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  1. Our lines crossed. Since nobody else has jumped in with specific information on what Dan Kwian will accept for domicile and provenance thereof, the onus is on you to go and ask them. They don't give a hoot about your struggles with the current landlord. All they want is for you to provide an acceptable proof of where you are lodging, short term or long term at the time you apply for the extension. You will need to advise them of a change of address if you move again as some offices are getting stroppy about submitting timely changes of address personally.
  2. Is that exactly how the rental contract is worded? Sounds more like a win-win for the landlord as you have been happily paying for repairs and maintenance for 16 years. Either way, those dubious perks expired last year when you had the first go-around and had to eat a 100% rental increase. Now you have waited another year just to get bitten in the same ass? Go to immigration and see if they accept a rental contract from a condo. Then get a condo. That will resolve the immediate issue with immigration and your legal long stay in Thailand which is not the concern of any landlord, good or bad. Take the time to find something more suitable while lodging in the condo but get out of that bad deal as soon as you can. There's every indication that the landlord has a different interpretation of the contract you signed 16 years ago.
  3. Oh dear, not this old chestnut again?
  4. The landlord or possessor of the rented property IS required to submit a TM30. It is a legal requirement. But the enforcement of that law is like most matters of law enforcement in Thailand, "up to you". Immigration will have no interest in having the landlord or possessor reported and if they have not done so already, will invariably shunt the responsibility of getting the TM30 completed and submitted onto the tenant. Ultimately it is time to move but explore the temporary stay in either a condo, hotel or serviced apartment. Find out if the local immigration office will accept that and what provenance they may need such as a signed rental agreement. Hotels and serviced apartments would typically submit your residence information to immigration via the systems already in place. You would need to check with the condo management if they do the same or if they are happy to fill in a TM30 for you to submit.
  5. ...with a gun. Looking at the position of the white car, possibly the lady crossed in front of him, ignoring the road rage of his horn and headlights so she decided to exercise her road rage with a baseball bat which I must admit is a surprising choice of weapon. With his fragile man pride suitable crushed as she dove away, he decided to go postal and fire some shots. What gets me is the idiot in the car with the dashcam racing off after them as he obviously wasn't going anywhere near Sukhumvit when he turned west onto Klang.
  6. So you're saying that the old, "She yak yak too mutt" is no longer a permitted legal defense?
  7. Dangerous assumption #1: The electrician that pre-wired the installation was competent. Dangerous assumption #2: Believing that aforementioned competent electrician tied the other end of the green earth wire to a physical earthing ground spike.
  8. Start by telling us which immigration office you are dealing with as they have varying requirements as to what they will accept. The temporary condo rental may not be good enough for some whereas others may be quite happy with a long-term hotel or serviced apartment. Also seriously consider moving before the NEXT extension is due. You have already swallowed a 100% rent rise last year which may not be too bad a deal after 16 years tenancy but I honestly don't see it getting any easier.
  9. That's the same price as a decent motorbike! Or two!! If you have to do the designer bag again, just bite the bullet and pay what they ask at Central Embassy.
  10. Sticks and stones mate, sticks and stones. You can speculate until the cows come home on everything from what was said, in what language, either guy's age, nationality, fitness, state of mind, drugs or alcohol who the driver was and, if you want a real stretch, whether they all have the correct visas for their respective life's in LOS. It's all pretty irrelevant when some angry guys slaps some other angry guys car with his hand and for that gets a head-shot that could quite easily have resulted in a life-changing if not life-ending head shot WHEN HIS HEAD HIT THE PAVEMENT. But never mind, here's three cheers for the younger big guy for defending the honour or whatever of his alleged driver wife and the ears of his, or someone's alleged ill-behaved and poorly educated kid by pursuing and physically assaulting the older big guy who was already walking away.
  11. The driver never got out of the car. Yes, the 'aggressor' angrily twatted the top of the passenger door and for this simple, petulant act of resignation and withdrawal from a clear no-win situation, he was assaulted.
  12. Good exchange of experience here and I still consider that the quality of the installation is the primary cause of early or repeat loss of cooling. Here's my experience over the best part of 25 years in LOS. Decided to install a unit in the office at a new build. This was done about a year after all other construction had been completed. Noticed that when all the circuit breakers in the distribution box were turned off, including the main service breaker for the property, the air conditioner was still running. Never did work out where the 'electrician' in the installation team hooked it up to. At an 8 year old rental property, the external condenser (compressor) unit was mounted high, under the eaves and caused a horrible resonance on the whole back wall. The landlord's preferred air conditioning team came and I suggested either the vibration isolators (shock mounts) were hard and needed replacement or relocate the unit to a lower location on the same wall (thicker wall). They relocated it to the lower location... and threw away the old vibration isloators but didn't replace them so had to call them back to do the job properly. The day before Songkran this year, I had a unit replaced in one of the bedrooms of the family home. The guys wanted to mount the condenser unit on the cement pad rather than on the lower wall where there were already pre-drilled and loaded holes for the mounting angle brackets. Wanted to charge me 500 baht for the angle brackets which I successfully argued was included in the installation. When I came back to check, he had thrown away the vibration isolation and bolted them metal on metal because he didn't have long enough bolts. When the unit was turned on, the cooling was good... but the water feature down the wood blinds on the inside after 5 minutes wasn't expected! The 'technician' had forgotten to remove the factory-fitted, tape-on bung on the drain hose! After a few days, the evaporator (indoor fan unit) had an intermittent but very audible rattle at the fans lowest speed. The 'installer' and his sidekick visited twice but swore they could not hear anything despite two other people in the room hearing it. They ultimately suggested we call the shop we bought it from and see if they could do something about replacing it. Yesterday morning, I popped the covers and CORRECTLY installed the flexible plastic air filters. Rattle sorted! Like most things related to home construction and improvement in LOS, it is the finishing that invariably lets the local tradesman down. From misaligned power point covers, mismatched skirting boards, reverse-wired lighting dimmers, half-inch water service points in the wrong place (usually by a maddening couple of inches) or squint so that hose fittings wont lie flush, it's all pretty much of a crap shoot unless you are riding herd on the whole job, be it a house build or a simple upgrade.