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  1. Usually Skype to Skype for free but I stuck Stg10 in a Skype account for calling other numbers years ago and it still appears to be valid, the balance shows up every time I log in. From memory calls are only about 1 baht per minute to UK or USA.
  2. I agree with the left turn filtering actually it's just that the BiB's appear to have hijacked it for personal gain, there seems to be no logic applied to the junctions where it is not allowed. I seem to remember from years ago the only junction in Pattaya where it was not allowed, and I don't think there was any marking to that effect, was right outside the police box on the corner of 2nd Road and Klang. Easy pickings as tourists had no idea they were doing anything wrong.
  3. I had a cocker spaniel crossed with something (not sure what) from a local market, good size 10-15 kilos loved swimming, running, chasing cats and barking at strangers. Very friendly and intelligent dog.
  4. To my mind it would be better still if they did away with the left turn lanes altogether and where there are two more lanes available at a junction make the right hand one a turn right lane and have the opposing lines of traffic run together followed by a short right filter. I'm convinced this would be far more traffic friendly and efficient than the current system of one direction at a time. It is the huge wait times caused by this system that encourages the red light jumpers.
  5. I was confused by the number of junctions where originally you were allowed to turn left on a red light that now have this 'Turn Left Waiting Light' edict. By allowing the left turn traffic flow was improved, by subsequently disallowing it BiB revenue was improved. Now I'm no longer confused.
  6. Clearly you have an issue with size, what the OP actually wanted was a 1 bedroom apartment with good internet, no mention of size at all. His main concern is quality of internet not what sort of view he has or how big the place is.
  7. Thanks, that sounds like an ideal place for me as I use that road a lot, any chance of a Goggle map location? Not sure my recognition of Thai script will be good enough to spot it as I pass.
  8. Oops, just re-read the first line of my post, sounds like I'm being ungrateful for your excellent reply Crossy. I meant thanks very much, my efforts researching on google had come to nought, not the responses received here. Sorry. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  9. Thanks a lot, google hasn't been my friend on this one! So it sounds like pool salt is going to be the easiest to get my hands on and should do the job. I can always ask about the other stuff in the pool supply shops but take the pool salt if they haven't got it. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  10. Thanks, just had a look at their website, the one I asked about is listed as resin regenerating which I assume I need for my water softening filter, others have suggested salt is available at Makro but this all seems to be 'Iodized' does that make a difference?.
  11. Looking at the great puddle of water it seems to me that neither fate nor butting headed buffaloes were at work just two bikers riding too fast in the early morning, the one approaching the water sees it late and swerves into the path of the other. No magic, no ego's just pure dumb bad luck, apart from not wearing helmets of course.
  12. Had a softener installed about a year ago that requires flushing with salt every 2/3 weeks to keep up its performance (better but not perfect as others have said) now I'm running out of my initial salt supply and am at a loss as to wear to get more. Can anyone tell me where find it locally? Sattahip/Ban Chang/Pattaya the number on the picture is in Bangkok and not interested in delivering a single bag.
  13. The arm of the baht bus mafia is long and reaches far!
  14. Always interested in the new options but happy to stick around the 150cc level. Had 3 CBR 150's before the PCX's so 3 seems to be my boredom threshold will be watching out for any new releases in the coming year with interest.
  15. That's my only concern about switching from PCX to Aerox. I've had 3 PCX's and from memory the first 125 version had a much smaller fuel tank. Getting around 270Kms on a tank now is a big plus for me so I'm kind of hoping Yamaha might do something about the size of the tank before I change next year.