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  1. It's not the 'surprise' of having to stop at a red traffic light that irritates it's the fact that they insist on running all four directions independently and on quieter junctions there is often an occasion when there is no traffic at all from some directions but they still get their full quota of the green light. On a hot sunny day, of which there are quite a few in Thailand, sitting stationary on a bike in full sun unnecessarily for 2 minutes or so is decidedly unpleasant. A pity that you don't understand the simple concept of giving way to traffic already on a roundabout, I'm sure even the much maligned Thais could work it out if there were a few more around for them to practise on.
  2. Why? The roundabout worked so much better than traffic lights. I always come into town that way when I need to visit Jomtien immigration and usually waste 2+ minutes sitting at the earlier traffic light which holds every one up sitting waiting for a green light to appear from a direction that actually has some traffic. The roundabout on the other hand was always completely clear no hold up at all.
  3. No recent knowledge as I don't live there any more but Google street view (August 2016) shows Fuji/Kodak signs outside a couple of shops that might be able to help you. One right on the corner with Sukhumvit, the other opposite the PT petrol station.
  4. I stand corrected, I was a True subscriber before they lost the EPL to CTH and was under the apparently wrong impression that their prices had remained at the same level or higher.
  5. Can't blame Truevisions but when the only TV you watch is the EPL paying 2000+ baht a month is just too much. 365Sport was an excellent service providing exactly what I needed for a fraction of the cost. Lost a couple of months subscription but still just a drop in the ocean compared to the fortune I would have squandered if I had been paying Truevisions for the last few years. As with many copyright issues, people are happy to pay for the fakes but wouldn't otherwise buy the original item so the copyright owners 'loss' is a bit of an illusion.
  6. Seems like normal procedure all over Thailand. Make the roads wider to help the non-locals stuff the residents. On a 4 km stretch of road passing my house a 1km trip to make a u-turn instead of turning right as I used to and if I go out to the left, to get back home I now have to drive 0.75km past my house and sit in a queue of homeward bound Bangkokians at a traffic light before making a u-turn at the lights to get back. Local Thais drive quite long distances on the wrong side of the road (cars, bikes, pick-ups even vans and trucks on occasion) to avoid these onerous turns.
  7. That's not tax on the bike it's the 'on the road' package of road tax and compulsory government insurance I would think.
  8. Even that excuse wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that it's not a number of people getting unusually rich, it's the already unusually rich people getting even more unusually rich!
  9. I've emailed them again and will report back here if I get any response.
  10. Think they are making some changes, I went to watch some EPL on channels 2 or 4 as usual on Tuesday morning and both showed as not being available in my basic package. They sent me this reply to my emailed query. Doesn't explain your problem today but sounds like they are currently carrying out some sort of rejig of the channels. Just tried to log in to mine now, 'Cannot access server' . Hi Graham, There are currently technical issues affecting the channels. We hope to have the issue resolved later today. Apologies for any disruption to your viewing. Please note last nights Chelsea match can be found on Sport 3 at 1am Bangkok time, kick off 2am. Kind regards Tim ---------------------------------------------- Ticket ID: #763992 Subject: Channels 2 & 4 Problems Status: Answered
  11. Difficult but not impossible. I do it every time I come to Pattaya you just need to be a bit nimble on your feet, face the oncoming traffic and jump into a gap between parked vehicles as you are about to be mown down by a baht bus.
  12. The EVA site lets you put in your dates then gives you a selection of flights around your choices, can also back and forth by 7 days to find the best price
  13. I always use EVA air (Taiwan airline) prices usually very good and I just looked around end of July with a return to BKK mid-August and they have fares starting around 27825 Baht (about stg620).
  14. Mines 8 years old still looks decent, washed once a year whether it needs it or not!
  15. Perfect clarity as always from immigration department! My own experience at Jomtien on last re-entry was TM30 required when returning from trip outside country, but not necessary when travelling within Thailand.