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  1. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    Can we have some photos please?
  2. Interested in a beachfront place, welcome any recommendations budget up to c2200 baht per night. Thanks
  3. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    No offence, I can cook and do so sometimes but when I am on holiday I prefer not to.
  4. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    Yes that one, apologies River Market not Riverside
  5. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    It's been a while since we've had one of these threads and the I've I found was closed so here we go again... My boys like English breakfast from time to time. For me Riverside expat buffet is the best by far but that's only twice a month and on a Friday so I can't take the boys there unless it's school holidays. Sausage King quite often mentioned is agreeable and they have pancakes which one of my boys like but that's a bit of a trek for us. Any other worthy contenders? Recently went to bake and better which was ok but looking for something better.....
  6. stament

    owner run hotel in Chang Mai

    It would help a bit more if we knew what criteria you require and budget.
  7. stament

    Latest airport scam in Chiang Mai

    Interesting, thanks for the heads up
  8. Sorry Nancy it's a typo. A nom Immigrant 1 year family ( based on Thai wife)visa but my understanding is that it's only valid for 90 days as a multi entry before renewal at re-entry. I only need to stay a maximum of 6 months in total on the visa and this will be my first visa obtained outside of TH in a new passport.
  9. Sorry Nancy I will have a 1 year multi entry non Immigrant O visa which will entitle me to 90 days at a time is my understanding. This will be a first time visa not a renewal if that helps to clarify things. Looks like I will get 90 days on arrival and will be required to complete bthe TM30. After 90 days I was thinking of a trip to Mae Sai to get a stamp which hopefully will give me another 90 days which will suffice. Hopefully no need to give another TM30 if exiting and re-entering TH the same day....
  10. Ok so on a first time non Immigrant O spoise visa, after 90 days my only option to extend for another 90 days is to exit the country and come back? If so, will I be entitled to another 90 days if I cross on foot eg Myanmar or will I need to fly somewhere and come back to get another 90 days stay?
  11. Do you have to evidence the money 800k, etc at every 90 day check point or just when you renew the visa?
  12. If I arrive on a new non-immigrant O (spouse) 1 year multi entry visa can I just report to Promenada after 90 days with required documents and pay a fee to refresh for another 90 days or do I need to exit the country? Sorry just not sure if 90 day reporting applies to the new nom Immigrant O visa obtained outside TH. Thanks
  13. Thanks what about the queing for the TM30? Is Promenada bad?