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  1. Why is it that they find it so easy to deal with foreign criminals (heinous crime not having a work permit) yet fail to address Thai crime like demanding money with menaces? (Jet ski extortion scams)
  2. gmac

    Grumpy Expat Car Drivers From Hell

    Not shure about that; it would be right if the motocys wouldn't be such cowards not daring to interrupt other vehicles from running the red light. You clearly haven't seen me crossing the Sukhumvit, I take them all on, even tour buses........as long as I can see that they are moving at a speed from which they can stop I put my front wheel out in front every time. Even had the wife joining in the rant at a colour blind mini-van driver who swore (quite literally - such language for my delicate ears) that his light was still green...........it most certainly wasn't!
  3. I'm not sure it's a case of feeling threatened, though I guess the fear of having to learn another language may come into it. It is more that having been born into a country where we are lucky enough to have our language widely used throughout much of the world there has never been a need to master another. A large number of languages are spoken in only the country to which they are native which means that travellers from these countries are taught from an early age to learn other languages which may be of use to them in the future. This perhaps develops an aptitude for learning other languages which native English speakers do not possess.
  4. I don't even know what pad krapow is!
  5. So if you are still looking maybe you need to go back to the first dealer...........but then again maybe too late d...a... and they'll only offer 560k again. Life's a bitch!
  6. As I understand aircon systems they should be sealed and therefore in theory never need topping up. The problem to my mind is that it is a lucrative business repeat selling freon rather than doing a proper job of finding and repairing the leaks which make the regular top-ups necessary.
  7. gmac

    Same-Sex Union Bill No Cause For Celebration

    Bearing in mind that the main aim of any species is further the existence of that species surely the legalising of any same sex union, which is unable to procreate, is actually a retrograde step and indeed a move toward extinction.
  8. gmac

    Sony Ebook Reader

    Sorry I can't answer your question but unless things have changed very recently I don't think the Sony e-readers are available for purchase in Thailand. I've seen Kindles and I believe there are various Chinese tablets but not Sony. I would be very surprised if a reader couldn't read Thai books as it is not a computer as such and as far as I know merely displays the contents of files. If ebooks are available in Thai in epub format, which is what my Sony reader seems to prefer, I would have thought that it would read them no matter where it is bought.
  9. What does it mean 'leave in Euro's' ? I ask this as I do not have a special 'Euro account' zo they might pay out in THB anyway. Many thanks! If you specify leave in Euro's, this is an instruction to your Dutch bank who will then make the transfer in Euro's, Bangkok Bank will convert to Thai Baht on receipt. It seems to be generally accepted that the rate used in your home country will not be as good as the one used in Thailand (and is my experience sending from the UK) hence, I believe most people do it this way.
  10. gmac

    Changes In Pattaya Over The Last 10 Or So Years

    Are bars the only places in Pattaya, hardly a representative poll. When I first arrived I used to go to bars, now I don't so can't answer questions comparing then and now in bars. As for families, what has there ever really been here for them? The beaches are poor, nightlife is adult-oriented, I think as a family coming here either now or before, one visit would be more than enough.
  11. gmac

    Will It Work ? What?

    Dont worry, I'm delussional I havent really got it. It was 13.5 million, not 12.5 million, I cant afford to make those kinds of mistakes but I had to tell you. Spare cash no sorry, cant help. Perhaps you could use some of your millions on going to school to improve your spelling and grammar! Then a course on English Literature to see how other authors construct sentences and convey information. I would help you, for a fee, but I do not have a work permit. Do you? No need. He sold a company for many millions of pounds, as has been dutifully reported on TVF. When you are that wealthy, you need not heed such silly things as immigration rules or work visas. Sadly it's probably true. The rich don't need to follow any rules they just buy their way out of trouble when it arrives. Pity they don't help the poor as well.......my begging bowl is still out there!
  12. Let's hope they don't pull out of Thailand as that would leave us with only one Supermarket , and when I see what they have on offer now than I can't see it improve if they had a complete monopoly. Disagree, we have Big C Extra, Makro, Foodland and Friendship, not to mention Villa Market, Tops and the Food Hall in Central, if Tesco went I don't think I'd even notice.
  13. gmac

    Will It Work ? What?

    Got any spare cash, I could use some and you clearly want to tell everyone how much you've got!
  14. In response to number 1, can you advise how to learn to drive/ride before obtaining the licence. The fact that there is no provisional or new driver licence means that to gain proficiency in driving on roads before taking a test to obtain the licence, you are forced to use the roads illegally by driving without a licence. Throwing such learners into jail seems a little harsh!
  15. The city of registration may have no relevance as to whether or not the driver is a dick but I have found they act as a good reference point for survival as a motorcyclist in Pattaya. My rule of thumb is to expect those from the larger cities to have little reqard for motorbikes, changing lanes rapidly, stopping suddenly etc, while those with Chonburi plates tend to be far more aware of and make allowances for bikes. Upcountry/small province plates are just a mystery, give them space who knows what they will do next............ditto foreign tourists on big bikes!