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  1. Seems Tops at Central Airport Plaza and Baan and Beyond no longer sell it. Does anyone know where you can still buy it please? Thanks
  2. Great, my thinking was right. Greatly appreciated
  3. Many thanks for clarifying, in my example if I entered 4 months after issuance the max stay would be 8 months +3 months if I happened to time it so I re entered the country on Dec 31st, or until end of March. Much appreciated really helps me with my visa planning as I will be able to apply in advance as I don't need a full.year.
  4. Thanks for your swift response and sorry if I wasn't clear. If I get a 1 year visa issued on 1 Jan 19 but don't enter TH till say 1st May some 4 months later, will I still have a 1 year valid visa when I enter on 1st May or will it have been reduced by 4 months if you see what I mean, ie 8 months. Secondly, is there any time limit that you must enter TH within, once the visa has been issued to prevent it expiring? within 3 months for example.
  5. I have tried searching this but alas no luck so I'm posting on here. How long do you have once you get the visa before you must enter TH to prevent the 1 year multi expiring? If you stay things will this shorten the 1 year visa period?
  6. stament

    Beach recommendations near to Bkk

    Too far to drive not exactly near BKK is it
  7. stament

    Beach recommendations near to Bkk

    Thanks for the swift response probably be there at the weekend LOL. Any Chinese masses there on buses
  8. Good morning all, appreciate your thoughts based on the following. We are interested in taking our Thai family to the beach (they gave never been before and are farmers from Chiang Mai). We would be driving so criteria: 1) August visit so Easy coast preferable weatherwise. 2) Not too far from BKK 3) Prefer non touristy 4) Not too expensive. We don't need to stay on the beach or beach town as we could drive in. 30mor do would be fine. Prefer to stay in a town where we have a market or food court perhaps and other facilities maybe rather than somewhere with limited options and drive to the beach or national park. Been to Prachup Kiri Khan before and that's the furthest we would probably go. Read about Rayong and Pranburi are these possibilities, what are they like. Any recommendations and thoughts would be most appreciated as well.as any suggested stop offs on the drive down from CM. Altogether we plan on a trip for about 5 days or so with an overnight stop on the way it down and return.
  9. Due to arrive 1825 today, will report back on queues.....later
  10. stament

    To farang men who married Thai women...

    Nope him
  11. stament

    Chiang Mai hotel

    Ok which hotel was it? Surongowese I think now you mention it possibly?
  12. stament

    Top 5 Reasons You Won’t Like Thailand

    Definitely sounds dogs. I got bitten before and my cousin got bitten just this week. They said he needs 5 different shots whereas I only needed one. Overcharging hospital exaggerating? Can't believe bad drivers didn't make the list or taxi and tuk tuk scammers
  13. stament

    Working in Yangoon

    I work in Dubai, not sure of the exact role yet, finance of some sort perhaps in banking. Boys are 11, 5 and 1. I like Asia and the vibe but am not overkeen on HK or Singapore. Chins could be a possibility. Happy with quite simple lifestyle. Friendly and helpful appeals. Don't like the daily rate race much such as HK, BKK, London, etc hence the appeal of somewhere a bit different.
  14. I'm in Dubai and no issues on social life. Loads of Brits like coming for holidays here now, it's the new Costa Brava lol Bit glitzy for my liking but the commute is way better than the UK for me plus nearer TH. Not much culture for expats though. Thinking about moving on somewhere else next year, perhaps Myanmar - anybody ever worked there?
  15. stament

    Chiang Mai hotel

    A little but you wouldn't notice. More students near local uni. We lived there for a year 10 years ago. Like the area still but busier