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  1. Yes, make sure you only use a trainer baseball bat.
  2. No I didn't. Did you?
  3. Lighten up lads! The 14 year-old sole survivor of the accident is out of danger and will possibly be released from hospital in a fortnight.
  4. Sorry Ben... it is Ben isn't it? Since your introduction of UK roads and traffic into this thread, I am not sure in what country your hypothetical scenario about the traffic cop giving me directions is located. If a traffic cop in the UK directs me to do something, of course I do it. In the very unlikely event of a Thai policemen ever intervening in rush hour traffic mayhem here, I would follow his instruction too. Why on earth would I do otherwise? I know, you're crushed. Now stick that dummy back in eh?
  5. I guess you totally miss the irony of this little tale from home. The mayhem on Thai roads by the average Thai road user that you rail and vent spleen about is totally enabled by the very same type of argument that your father lamely tried to excuse his breaking the law. They do the illegal things because they can and they know that 99% of the time, they won't get caught by the police. Didn't see it so it never happened eh? I am quite happy for all other Thai road users to carry on making their own, special "valued judgement in a unique circumstance". For me, I will carry on making allowances for that.
  6. What part of the following is way too difficult to get your pretty little head around? I added the emphasis so you don't have to think too hard. Actually, you probably don't need to respond either.
  7. Sounds rather like a younglakey rather than an oldlakey speaking.
  8. Having said that, the guy installing the roller awnings at Mrs Nan's restaurant just banged some 6" nails straight through the 4" steel box section building frame to make hooks to tie up the awning ropes.
  9. Clutch and/or torque setting, same same. Lowest setting (lowest number) means less chance of stripping the head off. Wrong screws.
  10. And there was the OP thinking he was sorted after some punter told him, "Sign up on ThaiVisa, they'll see you right mate."
  11. and in 3, 2, 1, As in most things in Thailand, particularly when dealing with bureaucracy, your experience can and will vary.
  12. Well stop reading my posts or block me. Up to u tilac. And don't shout at bluesofa either.
  13. You should start a thread on this rather than sidetrack this one.
  14. Remember, this is the new traveling demographic that has mandated airlines revise their whole pre-flight safety briefing to specifically advise against opening the oxygen mask compartment doors and even the emergency exits. Last week, I flew Vietnam Airlines out of Bangkok for the first time in about 8 months and as an emergency exit row seat occupant, I was advised by a rather serious looking flight attendant that under no circumstances was I to try and open the door at all. Ever. This was never mentioned in the previous years flying them 3 or 4 times a year. I guess their increased Chinese passenger load has dictated this. AirAsia famously captioned their entry into LC flying as "Now everyone can fly" to which I quickly added, "...but I wish half this lot had stuck to the bus instead."