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  1. When you say income limits do you mean for visas presumably for non British citizens. If everyone has British citizenship you would just go back without worrying about the limits but obviously we need enough to money to get by. My my this topic is certainly getting some postings!!!
  2. I don't speak much Thai and have been happily married for 10years. My wife speaks fluent English and I'm not very good at languages and also a bit lazy.... Don't feel the need to learn it as I can get by and am working abroad.
  3. stament

    Yi Peng 2018

    Yes I wasn't really interested in the $100 dollar events more the ones which are free. Anyone know if they still set them off at Thapae or near the iron bridge and what days? 23rd November or just 22nd?
  4. stament

    Yi Peng 2018

    So the event isn't on Friday 23rd November this year at Mae Jo?
  5. stament

    Yi Peng 2018

    Has anyone experienced this at Mae Jo if so could you please share some details on costs and logistics. I know people used to set the lanterns off at Thapae but I heard this was now banned. Thanks
  6. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    Just got back from a very good breakfast at Sausage King. Definitely my go to breakfast place going forward. My son likes the pancakes which is a bonus as not all places serve them.
  7. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    Can we have some photos please?
  8. Interested in a beachfront place, welcome any recommendations budget up to c2200 baht per night. Thanks
  9. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    No offence, I can cook and do so sometimes but when I am on holiday I prefer not to.
  10. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    Yes that one, apologies River Market not Riverside
  11. stament

    Best English Breakfast

    It's been a while since we've had one of these threads and the I've I found was closed so here we go again... My boys like English breakfast from time to time. For me Riverside expat buffet is the best by far but that's only twice a month and on a Friday so I can't take the boys there unless it's school holidays. Sausage King quite often mentioned is agreeable and they have pancakes which one of my boys like but that's a bit of a trek for us. Any other worthy contenders? Recently went to bake and better which was ok but looking for something better..... ?
  12. stament

    owner run hotel in Chang Mai

    It would help a bit more if we knew what criteria you require and budget.
  13. stament

    Latest airport scam in Chiang Mai

    Interesting, thanks for the heads up
  14. Sorry Nancy it's a typo. A nom Immigrant 1 year family ( based on Thai wife)visa but my understanding is that it's only valid for 90 days as a multi entry before renewal at re-entry. I only need to stay a maximum of 6 months in total on the visa and this will be my first visa obtained outside of TH in a new passport.