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  1. uk immigration

    No guarantees but I would be inclined to recommend they try the UK channel anyway as your son has a UK passport. Much shorter queue and if they are turned away they won't have stood in line for ages before finding out they should be at the other counter. My experience was that they don't split up families so either queue should be acceptable for both of them together.
  2. uk immigration

    Just take your wife and son with you through the UK nationals channel. Should be no problems at all, I asked about it on my first visit with my wife and have used the UK channel without problems ever since. Similarly returning to Thailand we both use the Thai channel.
  3. Yes, when I first watched I assumed he was one of the 20 with the fury of his attack. Think he got what he deserved.
  4. Pattaya Traffic Violation

    Delighted to hear you got caught. Can't stand it when people jump the red light and get stuck in the intersection blocking it for the green light in the next direction.
  5. The first truck approaching you head-on is quite is easy to miss as you can see it, it's the one behind blindly following that'll get you! Happened to me in Isaan as well, only just missed it.
  6. 727 arrested for drunk driving

    If that's the punishment I'll start going out for a drink again and driving home after! I assume that's the Thai punishment though, farangs will no doubt be thrown in the slammer and fined 20k+, and possibly deported!
  7. I am root.

    The products are, it's the software that tends to be cr*p!
  8. 90 Day Report - Documents Required.

    If you are not in the system already they may ask for some proof of address such as rental agreement or some utility bill. I always carry a copy of my internet bill just in case. If they do want to see some evidence they will also want copies of your passport ID page, any visa stamp plus latest entry to Thailand and your TM6 departure card.
  9. Info on crappyness of MG in Thai

    I remember that as well but when they first arrived the quality was very poor. They have since probably become the most reliable vehicles around. I suspect the same will be true of the Chinese MG's, trying to get a foothold with low prices but possibly low quality to match. Probably best to wait a few years and see how they fare.
  10. Going from iphone to Android - pros and cons?

    Specious it may be but it does make me reluctant to try changing again particularly as Apple phones don't suffer from viruses while Android ones apparently do. I bought a Sony phone based on past good Sony experience and got my fingers burnt, many internet reports suggest that many companies flagship models which cost almost as much as iPhones are good but lesser models, where apparent money savings can be made, are not so reliable.
  11. Going from iphone to Android - pros and cons?

    I tried switching, bought a Sony Xperia M5, absolute piece of crap ( can't even switch it on, keeps turning itself off) , now back with my wife's old iPhone 5c, 4 years old and still going well. The Sony M5 didn't make it past 6 months.
  12. Thanks that's useful to know. Planning to use that method next time and although I was already thinking of topping the balance up early I will now make sure that I do.
  13. Is this true? I was under the impression that seasoning was not required for the combination method. Are requirements different in different offices? (I use Jomtien)
  14. Police very eager to issue fines?

    "Crossing the line in traffic lights." What does that mean? Stopping past the white line at the lights? Passing traffic queued at the lights and crossing the centre line of the road to get to the front of the queue? If it's stopping past the white stop line then clearly an offence but one that is committed daily by pretty much every motorbike. Never known it enforced in Pattaya before and sounds like a new easy source of revenue for the BiB's. Don't you just love it when they ignore a law for years until everyone has got used to it not being enforced and then having a crackdown?
  15. Suvarnabhumi immigration departure delays.

    Friday seems a good day to travel I left on a Friday a month ago and no queues at all, that was around 8 or 9 in the morning.