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  1. Joe many thanks glad to hear no changes,will make arrangements with my employer and book airfare etc
  2. Thank you Joe for the quick reply , Think I will just go to savanakhet and apply for a new Non O besides its quite a nice drive are there any changes to the visa requirements since last year cheers mate
  3. Hi all, I am currently working in Australia and have time in November to visit my Thai wife, we have been married for 14 years.I have a current valid non o visa which expires on Jan 18 2018 which I obtained in savanakhet. Is it possible to renew this visa in November whilst visiting wife and family taking a quick trip to savanakhet before returning to Australia. Expecting to be in Australia for 4 months after the November trip for work by which time the visa I have would have expired. I work in Darwin and the nearest Thai consulate or embassy is thousands of kilometres away so just thought renew visa in Lao which is easier for my circumstances
  4. Thanks Joe yeah non o valid till 18 January 2018
  5. Hi all, Currently in Thailand on a 60 day extention of a multiple o visa based on marriage. Just before the extention expires thinking about flying to Singapore as Iam visa exempt there (Aussie Citizen) then fly back the next day would there be any dramas at immigration on return air fares are super cheap at moment on jetstar 3500 Baht return I think this Mabe less hasell than a border crossing .
  6. Exactly right Joe been married 12 year's We are inseparable
  7. I worked on a barge in the top end for 11 years delivering all there goods the only way they can get anything as there are no roads . The freight we delivered by the time we shipped it would have been 200 percent more expensive than Darwin . The food was not what you would call nutritional mainly pallets of coke and meat pies . Met quite a few of the elders at these communities there ok it's the young ones with all hang ups and chips on there shoulders hard one to sort out but every human being black white what ever colour must take responsibility for your own actions handouts from the dumb ass Aussie government will never work. Some of these communities are in untouched pristine environments . No good dwelling on what happened some time ago. Sure respect what happened to them and it has been acknowledged iam sick of people with race issues we are all human the local people's of this magnificent area have more than they realize.
  8. I have the same drama with my Thai wife and her family enough is enough I am returning to Australia they can figure out there own dilemma s I learned a lot about the Thai people over the last 7 years wife coming with me won't be returning any time soon