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  1. I have been there. It has been widened and is now a dual carriageway. Has been since the Navy Review.
  2. 90 Day Report - Documents Required.

    Thanks Tontraveller
  3. I have not done a 90 day report for several years, but will need to do one soon at Jomtien. Apart from the TM 47 what documents (copies) do I need to produce? Thanks
  4. Magna Carta Law Office Pattaya

    Magna Carta are as good as it gets in Pattaya. As to price - you get what you pay for.
  5. Whatever. They were guilty of putting intelligence into the public domain that proved to be wrong at the time. Whether lies or incompetence is not relevant. They can't be trusted. Perhaps the current intelligence was developed by the Clintons. Can't say it is not possible.
  6. Is this the same intelligence agencies that said Saddam Hussein was developing nuclear weapons and had chemical and biological weapons. Do you trust anything they say?
  7. Dentist recommendation please

    Bangkok Hospital Bit more expensive, but they have good equipment, good service and easy to get appointment.
  8. Can someone tell me, as an owner of rented property, how I can check when my tenant leaves and re-enters Thailand? If I have an obligation as the house master to inform immigration within 24 hours of his return, is there a legal obligation on my tenant to inform me in sufficient time for me to comply with the law? This is even more problematic if I am not in Thailand myself at the time.
  9. Buakhaw Soi 15, Tulip Condo

    Taken on board by the new owners of the project.
  10. Buakhaw Soi 15, Tulip Condo

    Golden Tulip was being developed by the same people that messed up Waterfront. The new developers are the same people behind Nova Group, so the is a good likelihood it will be finished to a good standard.
  11. A very interesting post with some highly relevant points raised. I agree with just about everything you say. On the question of buildings flying under the radar and car parks, there is a mall on the beachfront that has an underground car park. This, I am reliably informed, is unlawful for beach front properties because of the liability to flooding. This building has not only been allowed to be finished, but is operational. How did that happen? Further, it has an unlicensed beer bar on its frontage which caused annoyance to nearby residence which authorities refuse to deal with. Ah what it is to have connections!!!! And if rumors are true it is "connections" that are preventing City Hall from giving the go ahead to continue construction and why City Hall are being so obdurate. Allegedly there are influential people who want the project stopped and City Hall are piggy in the middle. I was told that City Hall were upset when the developer filed for bankruptcy protection. They had hoped the project would quietly slip into bankruptcy and get them off the hook. I agree. Waterfront should be finished or demolished. If the latter who is going to do it and who is going to pay. This will be difficult and cost a fortune. City Hall have problems demolishing a small hotel in Soi VC!! If not finished the carcass will be there in 20 years, right next to the "PATTAYA" sign.
  12. Penalty Thai Style

  13. How they going to demolish Waterfront - 50 stories when they can't get 13 stories down????
  14. Its a free world. If you want to live life in a fish tank then FB is for you. It is not just the loss of privacy that frightens me; it is that I will never know exactly who has got exactly what information about me. Using Google is bad enough, but for me FB is a step too far - much too far.
  15. Accused of Lese Majeste - What should I do?

    If you have been the victim of identity theft you should also consider other things e.g. credit cards, banks etc. The next thing is you will have debt collectors chasing you.