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  1. British Pound Under Pressure As Inflation Begins To Bite Consumers

    I didn't suggest the detail he presented was wrong, the facts he presented are all mostly correct. It's just that as an analyst for a small company such as FX he doesn't have the credibility to warrant his own air time plus he doesn't really forecast anything.
  2. Thank you for that, I live and learn!
  3. Unemployment rate rises in Thailand

    Thailand does have an unemployment department although it doesn't count unemployed nationally, instead it pays a very low rate of unemployment benefit but more importantly it finds people jobs which they cannot turn down, otherwise they loose their weekly benefit.
  4. I'm so intrigued by this I'm going down there tomorrow to have a chat, I'll report back.
  5. Unemployment rate rises in Thailand

    They use sampling the same as the US. http://www.nytimes.com/1996/02/29/us/in-a-first-2000-census-is-to-use-sampling.html
  6. Who doing the pointing now then!
  7. Unemployment rate rises in Thailand

    Very snobbish and not a very realistic nor practical view for an emerging country. The ratio of very good universities in Thailand to the rest is very small no doubt, compared to your country, the remainder of them are likely poor no doubt, this is after all Thailand and not the US, or the UK.
  8. Unemployment rate rises in Thailand

    Compare that "robustness" to any other countries in the Western world, line item by line item, on a percentage basis only and tell us what you see.
  9. Unemployment rate rises in Thailand

    They use sampling, the same method used by many countries, it's actually quite reliable.
  10. Physiologically impossible I'm sure but good click bait nevertheless.
  11. British Pound Under Pressure As Inflation Begins To Bite Consumers

    The point is that it's rising and it's the speed of that rise that's important to note, even if it didn't reach analysts expectations last month. Plus 2% inflation is the BOE target, the sooner we get there the sooner we overshoot and the sooner rates "could/may/might/wont" be increased.
  12. I've always filed at that same office for the past five years or more, center building, first floor, turn right at the top of the steps. Are you filing business or personal tax returns? I thought for a moment this was all about the girl I spoke to not wanting to tell me the cheque would take 45 days so she fobbed me off with the Region 1 excuse and a telephone number to call, but then what was said on the phone to that number supports what she actually said. I tell you what, I'm going to ignore all this and put it down to TiT. BTW I live in Mae Rim so go figure that aspect into all of this.
  13. I simply do not understand this one little bit, there must be something else involved here for both locations to very clearly state what they did (as posted previously). Is this some kind of area office vs branch office routine? Anyone? EDIT TO ADD: I just looked at my receipt which also shows Region 1, as yours above - are you filing business or personal tax returns?
  14. British Pound Under Pressure As Inflation Begins To Bite Consumers

    It's not news is just one foreign exchange traders view and that trader is employed by a private FX firm rather than by a bank or brokerage firm. I suggest that his opinion is no more valid than anybody else's on the planet and his qualifications to discuss the subject no greater either.
  15. I am assigned to Region 1, that's where my account is held, apparently. But I've always filed at Region 2, near Holiday Inn. This year I didn't receive my refund check as quickly as usual so I went to see the office where I filed my return, Region2. They looked up my account on their screen and told me I was a Region 1 account and that I would have to go to that office to query the matter. I subsequently called them and found out they were not issuing cheque payments until 45 days after the return was received by them, not 45 days from the date of filing. I filed the return on 11 January and it was received by Region 1 on 23 January. Now, the Tax Office near Holiday Inn tells me they are Region 2, the Revenue web site says that's the Region 2 Office and the Region1 office confirmed their location to me over the phone as being in Muang, if you know differently than all that.............! BTW here's the link I posted on the subject confirming the details above, you even posted in that thread.