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  1. onzestan


    Sorry cant seem to upload the flv file cheers onzestan
  2. onzestan


    And now you have figured out why we let him join Arsens Red Army...pure sabatoge I tell you Well I think they let him join the wrong team. Should have been Everton !!!!!! cheers onzestan
  3. onzestan


    Fenerbahce/Arsenal 2 : 5 Goalgetters : Adebayor, Walcott, Diaby, Song and Ramsey each 1 (Oh yes also Sylvestre scored but for the wrong team) Go Gunners !!!!!! cheers onzestan
  4. onzestan


    Wow, the Arsenal topic on the 2nd page!!!! That's not where we belong so come on Arsenal Fans let's keep ourselves at the top (even if only on this website). cheers onzestan
  5. onzestan


    Itchy feet at Arsenal, Cesc to go bye bye??> “I would like to try to win more titles here, although next season we’ll see,” the Spaniard said. “It would be a dream to return to Barcelona one day.” Fabregas, 21, who is in Spain preparing for their trip to Estonia on Saturday, was particularly seduced by the Catalan club’s 6-1 thrashing of Atletico Madrid last weekend. Media hype I guess, because no EPL have to find something to write to justify their salary. Anyway what's more fun than writing rubbish about Arsenal? cheers onzestan
  6. onzestan


    Good, good morning. Arsenal/Porto 4 : 0 Van Persie 2 and Adebayor 2 The fans (and I) are happy again. cheers onzestan
  7. onzestan


    Eat your words my friend, he was right on that one cheers onzestan
  8. onzestan


    I've decided to be gracious in defeat, so no comments from me (have nothing good to say about the performance anyway). cheers onzestan
  9. onzestan


    Well it's on at 11.30pm here. The problem is trying to stay awake having to watch other teams first. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooring!!!! Have fun onzestan
  10. onzestan


    Ohh man, where is your sense of humor. We're just having a bit of harmless fun here and let's face it, enjoying the moment. Arsenal tops and Tottenham dead last !!!!!!!!!! cheers onzestan
  11. onzestan


    Hi all, The true spirit exposed : onzestan
  12. you are a top-rated star member in my book :D

  13. onzestan


    Never mind MIG16 it's all jealousy. ARSENAL/SHEFFIELD 6 : 0 Carlos Vella : Hattrick Bendtner : double and the second youngest ever to score for Arsenal : Jack Wilshere cheers onzestan
  14. onzestan

    The Dark Side

    Thanks for the update. I'm in Belgium now enjoying the local food (and drinks) to the fullest, very very expensive though. However it's so cold here now that I can't wait to get back next week. cheers onzestan
  15. onzestan

    Dirty Toilets In Restaurants

    Edit : should it be : DUNG SQUAT Café cheers onzestan