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  1. retards at it before 7 am already

    10 baht gets you a waterproof poncho at any 7-eleven or Family Mart. I bet you can't. Is ignorance infectious?
  2. retards at it before 7 am already

    I agree. All these grown men whining about getting a little bit wet is so childish.
  3. Call Bang Lamung about a delayed package?

    Better luck dropping by with a tracking number. Even if they haven't left a non-delivery notice, the status will be available on their online tracking website. If the package originated overseas and has already been entered into the Thailand Post system, that number will also be trackable. But as janclaes says, the Songkran break is good for at least +10 day add-on for stuff already in the system.
  4. PM Prayut defends role for Kunplome brothers

    No. It shows that Chonburi province is recognized as a long-time benefactor of successive Thai governments, elected and otherwise and the legality of that largess has never been questioned. Furthermore, it is a huge economic powerhouse, typically NOT aligned with the traditional power brokers of Bangkok. It has a large, growing, middle-class voting demographic and a lot of them are north easterners working in the factories and service industry. How you treat these near neighbors is of growing political importance in Bangkok, far outstripping the southern-based Democrats for relevance and surpassing the more recent, northern-based influence of the Shinawatra clan.
  5. Where to get help for depression

    Either, or... as I said, it's all a bit non-professional.
  6. PM Prayut defends role for Kunplome brothers

    As I recall, after sentencing and his 'disappearance to Cambodia' the (God)father was living life on the lam, in plain sight of the local police at the family pile in Chonburi and even having birthday parties where all sorts of officials, police and government figures were invited. I think he was arrested and finally incarcerated during the last year of the Yingluck government. Kunplome family members, incuding Sontaya have also served in both the Shinawatra premierships. Now, as Bamber Gascoigne used to say, here's you started for ten: Who said, "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer." ?
  7. Where to get help for depression

    I recall that the recent school shootings in the US and acts of violence in the UK have focused attention on the US, UK and pretty much every other 'civilised' nation's lack of funding for the diagnosis and care of people with mental conditions. Thanks for the bash though. PS: Chiropractic matters.... you mean that bogus manipulation of bone alignment as a way to true health and happiness rubbish?
  8. Ford Everest v Toyota Fortuna

    Bugger me ardo, you STILL driving that rubbish POS car?
  9. British man beats  wife to death in Ubon Ratchathani

    It was probably me but I was having a bad night.
  10. Your passport gets an entry and an exit stamp, same as Thailand gives you.
  11. Flight from Suvarnabhumi 4am on Apri 19 ...

    I've done the after midnight Pattaya - Suvarnhabumi drive for a red-eye flight twice in the past 5 weeks. No problems. I fly in and out up to 10 times a year and in about 18 years of going to Suvarnabhumi airport from either Bangkok or Pattaya, only twice have I encountered a traffic accident that caused significant delays. One was a multi-car, fast-lane shunt on Highway 7 before it became a motorway and added about 45 minutes to the afternoon trip from Pattaya. More recently, a bread van turned over just before the Highway 9 (ring road) coming from Bangkok at 8 AM and that easily added an hour. If the OP is totally risk averse, by all means go early and grab a cheap, off-airport hotel but I wouldn't bother.
  12. TM30 Reporting

    Today's TM30 discovery thread... Maybe it's part of a master plan to have all those pesky furreners relocate to Bangkok from the provinces. ....and once they're all in the big mango, they will start asking for their TM30's.
  13. <dp... another satellite glitch>
  14. Mid range hotels in the same area as the hilton pattaya

    Good advice. Soi 10 was resurfaced around the time all these new-builds sprang up so it is mostly much wider than adjacent sois and safely navigable on foot apart from the evening bottlenecks at each end due to some food carts. My recommendation is The Stay as it is middle of Soi 10 and much quieter plus the parking is large and on the ground floor and not a postage-stamp buried at the bottom of a steep ramp in the basement.