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  1. How they going to demolish Waterfront - 50 stories when they can't get 13 stories down????
  2. Its a free world. If you want to live life in a fish tank then FB is for you. It is not just the loss of privacy that frightens me; it is that I will never know exactly who has got exactly what information about me. Using Google is bad enough, but for me FB is a step too far - much too far.
  3. Accused of Lese Majeste - What should I do?

    If you have been the victim of identity theft you should also consider other things e.g. credit cards, banks etc. The next thing is you will have debt collectors chasing you.
  4. Car Wash in North Pattaya

    Thanks teddog. I'll check them out
  5. Car Wash in North Pattaya

    Andy's car wash on Third Road has closed down. Can anyone recommend a good car wash in North Pattaya? Thanks
  6. There but for the grace of God go I. A few people on this thread need to show a bit more sympathy. I am afraid I can't provide a magic solution, but can anyone supply this guy with an Immigration e-mail address. It probably won't completely solve the problem, but he could start the ball rolling and save some time when comes back. Good luck OP.
  7. Don't know why you have a problem. I have been doing it for years with no movement; the last one 2 months ago.
  8. For Jomtien no need to put money in. When you get your letter from the bank they will update your passbook. Never had a problem.
  9. I usually put my "visa money" on fixed deposit at least 3 months before the renewal date. It is kept separate from all my other banking.
  10. What is this about a medical certificate? I have never needed one at Jomtien. Is this a new requirement?
  11. Well if they have got the cash they are less likely to have a problem. Rule have not changed; only enforcement. Enforcement powers are a tool which can be used if necessary. Authorities have discretion as to when to use them. Clearly immigration have decided it is time to deal with people who break or circumvent Thai laws. No problem there.
  12. Well said sir! There is too much obfuscation in this thread. People do not get their pockets picked because they are carrying (so called) large amounts of cash. They get their pockets picked because they do not take sensible precautions. These people make airports a pick pockets paradise and this is nothing to do with Thai Immigration. Why don't they target bus loads of Chinese tourists? Because immigration know they are tourists and not people trying to live (and perhaps work) in Thailand full time. The bits about taxi drivers really lost me. Every country has its own laws and customs. You don't have to like them, but if you live there obey and follow.
  13. Wait until they try to demolish Waterfront.
  14. Last year, when traveling in Europe, my credit card got scammed and I had to cancel it. Because I was traveling it took over a week to replace. Without a wad of cash I would have been in real trouble, not the least paying for hotels. I make good use of my credit card, but when acting the tourist it makes sense to have some cash just in case.
  15. I know a few people who do this (although not Laos). Because they work in another country there is a limit to the number of visits and the length of such visits. They are not living in Thailand; they are living elsewhere. Visa exempt entry is appropriate to their stay. In your scenario their passports would show they spend most of their time in Laos and I would guess details of work permit. People who spend most of their time in Thailand claiming to be tourists are the targets.