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  1. Suvarnabhumi immigration departure delays.

    Friday seems a good day to travel I left on a Friday a month ago and no queues at all, that was around 8 or 9 in the morning.
  2. Other countries manage to issue the correct licence plate when you buy the vehicle rather than taking months to produce them. Maybe Thailand should consider operating a better system rather than fining people for failing to follow the hazy rules of it's current inefficient one.
  3. Agree wholeheartedly with all your points. The subject of this article deserves no help at all given his history and yet the Government has tried it's best. Long term expats in Thailand have seen their savings whittled away by low interest rates and a falling exchange rate, no increases to pensions exacerbates the problem so it is little wonder that some will eventually have to return to the Uk as they no longer meet the financial requirements to remain in Thailand. It is these people that will genuinely deserve assistance and I hope when the time comes the UK Government will provide it.
  4. the dangers of Beach Road traffic

    That's fine but don't expect people to stop for you because they very rarely do.
  5. the dangers of Beach Road traffic

    Actually not as I'm not talking about crossing a road and expecting traffic to stop for me but rather waiting for a suitable gap and crossing taking responsibility for my own safety rather than relying on a driver obeying a traffic signal.
  6. the dangers of Beach Road traffic

    Not a Thailand resident I assume. If you cross at a crossing in Pattaya and assume you are safe the chances are you will get run over. Crossing elsewhere takes that false sense of security away. Thanks for the well-wishing by the way!
  7. the dangers of Beach Road traffic

    Regrettably the law means nothing in this country (unless you are rich and powerful), having right on your side doesn't make you any less dead when you get hit. I consciously avoid using marked crossings as they merely give you a false sense of security.
  8. Bread Making Machine -recommendations

    I have the Morries machine as well, thanks for this now I know how to turn the light on, I thought it just didn't work!
  9. First one I've read so no. People need different things at different times and with any form of technology it changes constantly, so an up to date thread with new information is always welcome.
  10. It's not a case of peering through the gap to see the beach its a case of the general view which is surprisingly pleasant when it's not obstructed by the dirty old umbrellas. No I don't drink because I have to drive so it's not the bars for me, and I don't sit on the beach but I do like a walk along Beach Road and there is no doubt that it is a much more pleasant experience on the days when the umbrellas aren't there. I don't want to stop people from sitting on the Beach under an umbrella but what is wrong with just putting up the umbrellas when people need them, rather than creating a daily eyesore of ranks of unused chairs and umbrellas. Yes it is a lot better than it was with areas now left open but if they didn't leave the umbrellas out all the time to deteriorate in the sun maybe they wouldn't be in such a bad state.
  11. ........And the rest of us can see the beach and the ocean rather than 'two complete pratts' sitting amid 40 empty chairs and umbrellas.
  12. Indeed, that'll be the day when suddenly there isn't a backup of traffic in every direction. Amazing how much better the traffic seems to flow when the lights break.
  13. Noisy water pump - where to repair?

    If it's a Hitachi I think they are just noisy, mine has been from the day I bought it.
  14. New Tyres for Vios?

    I put some Firestone TZ700's from Cockpit on my Honda City 18 months ago and very happy with them. Very quiet on the road, I paid 8000 for 4 tyres (175/65/15) now on website at 2150 each. I imagine the Vios is a similar size tyre.
  15. Some more TM30 questions...

    Love that response. I know I can't afford to live here anymore, but I can't afford to leave either! If I give you my bank account details can you deposit a million or two please!!! Smug self satisfied responses like yours help no-one.