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  1. NanLaew

    Rattan furniture

    Checked that out and although it's the newer stuff, it's all a bit lightweight and not as hefty as the old stuff I am trying to replace. Sampeng on the list, thanks. Index has some nice looking stuff but once again, not as robust as they used to make locally.
  2. And what part of the following went clean over your pretty little head? Not voted number 1 in Thailand by Thai sycophants but number 1 out of 18 venues in the 2018 season according to Herve Poncharal, President of IRTA. The following accolade wasn't made up by the locals. But the local fans did make it the huge success it was. Yes, those indolent, ignorant and lazy Thai people did it. Who would have thought eh? From the article linked in the OP...
  3. I had to google that thanks. Hopelessly wrong but never mind. Even I know one cannot possibly know everything. However, since you reckon that the "lingua franca" of Pattaya is English, in deference to the old admonishment about arguing with idiots, let's just leave it at that.
  4. Sounds like you're applying the investigative and prosecution methods seen on (too many) western movies and television. The local cops have cctv footage. She's toast.
  5. You're the one that needs to wise up. You and your spokesperson donnacha that is. There's more than enough foreign police volunteers on-call to come and assist with police questioning and interviews when more serious crimes are either committed on or perpetrated by foreigners in Pattaya. Even the ones already banged up in jail in Nong Pla Lai get this assistance. The local cops don't need such assistance when a lonely, pickled, foreign monger picks the wrong bed mate off the street and gets relieved of his personal belongings in the wee small hours. Good grief, with all this talk of needing English-proficient cops, you and your spokesperson sound like you actually want Pattaya to succeed in it's evolution as family tourist destination.
  6. From whom? His friends? That's why they come to LOS isn't it? For friends?
  7. I disagree. It's Thailand, it's their land, language and culture. It's just too bad if someone gets rolled by a 'very nice looking' thief but can't explain why it happened. Probably inexplicable in his own language anyway. In this instance, it's definitely not the first time the local plod has had to listen to the excuses of a numpty so what's so hard to understand? It's not as if, "She looked nice so I took her home" has been proffered as an excuse for stupidity and probably not the last either.
  8. NanLaew

    Pattaya High Season and Prices

    Inflation and the fact that the basic cost of living is steadily increasing. People have to eat, pay bills, put their kids through school and put gas in the car... and I mean the local people that own everything. Basic food prices, rents and utilities have been rising steadily whereas room occupancy, retail footfall and the numbers dining out has been falling steadily for over 2 years now. Now you do the math.
  9. NanLaew

    Rattan furniture

    I am looking to replace some rattan lounge chairs and just noticed that the couple of decent rattan specialist shops on Naklua that were there for years, just beyond the Post Office and market, are no longer trading. If anyone knows where to find good, solid, farang-sized and weight-bearing rattan chairs, wicker-backing preferred, let me know. Thanks! NL
  10. NanLaew

    Eye check and glasses.

    Euro Optic on 2nd across from Royal Garden / Avani.
  11. Credit card was charged on 12th and income letter received via EMS on 14th.
  12. NanLaew

    At the helm

    Surely you mean ranking from absymal to beyond the pale don't you?
  13. Absolutely 100% correct. Usufructs do have an exotic-sounding name but properly set up, they are robust, legal protections that do not give the Thai partner 'the upper hand' in any way at all. The old-school way of forming a company isn't exotic weird or unusual considering this is Thailand but their robustness under legal scrutiny is very questionable.
  14. Used to be dead easy with the lawyer cobbling together a 'company' of disparate Thai people who would make up the Thai-held majority 51% while the largest single dilution would be the law-bending, loop-hole enlarging, farang 49%er. More recently, these sort of proxy foreign land ownerships have come under increasing scrutiny. I also hear that the Thai diluters also need to have evidence of paying their taxes which rules out the usual maid, lawyer's gardner and favorite noodle seller's brother-in-law being the shareholders. IMHO, the usufruct is the much more acceptable way to go (for now). Since the OP isn't married, he can do this with his girlfriend as I understand one cannot set up a legal usufruct with your spouse.