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  1. Maybe not when he posted his comment 13 years ago!
  2. gmac

    New website is hard to read

    Have they changed it again in the last hour since these comments started coming in? I like it and my eyesight is nothing like perfect.
  3. I am currently awaiting the result of my wife's visa application made on 20th August so we are right at the end of the 15 working day turnaround time with nothing heard yet. Has anyone here applied in the last few weeks and have up to date information about how long it is taking in reality with the new scanning system, the Government website is still showing the performance figures for May which was before the change to India. My wife's application should have been straight forward with five 2-3 week visits in the last 6 years and no reason to anticipate problems.
  4. Can't see why registration is necessary, is it necessary for other types of worker to register their occupation?
  5. gmac

    How to go to Euro Condominium

    The entrance to the condo is from the road right next to the 3rd Road Entrance to Big C Extra if that helps.
  6. gmac

    Compulsory golf caddy

    .........carry a pitch repairer and ball marker like they do at home!
  7. gmac

    Compulsory golf caddy

    The problem there sounds like not the lack of caddies but an oversized group of elderly golfers.
  8. It would take years to change the entrenched mentality. Laws aren't enforced effectively or consistently and in most cases not at all. To change that mentality will need the populace to trust the police and authorities and for the police and authorities to start enforcing the laws consistently not just on the basis of a crackdown which is forgotten the next day.
  9. We actually finished about 30 minutes later. They blamed it on "new process" but the processing of my wife's documents was actually very quick, the scanning is very fast and once she finally got seen we were out in about 15-20 minutes. They were handling the return of documents and passports with approved visas in the same room as the visa applications which my wife said she couldn't remember them doing last year. It seemed to me that that there were just far too many people there with appointments at the the same time and not enough staff actually dealing with visa applicants.
  10. Diabolical service at VFS Trendy building in Bangkok today. Wife still waiting to see anyone about her Visa application now 16.10, despite a 13.45 appointment. Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  11. About to make a first trip to UK with our Thai/British son and while it seems quite clear that he would use the British passport to enter UK and the Thai one to re-enter Thailand but which one, or should it be both, needs to be shown on leaving the country? Never mind, just managed to work out how to use the search function and got my answer from Ubonjoe in another thread. Mods please close.
  12. I find the Transferwise comparison figures a little misleading as I always use Nationwide and transfer to Bangkok Bank via their London office and the rate I get is the current rate in Thailand not the rate in the UK which appears to be what is shown on the Transferwise site. While I can see that it is still a little cheaper, the difference is around 1500 baht on a Stg10k transfer not the almost 9000 baht saving they would have you believe. I have based this calculation on the TT rate shown on the Bangkok Bank website which is usually pretty close to what I receive. (Bangkok bank rate 42.9275 against Transferwise example rate for Nationwide 42.2073)
  13. gmac

    Taxi to Airport

    Thanks , sounds good.
  14. gmac

    Taxi to Airport

    Thanks, sounds like a decent option. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app