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  1. Good luck with the move and her settling in over there. We did have plans to head for Scotland ourselves about 4 years ago where our son could get better schooling while the wife and I also took care of my aging mother. Our son was in a Thai international school in preparation for that. Unfortunately, my mum passed away a lot sooner than expected and we rejigged the family plan accordingly and switched him to a decent Thai private school. However, we have been revisiting the options of returning to Scotland and were wondering what would be a good age/grade for our lad to transition. If I may ask, was this catchment area school in an area where you had already (recently) lived, was a registered voter or had retained a home or other accommodation? You read horror stories in the UK press about kids, usually in England, having to endure long bus or even train rides since the local schools are full and they end up commuting to wherever they can be enrolled. Maybe the Scottish education system is better managed in that regard. I am from the northeast BTW. PM me if you don't wish to post it here. This sort of confirms the optimum age/grade that thescot (above) also seems to have targeted with his 13 y-o daughter. It gives me some goalposts. Thanks. Now.... anyone know any good lottery numbers?
  2. Actually he was severely hooked on the video games about the time his grades were sliding; up all night gaming and probably falling asleep in class. Before he was 10 years old he said he always wanted to design games better than the ones he played. Only after going to boarding school did the good student appear. I reckon there was no internet and 'lights out' rules unlike the relatively undisciplined regimen at home. Pity he overcooked it though.
  3. True, but the RTP doesn't really have to follow all those orders or heed any of that that direction. It's only when the army (Prayuth) takes a public stance on something that we suddenly see these joint RTP-Army raiding parties, traffic stops, etc.. like they have been real good buddies with a common interest forever .
  4. in·sti·ga·tion ˌinstəˈɡāSH(ə)n/ noun noun: instigation; plural noun: instigations the action or process of instigating an action or event. "he was deported in 1891 for his instigation and support of the protest" synonyms: prompting, suggestion, recommendation; More request, entreaty, demand, insistence; wish, desire, persuasion; formalinstance "it was primarily Aaron's instigation that brought the festival into being" incitement, initiation, provocation, stirring up, fomentation, inducement, encouragement "foreign instigation is suspected to be at the root of this disturbance" Origin late Middle English (in the sense ‘incitement’): from Old French, or from Latin instigatio(n-), from the verb instigare (see instigate). It's a noun. Incitement, initiation, provocation, stirring up, fomentation, inducement and/or encouragement of what exactly?
  5. More than a couple from my rather small circle of Pattaya long-time lurkers, ex- SEALs, former bar owners, MSC, helicopter mechanics, transitory Moto GP team members, erstwhile TEFL'ers, itinerant oilfield trash and other hangers on have decided that Udon Thani is as good as it's gonna get. FYI, AirAsia now has two flights daily serving the Udon Thani - U Tapao route so anyone having withdrawal issues can now get their short-time (daytime is playtime) fix rather than the long-time (all night) option. All for as little as 2000 baht r/t.
  6. Try this. Everest (2015)_Menu Pricing_5 Free labor_as of Jan2017 - 3.2L 4x4 AT.pdf They're kinda buried on Ford TH's website and move around when they rejig it but the following is the current home page for the maintenance service info for all models.
  7. That's a bit sweeping isn't it? I would accept that the majority of Thai's that you know personally have told you that they agree with you.
  8. Your admission of embracing a self-determined course of open-minded assimilation and learning of everything Thai hasn't completely depleted your ability to label others. That's a good sign. Carry on.
  9. Finally! The OP has his validation! Thanks for that.
  10. Yup, you'll fit right in. Eventually. Somewhere.
  11. Or you can sign up for free and see how the tens of thousands of happy and satisfied Ranger owner drivers are getting along.
  12. I am on my second Ranger and I never enrolled on their OSP or SSP that respectively claim to save 18% on oil and 15% on services. I just took it to the dealers at the regular service intervals and never had to wait much longer than an hour. Ford have a published, capped service cost for each model. Not sure what model of Ecosport you have but one of these 3 links will take you to the details of what each service entails and the capped cost. You can work out what you reckon your basic services will cost and then look up the OSP and SSP links and see if it is worth it. Pricing_5 Free labor_as of Jan2017 - 1.5L MT.pdf Pricing_5 Free labor_as of Jan2017 - 1.5L Powershift.pdf Pricing_5 Free labor_as of Jan2017 - 1.5L powershift.pdf The links for OSP and SSP are below. AW_Brochure-ssp_finalCreate.pdf
  13. In light of the recent losses in the local markets, Toyota are bringing out a few refinements on certain pickups and SUV's to include larger rear-view and wing mirrors.
  14. What inspection? "No need to bring the truck" Yes, sounds like a bung job. Good luck. Got to agree with the LED lightbar on the roof though. We aren't going out 'roo shooting are we? I mounted mine below the number plate... but angled ever so slightly upwards so that those that refuse to dip their headlights get a rapid but brief reminder about using their dipswitch.
  15. New Zealander shot and killed in the Philippines. "It's the third killing of a foreigner on the island by gunmen riding on motorcycles in the space of 12 months. Last June a 74-year-old Dutch businessman was shot by a pillion passenger. His 11-year-old son was wounded but survived. In March a former US marine was killed by motorcycle riding gunmen. Those killed in previous deaths were driving their own vehicles when they were targeted."