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  1. There but for the grace of God go I. A few people on this thread need to show a bit more sympathy. I am afraid I can't provide a magic solution, but can anyone supply this guy with an Immigration e-mail address. It probably won't completely solve the problem, but he could start the ball rolling and save some time when comes back. Good luck OP.
  2. Don't know why you have a problem. I have been doing it for years with no movement; the last one 2 months ago.
  3. For Jomtien no need to put money in. When you get your letter from the bank they will update your passbook. Never had a problem.
  4. I usually put my "visa money" on fixed deposit at least 3 months before the renewal date. It is kept separate from all my other banking.
  5. What is this about a medical certificate? I have never needed one at Jomtien. Is this a new requirement?
  6. Well if they have got the cash they are less likely to have a problem. Rule have not changed; only enforcement. Enforcement powers are a tool which can be used if necessary. Authorities have discretion as to when to use them. Clearly immigration have decided it is time to deal with people who break or circumvent Thai laws. No problem there.
  7. Well said sir! There is too much obfuscation in this thread. People do not get their pockets picked because they are carrying (so called) large amounts of cash. They get their pockets picked because they do not take sensible precautions. These people make airports a pick pockets paradise and this is nothing to do with Thai Immigration. Why don't they target bus loads of Chinese tourists? Because immigration know they are tourists and not people trying to live (and perhaps work) in Thailand full time. The bits about taxi drivers really lost me. Every country has its own laws and customs. You don't have to like them, but if you live there obey and follow.
  8. Wait until they try to demolish Waterfront.
  9. Last year, when traveling in Europe, my credit card got scammed and I had to cancel it. Because I was traveling it took over a week to replace. Without a wad of cash I would have been in real trouble, not the least paying for hotels. I make good use of my credit card, but when acting the tourist it makes sense to have some cash just in case.
  10. I know a few people who do this (although not Laos). Because they work in another country there is a limit to the number of visits and the length of such visits. They are not living in Thailand; they are living elsewhere. Visa exempt entry is appropriate to their stay. In your scenario their passports would show they spend most of their time in Laos and I would guess details of work permit. People who spend most of their time in Thailand claiming to be tourists are the targets.
  11. The Thai Governments position has always been that foreigners can stay in Thailand as long as they have a visa appropriate to their stay. Nothing wrong with that. Most other countries expect the same. The problem is that too many people stay here, some times for years, using tourist visa or visa exempt entries. Whether working or not they are clearly not tourists and do not have a visa appropriate to their stay. The Thai Government has clearly had enough. The answer is simple - get a visa appropriate to your stay in Thailand.
  12. As I understand it there is no ATM air-side of immigration. If you pass immigration to get to an ATM you have in fact entered the Kingdom and the only way to remove you is deportation - at least it is not as simple as being refused entry. Another problem in respect of producing a bank book is that it is only accurate as at the date is was last updated. Even showing a credit card only shows you have a credit card; it does not show whether you are over limit etc. Demanding to see cash is the simple way out for immigration. Having said that I am sure there is room for some leeway in handling this situation.
  13. Below is a letter sent to buyers on 2nd July. Does not seem that there is likely to be any "...developments later this month". I have seen a few of these over the past couple of years. City Hall has no obligation to respond, but it is shame they do not in the interests of openness and transparency. Perhaps they do not have a good answer. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dear Client Subject: Bali Hai Limited – Waterfront Pattaya Project Further to our communication of 08 May 2017, we write to update you on the latest developments concerning the Waterfront Pattaya Project. Construction Permit As previously reported, after Bali Hai’s submission lodged on 12 January 2017, Pattaya City Hall (“PCH”) further postponed its decision from the end of March 2017 to mid-May 2017. On the 1st of June 2017 Bali Hai received, with much disappointment, PCH’s reply dated 11 May 2017, notifying that the Company’s building modification application had not been approved due to incompleteness of certain information and some discrepancies. By the reply, Bali Hai is legally allowed now to file a new application for building modification permit with PCH. As you are aware, the general understanding following discussions between the Company’s professional team and PCH in 2016, was that should the Company be willing to compromise, by demolishing the top 5 floors of the building to observe the floor area limits of the approved scheme, PCH would view the new reduced floor area scheme favourably by approving the application and accommodating other minor changes. This was evidenced by the Company submitting an application for modification permit for the reduced floor area scheme, together with detailed demolition plans, an updated EIA report and all relevant plans and documents as required by law, for proceeding with the same. Many questions which were subsequently raised by PCH regarding this scheme had confirmed that this was indeed the mutual understanding. Throughout the process, the Company complied and co-operated with all orders raised by PCH in good faith and it is disappointing to now discover that, despite PCH having twice extended the statutory deadline for its decision and despite having had many months to review Bali Hai’s submission, it chose not to inform the Company during this period at all and rejected the Company’s request for a meeting for mutual discussion. Having reviewed PCH’s comments to the Company’s submission in PCH’s reply, many of the queries had in fact previously been responded to while some remain unclear or are minor in nature and could easily have been addressed. Future Plans Before the Company can submit a new application for building modification permit as instructed by PCH, and in order to ensure that such course of action will be correctly executed to PCH’s complete satisfaction, particularly in the context of the above, the Company considers it is highly essential that our representatives meet with PCH’s relevant officials to have the opportunity to discuss and clarify exactly what PCH’s comments and requirements are, to avoid any future misinterpretations. The Company has therefore submitted the letter to PCH to formally request a meeting between the professional teams of PCH and the Company on 29 June 2017. As you may appreciate, the process for resubmission is complicated and likely to take considerable time. The Company hopes to be able to resubmit as soon as reasonably practical after the said meeting (or meetings) take place. Rehabilitation Status As previously reported, the court had to postpone the previous hearing due to an internal court error and the new hearing date has been scheduled on 17 July 2017 at 9.00 a.m. We will advise you of the outcome after the hearing. As previously advised, the rehabilitation process has been embarked upon to preserve the value of the Project and enable it to survive this extraordinary crisis which it has been challenged with. The Company remains steadfast in its objective to see to it that the construction is resumed and completed so that all buyers will eventually receive their condominium unit’s title. We remain most grateful for your continued support and patience. Yours faithfully, Mr. Lior Widenfeld Authorized Director, Bali Hai Limited
  14. Ostrich meat

    Try Gulliver's on Beach Road
  15. If the narrative is correct, the Thai woman started the fight. Perhaps some advice on how Thai women should behave might also be appropriate