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  1. Thank you. And is this also possible after the very last entry? Sorry I forgot to ask this in my last post ;-)
  2. Is it possible to extend a Non-O multiple entries for another 60 days after the first entry with 90 days? I mean if you don't want to make the border run after 90 days. So, 90 days + 60 days and after that doing the border run. Is that possible?
  3. I've just found a link to download the form:
  4. I am logged in, but I can't download it. Why? Sorry, there is a problem The page you are trying to access is not available for your account. Error code: 2C171/1
  5. I really don't understand this article. The full moon party is still every month. Check out the dates: Banned were just all the other parties like half moon, shiva moon, black moon and so on. So, why talking about full moon party all the time? Or have I missed something?
  6. As you can read in the first sentence: Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
  7. 100% agree! Pizza "Diavola" is very delicious.