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  1. meadish_sweetball

    Karaoke - Is It Safe?

    Karaoke is safer than car uh, OK?
  2. meadish_sweetball

    Best Bacon,Onion Burger W/ Home Cut Fries In Town!

    Ah, burgers.
  3. meadish_sweetball

    Asian Fire Drill

    This story seems fishy. Everyone knows Kiwis are sheep skates.
  4. meadish_sweetball

    5 More Musicians Jailed

    Regardless of what view you have of the immigration laws, the tourist could not reasonably be expected to know he couldn't get up on stage and sing a song. That he got to spend the night in a jail cell for it is disgraceful.
  5. meadish_sweetball

    Best Rice Cooker To Buy?

    <br /><br /><br />So you are the sole supplier of rice for the temple fairs in your area? My bunch tends to do ok with just one humble rice cooker.
  6. meadish_sweetball


    I for one am happy to see you laughed out loud thrice while typing that post. While some may find it slightly schizophrenic to sit and laugh at one's own writings, it is supposed to be really good for your health.
  7. Hope you'll find Bingo, he looks like a cool cat, er, dog. Seeing as he was raised by Europeans, what language does Bingo prefer to be addressed in?
  8. meadish_sweetball

    Anyone Know What Time The Water Stops Around Thapae?

    Sad. Could somebody throw a grandfather clock at them to give them a hint?
  9. meadish_sweetball

    Shocking Stuff At Thapae Gate Today

    Drunk of the Day... ?