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  1. Nice places out of town

    thanks all some good suggestions,
  2. Nice places out of town

    I am feeling a bit adventurous and am interested in visiting some places not too far from CM, say up to 30 to 40km away to explore. Criteria: Nice place to visit, eg scenery, something there of interest particilarly interested in the following either at the recommended place or en-route: nice coffee place good restaurants (cheap eats are fine as are normal restaurants) romantic places romantic restaurants serving very good food markets, fruit, etc Want to do a few days out hence the post. Ideally places recommended to visit with food/coffee options either on the way or at the final destination. I have young kids so anything for them would be a bonus but also planning to go separately with just my wife Thanks in advance.
  3. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    and she's still your wife, not your ex-wife?! 😳
  4. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    sorry to hear you arent feeling well. sounds like you have a great wife. she is right being happy is very important and is also important for your health. shame you cant come to CEC it would be good to meet you. take care
  5. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    We will go somewhere else next time, somewhere without eye candy and perhaps somewhere with some real eye candy 😉
  6. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    OP, what sort of "friend" are you looking for. Perhaps then we can offer a few suggestions.
  7. Where to meet new friends in Chiang Mai ?

    I beg to differ, no eye candy in No.1 bar Paul. Agree CEC breakfast is a good place to meet people but only happens twice a month.
  8. Snow destinations near to Thailand

    sounds quite good, any more info? costs etc
  9. Snow destinations near to Thailand

    care to elaborate? 😂
  10. Snow destinations near to Thailand

    sounds good if I was going on my own or with a friend but too far to go with little kids. Besides dont think my wife would like it, think she would prefer Korea or Japan
  11. Snow destinations near to Thailand

    Is there much to do in Kunming? not keen on overnight buses with young children
  12. Kids Phone Watch

    Was interested in getting one of these for our 5 year. Looked at one at True but now they seem to be out of stock and there has been bad publicity in Germany about these devices. Any thoughts on the matter and where to get a decent kinds friendly one if we choose to go down that route? Still undecided....
  13. Snow destinations near to Thailand

    thanks we have one in Dubai too where the boys are coming in the school holidays, but I want real snow and outside not in a mall, call me old skool! 🙂
  14. Would like to take my kids to see some snow as they won't get the chance to see real snow in Chiang Mai 😂 Had a look on the internet and Korea and Japan is recommended. I would like to visit a city that is: not too expensive interesting things to do besides snow not too difficult to get too We dont want to go to a ski resort, as we wont be skiing and would like a few other things to do, so a city probably suits better. Some others have recommended China. We can fly from either Chiang Mai or Bankgok depending on what is better flightwise. Wasnt sure exactly what forum to post this in so feel free to move it.