance to Stirling then transfer it to my Krungsri foreign currency account. Maybe Barclays are adopting similar procedures if you had not used the account for some time.
  7. No problem with Barclays, I left the UK 20 years ago and still have my works pension and my OAP credited to my account each month. I thought of changing but at the time it would have meant receiving cheques instead of wire transfers. Trouble getting my credit card a couple of times as Thailand is a restricted country, probably because of their reputation for mail being mislaid. Twice they refused to post the new card but these last two times it has arrived by normal air mail. One time it arrived in an envelope that had 'Debit Card Services' printed on the flap!
  8. 2 Women Try To Sneak 13 Pounds Of Horse Genitals Into U.S.

    Sounds a load of balls to me.
  9. Foreign language training for Thai tourist guides

    My wifes niece has been learning English as part of a university course on commerce and tourism. I watched her talking to some tourists at a temple but found it hard to understand what she was saying. It turned out that her teacher was from the Philippines so she was talking with a Filipino accent!
  10. Big Waves Spoil Launch of Pattaya-Hua Hin Ferry

    Very predictable, maybe El Nino but if they had studied the weather reports they would see that these strong north easterly winds have been with us for at least the last three years, starting at about the time of Loy Krathom and persisting most days for at least three months. Someone I know who was in the pleasure boat business ceased trading because there were so many days when he was unable to operate.
  11. Went down to Hua Hin's pier today, or jetty as the locals call it being only about 50 metres long. A lot of work must be going on but the site is surrounded by hoardings so it's hard to see just what they have done although from a distance it certainly looks a lot smarter. The main thing is have they done any dredging work that would enable larger vessels to dock there or has it just been spruced up as part of the redevelopment plan for the sea front. One thing I did notice was the local tourist board advertising a coach trip to Hua Hin pier with, guess what, a photograph of Cha Am fishing port so who knows where the ferry will end up.
  12. It sounds like the usual case of announcing things before they are finalised as the feasability survey will not even be prepared untill Dec 15th. There is also talk of improving the access roads at both ports and of course the still unconfirmed question of from Pattaya to where. No way a boat that size can dock at Hua Hin so it will have to be further south, probably the other side of Pranburi, which could add a further 25km to the crossing and of course the alternative route by road. Out with the calculators again.
  13. Sounds like plan B to me. They also had aspirations for a high speed line in Myanmar but, because work had not commenced three years after the initial agreement had been signed, the memorandum of understanding became void . As far as I know they haven't resumed negotiations with Japan