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  1. I doubt if someone visiting their pal in the lockup in Huntsville, TX would get a lift just because he missed the bus.
  2. Low-hanging fruit? It costs lots of money to go after the rich, enabled and lawyered-to-the-hilt abusers of the anti-money laundering regulations and slapping arbitrary fines on corporate abusers is just for show.
  3. Ladies & gentlemen, I present my future ex-wife...
  4. NanLaew

    Gynocentrism in Thailand?

    Despite being a patriarchal, feudal society, we all know it's the women that ultimately get stuff done around here, whether it be directly or indirectly. Pussy fear is bad for your health... like obesity and smoking.
  5. If we weren't debating the car, we would probably be debating much more personal matters with much more wild and offensive conjecture.
  6. Try "the Mk1 Escort Mexico was never officially exported by Ford to Thailand" Unless you work at the Customs department, how can you say what's never been privately imported? Granted that Thailand is full of fakes and replicas and I agree that the several Escort's I have seen are bog standard Mk1's without the add-on frippery.... and probably a Nissan mill.
  7. NanLaew

    The death of Walking Street

    Yes it's relative to the individual. Your 'back in the day' is chronologically shifted from my 'back in the day' although I think we can agree that bits of our respective 'back in the day' in the 80's probably overlapped. Since it appears this WS thread has become gogo-centric, I merely offered that the TQ was the first one... and it was (still is) a fair ways from a WS that wasn't blighted by that rather unimaginative moniker.
  8. NanLaew

    The death of Walking Street

    Ah... I take it you've met Noi then?
  9. NanLaew

    The death of Walking Street

    Sorry, but AFAIK the TQ is made from bricks. I was referring EXACTLY to the period after the 1980's when "build it, make them all naked and they will come" was the business mantra that eventually buggered the whole show. Once you've seen one stunner naked, you've pretty much seen them all. So instead of getting punters 'shopping' and drinking for longer, they ended up with a higher churn as guys came, drank their 1 beer, made the 10-minute assessment that "The One" isn't here tonight and legged it to the next naked gogo bar. The rent is steep and despite having more flange on display than a pipe fitters warehouse, the customers are drinking less. So they upped the prices. They totally killed the goose when they went mainstream naked. The curiously lingering Coyote fad is on life support with agency staff because guess what, younger Thai girls do have (marginally) better lifestyle choices there days. But that's not unique to WS. We've all seen the street full of coffee shops, cake shops, auto parts shops, etc., all over this blighted land. The latest fad is the backpacker hostel shoehorned into every second row of shophouses, some even on Beach road, specifically catering for the non-Caucasian.
  10. NanLaew

    The death of Walking Street

    There will be 'issues' of some sort or the other regardless if you measure it up or not. Par for the course, no?
  11. NanLaew

    The death of Walking Street

    I would need to ask why would you ever need to even try using your phone camera in a gogo? Unless it's for a "How I met your mum" momento for the kids?
  12. NanLaew

    The death of Walking Street

    Good pick there Spidey!
  13. NanLaew

    The death of Walking Street

    "Back in the day", there was only 1 gogo bar. Then there was a rash of them with only a very few being 'clothing optional'. Now apparently, it's open (wide) season and the fact you can see her breakfast before you've necked half your San Mig Lite means the fun but ultimately futile hunt for 'The One' is pretty much over before it's even started. Check bin... Next!