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  1. What are the options to get a golf handicap in Thailand ?
  2. ruds

    Golf lessons in Bangkok

    Give these guys a go http://www.xcitegolf.com/
  3. Thank you all for your comments so far, obviously going to a lawyer would be the best option but I thought it might be worth posting here as someone may have said "Oh yeah something similar happened to me, this is what I did...................." but I suppose that was I little optimistic
  4. What would be considered "solid evidence" ?
  5. Hi all, 8 years ago a foreigner ran off with $400,000 of my money here in Thailand. 8 years later he has resurfaced in Thailand and I would like to know if I have grounds to get my money back? There are two loans in question, one loan was to his company from my company (his company failed) and the second loan was a personal loan. He disappeared but not before signing a contract stating details of the loans (with witnesses). Also signed was a personal acknowledgment that he was responsible for his company failure and under the understanding that the money was to be paid back Any advice would be welcome
  6. If you would like to see where each golf society is playing in Pattaya click here http://birdie.in.th/en/golf-groups/thailand/chonburi
  7. The concept of peer review is an essential element of the USGA handicapping system. Without peer review the Handicap Index loses it inherent value and is just a number. Most USGA systems around the world are based at a golf club where the majority of players know each other. Posting scores in person immediately following the round at the course is the USGA’s preferred way to expose scores to peer review. However that is not possible here in Thailand as most players do not belong to a golf club and do not have the option to post the score at the club for others to see. This system I found has some what overcome that where all scores posted are available for all others to see. They appear on their homepage as “Joe Bloggs played 18 holes at Rayong Green Valley and scored a 92 on Saturday 16th July” Also you can view all players scores, scorecards and photos of scorecards by clicking on a players playing history at any time. The site is called Birdie Thailand
  8. All courses in Phuket are listed here http://birdie.in.th/en/golf-courses/Thailand/Phuket with slope and course ratings
  9. ruds

    Staff savings

    Hi Guys, I found what I was looking for from a friend. Its called a Provident Fund and most of the Thai banks do it Thanks anyway
  10. ruds

    Staff savings

    Thanks for the reply guys, I already do an in house saving scheme and bonus for them but I would like something a little more official and put this money into something for their future
  11. Hi, I would like to encourage my staff to save some of their salary and I would also like to contribute into a fund for them. Does anyone know how I could go about this? I am thinking along the lines of some kind of bank savings fund but any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  12. here is another site with Thailand course directory http://birdie.in.th/
  13. ruds

    Police Extortion - What to do!

    He is a friend as well as customer so that also isn't an option
  14. ruds

    Police Extortion - What to do!

    Its traffic Police and a group of 7 of them. They have something valuable to a customer of ours and wont give it back unless we give them some red box money
  15. ruds

    Police Extortion - What to do!

    So Lukecan you have RTP friends then? Maybe you can help