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  1. Or pay for the ones that have been bought already.
  2. NanLaew

    Liverpool F.c.

    Watching his post-game reaction when the Potters lost against Palace and were going down... he knew he was too good not to be back in the top flight. Maybe so... But with Barcelona entering the bidding, unlike Raheem Sterling, he's a quality knob.
  3. NanLaew

    Second passport

    When I renewed my second UK passport about 3 years ago via VFS in Bangkok, they required the 'company letter' and they also wanted a photo copy of every page of the other UK passport. I had to do this for BOTH passport renewals that were done within a month of each other. Point of note, if one of those passports has either a Thai visa or extension of stay in it, that is the ONLY passport that can be presented to Immigration when seeking entry to Thailand.
  4. NanLaew

    Raincoat/Poncho for Touring?

    Decathlon stores.
  5. They may not deliver to a PO Box so just make sure that your home address is given in Thai and English.
  6. NanLaew

    Farangs in Rural Areas - where do you meet?

    I was having a rub n' tug last year and some stupid bugger on the other side of the thin partition tried to try and strike up a conversation with a "Where you from then?" in a distinct 'norf Lundin' accent. Probably a nice enough bloke, possibly a Spurs fan but not quite versed in massage shop etiquette. Couldn't tell if he was fat either.
  7. NanLaew

    Farangs in Rural Areas - where do you meet?

    Did the same in New Zealand... and they (kinda) speak English, have PAKn'SAVE and no need to feign a faux affinity for Isaan wichety grubs, grass and fermented fish.
  8. NanLaew

    Farangs in Rural Areas - where do you meet?

    So how's Pattaya working for you?
  9. NanLaew

    Pond Paint

    Sounds like just what I need for the inside of my wall-pipe water tanks that are due for a drain and scour this coming week.
  10. NanLaew

    Pond Paint

    Pretty sure the fish won't notice either.
  11. NanLaew

    Farangs in Rural Areas - where do you meet?

    What else are you going to label a sad sack individual that responds to a thread SPECIFICALLY about socializing with an opinion that said socializing is over rated and forswearing any and all intercourse with other foreigners? If one is truly happy in one's solitude, why post about the negativity that one feels when mixing with their own race? Why post at all? While we are at it, why sign up to an expat forum?
  12. NanLaew

    Mid-range smartphone recommendations

    Superb contribution to the thread. Thanks!
  13. Good point. My pump is in the back yard, cooking in the sun whereas I think my buddy's inverter pump is in an inside pump room. Thanks!
  14. Thanks bob. The labeling at one of the stores clearly had 'inverter' on the placard beside the square-looking Mitsubishi pumps with the same pump pictured on the placard. False advertising or genuine mistake... probably caught at check out but thanks for pointing this out. I did a bit of research and the 500 W IP-505 (inverter) retails upwards of 16 k... but touts energy savings of up to 40%. That's the smallest inverter model they make but their own website rates it as adequate for the 'large floor home' rather than a 2, 3 or more floored home for the WP- and EP- models. Their website also indicates that the WP-205 that I already have is good for 2-3 floors so since I am single level, there's absolutely no need for me to get the slightly higher wattage one. I will probably now stick with like-for-like but that 40% savings has me interested since the water pump sees pretty high usage in daytime. But just to round out my knowledge and getting a bit more technical, what's the primary operating difference between the WP- type with the big air tank and the EP- type 'constant pressure' that appears to have a much smaller tank?