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  1. Hello SM,

    I posted recently on the language forum after a long break and it made me think of you.I noticed you haven't posted for over 2 years so I doubt you will get this, but anyway I'm just wondering what happened.Have you left Thailand/ Chiang Mai or did you just get bored with Thai Visa?




  2. Since we get an increasing amount of requests about tattoos and how to transcribe names into Thai script, we thought it would be a good idea to gather these queries in one and the same thread (special thanks to mangkorn for the original suggestion). There is already a fair bit of information on this subject scattered over Thaivisa. We will try to link to the most informative threads and posts here as well. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to PM me or another Thaivisa moderator.
  3. Thai Newspaper Headlines

    One thing that is still quite difficult for me is interpreting/understanding Thai newspaper headlines. Now and then I will ask a Thai for an explanation, and I am nigh always intrigued when I understand how they are composed (which is not too often... ). Anyway, there must be some general rules as to how they are composed and should be read, and this thread is dedicated to trying to understand them better. Hoping we can explore this together, and also hoping one or more of our native Thai members will be kind enough to help us if we get stuck or misunderstand something. There are some online tools that could be helpful: www.thai2english.com Free service which allows you to paste Thai text into a box and then hover your mouse over each individual word to get alternative translations. This is a great tool in order to get a basic idea of the words in the headline, but it is unable to translate everything - headlines typically contain many abbreviations and slang words not normally heard in everyday speech (at least not in my everyday life). Also, Bangkok Post still has an archive of Thai news article translations called 'sàp jàak khàao' (words from the news) that could serve as a good introduction for anyone who has not worked with learning Thai from newspapers before. Click here: Thai-English vocabulary from the Thai dailies If anyone has any other suggestions for free web resources that could be used, please post them here. However, please bear in mind that links to commercial web pages and plugging of adware/payware are discouraged and will be removed.