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  1. EP school at Bang Saray area or jomtien ?

    Yes, very easy from BS to BC and REPS versus getting stuck in traffic gridlock going up and down Sukhumvit twice a day during rush hour to get to sub-standard schools. If you have loadsamoney, you can use the (not yet finished) Highway 7 bypass to take the kids to either Regents or (not yet finished) Rugby. There's also the cheaper Mooltripakdee (formerly Montessori) also on the north-end of the 'dark-side' but not sure if their secondary school intake (12-15 years old) is up an running.
  2. EP school at Bang Saray area or jomtien ?

    REPS Rayong.
  3. Beer pricing in bars

    Welcome to Wetherspoon's... the licensed corner of God's waiting room.
  4. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    Beyond the few that have caused grief, I haven't read about any mountains of dead manual or auto transmission in any Ranger forums, Thai, Australian or the UK. Is your mate in South Africa? Maybe low-end torque in the 3.2 is the key.
  5. If only it was intellectual curiosity that prompted the 'thinking out loud'. How's that for an irrelevancy?
  6. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    The 2.2 seemed better geared at the lower end, say 1 through 3 for tootling around town. The higher end gearing isn't much different. Maybe something to do with the low-end torque of the quieter running 4 cylinder mill in the 2.2 versus the clattery 5 cylinder on the 3.2? Even the non-technical Mrs Tam noticed the difference at the time. The 2.2 would definitely up-shift sooner than the 3.2.
  7. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    It's a "Ranger Raptor".... whatever that is. Probably the wannabe version that you mention. Already have 'real' Raptors in Udon Thani... every weekend from Laos.
  8. New battery leak? Whats that?

    Good News! No longer need to buy a Ranger if you want serial sh!t batteries! Proof if it was ever needed that Ford leads, others follow.
  9. Ford Ranger Raptor Version 2018

    Gearing's different between a 2.2 and a 3.2 on the (original) PX Ranger. At low speeds, the 2.2 is a lower-revving versus the 3.2. Maybe they changed things in the PX2?
  10. But she wasn't but thanks for presenting the opportunity for a Thai bash... ...like this.
  11. Influenza epidemic in Pattaya?

    Not just in Pattaya. Reports of flu-like ailments up in Udon Thani that's apparently hitting the coffin dodgers harder than others. Mrs Tam's currently under the weather so whatever it is, it is 'going about.'
  12. Pattaya to become marine leisure hub of Asia

    ... and that bloody awful beef-bacon aberration!!!
  13. What about them? Touting isn't a 'reserved' occupation.
  14. There's Thainess for you. My broke assed customers are far more important than the cripples across the street.