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  1. It doesn't only happen in Thailand. I knew someone who was similarly was involved in a car accident, as he lay on the ground he remembered hearing one of the medics say 'we can forget about this one'. Fortunately another medic checked up, rushed him to hospital, where he recovered and enjoyed life for another twenty years!
  2. I don't think anybody has mentioned yet but about 15 years ago there was a purge on pool tables by the BIB I think the 'registration fee' for a licence was 500 Baht a month, 1000 if you had two tables. Fortunately the fees didn't last for long. Hopefully they wil have a change of heart about the need for dart licences but I doubt it, too many senior officers would lose face if they did.
  3. The police raided the clinic, next to a 7/11 about 1km out of town on the Pala U road, last night. The doctor would appear to have tried to hide in the store as there was a large crowd of onlookers around the entrance ,no doubt wanting to lynch him!
  4. Migrant arrests ‘risk new panic’

    That would create one hell of a stink, where I live the men in the bin wagons collecting trash are allfrom Myanmar
  5. Why are people so surprised at double pricing, it's the same the whole world over where tourists pay over the norm prices. You can't blame the traders, they have to make enough profit over four or five months to sustain them over the rest of the year. Back in England the cafe where I had my lunch had a menu for the day trippers but, being a regular, I was only charged about 25% less, just the same at my local fish and chip shop where I got discounted prices. When I lived in the Mediterranean it was very similar, I found that if the cafe owner knew you I would get discounted prices, or more often an aperitif before the meal.
  6. Two days down, nearly 100 deaths

    Just checked and it seems that the figures quoted are the same as the report in your second news sheet yesterday. I mistakenly replied to that report but would say once again that the number of deaths reported represent the people who died at the scene of the accident, the official death toll includes those who subsequently died as a result of their injuries.
  7. Why are you quoting these figures again, exactly the same as in your second news sheet yesterday. And, for the umpteenth time, the figure shown represent the people who had died at the scene of the accident, the official figures include those who subsequently died as a result of their injuries.
  8. My wife had a lady come to our house to give her a massage who would stand on top of her as she was lying on the floor, a largish lady 60 kilo at least. Another time she went to see a blind masseur and came back with two red thumb prints from the pressure that he had been applying on her shoulders. A lot of power in Thai massage.
  9. Surpising that TV members haven't been hurling scorn at the thought of another election, after all it will mean two more nights when the bars would be closed.
  10. They talk about it as high speed but the sole purpose of this line seems to be to move Chinese freight from Laos to the Thai container ports. The only advantage to Thailand would be that a few local passenger trains in that region might average 100kph instead of the present 60kph because of the improved standard of the permanent way.
  11. As has already been pointed out, the figures are taken from police records and only record those people who were pronounced dead at the scne of the accident. The annual statistics, which will include other victims of the accident, who died later from their injuries, are presumably obtained from the coroners based upon the death certificates that were issued later.
  12. Govt going ahead with high-speed railway plan

    It's only a few weeks since they announced that the project to instal dual track throughout the country had been put on hold because of irregularities in the bidding procedure. As usual the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing.
  13. I had to close my HSBC account at my branch in Malta because I had not used it for more than half a year. 'Dormant' they call it, you may reopen in for any further transactions but I chose to just convert the balance to Stirling then transfer it to my Krungsri foreign currency account. Maybe Barclays are adopting similar procedures if you had not used the account for some time.
  14. No problem with Barclays, I left the UK 20 years ago and still have my works pension and my OAP credited to my account each month. I thought of changing but at the time it would have meant receiving cheques instead of wire transfers. Trouble getting my credit card a couple of times as Thailand is a restricted country, probably because of their reputation for mail being mislaid. Twice they refused to post the new card but these last two times it has arrived by normal air mail. One time it arrived in an envelope that had 'Debit Card Services' printed on the flap!