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  1. meadish_sweetball

    Two Tourists In Pai Shot By A Police Officer

    That's exactly what I am thinking. He must have seen everything since he was walking behind them, as per the ladies story, as they left the Be-Bop bar with the victim. Fuen must have seen everything, but seems to have dissappeared from the case and not mentioned except by the wounded lady. Surly the policemen must have seen Fuen, and if it was the policman's intent to eliminate witnesses by shooting the lady, why was Fuen not shot as well? But let's not rush to judgment. According to one of the latest articles, Fuen was at Reisig's bedside in the hospital and was quoted in the interview. To take the opposite angle - for all we know, he might have been too far behind to do something, or took cover when the brawl started, or when the first shot was fired, or might have run away to get help from friends. I still come to the same conclusion as you, let's not rush to judgement, we'll just have to see if more info comes to light.
  2. meadish_sweetball

    Two Tourists In Pai Shot By A Police Officer

    More posts removed, this time to prevent the topic from getting into a similar debate as is being held in another thread in the General forum, concerning how dangerous Thailand is, and whether it has got more dangerous over time or not. Those of you wanting to debate that, are welcome to do so in that thread: http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/index.php?sh...162162&st=0 As for this thread, here is my plea: Please try to reply selectively and on topic, so the thread becomes more accessible and focused on the main piece of news. There are so many people posting at the moment, that off topic discussions quickly clutter up the thread. I know it is difficult to stop yourself from replying to off-topic statements you strongly disagree with, but please try to give it a shot, ok?