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  1. Amazon Prime Video (Thailand)

    Many thanks
  2. Amazon Prime Video (Thailand)

    sorry to hijack this thread but it relates to something a little. I am interested in getting my kids a fire tablet as I like the kids controls on it but the content only seems to work when in certain countries and not abroad. Is is possible to view this in TH? Does anyone have one of these tablets for kids? happy to start a separate thread but I thought perhaps you chaps on here who seem very knowledgable could advise ?
  3. Good Places to eat lower Sukhumvit

    I read about Cabbages and Condoms on a blog. Based on the replies here I will give it a go, thanks for the tips
  4. Good Places to eat lower Sukhumvit

    thanksgiving nthe tips, read that c & c dumbs down the food for farangs otherwise that could have been an option as we want authentic only. Was planning on visiting terminal 21, last time I went to a big food court near pratanum which was quite good.
  5. Good Places to eat lower Sukhumvit

    oh great, thanks for the tip, we will go there
  6. Good Places to eat lower Sukhumvit

    Thanks for the rooftop bar tip, althougn we will give the french bistro a body swerve? Any other rooftop bars with good views in the vacinity?
  7. I need to go to the passport application centre on Soi 13 so am staying at the Movenpick nearby with my wife for one night. Keen to go to Somboon restaurant but that seems a bit of a trek. Can anyone recommend any good authentic thai places to eat not too far away. I have googled and seen a few but am interested in more recent recommendations. Nice romantic places as well as normal p,aces including any decent street food would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. Colour Copying

    I've got to get quite a lot of colour copies done c200, for a couple passport applications. Does anyone know of any copy places near Nong Hoy or in the City. I would need the copies from the original paper documents not a memory stick. Is the going rate 5 or 10baht a copy now? Grateful if anyone could advise location. Thanks
  9. wife wants a boob job

    Any photo's ?
  10. Good Thai Food Restaurants

    Thanks Elaine, I had forgotten the thread was about restaurant recommendations ?
  11. Need to start thinking about a nursery for our youngest born. We live near Promenada and currently our two older boys go to Varee. Was thinking about Ambassador as quit near by. Does anyone have any feedback on this or perhaps any other nurseries not too far away. Certainly would need to be within a 15m drive or so, our side of town. Cheers
  12. Good Thai Food Restaurants

    Probably still are in fairness and general safety standards. Only have to glance at everyday life here to notice that on general safety standards
  13. Good Thai Food Restaurants

    Can you pls give more info on location pls as Google didn't help ?
  14. Good Thai Food Restaurants

    Yep been to that one, nice surroundings but was expecting more from the food, not likely to return
  15. Anyone up for a low key get together ?

    what time Sat, Sandy?