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  1. Any photo's 😉
  2. Thanks Elaine, I had forgotten the thread was about restaurant recommendations 😉
  3. Need to start thinking about a nursery for our youngest born. We live near Promenada and currently our two older boys go to Varee. Was thinking about Ambassador as quit near by. Does anyone have any feedback on this or perhaps any other nurseries not too far away. Certainly would need to be within a 15m drive or so, our side of town. Cheers
  4. Probably still are in fairness and general safety standards. Only have to glance at everyday life here to notice that on general safety standards
  5. Can you pls give more info on location pls as Google didn't help 😉
  6. Yep been to that one, nice surroundings but was expecting more from the food, not likely to return
  7. what time Sat, Sandy?
  8. my, my 6 pages already. 😂
  9. will,his insurance pay out on a suicide, just wondering as the note he left mentioned kids
  10. my wife knows a lawyer 😉
  11. I looked through the family section on this but want to ask specifics related to Chiang Mai. I understand that the will must be registered with the local Amphur. Can anyone who has done a will in CM and registered it with the Amphur advise on the exact procedure and requirements. I/We have yet to write our will and wish to do that when I am in CM next week, or at least start the process. Our plan is to have 2 wills, one for the Thai assets and one for the foreign assets. This seems to be the recommended approach from what I read. Specifically posting this in the CM forum as I want to do this in CM and I know this forum has the most helpful posters too 😄 Thanks in anticipation
  12. I should be able to make just need to postpone a family visit till the following weekend
  13. scrub that one off then
  14. anyone been to the restaurant at the top of porn ping tower? is it any good?